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Sklyarevsky, Georgy, b. 1937

(selected) The Microphone (d) (1989), The Sarcophagus Shadow (d) (1990), Alive Yet (d) (1992), Chernobyl’s Souvenirs (d) 1992), Chernobyl’s Syndrome (d) (1995), Chernobyl: The Years and the Destinies (d) (1996).

Skysov, Yevgeny, b. 1960

(selected) Ants (s) (2000).

Slesarenko, A., b.

(selected) Ukraine1967 (d) (1967).

Slutsky, M., b.

(selected) Ukraine in Bloom (d) (1950).

Smirnova (Smyrnova), Bogdana (Bohdana), b.

(selected) The Short Film (s) (1996), The Firemen (s) (1997), The Fried Eggs (s) (1999), Red Tape Troubles, or Paper Troubles (s) (2001)

Smirnova, Irina, b.

(selected) When I Was a Frog (a) (1992), The Doll (a) (1994), Koza-Dereza (a) (1995), Chinese Spirit Song (a) (1997).

Sobolev, Feliks 1931-1984

(selected) My Renunciation (d) (1961), In the Fields of the Seven Year Plan (d) (1961), For Our Trainer (d) (1962), The Problem Will Be Solved by Cybernetic Engineers (d) (1963), The Dawn That Exploded (d) (1965), The Language of Animals (d) (1967), Seven Steps beyond the Horizon (d) (1968), Do Animals Think? (d) (1970), Others and I (d) (1971), Those Who Go Through Flames (d) (1973), Biosphere (d) (1973), The Institute of Hope (d) (1974), Near the Origins of Mankind (d) (1976), More Daring, You’re Talented (d) (1978), When Barriers Disappear (d) (1980), Kievian Symphony (d) (1982).

Soifer, Josef, b.

(selected) Thought (f) (1916), with Vladimir Gardin, The Beilis Case (f) (1917), Don’t Build Your Happiness on Your Wife and Child (f) 1917), Aziade (f) (1918), Bruised by the Storms of Life (f) (1918).

Solntseva, Yulia, 1901-1989

(selected) Shors (f) (1939), with Alexander Dovzhenko, Bukovina - Ukrainian Land (d) (1939), Liberation (d) (1940), with Alexander Dovzhenko, The Battle for Our Soviet Ukraine (d) (1943), with Yakov Avdeyenko, Alexander Dovzhenko, Victory in the Ukraine and Expulsion of the Germans from the Boundaries of Ukrainian Soviet Earth (d) (1945), with Alexader Dovzhenko, Yakov Avdeyenko, Michurin (f) (1948), with Alexander Dovzhenko, Igor Bulytchev and Others (f) (1953), Unwilling Inspectors (s) (1955), Poem of the Sea (f) (1958), completed for Alexander Dovzhenko, The Flaming Years (f) (1960), The Enchanted Desna (f) (1964), The Unforgettable (f) (1967), The Golden Gates (f) (1969), Such High Mountains (f) (1974), The World in Three Dimensions (f) (1979).

Stabovoi, Grigory, b.

(selected) Two Days (f) (1927).

Starchevsky, G., b.

(selected) Scum (s) (1930, lost), with Leonid Lukov.

Stavinsky, I., b.

(selected) Mankind and Bread (d) (1967).

Stolyanov, Oleksandr (Alexander), b.

(selected) Gloria (s) (1999), with Taras Dudar, Holy Family (s) (2000), A Cradle for an Unborn Baby (s) (2000).

Suchobokov, V., b.

(selected) The Red Scarf (f) (1948), with M. Sauz.

Surikova, Alla, b. 1940

(selected) Little Lies and Big Troubles (s) (1974), Birth of a Dance (d,tv) (1974), with Pyotr Virsky, Suppose You’re Captain (f) (1976), Who Draws This Way? (s) episode in Mess No. 13 (f) (1977), A Thousand and One Small Worries of Life, or Vanity of Vanities (f) (1978), Be My Husband (f) (1981), Cherchez la Femme, or Look for a Woman (f,tv) (1982), Yours Sincerely (f) (1985), The Man from Boulevard des Capuchins (f) (1987), Two Arrows - A Crome Story from tghe Stone Age (f) (1989), Casus Improvisus (f,tv) (1991), with E. Kamenkovich, Crazy People (f) (1991), Here I Am (s,v) (1992), Give a Miracle a Chance (f,v) (1994), Moscow Holidays (f) (1995), Lies, All Lies! (s,tv) (1996), Children of Monday (f) (1997), I Want to Go to Jail (f) 1998), Only Once (f) (2001).

Surkov, Maxim, b. 1975

(selected) Daos Looks Back (s) (1998).

Sveshnikov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Ural - Up the Pechora River (d) (2001).

Sveshnikova, Vira (Vera), b. 1975

(selected) A Bit More Than Others, or More Than All Others (s) (2001).

Syrykh, Anatoly, b. 1946

(selected) Nerazluchnye S Nami (d) (1973), Svet V Peredi (d) (1979), Fiedor Primachenko’s Wheel (d) (1979), Koleso (d) (198?), Korni (d) (198?), Rodivshiyesya (d) (198?), The School of Happiness (d) (1982), Your Lionid Pervomaisky (d) (1983), Born on the Mountain (d) (1984), The Cow Went to Market (d) (1984), Fields of Trust (d) (1985), Mykola Buyanov (d) (1985), Italian Capriccio (d) (1987), My Angel, Father (d) (1987), Mikhail Bulgakov - Kyiv Dream (d) (1987), That Very Same Aigi (d) (198?), Winter Carousing (d) (1992), Valentine Silvestrov: Quiet Songs (d) (199?), Sergai Paradjanov: A Visit (d) (199?), Ivan Mikolaichuk: A Dedication (d) (1997).

Syvokin, Y., b.

(selected) Once Our Omelechko (s) (1999).

Tassin, Georgy, b.

(selected) Night Driver (f) (1928), Nasar Stodolya (f) (1936).

Tereshchenko, Yury, b. 1955

(selected) Reconstruction (d) (1986), Protyvostoyaniye (d) (1987), Zemlya - Moya Kormilitsa (d) (1987), Vladimir Shevchenko (d) (1988), Ukrainskoye Selo (d) (1988), Malye Guliaki (d) (1989), Vrubay Bitlov! (d) (1990), By God and People (d) (1991), Mama - Ochen Lichnoye (d) (1992), The Hard First One Hundred Years (d) (1997).

Timonishchin, A., b.

(selected) Explosion in the Harbor (f) (1966).

Timoshchenko, Valery, b.

(selected) Russian Blues (d) (1994), with Yury Yurchenko.

Timoschuk, Andriy, b.

(selected) Macerata (s) (1996), The Meeting That Never Took Place (s) (1997), The Key (s) (1997), On the Beach (s) (1998), Whisper of Sound! (s) (1999).

Tkachikova, Lyudmila, b.

(selected) Sweet Life (a) in series We Are Women (1988, It Was Boring (a) (1992), The Seven Mothers of Semyon Sinyeborodka (a) (1993), The Story of a Little Pig (a) (1993), The Moth Who Studied Life (a) (1997).

Toloshnyi, Andriy, b.

(selected) Bicycling (s) (1999).

Tomashevsky, Yury, b.

(selected) Saint Vladimir (f) (Russia, 1993).

Tomashpolsky, Dmitry, b. 1958

(selected) Kartinki (s) (1986), Medny kuporos (s) (1988), Pyeobyatnoye (s) (1989), Gentlemen, Save the Moon! (d) (1990), Molodaya Gvardiya II (s), About Mad Love, the Sniper and the Cosmonaut (f) (1992), We Will Live (f) (1995), Hi, Everybody (f) (Russia, 2000).

Tomenko, Taras, b. 1976

(selected) Massacre, or The Slaughter House (s) (1998), The Shooting Gallery (s) (2000).

Trofimov, A., b.

(selected) Angelus (d) (1999), with Serguiy Poznansky.

Tsagolov, Vasil, b.

(selected) Milk Sausages (s) (1994), Mazepa (s) (1995), Worker & Kolkhoznik (s) (1995).

Turin, Viktor, 1895-1945

(selected) Order of the Day (d) (1925), The 8th of October (d) (1925), Battle of the Giants (d) (1926), The Provocateur (d) (1928), Turksib (d) (1929), The White Sea Canal (d) (1933), Men of Baku (d) (1938).

Tykhyi, Volodymyr (Vladimir Tihiy), b. 1970

(selected) Underground (s) (1992), The Axe (s) (1995), The Roof (s) (1996), The Mermaid (s) (1996), with Denis Chashchyn, Car Washers (f) (2001).

Tyryayev, Vadim, b. 1963

(selected) The Guest (a) (1991) in Gobbly-Wobbly series.

Ursaki, Olena, b.

(selected) Blessing (s) (1996), Stay with Me (s) (1996), The Guest (s) (1997), Elena (s) (1997), Stones (s) (1998), Peppy’s Coming Back (s) (1998), Little Devil (s) (2000).

Usakov, Andrei, b. 1963

(selected) The Socks of the Big City (a) (1999).

Vasilevsky, Radomir, b. 1930

(selected) Pogonya (f?) (1964), Tsar and Kryshi (f?) (1967), Vklyuchite Severnoye Siyaniye (f?) (1970), Cveti Diya Oli (f?) (1972), Pobeg Iz Tyurmy (f?) (1977), Ippodrom (f?) (1979), Waiting (f,tv) (1981), 4:0 V Polzu Tanschik (f?) (1982),What Senka Had (f) (1983), The Unjust Stork (f) (1984), Give Us the Men (f) (1985), Don’t Come without the Son (f) (1987), Rock’n’Roll for Princesses (f) (1989), The Sin (f) (1992), Without a Dog’s Collar (f) (1996), How the Ironsmith Sought Happiness (f) (1998).

Vasyanovich, Valentin, b.

(selected) Colors (s,v) (2001).

Vasylyeva, Lucia, b. 1971

(selected) Keepsake (s) (1998), Attempt (s) (1999).

Virsky, Pyotr, b.

(selected) Birth of a Dance (d,tv) (1975), with Alla Surikova.

Vlashenko, Georgy, b. 1955

(selected) Memories of the Caucasus (d) (Byelorussia, 1991)

Vorotinzev, M., b.

(selected) Will Give in Good News (s,v) (2001).

Voytecky (Wojtecki), Artur, b. 1928

(selected) Because of Spleen (f) (1968), The Bell (f) (1970).

Werner, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Scared Bourgeoisie (f) (1919), Asian Guest (f) (1919), Soviet Medicine (f) (1919), All for the Front! (f) (1920).

Yakovenko, Vira (Vera), b. 1978

(selected) Conversion, or Transformation (s) (1998), Life-Giving Water (s) (1998), Conversations about Personal Matters (s) (1999), Apple (s) (1999), “Good Way” Street (s) (1999), Birth of Sound (s) (1999), Sleeping Beauty (s) (2001).

Yalova, Y, b.

(selected) Svanetia (d) (1927), with Y. Shelyabushsky.

Yanchuk, Oles, b. 1958

(selected) Taking Off (f) (1989), Famine ’33 (f) (1991), Assassination: An Autumn Murder in Munich (f) (1995), The Undefeated, or General of the Immortal Army (f) (Ukraine/USA, 1998/2000).

Yarmoshenko, Vladimir, b. 1945

(selected) The Cradle with the Doll (d) (198?), Behind the White Door (d) (198?), New Times (d) (199?), A Call from Russia (d) (1994).

Yarovenko, Hanna, b.

(selected) Lili Johnson (s) (1997) episode inState Kids series, Still Life (s) (1997) episode in And a Long and Happy Life series, The Dog Pound (s) (1997) episode in Dog’s Waltz series.

Yefimenko, Lyudmila, b.

(selected) Ave Maria (f) (1999).

Yevgen, Adamenko, b.

(selected) Open Your Eyes (s,v) (2001)

Yurchenko, Yury, b.

(selected) Russian Blues (d) (1994), with Valery Timoshchenko.

Yuzik, Olena, b. 1975

(selected) Fear of Pa-De-De (s) (1999), Presence (s) (2000).

Zaseyev-Rudenko, Mykola, b. 1933

(selected) The People’s Parliament (f) (1998), Black Council (f) (2001).

Zayets, Valeriy (Valery), b. 1964

(selected) Studio 27 (s) (1995), The Plot (s) (1995), This Sweet Word (s) (1998), A Chance (s) (1999), Nature (s) (2000), with Nikolay (Nikolai) Nedzelsky, Sniper (s) (2001), My Balcony (s,v) (2001)

Zeldovich, Alexander, b. 1958

(selected) Prayer (s) (1984), Malva (s) (1985), Woman Warrior, or The Fighter (f) (1986), Sunset (f) (1990), Moscow (f) (2000).

Zenin, S., b.

(selected) The Red Star (f) (1919).

Zentseva, Halina (Galina), b.

(selected) Just a Bit of Luck (s) (1999).

Zoloyev, Tymur, b.

(selected) Ode to Botanwy (d) (1999).
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