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Gujabidze, David, b. 1956

(selected) The Sixth Day (d) (1995), with Georgi Abashidze.

Gunia, G., b.

(selected) The Seat of Learning (d) (1936?).

Gurgenidze, O., b.

(selected) Georgian Wrestling (d) (1971), The Symphony of Creation (d) (1975).

Gvanzeladze, Merab, b. 1940

(selected) Rehearsal (d) (1973).

Huhunashvili, M., b.

(selected) Two Dogs (s) (1928, lost), with Vladimir Petrov.

Igishev, Alexander, b.

(selected) The Wedding Present (f) (1982), with Rolan Bykov and Rezo Esadze.

Janelidze, Dato, b. 1958

(selected)Versatriela (s?) (1982), Deduna (f?) (1985), The Lodgers (f) (1990), The Castle (f) (1991).

Janelidze, Nana, b. 1955

(selected) Big Boy and Little Boy (s) (1978), Family (s) (1985), Butterflies (f?) (1992?), Lullaby (f) (1994).

Jorbenadze, Zaza, b.

(selected) Otshabamba (f) (1994).

Jorjadze (Djordjadze), Nana, b. 1950

(selected) Atlas (s) (1978), Trip to Sopot (s) (1981), Erosi Manjgaladze (d) (1983), Help Me Up Elbrus Mount (s, tv) (1983), Erosi (d) (1984), Robinsonade, or My English Grandfather in the Land of the Bolsheviks (f) (1986), The Poet Rovakidze (d) (1990), Chateau La Napoule (d) (1992), A Little about Georgia (d) (1993), Meetings (s) (1993), 1001 Recipes of a Cook in Love, or A Chef in Love (f) (Georgia/France, 1996), Summer, or 27 Missing Kisses (f) (Georgia/Germany/France/UK, 2000), The Walking Letter (f) (2003).

Kakabadze, Zaal, b.

(selected) Sun, Air and “Na-Na” (f) (1992), This Is Georgia (d) (1967), with Georgi Asatiani.

Kakhadze, S., b.

(selected) Bewgging - Occupation or Not? (d) (2000).

Kalatozishvili, Georgi, 1927-1985

(selected) Death of a Philatelist (f) (1970), I Am a Criminologist (f) (1971), The Siberian Grandfather (f) (1973), Prisoner of the Caucasus (f,tv) (1975).

Kalatozishvili, Mikhail, b. 1959

(selected) The Mechanic (s) (1981), Rcheuli, or The Chosen One (f) (Georgia/Kazakhstan, 1992), Mysteries (f) (Russia, 2000).

Kalatozishvili, Mikhail (Kalatozov, Mikhail), 1903-1973

(selected) Their Kingdom (s) (1928), with Nuca Gogoberidze, Blind (s) (1930, banned), Salt for Svanetia (d) (1930), The Nail in the Boot (f) (1932, banned), Courage, or Manhood (f) (1939), Valery Chkalov, or Wings of Victory, or Red Flyer (f) (1941), The Invincible (f) (1942), with Sergei Gerasimov, Film Concert Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Red Army (d) (1943), with Efim Dzigan and Sergei Gerasimov, The Conspiracy of the Doomed (f) (1950), The Hostile Wind (f) (1953/56, banned), True Friends (f) (1954), The First Echelon (f) (1955), The Cranes Are Flying (f) (1957), The Letter That Was Never Sent (f) (1959), I Am Cuba (f) (USSR/Cuba, 1964), The Red Tent (f) (USSR/Italy, 1969).

Kandelaki, Gela, b. 1940

(selected) Red Square (s) (1964), A Long, Quiet Melody (d) (1966), Today (d) (1965), Football without a Ball (s,tv) (1970?), with L. Sikharudlidze, Misfortune (f) (1979).

Kasashvili, Dover, b. 1966

(selected)Late Wedding (f) (France, 2001).

Kasradze, G., b.

(selected) At the Seaside (a) (1976), The Last Straw (a) (1977).

Kavaleridze, Ivan, 1887-1978

(selected) Showers (f?) (1929), Perekop (f?) (1930), Stormy Nights (f?) (1931), Koliyivshchina (f?) (1933), Prometheus (f?) (1935), Natalka-Poltavka (f?) (1936), Zaporozhec (f?) (1937), Stozhary (f?) (1939), Grigory Skovoroda (f?) (1958), Gulyashchaya (f?) (1961).

Kavtaradze, Y., b.

(selected) The Game Ends in a Draw (f) (1965).

Kekolidze, M., b.

(selected) Mamed-Zade (d) (2000).

Kereselidze, K., b.

(selected) Alaverdi (d) (1977).

Khaindrava, Georgi, b. 1956

(selected) Bloody Sunday (d) (Georgia/UK, 1990), Nasty Day (d) (Georgia/UK, 1990), Massacre in Georgia (d) (Georgia/USA, 1990), Georgia - Awakening of a Nation (d) (Georgia/France,1990), The Graveyard of Dreams (f) (1996).

Khalvachi, Zaza, b. 1957

(selected) An Instant (s) (1982), The Echo (s) (1983), Back Home (f) (1990), Miserere (f) (1996).

Kharebava, Georgi, b.

(selected) Only One Minute (s) (199?), Unscrupulous (s) (1998), Paradizes Putnini (s?) (199?).

Khintibidze, Arkadi, b.

(selected) Jays’ Wedding (a) (1957), Enmity, or The Feud (a) (1959), Tsuna and Tsrutsuma (a) (1960?), The Half-Chicken (a) (1962?).

Khojava, G., b

(selected) The Ballad of Colkhis (f,tv) (1974).

Khonelidze, Marina, b.

(selected) Little Friends (s) (1979).

Khomeriki, Sh., b.

(selected) Transcaucasian Cattle Breeders (s) (1935?).

Khoshtaria, Kaho, b. 1962

(selected) Short Time (e) (1993), with Giga Cheidze.

Khositashvili, Georgi, b.

(selected) Museum and Disco (f) (2001).

Khotivari, B., b.

(selected) Lazare (f,tv) (1971?).

Khotivari, Kartlos, b.

(selected) Serenade (s) (1968).

Khotivari, L., b.

(selected) Strekoza (f?) (1954), with Siko Dolidze, Chiriki and Chikotela (s) (1975), with R. Khotivari.

Khotivari, R., b.

(selected) Chiriki and Chikotela (s) (1975), with L. Khotivari.

Kikabidze, Kahka, b. 1961

(selected) Night (s) (1989), The Last Floor (s) (1990), The Lake (f) (1998).

Kikabidze, M., b.

(selected) The Gold Fish (s) (2000).

Kikaleishvili, M., b.

(selected) Fallen Angel (f) (Georgia/Kazakhstan, 1993).

Kiknavelidze, L., b.

(selected) Freedom of Threads (d) (2000).

Kitia, Levan, b. 1958

(selected) What Is a Zoo? (s) 1983), The Track (s) (1987), Gzadzwaredii (s) (1991), The Crossing (s) (1991), The Theater by Josef Stalin (f?) (1997, uncompleted).

Kobakhidze, David, b. 1936

(selected) Banned from the Stage (d) (1989), with Shergil Shonia.

Kobakhidze, Mikhail, b. 1939

(selected) Merry-Go-Round (s) (1962), Young Love (s) (1964), The Wedding (s) (1965), The Umbrella (s) (1967), The Musicians (s) (1970), Variations of Love (f) (Georgia/France, 1996?).

Kochakidze, O., b

(selected) The Magic Egg (a) (1974), with A. Slovinsky, Yu. Chikvaidze.

Kokochashvili, Merab, b.

(selected) Holidays (f) (1962), The Great Green Valley (f) (1967), The Summit (f) (1976), Nutsa’s School (f) (2000).

Kolelishvili, Zaza, b. 1957

(selected) Deal (s) (1993).

Kotetishvili, Vachtang (Tato), 1959-1997

(selected) The Hero (s) (1978), Four Days from Nick (s) (1982), The Train (s) (1984), Anemia (f) (1988), Thou Shall Not Speak Evil (s) Georgian episode in international omnibus film City Life (f) (Netherlands, 1988), The End (s) (Austria, 1989), Rose, Violet and Lily (s) (1992), To Be or Not to Be (s) (1992), The Effect of Pascal’s Quote on World History (s) (Netherlands, 1992), Nostalgia (d) (1999), with Ineke Smits.

Kuntsev-Gabashvili, Vakhtang, b. 1973

(selected) Holiday (s,v) (199?), Crack (s,v) (199?), The Peach Brand (s) (199?), The Stone (s) (199?), Morning Romance (s) (199?), Apples for Men (s,v) (Georgia/Germany, 1999), The House Where Fairy Tales Are Born (d) (2001).

Kvachadze, V., b.

(selected) The Unbidden Guests (f) (1975).

Kvantaliani, Teimuras, b. 1953

(selected) Bidsina (s) 1987.

Kvarzchava, D., b.

(selected) Wilted Flowers (f) (Georgia/Kazakhstan, 1993).

Kvinikhidze, Leonid, b.

(selected) Mission in Kabul (f) (Russia, 1970).

Kvirikadze, Irakli, b. 1939

(selected) The Jug (s) (1971), The Small Town of Anara (f) (1976), The Swimmer (f) (1979), Olmes’s Return (f,tv) (1984), with M. Yakshimbetov, Comrade Stalin’s Trip to Africa (f) (1990).

Kvirikashvili, Avtandil, b.

(selected) Who Is Stronger Than He? (s) (1990), A Green Dolly (s) (1991), Mad Love (f) (1992).

Kvirzkhalia, David, b.

(selected) Once Upon a Time (s) (1984).

Lapiashvili, Nino, b. 1957

(selected) Shalva Gambashidze (d) (1983), Improvisation (d) (1984), Divertissement, or An Isolated Apartment of a Ballet Artist (d) (1986).

Lavrelashvili, G., b.

(selected) The Wolfes and the Sheep (a) (1976)

Levani, Luka, b.

(selected) 2 (s) (2000), 2000 (d) (2001).

Levashov-Tumanishvili, Georgi, b. 1943

(selected) The Steps (s?) (1976), Premiere (d) (1977), Luba Nizharadze (d?) (1979), Experiment (f?) (1982), The Snow Falls on the Winter Gardens (f) (1983), Direct Action (f?) (1985), A Complicated Personality (d) (1985), Moon Globe (f) (1986), Lucky Village (f) (Georgia/UK,1993).

Lomidze, Zh., b.

(selected) Ivane Javakhisvili (d) (1975), with I. Shvelidze.

Lortkipanidze, G., b.

(selected) Data Tutashkhia (f,tv series) (1977), with G. Gabeskiria.

Machaidze, Nika, b. 1972

(selected) Kindergeometrie (s) (1994), Fly Alone (1996).

Machevariani, K., b.

(selected) Home (d) (2000).

Makarov, Sergei, b.

(selected) See You Soon (f) (1934).

Makharadze, Irakli, b. 1961

(selected) Lelo, or Lelo Is Played in Guria (d) (1984), Four Sides of the Stadium Seats (d) (1987), Sculptures (d) (1988), The Saint Cross Festival (d) (1989), Bakhmaro Horse Race (d) (1990), Guria-90 (d) (1990), The House in the Outskirts (d) (1991), Blackade (d) (1994), Oriental Express (d) (1995), Riders of the Wild West (d) (1997), Primosmani (d) (1997), Welcome! (d) (1999).

Managadze, Nodar, b.

(selected) The Warmth of Your Hands (f) (1971), with Shota Managadze, All about Ivane Kotorashvili (f) (1974), Living Legends (f) (1977), Hallo, Maestro (f,tv) (1987), Noah (f) (1992), Epiphany (f) (1994), Migration of Angels, or Angels Fly Over (f) (2001).

Managadze, Shota, b.

(selected) The Lad from Sabudara (a) (1957), Who Will Saddle the Horse (f) (1963), The Khevsurian Ballad (f) (1965), The Warmth of Your Hands (f) (1971), with Nodar Managadze.

Marjanishvili, Kote, b.

(selected) Before the Wind-Storn (f) (1924), Gogi Ratiani (f) (1927), Samanishvili’s Stepmother (f) (1927), with Sh. Berishvili, The Communard’s Pipe (f) (1929).

Mataadze, Gia, b. 1938

(selected) Background (d) (1973).

Mchedlidze, Nana, b.

(selected) Spring Will Come Soon (f) (1967), Grandmothers and Grandchildren (f) (1970?), The First Swallow (f) (1975).

Meliava, Tamaz, 1929-199?

(selected) At the Quiet Pier (f) (1959), White Caravan (f) (1964), with Eldar Shengelaya, Londons (f) (1966), The Abduction of the Moon (f) (1972).

Melikian, Anna, b. 1976

(selected) Let’s Fly (s) (1999), Kept Mail (s) (2000).

Melitauri, Kakha, b.

(selected) The New Year (f) (198?), with David Shengelidze.

Menabde, Tina, b. 1956

(selected) Circle of the Sun (s) (1984), The Incorrigible (s) (1986).

Meparishvili, N., b.

(selected) Fingers (s) (2000), The Urn (s) (2001).

Meribishvili, Zaza, b.

(selected) Envy (s) (2000), White (s) (2001).

Mesarosh, Peter, b.

(selected) Pirosmani - An Episode in His Mysterious Life (s,f) (1995).

Metreveli, Irakli, b.

(selected) Liberation (s?) (1992), Shindi Thethri (s) (1995).

Mgeladze, Karaman, b.

(selected) Lights in Our Windows (f) (1969), Before Daybreak (f) (1971), Don’t Believe That I Am Dead (f) (1975), Bagration (f) (1985), with Giuli Chokhonelidze.

Mgeladze, Georgi (Gio), b. 1969

(selected) No, My Friend (s) (1993).

Mikaberidze, Kote, b.

(selected) My Grandmother (f) (1929).

Mikeladze, Vachtang, b. 1936

(selected) Omalo (d) (1968), The Smith (d) (1974), The Baikal-Amur Railway (d) (1975), Omalo 2 (d) (1981), Communists (d) (1981), Pale Flowers (d) (1993).

Mikhanashvii, Leri, b. 1949

(selected) Nine Steps into the Basement (d) (1990).

Mindiashvii, Lasha, b.

(selected) A Black Square (s) (2001).

Monavardishvili, Givi, b. 1925

(selected) Contrasts (d) (1969), with Sandro Tushmalishvili.

Mujiri, Vladimir, b.

(selected) The Argonauts (a) (1936).

Natsvlishvili, David, b. 1955

(selected) Silver Street (s) (1980), Vocation (s) (1981), Fifth Action (f?) (1982), Durere (f?) (1985), Leonardo (f) (1993).

Nenova, N., b.

(selected) Butterfly (s,tv) (1977), with G. Tsulaia.

Ovashvili, Georgi, b. 1963

(selected) The Wind (s) (1990, uncompleted), A Very Short Story (s) (1993), Wagonette (s) (1996).

Palavandishvili, Siko, b.

(selected) Zhuzhuna’s Dowry (f) (1934, banned).

Paniashvili, Irakli, b. 1968

(selected) Voice (d), (1998).

Pataraya, Guram, b.

(selected) In Quest of Rustaveli (d,tv), (1974?), A Long Way from Gurjistan (d) (1976?).

Perestiani, Ivan, 1870-1959

(selected) Griffon of an Old Warrior (f) (1916), Eva (f) (1918), Love - Hate - Death (f) (1918), Father and Son (f) (1919), In the Days of Struggle (f) (1920), Arsen Jorjiashvili (Arsen Georgiashvili), or The Murder of General Gryaznov (f) (1921), Red Imps, or The Little Red Devils (f) (1923), Man to Man - a Wolf (f) (1924), Three Lives (f) (1924), Anush (f) (1931).

Petriashvili, G., b.

(selected) The Cactus (a) (1976).

Pipinashvili, K., b.

(selected) Kajana (f) (1941).

Pirveli, Rusudan, b.

(selected) Neighbors (s) (2001), with Vano Tvauri.

Push, L., b.

(selected) Giulli (f) (1927), with Nikolai Shengelaya.

Radshvelishvili, Budsina, b.

(selected) Baker (d) (1970).

Rachvelishvili, B., b.

(selected) The Bakers (s,tv) (1973?), The Men (f) (1974).

Rekhviashvili, Alexander, b. 1938

(selected) Nuca (s) (1971), Georgian Chronicle of the 19th Century (d) (1976), The Way Home (f?) (1981), The Step, or The Stage (f) (1986), Approaching (f) (Georgia/Kazakhstan, 1989), The Triangular Circle (f?) (1992), The Promised Land: The Return (d) (Russia, 1999), In a Triangular Circle (d) (2001).

Revishvili, Georgi, 1964-1992

(selected) Sunday (s) (1992).

Rondeli, David, b.

(selected) Paradise Lost (f) (1937), Jurgai’s Shield (f) (1944), with Siko Dolidze, Mameluke (f) (1958).

Samsonadze, I., b.

(selected) The Mortar (a) (1976), with B. Shoshitaishvili.

Sanishvili, Nikoloz (Nikolai), b.

(selected) They Came Down from the Mountains (f) (1954), The Interrupted Song (f) (USSR/Czechoslovaia, 1959), Chermeni (f) (1970).

Saralidze, M., b.

(selected) The Hands (a) (1975).

Shamatava, Otar, b.

(selected) The Black Blackboard (s) (1980), Dear M. (f) (2001).

Shanshiashvili, Akaki, b.

(selected) Hunting (s) (1984).

Shavgulidze, T., b.

(selected) Percepted under Impression (s) (2000).

Shengelaya, Eldar, b. 1933

(selected) Legend of an Ice Heart (f) (1957), with Alexei Sakharov, A Snowy Fairy Tale (f) (1959), with Alexei Sakharov, The White Caravan (f) (1963), with Tamaz Meliava, Mikela (s) episode in Pages from History (f) (1964/66, banned), He Did Not Want to Kill (f) (1967), An Unusual Exhibition (f) (1968, banned), Love, Dagger and Treason (f) (1970), Eccentrics (f) (1973), Samanishvili’s Stepmother (f) (1977), Blue Mountains (f) (1983), Information Express (f) (1993).

Shengelaya, Georgi, b. 1937

(selected) Niko Pirosmanishvili (d) (1961), Alaverdoba (f) (1962/67, banned), Reward (s) episode in Pages from History (f) (1964/66, banned), He Did Not Want to Kill (f) (1966), Pirosmani (f) (1969/72, banned), Melodies from an Old Quarter, or Melodies of the Vera Riverside (f) (1973), Come to the Valley of the Grapes (f) (1976), A Girl with a Sewing Machine (f) (1980), with Mikhail Chiaureli Jr, A Young Composer’s Odyssey (f) (1984), Khareba and Gogi (f) (1987), Death of Orpheus (f) (1996?), Georgian Grapes (s) (Georgia/Germany, 1999).

Shengelaya, Nikolai, 1903-1943

(selected) Giulli (f) (1927), with L. Push, Eliso (f) (1928, sound version 1935), Twenty-Six Commissars (f) (1933), The Virgin Soil Upturned (f) (1934, banned, uncompleted), The Golden Valley (f) (1937).

Shengelidze, David, b.

(selected) The New Year (f) (198?), with Kakha Melitauri.

Shonia, Shergil, b. 1929

(selected) Lado Gudiashvili (d) (1975), Banned from the Stage (d) (1989), with David Kobakhidze.

Shoshitaishvili, B., b.

(selected) The Mortar (a) (1976), with I. Samsonadze.

Shvelidze, I., b.

(selected) Ivane Javakhisvili (d) (1975), with Zh. Lomidze.

Sikharudlidze, L., b.

(selected) Football without a Ball (s,tv) (1970?), with Gela Kandelaki.

Slovinsky, A., b.

(selected) The Magic Egg (a) (1974), with Yu. Chikvaidze, O. Kochakidze.

Solomonashvili, Beso, b.

(selected) Opening Day (s) (1996), Bloody Screenplay (s) (1996).

Sulakauri, K., b.

(selected) Bombora Is Sent to School (a) (1973).

Svanadze, Z., b.

(selected) Death on the Shore (s) (2000).

Tabliashvili, V., b.

(selected) Keto and Kote (f) (1948), with Sh. Gedevanishvili.

Takaishvili, David (1959-1989)

(selected) Raven (a) (1981), Plaque (a) (1984), Babilina (a) (1985), Family (a) (1987), Waiting (a) (1995).

Tarielashvili, Niko, b.

(selected) Otar Yoseliani Is Shooting “On Monday Morning” (d) (2001).

Tolordava, S., b.

(selected) The Mirror (s) (2000).

Toradze, Gogi, b.

(selected) Hands (s) (2001).

Tavadze, Merab, b.

(selected) Bravo, Albert Lolich! (f) (1987), On Spiral Stairs (f) (Georgia/Spain, 2001).

Tsabadze (Cabadze), Alexander (Aleko), b. 1956

(selected) A Spot (f) (1995), A Dance in the Night (f) (1991), Bearer of the Order of Solitude (f) (1999), The Knight of Solitude, or Knight of the Solitude Order (f) (2000).

Tschkonia, Georgi, b. 1950

(selected) Iris Iberika (s?) (1980), The Rose Castle (f?) (1985), Father, Son and Light Wind (f) (1989).

Tsifuria, Lela, b.

(selected) The Overute (d) (1999).

Tsintsadze, Dito, b. 1957

(selected) The Day (s) (1977), Sonatine (s) (1979), Drawn Circle (s) (1980), Quasimodo (s) (1981), with Levan Eristavi, White Night (s) (1984), The Drawn Circle (f) (1985), Guests (f) (1991), Home (f) (1991), On the Verge (f) (1993), Lost Killers (f) (Germany, 2000), An Erotic Tale (s,f) (Germany, 2002).

Tsintsadze, Georgi, b. 1970

(selected) Aslan and Elsa (s) (1992), The Fly (s) (1996).

Tsulaia, G., b.

(selected) Butterfly (s,tv) (1977), with N. Nenova.

Tsuladze, Niko(loz), b.

(selected) Raftmen (s) (1978), The Champ (s?) (1982), The Bound (s?) (1984), The Treasure of Swaneti (s?) (1989), Liturgy (f?) (1992), Stages of Virtue, or Stairs of Virtue (f) (1997).

Tsurtsumia, Marina, b. 1964

(selected) Extreme Construction s (s) (1986), Approach (s) (1987), A Souvenir of Some Things (s) (1987), The Big Wheel (s) (1989), The Light, the Shadow and the Republic (s) (1989), Only Death Comes for Sure (f) (1992).

Tsutsunava, Alexander, b.

(selected) Who Is to Blame? (f) (1925), Khanuma (f) (1926), The Revolt in Guria (f) (1928). .

Tushmanishvili, I, b.

(selected) David Guramishvili (f) (1946).

Tushmanishvili, Sandro, b. 1943

(selected) Contrasts (d) (1969), with Givi Monavardishvili.

Tutberidze, Levan, b. 1955

(selected) Tushurian Cheese (d) (1978), Ubisi (d) (1980), Machare (s) (1984), Nazar’s Last Prayer (d) (1989), Shadows of the Past (f) (1995).

Tvauri, Vano, b.

(selected) Neighbors (s) (2001), with Rusudan Pirveli.

Urushadze, Zaza, b. 1966

(selected) Cataplexy (s) (1986), Two Rainy Days (s) (1987), For Those Abandoned by Fathers (s) (1991), Here Comes the Dawn (f) (2000).

Valishvili, V., b.

(selected) About the Black Sea Coast (d) (1937?)

Vavilev, Vladimir, b. 1912

(selected) Springtime Cultivation in Georgia (d) (1912).

Yakshimbetov, M., b.

(selected) Olmes’s Return (f,tv) (1984), with Irakli Kvirikadze.

Yoseliani, Otar, b. 1934

(selected) Watercolor (d,tv) (1958), Sapovnela, The Song about Flowers (d) (1959), April (s) (1961/87, banned), Cast Iron (d) (1964), When Leaves Fall, or Falling Leaves (f) (1966/68, banned), Old Georgian Song (d) (1969), Once There Was a Song-Thrush, or The Whirl of Life (f) (1970), Pastorale (f) (1976/78, banned), Euzkadi: The Basque Country in Summer ‘82 (d,tv) (France, 1982), A Filmmaker’s Letter (s,tv) (France, 1982), Seven Pieces for Black-and-White Cinema (s,tv) (France, 1983),Favorites of the Moon (f) (France, 1984), A Little Monastery in Tuscany (d) (France, 1988), And Then There Was Light (f) (France/Italy/West Germany, 1989), Chasing Butterflies (f) (France/Germany/Italy, 1992), Alone, Georgia (d,tv, 3 parts) (France, 1994), Brigands: Chapter VII (f) (Georgia/Russia/France/Switzerland/Italy) (1996), Home Sweet Home (f) (France, 1999), Monday Morning (f) (France/Italy, 2001).

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