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Lundin, A., b.

(selected) General Military Training (d) (1919), In the Kingdom of Executioner Denikin (f) (1919).

Lyachovechy, Mark, b. 1941

(selected) Sosedi po planete (d) (1981), Mosty skoz vremya (d) (1982), Teatralnye vstreci (d) (1983), Metall dlya budoshchego (d) (1985), Grushchite apelsini bockami (d) (1986), A Group of Comrades (d) (1988).

Lyubov, A., b.

(selected) Wolfram (s) (1999).

Maksimchuk, Igor, b. 1948

(selected) I, Myself (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 1993).

Maksimenko, Alfred, b. 1951

(selected) Prism 6+1 (s) (1997), with Hanna Kruz and Viktor Dovgalyuk.

Malakhov, Igor, b. 1966

(selected) A Destiny of Its Own - A Dream (d) (1997).

Maletsky, Nikolai, b. 1946

(selected) Escape from a Palace (f) (1975), with V. Popkov, Such Is the Game (f) (1976), with V. Popkov, We’ll Wait for You, Come Back! (F,tv) (1981), Family Case (f,tv) (1982), A Jump (f) (1985), Beside You (f,tv) (1986), Melodrama with an Attempt at Homocide (f) (1992), Breakfast with a View of the Elbruce (f) (1993).

Manusov, Yury, b.

(selected) The Miscarriage (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 1991), Dumb Drunkard (f) (1991).

Mamedov, Murat, b. 1939

(selected) Stage Run (d) (1971), Rapids (d) (1971), Tuner (d) (1971), The Miner’s Character (d) (1972), Time Out (d) (1972), I’m Going Looking (d) (1973), Overcoming (d) (1973), Repeat My Fate (d) (1974), The Capital of the USSR (d) (1974), The Road to the Tunnel (d) (1975), Achievement (d) (1975), Mothers of Katyuzhinsk (d) (1976), Bread from an Anniversary Year (d) (1977), Memorial to the Revolution (d) (1978), The Sower (d) (1978), Live to Be Remembered (d) (1979), With Lenin in the Heart (d) (1979), My Dear Son (d) (1980), A Woman from Leningrad (d) (1980), Smile, Wolf (d) (1980), Lao: Stride of the Revolution (d) (1981), How’s Life, Tatyana? (d) (1981), Sons of Two Peoples (d) (1982), In the Land of Strong Souls (d) (1982), Day After Day (d) (1983), Rovno Turns 700 (d) (1983), Granny, Hang Your Decorations (d) (1984), A Woman from Ravensbruck (d) (1984), Why Is Sergei Dovzhenko Leaving? (D) (1986), Ave Maria (d) (1987), Early Sunday Morning (d) (1987), Wound (d) (1988), The Zone (d) (1988), Breaking Contracts (d) (1991), Who Wants War (d) (1992), One Day (d) (1993), We Have Never Seen Real Love, or If Not War, Then Grief (d) (1997).

Marchenko, Serhy, b. 1955

(selected) Echo of the Forgotten Heaven (s) (1998).

Marchenkova, Natalya, b. 1948

(selected) How the Hedgehog and the Bear-Cub Changed the Sky (a) (1986), A Composition on Granddad (a) (1987), What’s Going on Here? (a) (1988), My Family (a) (1989), The Love and Death of a Common Potato (a) (1990), Glasses (a) (1991), Big and Small (a) (1991), Najdonysh (a) (1992), Word Experts (a) (1993), July’s Birthday (a) (1994), Iron Wolf (a) (1999), with O. Pedan.

Maschenko, Mykola, b.

(selected) Kyiv, My Love (d) (2001).

Maschenko, Nikolai, b.

(selected) All Conquering Love (f) (1987?).

Masloboischikov, Serguiy (Sergei), b. 1957

(selected) The Village Doctor (s) (1988), Other, or The Different One (s) (1989), Josephine the Singer and the Mice People (f) (1994), The World of Sasha Shumovich (f,tv) (1997), Monologues (f,tv) (1998), … From Bulgakov (d) (1999), Two Families (f,tv) (2000), Leader (f,tv) (2000), The Sound of the Wind (f) (2002), Galkin House (f,tv) (2002).

Maslov, Andriy, b.

(selected) … And Salieri (s) (1999), Procurator (s) (1999).

Maslyukov, Alexei, b.

(selected) Karl Brunner, or Karl, Hold Out! (f) (1936).

Mateshko, Anatoly, b.

(selected) The Green Fire of a Goat (f) (1989), Ha-bi-assy (f) (1990), A Woman for Everybody (f) (1991).

Maximchuk, Ivan, b.

(selected) I’ll Do It Myself (f) (1995?).

Maystrenko, Alexei, b.

(selected) The Double (f) (1995).

Melikjants, Marina, b.

(selected) Scars (d) (2001).

Mikhailov, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Ukrainian Steppe (d) (2000).

Mikulsky, Arkady, b. 1948

(selected) Thinks of Simple Truths (d) (197?), Success and Defeats of the Collective (d) (197?), If Not I, Then Who?(d) (197?), They Are Surprised by Us (d) (197?), Autographs of Ancient Rus (d) (197?), Life … Life (d) (198?), The Echo of Our Emotions (d) (198?), Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong (d) (198?), I Am a Stone from God’s Sling (d) (198?), A Provincial Story (d) (19?), A Premiere in Sosnovits (d) (198?), Dark Cherry Nights (d) (198?).

Milekhina (Milehina), Julia (Yulya), b.

(selected) Poet (a) (2001).

Milenko, Igor, b. 1960

(selected) A Dull Morning (s) (1992)

Miller, Tatyana, b.

(selected) Bells (d) (2000).

Minayev, Igor, b. 1954

(selected) The Seagull (s) (1977), Silver Horizon (s) (1979), The Guest (s, tv) (1980), The Telephone (s) (1985), Cold March (f) (1987), Ground Floor (f) (1990), An Underground Temple of Communism (d) (France, 1991), The Flood (f) (1993), The Clearings of the Moon, or Moon Glades (f) (Russia/France, 2002).

Motuzko, Natalya, b. 1946

(selected) Zolotaya svadba (s?) (197?), Tschudo krayu zabveniya (s?) (197?), The Voice of Herbs (f) (1994).

Muratov, Alexander, b.

(selected) The She-Wolf, or On the Edge of an Abrupt Ravine (s) (1961, banned), with Kyra Muratova, Our Honest Bread (f) (1964), with Kyra Muratova.

Muratova, Kyra, b. 1934

(selected) The She-Wolf, or On the Edge of a Steep Clif (s) (1960, banned), with Alexander Muratov, Our Honest Bread (f) (1964), with Alexander Muratov, Brief Encounters (f) (1967/87, banned), The Long Farewell (f) (1971/87, banned), Learning More about the World, or Getting to Know the Wshite Light (f) (1978/80, banned), Among the Grey Stones, or Children of the Underground (f) (1983), under pseudonym Ivan Sidorov, A Change of Fortune, or The Letter (f) (1988), The Asthenic Syndrome (f) (1989), The Sensual Militia Man (f) (1992), Little Passions (f) (1994), Three Stories (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 1996), The Fickleness of Fate (f) (1998), Letter to America (s) (1999), Ordinary People, Minor People, or Second-Class Citizens (f) (2000), Chekhov’s Motifs (f) (Russia/Ukraine, 2002).

Muzychenko, Svetlana, b.

(selected) Listen… (d) (2002), Zone of Alienation (d) (2002).

Mykolaichuk, Ivan, b.

(selected) Vavilon - XX (f) (1979).

Nakhmanovich, R., b.

(selected) For the Unknown Soldier (d) (1962).

Narodnicky, A., b.

(selected) Bumbarash (f,tv) (1971), with Niklai Rasheyev.

Naumova, Larysa, b.

(selected) Phantom of Time (s) (1999), Taste of Iron (s) (2000), Atlantida (s) (2000).

Naumova, Natalya, b.

(selected) A Spice-Cake House (a) (2001).

Nedzelsky, Nikolay (Nikolai), b. 1951

(selected) Nature (s) (2000), with Valeriy (Valery) Zaets.

Nepevny, Vladimir, b. 1965

(selected) About Shooting “Brother II” (d) (2000), Dreams about Alpheoni (d) (2002), All the Vertovs (d) (2002).

Nikolayenko, Alexandr, b.

(selected) Golden Hands (d) (1960), with Sergei Paradjanov, Oleksiy Pankratov.

Novak, Vilen, b. 1938

(selected) Ring (f) (1973), Red Diplomatic Courier (f) (1977), Tuning Fork (f,tv) (1979), Invasion (f) (1981), The Third Dimension (f,tv) (1983), Two Versions of One Collision (f) (1985), It’s Not Always Summer in the Crimea (f) (1987), Gu-Ga (f) (1989), Wild Love (f) (1993), The Princess and the Pea (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 1997)

Olender, Viktor, b. 1941

(selected) To the Youth Who Think about Life (d) (1973), But Mother Doesn’t Love Me (d) (1974), And Don’t Fall Down After the Finish Line (d) (1974), Those Voluminous Nanoseconds (d) (1975), Contacts (d) (1976), Tracks (d) (1978), Hand-Ball - Olympiad 1980 (d) (1983), Your Brains in the Crosshairs (d) (1985), In Search of Extra-Terrestrials (d) (1987), Nine Years with an Extrasensory Doctor (d) (1989), Exorcising Devils (d) (1990), Wars between Black and White Magic (d) (1991).

Onufriyev, Alexander, b. 1978

(selected) The Master of the Demons II (s) (1998), Everything Will Be All Right (s) (1999), Birthday (s) (2000).

Osipov, Andriy (Andrei), b. 1960

(selected) A Touch (d) (1993), Duel (d) (1994), Erase the Casual (d) (1994), Voices (d) (1997), Voices (d) (1997), Come with the Wind (d) (1999), Et cetera … (f) (2000), Hunting for Angel, or Four Loves of tghe Poet and the Soothsayer (d) (2001).

Ostashenko, Yevgeny, b.

(selected) An Elephant Is Lost (f) (1984).

Osyka, Leonid, b. 1940

(selected) Making for the Open Sea (s) (1965), He Who Will Return Will Love Again (f) (1966/68, banned), A Stone Cross (f) (1968), Zakhar Berkut (f) (1971), The Left-Winger’s Grandfather (f) (1973, banned), The Troubled Month of September (f) (1975), The Sea (f) (1978), The Payment (f,tv) (1980), They All Liked Him (d) (1982), Bow Your Head (f) (1985), Come In, Sufferers (f) (1987), Studies of Vrubel (f) (1989), Hetman’s Regalia (f) (1993).

Pankratov, Oleksiy, b.

(selected) Golden Hands (d) (1960), with Sergei Paradjanov, Alexander Nikolayenko.

Paradjanov, Georgy, b. 1960

(selected) I Am a Seagull (s) (2000).

Pasichnyk, Nelya, b. 1968

(selected) Portrait without Frame (d) (1986), Cross in the Roses (d) (1987), From a Diary (d) (1988), Shelter (d) (1993), Tysmenytsia (d) (1995), Theatrical Collection of the Russian Prince (d) (1999), Galilei (s,v) (2000).

Pasternak, Yosif, b. 1950

(selected) The Black Square (d) (1988), Alexander Galich: Exile (d) (1989), From Little Russia to the Ukraine (d,tv) (France, 1990), Moscow (d,tv) (France, 1990), Moscow - Three Days in August (d,tv) (France, 1991)The Phantom of Efremov (d,tv) (France, 1992).

Pavlovsky, Alexander, b. 1947

(selected) Happy Koukoushkin (s) (1971), Ar-chi-meds (f) (1975), Destiny’s Gift (f) (1977), Deputy Hour (f) (1980), The Trust That Crashed (tv series( (1983), The Green Van (f,tv) (1984), On the Edge of the Sword (f) (1986), The Bright Person (f) (1989), To Hell with Us (f) (1991), A Baby by November (f) (1992), Marshmellow in Chocolate (f) (Russia/Ukraine, 1993), The Left Breast of Aphrodite and The Priestess of Love episodes in Vocation Romance (tv series) (2001), Atlantida (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 2002).

Pedan, Oleg, b.

(selected) Iron Wolf (a) (1999), with Natalya Marchenkova, Light Person (s) (2001).

Pidpalyi, Valery, b. 1940

(selected) Atonement of Another’s Sins (f) (1978), Mystries of St. Jura (f) (1982), Cancan in the English Park (f) (1985), Night of the Suicide (f) (1991).

Pivovarova, Y., b.

(selected) Beauty (s) (1998).

Politov, Viktor, b.

(selected) Scenery of the Soul after Confession (f) (1995).

Polynnikov, Alexander, b. 1941

(selected) Beware of Women (f,tv) (1981), with V. Makarov, Just a Horror (f,tv) (1982), Wait and See (f,tv) (1985),Pretext (f,tv) (1986), The Primorsky Boulevard, or Seaside Boulevard (f,tv) (1989), Take Me with You (f,tv) (1989), A Day of Love (f) (1990), Nude in a Hat (f) (1991), Take Me with You (f) (1991), Ideal Couple (f) (1992), Passion for Angelica (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 1993), Cumparcita (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 1993), A Man of Easy Virtue (f) (1994), Cranberry in a Sugar Coating (f) (1994), under pseudonym A. Kryukov, Sinful Love (f) (1994), The Cunning Type (f) (1994).

Popkov, V., b.

(selected) Escape from a Palace (f) (1975), with Nikolai Maletsky, Such Is the Game (f) (1976), with Nikolai Maletsky.

Popov, Yaroslav, b. 1972

(selected) Under the Sky (s) (1994), Summer Always Passes (s) (1995), Streams, or Currents (s) (1997), Holiday of Life (s,v) (1998), Tetyana (s,v) (1998), People (s,v) (1998), Interprogram Product (s) (1999).

Poznansky, Sergei, b. 1972

(selected) Angelus (d) (1999), with A. Trofimov.

Prachenko, Andriy, b. 1950

(selected) The World Is Wonderful (s) (1981), One with Deception (f) (1984), Pilgrim’s Captain (f) (1986), Lady with a Parrot (f) (1988), Captain Blood’s Odyssey (f) (Ukraine/Russia/France 1991),

Prozhenko, Kyrill, b. 1967

(selected) Smell (s) (1991), Yes (s) (1992), Juggernaut (f) (Ukraine/USA,1993), with Mark Bodnar.

Racheyev, Nikolai, b. 1935

(selected) The Mist (f) (1965), Bumbarash (f,tv) (1971), with A. Narodnicky, A Reserve for Hares (f) (1972), Theatre of the Unknown Actor (f) (1977), Make a Clown Laugh (f) (1984), Talisman (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 1991).

Rachmanin, Sergei, b. 1956

(selected) Mr. K. (s?)1991), The Second One (s?) (1994), The Match (d) (1994), Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (s) (1996).

Rodnyansky, Alexander, b. 1961

(selected) Tired Cities (d) (1988), Meeting with Father (d) (1990), The Mission of Raoul Wallenberg (d) (1990), Farewell USSR (d) (1992), March of the Living (d) (1993), The Double Agent (d) (1994), Last Farewell, USSR (d) (1994).

Rona, Yosif, b.

(selected) Vasya the Reformer (f) (1926, lost), with Alexander Dovzhenko and F. Lokatinsky.

Roshal, M., b.

(selected) The White Poodle (f) (1955).

Rozhen, A., b.

(selected) I Really Didn’t Mean It (s) (2001), with O. Alimova (Alymova).

Rubansky, Ruslan, b.

(selected) Z-Files (s) (Ukraine/Russia, 1997).

Rudenko, Valentina, b. 1958

(selected) Without Me (d) (1995?), Gagarin, I Love You (d) (Ukraine/Germany, 1992).

Ryabchun, O., b.

(selected) Freedom (s) (1997), Expecting the Miracle (s) (1998), Confession of Lady-Sun (s) (1999).

Rzhanov, Andriy, b. 1965

(selected) Simple Story (s) (1999).

Sadkovich, N., b.

(selected) Three in a Tank (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 8 (f) (1942), Democratic Germany (d) (USSR/GDR, 1950).

Sadomsky, Yury, b.

(selected) The Company Rubinchik & Co (f) (1995?).

Saltykov, N., b

(selected) The Story of Seven Hanged Men (f) (1920), with Pyotr Chardynin, Mitka, the Refugee (f) (1920).

Samkovoi, L., b.

(selected) Victims of the Cellar Apartments (f) (1919).

Samolevska, Olga, b.

(selected) Alexander Dovzhenko (d) (1982), I Am Scared to Paint Mother (d) (1984), I Am Asking Myself (d) (1985), There Will Be a Lot of Light (d) (1986), To the Memory of Fallen Houses (d) (1988), Will the Doctor Be Back? (d) (1997), Memento Vivere (d) (1997), Stabat Mater (d) (1998), The Touch (s) (1999), Presence (e) (2001).

Sanin, Oles, b. 1972

(selected) Maestro (d) (1993), Mother Hope (d) (1994), The Tempest (d) (1994), Zymno (d) (1995), Pustin (d) (d) (1996), Akvarel (d) (1997), Ten Years of Isolation (d,tv) (1998), Unknown Cinema (d,tv) (1998), End of the Century (d,tv) (1998), The Sin (d) (1999).

Savchenko, Igor, 1906-1950

(selected) People without Hands (s) (1929), Accordian (f) (1934, banned), with Yevgeny Schneider, Sluscaynaya Vstreca (f) (1936, banned), Poem about the Cossack Golota (f) (1937), Riders (f) (1939), with A. Golovanov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky (f) (1941), Block 14 (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 9 (f) (1942), Ivan Nikolin, Russian Sailor (f) (1945), with Yevgeny Schneider, The Third Blow (d) (1948), Taras Shevchenko (f) (1951), completed by Vladimir Naumov.

Savchenko, Ivan, b.

(selected) Work Is Not a Favor (a) (2001).

Sauz, M., b.

(selected) The Red Scarf (f) (1948), with V. Suchobokov.

Savelyev, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Today-Everyday (d,tv) (1967), Na-Ta-Lie (d) (1968), Dialogues (f?) (1970), Sespel (f?) (1972), Legend of Bravery (f?) (1973), White Scarf (f) (1977), Convenient Contract (f) (198?), Captain Frakas (f) (198?), Money Box (f) (198?), Remembrance (f) (1987), Exile, or Outcast (f) (1991).

Scheluschenko, Alexander, b.

(selected) My Sunny Way (s) (1999).

Schulman, S., b.

(selected) Electronic Consilium (d) (1959), You Must Listen (d) (1961).

Seleznev, Konstantin, b.

(selected) Songs of Youth (d) (2000).

Semernin, Vladislav, b.

(selected) Poltergeist-90 (f) (1995?).

Senchilo, Artem, b.

(selected) Box #6 (s) (1997) episode inState Kids series, Varyac (s) (1997) episode in And a Long and Happy Life (1997) series.

Serebrenikov, Almar, b.

(selected) In the Reeds of the Dnieper (d) (1963), In Montevideo (d) (1964), Between Life and Death (d) (1965), Indian Yogies: Who Are They? (d) (1970), Crocodiles … Like Crocodiles (d) (1991), Through the Capitals of Morocco (d) (1972), Damascus Pearl of the East (d) (1974), India Reflected in the Ganges (d) (1975), The Mysterious World of Animals (d) (1979), V.M. Blushkov - Cybernetic Engineer (d) (1980), New Delhi - The Ties of Time (d) (1981), Government Attitudes (d) (1983), The Sea with Two Bottoms (d) (1986), Introduction (d) (1986), Bacteria That See (d) (1987), The Lessons of V.F. Shatalov (d) (1988), The Birth of Ukrainian Film (d) (1990), The Nature of the Carpathians (d) (1994), Chernobyl National Museum (d) (1997).

Sergienko, Rolan, b. 1936

(selected) Cards (d) (1964), Declaration of Love (d) (1964), White Clouds (d) (1968), Giving the World Rhythm (d) (1971), Grigory Skovoroda, Open Yourself (d) (1972), The Future Starts Today (d) (1973), Nikolai Roerich (d) (1976), Vyacheslav Pavlovich Gubenko, Surgeon (d) (1978), Oles Gonchar: Touching Up a Portrait (d) (1980), The Happiness of Nikifor Bubnov (d) (1983), Vernadsky’s Law (d) (1984), The Bell of Chernobyl (d) (1986), Rapid (d) (1988), Don’t Ask for Whom the Bell Tolls, It Tolls for You (d) (1989), Approaching the Apocalypse: Chernobyl Is Near (d) (1991), About Life and Death: About the Painter Limarev And Not Only about Him (d) (1992), Border (d) (1993), Confession to a Teacher (d) (1995).

Shaforenko, Konstantin, b. 1963

(selected) An Egg, Golden, a Fairy Tale (s) (1990), Sigh, Ash (s) (1992), Diligent S … (s) (1993), Six O’Clock in the Last Week of Love (s) (1994).

Shahvorostov (Shakhvorostov), Serhiy (Sergei), b. 1960

(selected) Wagon, or A Cart (s) (2000), Telega (s) (2001).

Shapiro, Alexander, b. 1969

(selected) 100=188 (s) (1998), Suitcase (s) (1997), Hospital (s) (1999), Dekart (s) (2000).

Shapovalov, Mykola, b.

(selected) Fear (s) (1996), Bread, Shit and Radiation (s) (1998).

Shapovalova, Syuzanna, b. 1936

(selected) Osidlaty Konya (d) (1997).

Shelyabushsky, Y., b.

(selected) Children - Flowers of Life (d) (1919), War against War - War for Peace (d) (1920), Svanetia (d) (1927), with Y. Yalova.

Shelyubska, Marina, b.

(selected) Prophet (s) (1997) episode inState Kids series, A Matchmaker for the Dogs (s) (1997) episode in Dog’s Waltz series.

Shigayeva, Galina, b. 1956

(selected) Mister Twister (s) (1980), The Nude (s) (1987).

Shilovsky, Vsevolod, b.

(selected) A Million in the Wedding Basket (f) (1988), Swindlers (f) (1990), Wandering Stars (f) (1991), Death Line (f) (1991), Code of Dishonor (f) (1993), A Sentence f) (1993).

Shinkarenko, Dmitry, b.

(selected) The Purification (f) (1990), The Countess (f) (1991).

Shkarupa, Ganna, b.

(Selected) Participation (s) (1995), Time for Picking Up Leaves (s) (1997), Grandfather Frost (Santa Claus) from the Opposite House (s) (1999)

Shmaruk, I., b.

(selected) Marina’s Fate (f) (1953), with Viktor Ivchenko, Missing (f) (1956).

Shnejder (Schneider), Yevgeny, b.

(selected) Accordian (f) (1934, banned), with Igor Savchenko, Ivan Nikolin, Russian Sailor (f) (1945), with Igor Savchenko.

Shpikovsky, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Chess Fever (s) (1925), with Vsevolod Pudovkin, A Familiar Face (f) (1929).

Shor, M., b.

(selected) The Tenners (f) (1930), with Pyotr Chardynin.

Shyrman, Roman, b. 1952

(selected) The Ring of Jupiter (d) (1982), The Forest’s Invisible Life (d) (1983), Stalin’s Syndrome (d) (1990), The Last Chance (d) (1992), And There Will Be a New Day (d) (1994), The Tree under the Window (d) (1996), Manual for Dissidents (s) (1999), Leopold, or Flight from Freedom (d) (1999).

Sinovyev, P., b.

(selected) The Atom Helps Us (d) (1958), The Magician of the Green World (d) (1962), On the Edge of Life (d) (1965), Face to Face with Racism (d) (1967).


Skabard, Tatyana, b. 1953

(selected) We Are the Owners (d) (1984), Surpass, or The Route (d) (1985), Repartition (d) (1986), Onega (Ouesk?) Tale (d) (1987), Change of Year (d) (1988), The Way (d) (1990), My Last Tango (d) (1991), Oh, My Lord (d) (1993), P.S. (Postscriptum) (d) (1994), In Memoriam (d) (1995), Chain (d) (1997).

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