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Smetona, Rimantas, b. 1945

(selected) Every Day and All the Life (d,tv) (1977), Face to Face with Tomorrow (d,tv) (1977), The Little Performance (d,tv) (1978), Daughter Remained Alone at Home (d,tv) (1979), Winter Flees, Land appears (d,tv) (1979), Stasys Krasauskas (d,tv) (1979), Smile (d,tv) (1980), The Road Leads to the Countryside (d,tv) (1980), Jurgelis, Play! (d,tv) (1981), Kostas Korsakas (d,tv) (1981), A Day in Spring Feeds All the Year (d,tv) (1982), A Solemn Oath (d,tv) (1983),

Staroshas, Viktoras, b. 1921

(selected) A Trip across My Homeland (d) (1953), The Veterinary Academy (d) (1954), with Nota Luboshits, In Their Homeland (d) (1956), Canadian Lithuanians in Their Homeland (d) (1957), Ten Days in Poland (d) (1957), Lithuanian Wedding (d) (1958), People from Kaunas (d) (1958), My Friends (d) (1959), Dreams and Fates (d) (1960), Don’t Despair, Virginijus! (d) (1962), She Is 25 (d) (1965), Horses and Boys (d) (1968), Two Half-Times (d) (1968), Lithuanian America (d) (1970), Where Is the Queen’s Gold? (d) (1971), with Rimtautas Shilinis, The Treasure of the Smoldering Mountain (d) (1973), with Rimtautas Shilinis, Time Marathon, or Marathon in the Saddle (d) (1973), with Rimtautas Shilinis, Jambo, Tanzania (d) (1975), with Rimtautas Shilinis, Night Flight (d) (1975), with Rimtautas Shilinis, Evil Is Nearby (d) (1977), I Love the Head Mistress (d) (1978), Not Only in Dance (d) (1979), Catastrophe (d) (1979), with Rimtautas Shilinis, Zhalgiris ’80 (d) (1980), Postscript to an Old Film (d) (1980), with Rimtautas Shilinis, The Last Inquiry (d) (1981), Our Home (d) (1982), Gold Fever, or The Gold Rush (d) (1983), Like the Sun and Air (d) (1984), with K. Iliyev.

Stonys, Andrius, b. 1966

(selected) Baltic Way (d) (1989), with Arunas Matelis, Open the Door for Him (d) (1989), Earth of the Blind (d) (1992), Apostle of Ruins (d) (1993), Antigravitation (d) (1995), Flying over Blue Fields (d) (1996), Harbour (d) (1998), Fedia - Three Minutes After the Big Bang (d) (1999), Alone (d) (2001), Last Car (s) (2002).

Tarvydas, Algirdas, b.

(selected) Tthe Men of Gariunai (d) (1995).

Tautrimas, Leonas, 1922-1982

(selected) Neringa (d) (1958), Along the Road of Struggle (d) (1959), In the Delta of the Nemunas River (d) (1959), There Is a Country (d) (1959), The Lights of the Nemunas River (d) (1960), A Trench Flower (d) (1961), When the Stones Cannot Keep Silent (d) (1962), An Unfinished Page from a Diary (d) (1963), Gulls Are Looking for the Sea (d) (1963), The Black Hand (d) (1978).

Trukanas, Andrius, b.

(selected) The Chronicle of the Last Kursh (d) (2000).

Tumas, Algirdas, b. 1932

(selected) The Night before the Opening of the Exhibition (d) (1963), with Algirdas Dausa, Fly, White Swans (d) (1965), Lithuanian Furniture (d) (1966), From Donkey to Thinker to Something about Information (d) (1967), Gaudeamus (d) (1968), The Source (d) (1968), A Man in the Open Air (d) (1969), Man and Things (d) (1971), Vaidilos Ainis (d) (1972), New Pages of Geography (d) (1972), Bridges to Reach Man (d) (1974), Tell Us, Oh Messenger of the Distant Stars (d) (1975), Filled with Love for the Language of My Ancestors, I Forgot Myself (d) (1980), The Best Ploughman (d) (1981), with Aleksandras Digimas, Mutamina (d) (1982), History Weaves the Pattern (d) (1983), Justas Paleckis (d) (1983).

Ushinskas, S. b.

(selected) Fatty’s Dream (p) (1938), with H. Kachinskas.

Uzdonas, Stepas, b. 1910

(selected) Telshiai-Kretinga (d) (1932), with Stasys Vainalavichius, The Sound of a Free Song, or May Free Songs Flow from Our Hearts (d) (1948), Pioneers’ Camp, or Pioneers’ Summer (d) (1949).

Vabalas, Raimondas, b. 1937

(selected) Snow on Spruces, Snow on Pines (s) (1960), Cannonade (f) (1961), with Arunas Zhebrunas, Footsteps in the Night (f) (1962), March, March, Boom-BoomBoom! (f) (1964), Only the Führer Is Missing (d) (1965), A Stairway to the Sky (f) (1966), June - The Start of Summer f) (1969), Stone on a Stone (f) (1971), Playing with a Devil (f) (1973), Dragon and the Kid (f,tv series) (1975), Change of Lodgings, or Exchange (f) (1977), Encounters from 9 to 9 (f) (1981), Transatlantic Flight (f) (1983), Autumn Is Coming through the Woods (f,tv) (1989).

Vaichiunaite, Ligita, b.

(selected) Cry of Life (s) (1998).

Valadkevichiute, Nijole, b.

(selected) Almost a Vampire (a) (2002).

Vainalavichius, Stasys, b.

(selected) Telshiai-Kretinga (d) (1932), with Stepas Uzdonas, Sporuta (d) (1932), The Funeral of Darius and Girenas (d) (1933).

Vaitkus, Jonas, b. 1944

(selected) Don Giovanni (f,tv) (1982), Revelation (f) (1989), Daumantas (f) (2001), Utterly Alone (f) (2002).

Vegiene, Agne, b.

(selected) Letters from Nowhere (s) (1998).

Verba, Robertas, b. 1932

(selected) The Old Man and the Land (d) (1965), Expectation (d) (1966), Don’t Forget to Call! (d) (1966), Loyalty (d) (1967), Vincas Svirskis (d) (1967), Jonas Biliunas (d) (1968), Petras Cvirka (d) (1968), Zemaite (d) (1968), Chiutya Ruta (d) (1968), Dreams of Centenarians, or Centenarians Look Back (d) (1969), Off to the Festival (d) (1970), Ieva Simonaityte (d) (1970), The Whole of Lithuania Was Assembled (d) (1970), Holiday (d) (1970), The Last Summer on the Farm (d) (1971), Sisters (d) (1973), Maestro, Junior (d) (1973), I See the World As a Great Symphony: M.K. Chiurlionis (d) (1975), Love Blossomed on a Sunday (d) (1976), with Laima Pangonyte, Welcome, Youth (d) (1977), with Laima Pangonyte, I Live My Dream (d) (1978), with Laima Pangonyte, We Are of Wood and from Songs (d) (1979), with Laima Pangonyte, Seasickness (d) (1980), Far Away from Their Homeland (d) (1981), The Wings of “Lithuania” (d) (1983), Man and Earth (d) (1984).


Verbiejus, Mantas, b. 1975

(selected) When My Mother Was Thick (s) (1998), Chain Reaction (s,v) (1998).

Vildzhiunas, Kristijonas, b. 1970

(selected) The Days Are Left (s) (1995), Library (d) (1997), Nine Gates City (d) (2000), The Lease, or Lease Contract (f) (2001).

Vosylius, Saulius, b. 1951

(selected) Boys (f,tv) (1982), Here Is Our Home (f,tv) (1984).

Zhalakevichius, Vytautas, 1930-1996

(selected) The Drunk (s) (1956), While There Is Still Time (s) (1957), with Yuly Fogelman, Adam Wants to Be a Man (f) (1959), Living Heroes (s) episode in omnibus film Living Heroes (f) (1960), Chronicle of One Day, or One-Day Chronicle (f) (1963/87, banned), Nobody Wanted to Die (f) (1965), The Whole Truth about Columbus (f,tv) (1969), That Sweet Word “Freedom” (f) (1972), The Accident (f,tv) (1974), The Centaurs (f) (USSR/CSSR/Hungary, 1978), The Story of a Stranger, or Tale of an Unknown (f) (1980), I’m Sorry (f) (1982), The Weekend in Hell (f) (1987), The Beast Rising from the Sea (f) (1992).

Zhebrunas, Arunas, b. 1930

(selected) The Last Shot (s) episode in omnibus film Living Heroes (f) (1960), Cannonade (f) (1961), with Raimondas Vabanas, The Black Procession (d) (1963), The Last Day of the Holidays (f) (1964), The Girl and the Echo (f) (1965), The Little Prince (f) (1966), In the Forest (d) (1967), Death and the Cherry Tree (f,tv) (1968), The Beauty (f) (1969), The Nightowl (f) (1973), The Devil’s Bride (f) (1974/76, banned), Adventures of Kalle the Detective (f,tv) (1976), Nut-Bread (f) (1978), A Trip to Paradise (f) (1980), Rich Man, Poor Man (f,tv) (1983), Chameleon’s Game (f,tv) (1986), Hour of the Full Moon (f) (1988).

Zhukauskas, Arturas, b.

(selected) Old House (s) (1998).

Zubavichius, Edmundas, b. 1947

(selected) Students, Students (d,tv) (1975), There Was Room for Beauty (d,tv) (1975), Come When Welcome, Leave As a Beloved (d,tv) (1975), Once Again ­about Happiness (d,tv) (1977), We Fear No Enemy (d) (1978), The Warmth of Our Home (d,tv) (1978), with Zacharijus Putilovas, Fresh As Bread, or Consideration Is Needed Like Daily Bread (d) (1979), I Live and I Will Live (d) (1979), A Small Present (d) (1980), Oh, Oak Tree (d) (1981), The Greatest Worry (d) (1981), Love (s,f) (1982), My Field (d) (1983), The Shore (d) (1983), Granny’s Pie (d) (1984), Who Is Knocking There? (d) (1984), Night Barricades (d) (1984), Tears and Songs (d) (1985), Traces in the Wind (d) (1986 ).

Aghababov, Arnold, b.

(selected) Where Have You Been, Man of God? (f,tv) (1992).

Aidyan, Artur, b.

(selected) Greedy Fedul (d) (2001).

Akopyan, V., b.

(selected) Lost in Time (s) (2000).

Aktap, Mehmet, b.

(selected) Jewelry (d) (Armenia/Belgium, 2001).

Ambaryan, T., b.

(selected) Broker’s Affair (s) (2000).

Amirkhanyan, Vyacheslav, b. 1953

(selected) This Day and Hour (s) (1987).

Anayan, A., b.

(selected) Kilometer of Desires (d) (2001).

Arzoyan, A., b.

(selected) Revival (s) (2001).

Asapyan, Igor, b.

(selected) Unburied Dead (f) (1992?), Rat Trap (f) (1993?).

Asatryan, Alik, b. 1960

(selected) Avlos (s) (1992), Horsia (s) (1993), Oleo (s) (1993).

Askaryan, Don, b. 1949

(selected) The Bear (f) (19834), Komitas (f) (1988), Nagorny Karabakh (d) (1992) Paradzhanov (d) (1998), On the Old Roman Road (f) (Armenia/Netherlands/Germany, 2000), San Lazarro (d) (Armenia/France/Netherlands/Germany, 2001).

Atamanyan (Atamanov), Lev, b. 1905

(selected) Crossroad (a) (1931), The Tale of the Little White Ox (a) (1933), Blotches in the Arctic (a) (1934), Blotches and the Barber (a) (1935), Dog and Cat (a) (1938), The Pope and the Goat (a) (1941), The Magic Carpet (a) (1948), The Yellow Stork (a) (1950), The Fiery Red Flower (a) (1952), The Golden Antelope (a) (1953), The Dog and the Tomcat (a) (1955), The Snow Queen (a) (1957), The Color Thief (a) (1959), The Path of Spring (a) (1959), The Key to Happiness (a) (1961), The Tale of the Strange Color (a) (1962), Pranks (a) (1963), The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweeper (a) (1965), Bouquet of Flowers (a) (1966), The Bench (a) (1967), Sabor episode in Kaleidoscope (a) (1968), The Ballerina on the Ship (a) (1970), It Lies in Our Power (a) (1970), Confusion (a) (1971), Raise the Head Higher (a) (1972),Story of the Cosmos (a) (1973), A Pony Running in Circles (a) (1975), I Recall … (a) (1975), The Kitten Named Gav (a) (1976), The Kitten Named Gav II (a) (1977), The Singing Teacher (a) (197?).

Avakyan, Ella, b.

(selected) Partia (a) (1990), Joyful Flight of an Elephant and a Whale (a) (1992?), Chewing Story (a) (1994?), What Is Missing in the World (a) (2000), Letalka (a) (2001).

Avetisyan, Samuel, b. 1956

(selected) Three Sailors in the Hot Desert (s) (1991).

Aykasyan, Villiam, b. 1907

(selected) Science Serves the People (d) (1948), Wine-Growing in Armenia (d) (1952), The Burial of the Catholicos Ervork VI (d) (1954), The Election of the Catholicos Vasgen 1st (d) (1955), Armenia Today (d) (1957), Avetik Issaakyan (d)(1958), The Architecture of Armenia (d) (1958), A Poem about Armenia (d) (1960), In the Embrace of the Homeland (d) (1962).

Ayrapetyan, Boris, b. 1955

(selected) The Bridge (f) (USSR/USA, 1989), The Place Where the Sky Lies on the Earth (f) (1990), The Killer, or Yes, Today! (f) (1993).

Ayrapetov, Andrei, b. 1971

(selected) The Isle “Paradjanov” (s,d) (1995).

Ayvasyan, Agasi, b. 1925

(selected) Trougolnik (f) (1967), Chatabala (f) (1971), Lyrical March (f) (1981), The Lit Lantern (f) (1983), Action (s,f) (1987).

Azatyan, Arsen, b. 1953

(selected) Bagatelle (d) (1988), with Narine Mkrtchyan, Bobo (d) (1991), with Narine Mkrtchyan, Radio Yerevan (f) (1992), with Narine Mkrtchyan.

Babayan, Souren, b. 1950

(selected) Neutral Situation (s) (198?), The Eighth Day of the World Creation (s) (198?), The Peacock’s Cry (f) (198?), The 13th Apostle (f) (1987), Blood (f) (1992), P.S. (s) (1994), Crazy Angel (f) (1999).

Bagdasaryan, Edgar, b. 1964

(selected) Khagher (s) (1990), Outflow (f) (1995), The Black Wall (f) (1997), Aratta - The Land of Holy Rituals (d) (2000).

Balasanyan, Gurgen, 1909-1982

(selected) Komitas Funeral in Armenian Soil (d) (1936), The First Parliament of Soviet-Armenia (d) (1938), A Day of Celebration for Strength and Beauty (d) (1939), The Return (d) (1946), Leninakan (d) (1946), Homeland (d) (1946).

Barkhudaryan, P., b.

(selected) Under the Black Wing, or Signal at the Waterfall (f) (1930).

Beknasaryan, Hamo (Bek-Nazarov, Amo), 1892-1965

(selected) In the Pillory (f) (1924), Namus (f) (1926), Earthquake in Leninakan (d) (1926), Leather (d) (1926), Sare (f) (1927),The House on the Volcano (f) (1928), The Land of Nairi (d) (1930), Pepo (f) (1935), Sangesur (f) (1938), David-Bek (f) (1944), Soviet Armenia (d) (1948), The Subtropics of Central Asia (d) (1953).

Boyadjyan, Haik, b. 1954

(selected) Voice from Outside (s) (1992).

Chaldranyan, Vigen, b. 1955

(selected) April (s) (1985), The Voice in the Wilderness (f) (1991), God, Help Us, or Kyrie Eleison (f) (1997), The Symphony of Silence (f) (2001).

Davtyan, S., b.

(selected) Behind the Wall (s) (2000).

Derderyan, Kaspar, b. 1968

(selected) Hallucination (s) (1994).

Dovlatyan, Armen, b.

(selected) Dreams (f) (1998).

Dovlatyan, David, b.

(selected) Noy (s) (1994).

Dovlatyan, Frunze, b. 1927

(selected) Morning Trains (f) (1963), with L. Mirski, Hello, It’s Me (f) (1965), The Lone Hazel (f) (1986).

Dovlatyan, Mikael, b. 1958

(selected) Non Crippled Person’s Romance (f?), (1993?), Labyrinth (f) (Armenia/France, 1994), Dreams (s) (1997).

Dzhagaryan, A., b.

(selected) Dedushka Lenin Died, Left to Us (d) (2000).

Egiazaryan, Aram, b.

(selected) Switchwoman (s) (1991).

Erndjakyan, Ara, b.

(selected) Seven Day Deadline (d) (1992).

Erzynkyan, Ruben, b.

(selected) Bust (s) (1994).

Galstyan, Hovhannes, b. 1969

(selected) Corridor (a) (1990), I Dare to Remember (s) (1993), Velvet Revolution (e) (1997).

Galstyan, Vagram, b.

(selected) Adam’s Rib, Feminism & a Block (a) (2002).

Gasparyan, Arsen, b.

(selected) Steal It, Mother Fucker! (d) (2001).

Gevorkyan, Karen, b. 1939

(selected) Here at This Intersection (f) (198?), August (f) (198?), Saying Farewell (f) (198?), Only I Know (f) (1987), The Piebald Dog Running at the Edge of the Sea (f) (Armenia/Ukraine/Germany, 1990), New Armenian Chronicle (d series) (2002).

Gevorkyan, Lousine, b.

(selected) The Moon Loses Its Memory (s,v) (1995).

Gevorkyants, Ruben, b. 1945

(selected) The Way Back (s) (1979), The Good Track (d) (1980), Blue Wind and Almond Scent (d) (1982), Lightning Fire in the Night (f) (1983), So Long As We Live (f?) (1983), Waiting (d) (1984), Islands (d) (1988), White Bones (f?) (1988), Requiem (d) (1989), with Eduard Matevossyan, Paradise-93 (s) (1993), The Sisters from Los Angeles (d) (1994), The Thief (s) (1995), Paradjanov, The Last Collage (d) (1996).

Gevorkyants, Vahe, b.

(selected) I’m Guilty (s) (1995).

Ghazanchyan, Hakop, b.

(selected) Finish (f) (1993).

Gjurdzyan, A., b.

(selected) Newsted’s Shadow (s) (2000).

Hagopyan, Vardan, b.

(selected) C’est la vie (s,d) (1996).

Hairapetyan, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Whims of the Day (f) (1992).

Haroutiunyan, Gagik, b. 1967

(selected) Inspector (s) (1994), X.Y.Z. (s) (1995), with Arshak Hovhannessyan.

Hovhannessyan, Arshak, b. 1974

(selected) X.Y.Z. (s) (1995), with Gagik Haroutiunyan.

Hovhannessyan, Hovhannes, b.

(selected) Karabakh’s Unfinished Diary (d) (1995).

Isaakyan, Levon, b. 1908

(selected) Pushkin Day in Armenia (d) (1937), Armenian Copper (d) (1937), Land of Our Fathers (d) (1946), with Gurgen Balasanyan and G. Sarkanyan, Centuries and Years (d) (1956).

Israelyan, Sergei, b.

(selected) Persecuted (f) (1991).

Kadjvoryan, Alik, b.

(selected) Ancient Gods (f) (1993).

Karamyan, E., b.

(selected) Special Orders (f) (1965), with S. Kevorkov, Personally Acquainted (f) (1957), with S. Kevorkov.

Karapetyan, N., b.

(selected) Unreal Reality (s) (2000).

Kazare, Gagik, b.

(selected) Hopes for Death (s) (1995).

Keosayan, Edmund, b. 1936

(selected) Stairs (s,tv) (1962), Three Hours’ Trip (s,tv) (1963), Where Are You Now, Maxim? (f) (1964), The Cook (f) (1965), Elusive Avengers (f) (1966), New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers (f) (1968), The Elusive Avengers Return (f) (1970), Men (f) (1972), The Ravine of Abandoned Legends (f) (1974), When September Comes (f) (1975), Star of Hope (f) (1978), Somewhere Laments an Oriole (f) (1982), The Ascension (f) (1988).

Keosayan, Tigran, b. 1966

(selected) A Sunny Beach (s) (1987), Katyka and Shiz (f) (1992).

Kershis, Levan, b.

(selected) Devil in a Skirt (a) (1998).

Kessayants, Dmitry, b.

(selected) Damned (f) (1993), Damned II (f) (1994).

Kevorkov, S., b.

(selected) Special Orders (f) (1965), with E. Karamyan, Personally Acquainted (f) (1957), with E. Karamyan.

Kevorkov, Vage, b.

(selected) The Path (s) (1993), I Am Guilty (s,f) (1995).

Kochar, Ruben, b.

(selected) Lilita (s) (198?), Herostratus (f) (Armenia/USA, 2002).

Khachatryan, Armen, b.

(selected) Wandering in Loneliness (d) (1998).

Khachatryan, Haruntiun, b. 1955

(selected) Voices from Our Neighborhood (d) (1981), Chronicle of an Event (d) (1985), Visiting the Commander (d) (1986), Three Rounds in the Life of Vladimir Yengibaryan (d) (1986), Kond (d) (1987), The White City (d) (1988), The Winds of Emptiness (d) (1989), Return to the Promised Land (f) (1991), The Last Station (f) (1994), Documentalist (f) (1999), Return of Jivani (f) (2002), Documentarist (d) (2003).

Khachatryan, Ruben, b. 1977

(selected) Hippodrom (d) (1998).

Khodzhikyan, Edgar, b. 1923

(selected) The Guardian (f) (1970), with Albert Mkrtchyan, The Conqueror (f) (1976), with A. Ladynin, The Same We Are (f) (1980), Without a Statute of Limitation (f) (1987), The Shroud of St. Alexander Nevsky (f) (1991).

Malyan, Henrikh, 1925-1988

(selected) Lads from the Band (f) (1960), with Genrikh Markaryan, Way to Arena (f) (1963), with Levon Isaakyan, A Supposed Informer (s) episode in Monsieur Jacques and Others (f) (1964), The Triangle (f) (1967), We and Our Mountains (f) (1969), Father (f) (1972), Naapet (f) (1977), A Slap in the Face (f) (1980), Drops of Honey (f) (1983).

Manaryan, Arman, b. 1929

(selected) Karabakh (d) (1988), Comrade Panjune (f) (1994).

Manoukyan, Mara, b.

(selected) The Unbearable Lightness of Being (s,v) (1995).

Matevossyan, Eduard, b. 1937

(selected) Requiem (d) (1989), with Ruben Gevorkyants.

Melikyan, Anna, b.

(selected) General Delivery, or Poste Restante (s) (2000), Contrabass (s) (2002).

Mirakyan, Armen, b. 1938

(selected) The Stones of Armenia (d) (1968), Spitak1988 (d) (1988).

Mirsky, L., b.

(selected) Morning Trains (f) (1963), with Frunze Dovlatyan.

Mkrtchyan, Albert, b. 1926

(selected) The Guardian (f) (1970), with Edgar Khodzhikyan, I Wish I Were Boss (f) (1980), The Trip Will Be Pleasant (f) (1983), A Legal Marriage (f) (1985), A Prison House (f) (1989), The Touch (f) (1992), Melody of the Destroyed City, or A Happy Bus (f) (2000).

Mkrtchyan, Albert, b. 1937

(selected) Photography (s) (1969), Monument (s) (1971), Stone Valley (f) (1977), The Best Part of Our Life (f) (1979), Great Prize (f) (1980), Melody of the Old Days (f) (1982), The Tango of Our Childhood (f) 1983), The Merry Bus (f) (1999).

Mkrtchyan, Narine, b. 1960

(selected) Bagatelle (d) (1988), with Narine Mkrtschyan, Bobo (d) (1991), with Arsen Azatyan, Radio Yerevan (f) (1992), with Arsen Azatyan.

Mkrtchyan, Levan, b. 1953

(selected) The Muses (d) (1978), On the Path to Eternity (d) (1983), Gyumri, or Leninakan (d) (1987), Charentz: Known and Unknown Side (d) (1987), Curfew (d) (1989).

Mnazakanyan, Ara, b. 1953

(selected) The Miracle Worker (d) (1985), When Are You Coming? (d) (1985), An Endless Day (d) (1986), The Seeds of Creativity (d) (1986), The Wrestler (d) (1987), The Bagramian Area (d) (1987), Abundance: Abbondanza (d) (1987), Yervand Setyan: The Spring of ‘82 (d) (1988), The Master of Arpakh (d) (1988), Alarm Signal (d) (1989), Message to the Son (s) (1993).

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