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Movsesyan, Anna, b.

(selected) A Stop (d) (2001).

Mushegyan, R., b.

(selected) Take a Seat (s) (2000).

Nersessyan, Nerses, b.

(Selected) Concerto for Organ (s) (1997).

Oganesyan, A., b.

(selected) National Peculiarities of Trade (d) (2001).

Oganesyan, Bagrat, b. 1929

(selected) The Master of the Forest (f) (1984).

Oganesyan, Karen, b.

(selected) Homo Homini Lupus Est (s) (1999), Doors to Yourself (s) (2000).

Ovsepyan, M., b.

(selected) Frontier Silence (d) (2000).

Paradjanov (Parajanov), Sergei (Sarkis Paradjanyan), 1924-1990

(selected) Andriesh, or A Moldavian Tale (s) (1952, lost), Andriesh (f) (1954), with Yakov Brazelyan, The First Lad (f) (1958), Dumka, or The “Dumka” State Academic Chorus, or Chapel “Dumka” (d) (1959), Natalya Uzhviy (d) (1960), Golden Hands (d) (1960), with Oleksiy Pankratov, Alexander Nikolayenko, Ukrainian Rhapsody (f) (1961), The Flower on the Stone (f) (1962), Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors (f) (1964/86, banned), Kiev Frescoes (f, fragment) (1966), Akop Ovnatanyan (d) (1968), Sayat Nova (f) (1969/86, banned), reconstructed by Sergei Yutkevich to The Color of the Pomegranates(f) (1971/86, banned), The Legend of Suram Fortress (f) (1984), Arabesques on the Theme of Pirosmani (d) (1985), Ashik Kerib (f) (1988), Confession (f) (1989, uncompleted, fragment).

Peleshyan, Artavazd (Arthur), b. 1938

(selected) The Muntain Patrols (s,d) (1964), The Country of Men (s,d) (1966), The Beginning (d) (1967), We, or Ourselves (d) (1969), The Inhabitants, or The Dwellers (d) (1970), episode (d) in omnibus film God in Russia (d,tv) (Russia/Germany), The Seasons (d) (1975), Our Century (d) (1982/92, banned), The End (d) (1992), Life (d) (1993-94), An Armenian World (f) (Armenia/France, 1998).

Petroshyan, Avetis, b.

(selected) Would You Like to Be Poisoned? (s) (2000), A Girl with Matches (s) (2001).

Sahakyants, Lyudmila, b.

(selected) Fortune Teller (a) (1990), On the Threshold (f) (1997).

Sahakyants, Robert, b.

(selected) Tavern of Fairy Tales (a) (2000).

Sarafyan, David, b. 1952

(selected) Remembrance (d) (1975), My Heaven, My Earth (d) (1976), The Masters (d) (1981), The Physician (d) (1982), Story of a Factory (d) (1984), Blue Dream (d) (1985), with Rosalia Frangulyan, Strange, But It’s Khokhlova (s) (1987), The Aslamazyan Sisters (d) (1988), Nostalgia of Warmth (f) (1991), Lost Paradise (f) (1991), Her Name, His Name (f) (Armenia/Netherlands, 1998).

Sarkanyan, G., b.

(selected) Land of Our Fathers (d) (1946), with Levon Isaakyan and Gurgen Balasanyan and G. Sarkanyan.

Sarkisyan, A., b.

(selected) Target (s) (1991).

Shakhbasyan, Arthur, b. 1941

(selected) Vasgen I, Catholicos of All Armenians (d) (1988).

Simonyan, A., b.

(selected) If (d) (2000).

Stepanyan, B., b.

(selected) See You in Hell If … (s) (2000).

Tonoyan, K., b.

(selected) Price (s) (2001).

Totevosyan, Anna, b.

(selected) A Window (s) (2001).

Toumasyan, Artur, b.

(selected) Touch (s) (1993).

Ustyan, Sergei, b.

(selected) The Way Home (s) (2000).

Vahouni, Ara, b. 1938

(selected) The Family Tree (d) (1975), The Preparation of the Chrism (d) (1976), Elegia (d) (1978), The Old Man and the Wind f) (1981), Mama Anush (f) (1983), I Am Guilty (d) (1987), The Joyful Message (d) (1988), Mount Moussa 1988: the Year of the Dragon (d) (1988).

Vardaryan, Artur, b.

(selected) Scales (s) (1995).

Vartanov, Mikhail, b. 1937

(selected) Paradjanov, The Last Spring (d) (1993).

Xmalyan, Tigran, b. 1963

(selected) The Lesson (s) (1992), Black and White (s) (1995), Perlekino (f) (2000).

Abbaskuli-Tahmasib, Rza

(selected) One Family (f) (1943, banned), with Grigory Alexandrov and Mikhail Mikhailov, Flames over Baku (f) (1950/58, banned), with Yosif Heifitz and Alexander Zarkhi.

Abluch, Anvar, b.

(selected) White Horse Rider (s?) (1995).

Aliyev, Shamid, b.

(selected) Confession (s?) (1994).

Almuradli, Ruvshan, b. 1954

(selected) Invaders (s) (1989), Photographer (d?) (1995), The Burden (f) (1995).

Aslan, Hayyam, b.

(selected) The Last Fight (s?) (1996).

Azimzabeh, Gulbeniz, b.

(selected) Hope (s?) (1995).

Azizbeyli, Ramiz, b. 1948

(selected) Perverdi’s Cockerel (s) (1988), The Ring of Fortune (s) (1991).

Bayon, Marahim Farzai, b.

(selected) My White City (s?) (1993).

Fatuliayev, Hafiz, b.

(selected) The Red Train (s?) (1993).

Guliyev (Kuliyev), Eldar, b.

(selected) In a Southern City (f) (1969), This Wonderful, Wonderful World (f) (2000).

Gumbatov, Farid, b.

(selected) Strange (s?) (1992).

Gurbanov, Orudj, b.

(selected) Scream (s?) (1993).

Ibragimbekov, A., b.

(selected) 26 Baku Commissars (f) (1965).

Ibragimbekov, Maksud, b. 1935

(selected) Blood Revenge (f) (1970?), Tell Me That You Love Me (f) (1977), Broken Serenade (f) (1979), Golden Waltz (f) 1992).

Ibragimbekov, Murad, b. 1965

(selected) Dunkuklei (s) (1987), One for Everybody (s) (1988), Wals Colotyach Telzov (f) (1993), A Man for a Younger Woman (f) (1997), True Stories (f) (Azerbaijan/Russia, 2000).

Ibragimbekov, Rustam, b. 1939

(selected) Suite (f) (1976), The Man Who Tried (f) (1996), The Family (f) (Azerbaijan/Russia, 1998), with Ramiz Mirzoev, Hot Line, or Helpline (f) 2001).

Kerimov, Valery, b. 1945

(selected) Apple Such Apple (s) (198?), Country House for One Family (s) (198?), The Last Tonight of the Living Year (s) (198?), Don’t Be Afraid, I’m with You (s) (198?), I Loved You More Than Life (s) (198?), The Dreams (s) (198?), Countrymen (s) (1987).

Kouliev, Djamil, b.

(selected) Shirbaya’s Last Love (s?) (1991).

Leshchenko, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Arshin Mal-Alan (f) (1945), with Rza Takhmasib.

Mammadov, Lishan, b.

(selected) The Black Volga (s?) (1993).

Mekhtiyev, Hussein, b. 1945

(selected) The Tale about the Old Oak Tree (f) (1984), Gorodskiye kosari (f) (1985), The Pain of a Baby Tooth (f) (1988), The Witness (f) (1990), Strange Times (f) (1996).

Mirzoev, Djeyhun, b.

(selected) Howl (s?) (1993).

Mirzoev, Ramiz Hassanoglu, b. 1946

(selected) The Family (f) (Azerbijan/Russia, 1998), with Rustam Ibragimbekov.

Mugbilov, Nizami, b.

(selected) Verdict (s?) (1994).

Mustafayev, Vagif, b. 1954

(selected) This Is Necessary (s) (1982), Khash with Music (s) (1983), The Scoundrel (f) (1988), Out Of, or Outside (f) (1991), Reside (s?) (1992), Frenchman (s?) (1995), All for the Best (s) (1997).

Odzhagov, Rasim, b. 1933

(selected) The Avenger of Gyanyebasar (f) (1974), The Sound of a Pipe (f) (1975), The Birthday (f,tv) (1977), Interrogation (f) (1979), Before the Closed Door (f) (1981), The Park (f) (1983), Another Life (f) (1987), Temple of the Air (f) (1989), Seven Days after the Murder (f) (1990), Takhmina (f) (1992), Oh Istanbul, Istanbul (d) (1995).

Ogli, Elchin Guliyev Musa, b. 1966

(selected) Leyla and Medjnun (d) (1990), Killer (d) (1994), Grain of Sand (d) (1997), Magister Dixet (d) 1999), Hearth (d) (2000), Sun and Cloud (d) (2001).

Ojagov, Rasmin, b.

(selected) Sound of Fife (f) (1975), Interrogation (f) (1979), Hotel Room (f) (1999).

Osmanov, Bahram, b. 1962

(selected) The Mute (s) (1992).

Rzayev, Yaver, b. 1956

(selected) The Last Step (s) (1989), The Call (s) (1990), Another World, or A Sudden Logical Mistake (s) (1991), Yellow Bride (f) (1998).

Safarova, Leila, b. 1945

(selected) Perpetuum Mobile (s) (1979), The Son (f) (1982), 40 Degrees in the Shade (f) (1988).

Salayev, Ayas, b. 1960

(selected) The Bat (f) (1995).

Seidbeyli, Hassan, b.

(selected) Why Do You Remain Silent? (f) (1967).

Sinariya, Shain, b. 1965

(selected) The Promised Land (f) (1992).

Tabessum, Shakira, b.

(selected) The Smile (s) (1992).

Tagi-zadel, Tofig, b.

(selected) Back Then in Trieste (f) (1958).

Tagizadel, Tofig, b.

(selected) Hello from the Next World (s?) (1991), Dog (s?) (1993).

Tajeddin (Kerimova), Shahira, b. 1963

(selected) Smile (s) (1992).

Takhmasib, Rza, b.

(selected) Arshin Mal-Alan (f) (1945), with Nikolai Leshchenko.

Abashidze, Devi, b.

(selected) The Story of an Experiment (d) (1959), with N. Zhuzhunava, Kvarkare (f) (1978).

Abashidze, Georgi, b. 1967

(selected) The Sixth Day (d) (1995), with David Guyabidze.

Abassov, Shukhrat, b.

(selected) Cloudy Morning (s) (1958), with Georgi Danelia

Abesadze, Otar, b. 1939

(selected) The Reed (s) (1960), From House to House (s) (1960), Spring Will Come Soon (f) (1969).

Abuladze, Tengiz, 1924-1994

(selected) Dmitry Arakisvili (d) (1953), with Revaz Chkheidze, Our Palace (d) (1953), with Revaz Chkheidze, The Georgian State Dancing Company (d) (1954), with Revaz Chkheidze, Magdana’s Donkey (f) (1955), with Revaz Chkheidze, Someone Else’s Children (f) (1958), Grandma, Iliko, Ilarion and Me (f) (1962), Prayer (f) (1967), A Necklace for My Beloved (f) (1971), An Open Air Museum (d) (1973), The Wishing Tree (f) (1976), Repentance (f) (1984/86, banned).

Akvlediani, Nino, b. 1960

(selected) The Tempters (s) (1984), Bessame (f) (1989), The Story of Richard, Milord and a Wonderful Firebird (f) (1997).

Alavidze, V, b.

(selected) New Svaneti (d) (1931?).

Alezishvili, S., b.

(selected) Jewelers on Sharden Street (d) (2000), with T. Chkheidze.

Anasashvili, Manana, b. 1952

(selected) Only Once (s) (1993), Tolko Rai (s?) (1998?).

Andronikashvili, O., b.

(selected) The Visitor (a) (1975).

Andzhaparidze, Levan, b.

(selected) A Double Face (f) (1997).

Asatiani, Georgi, b. 1914

(selected) General Chanshibadze’s Guards in the Final Years of the War (d) (1945), Journey to Nepal (d) (1959), The Contrasts of America (d) (1961), Everyday in Algeria (d) (1962),The Roads of the Fifth Continent (d) (1963), A Land of Ancient Culture (d) (1963), This Is Georgia (d) (1967), with Zaal Kakabadze, Georgia: Fairy Tale and Reality (d) (1971), In the Land of the Basques (d) (1976).

Babluani, Temur, b. 1948

(selected) An Endeavor (f) (1979), Flight of the Sparrows (f) (1978), Brother (f) (1992), Sun of the Sleepless (f) (1992).

Baghaturia, Irakli, b. 1972

(selected) Dunderhead (s,f) (1995).

Bakhanov, M., b.

(selected) Ranina (f) (1974).

Bakhtadze, Vachtang, b. 1914

(selected) Kursha (a) (1953), Adventures of Samodelkin, or The Adventures of I’ll-Do-It-Myself (a) (1957), After the Factory Whistle Blew (a) (1959), We’re Such Sportsmen (a) (1960), Sportsman Samodelkin, or I’ll-Do-It-Myself Goes in for Sports (a) (1961), Queen Stola (a) (1963), The Narcissist (a) (1964), Three Neighbors (a) (1966), Oh Fashions, Fashions (a) (1968), Once Again Fashions (a) (1969), Samodelkin in the Cosmos (a) (1971), New Moon (a) (1973), The Game in the Hut (a) (1975), The Maiden and the Goose (a) (1976), Samodelkin under Water (a) (1977).

Bakragze, Leo, b. 1928

(selected) The Heart (d) (1979).

Beridze, Lela, b. 1967

(selected) Too Much of Nothing (s) (2001).

Berishvili, Sh., b.

(selected) Samanishvili’s Stepmother (f) (1927), with Kote Marjanisvili.

Borashvili, Miko (Milcho), b. 1947

(selected) Window (d) (198?), The Void (f,tv) (2001).

Buadze, Zaza, b. 1962

(selected) The Wall (f) (1990).

Buiglishvili, Sergo, b.

(selected) Detective without a Hero (s) (2001).

Butliashvili, Dito, b. 1971

(selected) And Childhood Has Gone Away (a) (1996).

Chagunava, Shalva, b. 1909

(selected) Shota Rustaveli (d) (1932?), On the Trail of the Fascist Beast (d) (1942?).

Cheidze, Giga, b. 1965

(selected) Short Time (e) (1993), with Kaho Khoshtaria.

Chiaureli, Andro, b. 1956

(selected) Grusina’s Last War (d) (1990).

Chiaureli, Mikhail, 1894-1974

(selected) The Last Hour (s) (1928), First Lieutenant Streshnev (s) (1928), with Efim Dzigan, Saba (f) (1929), Khabarda!, or Out of the Way! (f) (1931), The Last Masquerade (f) (1934), Arsen, or Arsena (f) (1937), The Great Dawn, or They Wanted Peace (f) (1938), Georgi Saakadze (f) (1942-43), in 2 parts, The Vow (f) (1946), The Fall of Berlin (f) (1949), in 2 parts, The Unforgettable Year 1919 (f) (1951), The Great Farewell (d) (1953/94, banned), with Grigory Alexandrov, Sergei Gerasimov, and Ilya Kopalin, The Exploit of a Nation (d) (1956), Otar’s Widow (f) (1957), Story of a Girl (f) 1960), The General and the Marguerites (f) (1963), Times Have Changed, or New Times, New Manners (f) (1965), Song Bird of the Dawn (a,s) (1968), How the Mice Buried the Cat (a,s) (1969), The Rooster Surgeon (a,s) (1970), The Flea and the Ant (a,s) (1971), with G. Svanidze, Jugful of Butter (a,s) (1973), with G. Svandize.

Chiaureli, R,, b.

(selected) The Artist and the Space (d) (1967).

Chikvaidze, Yu., b.

(selected) The Magic Egg (a) (1974), with O. Kochakidze, A. Slovinsky.

Chkheidze, Revaz, b. 1926

(selected) Boris Panchadze (d) (1953), Dmitry Arakisvili (d) (1953), with Tengiz Abuladze, Our Palace (d) (1953), with Tengiz Abuladze, The Georgian State Dancing Company (d) (1954), with Tengiz Abuladze, Magdana’s Donkey (f) (1955), with Tengiz Abuladze, Our Courtyard (f) (1956), Maya from Tshneti (f) (1959), The Treasure (f) (1961), Sea Path (f) (1962), A Soldier’s Father (f) (1964), Our Youth, or The Young Came Too (f) (1969), Saplings, or Seedlings (f) (1972), Your Son, Earth (f) (1980), Life of Don Quixote and Sancho (f,tv series) (USSR/Spain, 1986-88).

Chkheidze, Soso, b.

(selected) Tusheti’s Shepherds (f,tv series) (1977).

Chkheidze, T., b.

(selected) Jewelers on Sharden Street (d) (2000), with S. Alezishvili.

Chokheli, Goderdzi, b. 1954

(selected) Motherland (d) (1977), A Word in Favor of Kindly People (d) (1978), Land Surveyors (d) (1978), The Lady of the Local Place (s) (1978), Mekvle (d) (1981), The Birth (d) (1982), Sunday (d) (1982), Adgilis Deda (d) (1978), In Search of the Bride (f) (1985), Letter to Fir-Trees (f) (1986), The Alien (f) (1988), The White Flag (f) (1989), Children of Sin (f) (1990), The Gospel according to St. Luke (f) (1997), Birds of Paradise (f) (1997), Chained Knights (f) (2001).

Chokolashvili, D., b.

(selected) Two (s) (2000).

Chubabria, Gia, b. 1937

(selected) White Torgvai (d) (1969), The White Legend (d) (1972), Is This the Road to Freedom? (d) (1990).

Danelia, Georgy, b. 1930

(selected) Cloudy Morning (s) (1958), with Shukrat Abassov, There Are Also People (s) (1959), with Igor Talankin, Seryozha, or A Summer to Remember (f) (1960), with Igor Talankin, The Way to the Wharf (f) (1962), I Walk around Moscow (f) (1963), Thirty-Three (f) (1965), Trifles of Life (s) (1967), The Painter (s) (1967), The Problem (s) (1967), Painted from Life (s) (1968), Cheer Up! (f) (1969), The Law of Nature (s) (1970), Hopelessly Lost (f) (1972), The Sober Approach (s) (1974), The Bootlickers (s) (1974), Afonya (f) (1975), Mimino (f) (1976), Autumn Marathon (f) (1979), The Tears Are Flowing (f) (1982), Kin-dza-dza (f) (1986), Passport (f) (1990), Nastya (f) (1993), The Winter of Our Discontent, or Heads and Tails (f) (1995), Fortune (f) (2000).

Darsavelidze, A., b.

(selected) The Caucasian Romance (f) (1975), with R. Gabriadze.

Digmelov, Alexander, b. 1884

(selected) Hunting for Deer and Boar (d) (1912), The Decapitation Corpse (d) (1920), Tell Me Why (d) (1920).

Doiashvili, I., b.

(selected) The Pipe (a) (1975).

Dolidze, Keti, b.

(selected) Lessons (f,tv) (1975), My Family (f,tv) (1976), Leila (f,tv) (1976), You and Me (f,tv) (1977), Is He a Human Being?! (f) (1979), Chucaracha (f) (1983), with Siko Dolidze, Old Melody (f) (1985), Lonely Hunter (f,tv) (Georgia/Poland, 1989), Sweet Sorrow of Departure (f) (1992), Bittersweet Longing (f) (1993).

Dolidze, Siko, 1903-1983

(selected) The Call of the Earth (f) (1929), In the Land of Landslides (d?) (1931), The Last Crusaders (f) (1934), Dariko (f) (1936), Friendship (f) (1940), Jurga’s Shield (f) (1944), with David Rondeli, The Water Fee (f) (1954), with L. Khotivari, The Grasshopper (f) (1954), Eteri’s Song (f) (1956), Fatima (f) (1958), The Last Day, the First Day (f) (1959), Paliastromi (f) (1963), Encounter with the Past (f) (1966), The City Awakes Early in the Morning (f) (1967), The Garden of the Samiramida (f) (1970), Escape at Dawn (f) (1976), Chucaracha (f) (1981), with Keti Dolidze.

Dolidze, Teimuras (Temur), 1938-2001

(selected) Racha (d) (1972), Cry of the Forest (d) (1972), Fisherman and Dancer (d) (1974), Guram Tikanadze (d) (1975), Crossroads (d) (1980), The School Up in the Mountains (d) (1984), Giga Lortkipanidze (d) (1990), Tbilisi (d) (1994), Sun-and-Snow Show in Georgia (d) (1998).

Drosdov, Nikolai, b. 1944

(selected Fate (d) (1987).

Ebralidze, Dshumber, b. 1933

(selected) Referee (d) (1980).

Ebralidze, Georgi, b. 1960

(selected) Gelikon (s,v) (1983), Ilia Tchavchavadze (s,v) (1987) Videonovel (s,v) (1992) Re-Animation (s,v) (1996) Panopticum (s,v) (1997).

Elava, L., b.

(selected) Men’s Choir (s,tv) (1975?).

Epchoshvili, Malchaz, b.

(selected) Exxtiandr (a) (2000).

Eristavi, Levan, b.

(selected) Qowel Schabats (s?) (1979), Quasimodo (s) (1981), with Dito Tsintsadze, Martiwi Paseansi (s?) (1989).

Esadze, Konstantin, b.

(selected) Stalin’s Aunt in Portugal (s) (2001).

Esadze, Rezo, b. 1935

(selected) One Day (s) (1963), Fro (s) (1965), Four Pages from a Young Life (f) (1967), Stopwatch (f) (1967), Snaps (f,tv) (1972?), Love at First Sight (f) (1977), The Wedding Present (f) (1982), with Rolan Bykov and Alexander Igishev, The Nylon Christmas Tree (f) (1988).

Esadze, S. b.

(selected) Conquest of the Caucasus (s) (1913), with L. Chorny.

Esakia, L., b.

(selected) Shakiri (f) (1932).

Gabeliya, Georgi, b.

(selected) A Person of Caucasian Nationality (d) (2000).

Gabeskiria, G., b.

(selected) Data Tutashkhia (f,tv series) (1977), with G. Lortkipanidze.

Gabriadze, R., b.

(selected) The Caucasian Romance (f) (1975), with A. Darsavelidze.

Gachechiladze, George, b.

(selected) Happy New Year (s,f) (1995).

Gachechiladze, Irina, b.

(selected) Apple (e) (2001).

Gagua, Merab, b. 1941

(selected) Institution (d) (1978), I Am a Shepherd (d) (1975).

Gedevanishvili, Sh., b.

(selected) Keto and Kote (f) (1948), with V. Tabliashvili, Niko ad Siko (a) (1962)..

Giorgobiani, Khatuna, b.

(selected) Just One Minute (s) (1998).

Giugashvili, Visarion, b. 1965

(selected) The Stone (s) (Georgia/Russia, 1996)

Glonti, Levan, b. 1956

(selected) The Day (d) (1990), Onion Tears (d) (2002).

Glurdjidze, Rusudan, b. 1972

(selected) Nocturne (s?) (1993-95), Oscar (s,f) (1995).

Gogoberidze, Lana, b. 1928

(selected) Gelati (d) (1958), 1500 Years of Tbilisi (d) (1959), Under One Sky (f) (1961), I See the Sun (f) (1965), Borderlines, or Confines (f) (1968), When the Almond Tress Were in Bloom (f) (1972), Tumult , or Salkineti in Confusion (f) (1975), Some Interviews on Personal Questions (f) (1978), Letters to Children (d,tv) (1981), Day Longer Than Night (f) (1983), Turnover (f) (1986).

Gogoberidze, Nuca (Nina), b. 1902

(selected) Their Kingdom (s) (1928), with Mikhail Kalatozov, Buba (s?) (1934), Ushmuri (d?) (1934).

Gordeladze, Leila, b. 1927

(selected) Levan (f) (1961), Tetri Kalishvili (f) (1963), Alooba (f) (1969), Moitazes Tamar Kali (f) (1973), The Dog (s) (1974), Bata Kekia (f) (1978), Akedana Da Shenamde (f) (1983), My Gypsies (f,tv) (1987), Prasdnika Ozhidaniua Prasdnika (f) (1995), Refugees (f) (1995).

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