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Vasiliev, Sergei, 1900-1959

(selected) Heroism in Ice (d) (1928), with Georgy Vasiliev, Chapayev (f) (1934), with Georgy Vasiliev, Volochayevsk Days (f) (1938), with Georgy Vasiliev, The Front (f) (1942), with Georgy Vasiliev, Defence of Tsaritsin (f) (1942), with Georgy Vasiliev, Heroes of Shipka (f) (USSR/Bulgaria, 1955), In the Days of October (f) (1958).

Vekhotko, Anatoly, b. 1930

(selected) We’ve Been to the Virgin Islands (s) (1957), The Aeronaut (f) (1975), Everyone Knows Kadkin (f) (1976), A Walk Worthy of True Men (f) (1980), Seven Hours to Perdidion (f) (1983), Aliens Don’t Wander Here (f) (1985), with R. Ershov, Khlyupovo Village Leaves the Union (f) (1992).

Vengerov, Vladimir, 1920-1997

(selected) The Living Corpse (f) (195?), The Forest (f) (1953), with Sergei Timochensko, stage directors V. Koshich, A. Dauson, The Dirk (f) (1954), with Mikhail Shvejcer (Schweizer), Two Captains (f) (1956), The Lights Go On in the City (f) (1958), Baltic Sky (f) (1961), Idle Trip (f) (1962), A Factory Town, or Workers’ Village (f) (1965, banned), The Living Corpse II (f) (1969), Karpukhin (f) (1979), Second Spring (f) (1983), Rupture (f) (1985?).

Ventslova, Andrus, b.

(selected) Problems concerning a Bike (s) (1992), Video Opera “Mireille” (s) (1995), A Cloud (s) (1997).

Venzher, Irina, b.

(selected) Our Country’s Youth (d) (1946), with Josif Poselshy and Sergei Yutkevich.

Vermisheva, A., b.

(selected) Our Contemporaries (d) (1961), Ascent (d) (1969).

Verobiev, A., b.

(selected) Legs (d) (2000).

Vershkov, Mikhail, b. 1961

(selected) August in Petersburg (d) (1991), Thoughts on Compassion (d) (1991), Family (d) (1992).

Vinogradov, Sergei, b.

(selected) The Red Army (d) (1991), with Oleg Teptsov, Lenin’s Funeral (d) (1993), with Oleg Teptsov.

Vinogradov, Vladislav, b. 1938

(selected) Kuzmich and Others (d) (198?), The Physician (d) (198?), Rotator (d) (198?), February the 10th (d) (198?), The Russian House (d) (1990).

Vinogradsky, Nikolai, b.

(selected) St. Petersburg Newsreel, April 1995: Burial of a Soldier (d) (1995)

Vinokurov, Sergei, b. 1963

(selected) Story of a Provocation (d) (1991), Snow Fell in the Morning (d) (1993), Parking (d) (1994), The Eternal Fire (d) (1996), Vampire , or The Bloodsucker (f) (1997).

Vita Director or Cameraman

(selected) The Fighter behind the Black Mask (s) (1913), A Night in the Harem (s) (1913).

Vitrotti, Giovanni., b.

(selected) Demon (d) (1911), Prisoner of the Caucasus (s) (1911).

Volk, Eduard, b.

(selected) Sputnik Speaking! (d) (1959), with Sergei Gerasimov, Venyamin Dorman, and Hendrikh Oganesian.

Volkov (Volkoff), Alexander, 1879-1943

(selected) The Runaway, or Garun Ran Faster Than Doe (f) (1914), The Green Spider (f) (1916), Bitter Lot (f) (1917), Side Scenes of the Screen, or Life Is Broken by Merciless Fate (f) (1917), with Georgy Azagarov, The Sponger, or The Concubine of a Landlord (f) (1918), Buried Alive (f) (1918), The Restless Seeks After the Storm (f) (1918), Life for the Motherland, Honor to No One (f) (1919), Kean, ou Désordre et Génie (France, 1922), The House of Mystery (f) (France, 1923), Casanova (f) (France, 1927), The White Devil (f) (Germany, 1930), Stenka Razin (f) (Germany, 1936).

Volkov, L., b.

(selected) The Monument of Alexander III Case (d) (1990).

Volkovich, B., b.

(selected) A Talk with Comrade Lenin (d) (1968).

Vorobyeva, Viola, b.

(selected) 500 Secondy from …(s) (2001).

Vronsky, I., b.

(selected) Crime and Punishment (s) (1913).

Vyshinsky, Y., b.

(selected) Battleship “Aurora” (f) (1966).

Vyzotskaya, O., b.

(selected) Petersburg Time (d) (1992).

Weckstein Director or Cameraman

(selected) The Wolf of Moscow (f) (1915), How Women Promote Their Husbands (f) (1915).

Yacubson, Maxim, b. 1970

Names (s,d) (1996).
Yakushev, S., b.

(selected) Professor Stepanov’s Method (d) (1960).

Yasan, Ernst, b.

(selected) Forgive Me (f) (1986).

Yakovleva-Aasmyae, Alexandra, b.

(selected) Ferry “Anna Kerenina” (f) (1993).

Yerofeyev, Vladimir, 1898-1940

(selected) The Roof of the World, or Beyond the Polar Circle (d) (1927), with V. Popova, The Voyage of a Soviet Squadron to Constantinople (d) (1928, lost), Pamir - The Roof of the World (d) (1928), In the Land of Aman Ullah (d) (1929), To “Happy Harbor” - A Film about the West (d) (1930, banned), Olympiade of the Arts (d) (1930).

Yeshurin, V., b.

(selected) Good Way, Nigeria! (d) (1960).

Yoganson, Eduard, b.

(selected) Scarlet Fever (s) (1924, lost), Children of the Storm (f) (1926, lost), with Fridrikh Ermler, Katka’s Reinette Apples (f) (1926), with Fridrikh Ermler.

Yovleva, T., b.

(selected) Winter Leningrad (d) (1971), Pushkin and the Decembrist (d) (1977), Feodor Dostoyevsky (d) (1979), The Great Names of Russia: Alexander Blok (d) (1986).

Yufit, Yevgeny, b. 1951

(selected) The Werewolf Hospital Assistants (s) (1984), The Woodcutter (s) (1985), Spring (s) (1987), Courage (s) (1988), Suicide Monsters (s) (1988), Cloud Knights, or Warriors of Heaven (s) (1989), Papa, Father Frost Is Dead (f) (1991), with Vladimir Maslov, Will (s) (1994), The Wooden Room (f) (1995), with Vladimir Maslov, Silver Heads (f) (1997), with Vladimir Maslov, Killed by Lightning (f) (Russia/Netherlands/Switzerland, 2002).

Yutkevich, Sergei, 1904-1985

(selected) Radio Now! (s) (1924, lost), with Stefan Grunberg, Lace (f) (1928), The Black Sail (f) (1929), Mountains of Gold, or Golden Mountains (f) (1931/36, banned), Counterplan, or Shame (f) (1932), with Leo Arnstam and Fridrikh Ermler, Ankara, Heart of Turkey (d) (1934), Miners (f) (1937), How the Elector Will Vote (s) (1937, lost), The Man with a Gun, or The Man with a Rifle (f) (1938), Yakov Sverdlov, or The First President (f) (1940), with M. Itina, Elixir of Courage (s), New Adventures of Schweik, or Schweik in the Concentration Camp (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 7 (f) (1941), Elixir of Courage (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 7 (f) (1941), The White Raven (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 7 (f) (1941), New Adventures of Schweik (f) (1943), France Liberated (d) (1944), Hello, Moscow! (f) (1945), Our Country’s Youth (d) (1946), with Josif Poselsky and Irina Venzher, Dawn over Russia (f) (1947, banned), Three Encounters (f) (1948/50, banned), with Vsevolod Pudovkin and Alexander Ptushko, Przhevalsky (f) (1951), The Great Warrior Skanderbeg (f) (USSR/Albania, 1953), Othello (f) (1955), Yves Montand Sings (d) (1957), Stories about Lenin (f) (1957), Encounter with France (d) (1960), The Bath House (a) (1962), with Anatoly Karanovich, Lenin in Poland (f) (1965), (USSR/Poland, 1965), About Human Dignity (f) (1967), Theme for a Short Story (e,f) (USSR/France, 1969), reconstruction of Sergei Paradjanov’s Sayat Nova (f) (1969/71, banned) titled The Color of Pomegranates (f) (1971), reconstruction of Yevgeny Slavinsky’s The Young Lady and the Hooligan (1918) titled Poet on the Screen (s,tv) (1973), Ilinsky on Mayakovsky (d,tv) (1975), Mayakovsky Laughs (d) (1975), with Anatoly Karanovich, Lenin in Paris, (f) (1981).

Zanin, Yury, b. 1938

(selected) Arkady Plastov, Painter (d) (1977), Nine Days and the Whole Life (d) (1979), City of Great Destiny (d) (1982), Viva España (d) (1985), Spanish Corrida (d) (1988).

Zarkhi, Alexander, b. 1908

(selected) A Song of Steel (d) (1928), with Vladimir Granatman, Mikhail Shapiro, and Josif Heifitz, Transport of Fire (f) (1930), with Josif Heifitz, Facing the Wind (f) (1930, lost), with Josif Heifitz, Cities and Years (f) (1930), with Yevgeny Chervyakov, Noon (f) (1931, lost), with Josif Heifitz, Homeland (f) (1933, partially lost), with Josif Heifitz, Red Army Days (f) (1935), with Josif Heifitz, Baltic Deputy (f) (1936), with Josif Heifitz, The Great Beginning (f) (1939), with Josif Heifitz, A Member of the Government (f) (1940), with Josif Heifitz, His Name Is Sukhe-Bator (f) (USSR/Mongolia, 1942), with Josif Heifitz, The Malakhov Burial Mound (f) (1944, banned), with Josif Heifitz, Defeat of Japan (d) (1945), with Josif Heifitz, In the Name of Life (f) (1946), with Josif Heifitz, Precious Grains (f) (1948), with Josif Heifitz, Flames over Baku (f) (1950/58, banned), with Josif Heifitz and Rza Abbaskuli-Tahmasib, The “Dawn” Kolkhoz (d) (1951), Pavlinka (f) (1952), Nesterka (f) (1954), The Heights (1957), Men on the Bridge (f) (1959), My Younger Brother (f) (1962), Anna Karenina (f) (1967), Cities and Times (f) (1973), The Story of an Unknown Actor (f) (1976), 26 Days of Dostoyevsky’s Life (f) (1980), Chicherin (f) (1985).

Zeifman, I., b.

(selected) The Legends and Truth about an Amber Room (d) (1989), Palace of the Grand Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich (d) (1993), The Secret of Alexander Column (d) (1994), Palace of Beloselskikh-Belozerskikh (d) (1995).

Zembano, I., b.

(selected) Spider (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 11 (f) (1942), with Ilya Trauberg.

Zheleznikov, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Tales about the Marshes (a) (2002).

Zhelkovsky, Dmitry, b. 1961

(selected) Chronicle of a Demonstration, No. 1-2 (d) (1989), Leningrad: Three Days in August (d) (1991), Sisyphus - His Life on Earth (d) (1995).

Zvetkov, G., b.

(selected) Cold Light (d) (1958).

Abramchuk, Viktor, b.

(selected) The Legend of Khantysk (a) (2000).

Alenina, Julia (Yulia), b.

(selected) Who Am I? (s,v) (2001).

Alimova (Alymova), O., b.

(selected) I Really Didn’t Mean It (s) (2001), with A. Rozhen.

Alivshechkin, S., b.

(selected) Dream (s) (1996), with V. Alivshechkin, Nicropolci (s) (1997), with V. Alivshechkin, Smile, Boy (s) (1998), with V. Alivshechkin, Nicropolci-2 (s) (1998), with V. Alivshechkin.

Alivshechkin, V., b.

(selected) Dream (s) (1996), with S. Alivshechkin, Nicropolci (s) (1997), with S. Alivshechkin, Smile, Boy (s) (1998), with S. Alivshechkin, Nicropolci-2 (s) (1998), with S. Alivshechkin.

Amelin, Alexander, b.

(selected) Cobweb (f) (1993?).

Andreichenko, Natalya, b. 1966

(selected) Foxtrot (s) (1989), Sunday Excursion (s), A Night about Love (s) (1991), Shamara (f) (1994).

Andruschenko, Yaroslav, b.

(selected) Mizgeburt (s,v) (2001).

Arkatov (Mogilevsky), Alexander, b.

(selected) Lekhaim (f) (1912), Rachel (f) (1912), Sara’s Sorrow (f) (1913), Judge, People (f) (1917), Broken Tables (f) (1917), Soldier’s Sons (f) (1918), Bloody Joke (f) (1918), Signal (f) (1918), Tale of the Priest Pankrati (f) (1918), with Olga Preobrazhenskaya, Jean Torot (f) (Austria, 1921).

Artyughina, Larisa, b.

(selected) Unrequited Love (s) (1997) episode in And a Long and Happy Life series, Dog Seamstress (s) (1997) episode in Dog’s Waltz series, Collective Black (s) (1999).

Avdeyenko, Yakov, b.

(selected) The Battle for Our Soviet Ukraine (d) (1943), with Yulia Soltntsev, Alexander Dovzhenko.

Averbakh, Mikhail, b.

(selected) The Veil (f) (1927), Life (s) (1927), with Mark Donskoi, In the Big City (f) (1927, uncompleted), with Mark Donskoi, The Value of a Man (f) (1928, lost), with Mark Donskoi.

Badoev, Alan, b. 1981

(selected) Track 2000 (s) (1999), At the Line (s) (1999), An Ear and an Blackthorn (s) (2000), 5 Min.(d) (2001). d

Balayan, Roman, b. 1941

(selected) The Thief (s) (1969), The Romashkin Effect (f,tv) (1973), Kashtanka (f,tv) (1975), Recluse, or Lonely (f) (1977), Dream Flights (f) (1982), The Kiss (f,tv) (1983), Save Me, Talisman (f) (1986), Police Spy (f) (1987), Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk (f) (1989), Anfisa (f, v) (1993), First Love (f) (1995), Two Moons, Three Suns (f) (Ukraine/Russia, 1998).

Balkashinov, Volodimir, b. 1961

(selected) Ransom (f) (1994), Report (f) (1995).

Baranov, Kostyantyn, b. 1960

(selected) The Collection (a) (1991), The Adventures of a Small Red Cup (a) (1993).

Barskaya, Margarita, 1901-1937

(selected) Torn Shoes (f) (1933).

Belikov, Mikhail, b. 1940

(selected) Commissar Sergushin (f,tv) 1973), The Old Fortress (f,tv) (1973), The Red Cock (f,tv) (1975), Hello, Ralf (f,tv) (1975), On Short Wave (f) (1977), Covert Job (f) (1979), The Night Is Short (f) (1981), How Young We Were (f) (1986), Disturbance, or Decay (f) (USSR/USA, 1990), The Holy Family (f) (1997).

Berenshtejn, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Believe Me, People (f) (1964), completed for Leonid Lukov with Ilya Gurin.

Bergman, Gaspar, b. 1979

(selected) The Second Sex (s) (Ukraine/Canada, 1999).

Bernadsky, Maxim, b.

(selected) The Stairway to Heaven (s), Trypilian Miracle (s) (1993), Those Who Tamed the Horse (s) (1993), Victory over the Sun (s) (1994), The Town (s) (1995), The Photographer (s,v) (1998), Who Are You, Mister Jacky? (F,v) (2001).

Beschastnov, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Impression (d) (1990), Bolero, or Provincial Melodrama with Emotional Personages (d) (1992), with Vladimir Chekasin.

Bezruchko, Alexander, b. 1970

(selected) Aivengo (s) (1996), Mistake (s) (1997), The Portrait (s) (1998), Dky’s Pieces (s) (1999), The Night Dream (s) (1999), Naked (s) (1999), Son (s) (1999).

Bilous, Vladislav, b.

(selected) Coil (a) (1997).

Boganim, Michale, b.

(selected) La dolour (s) (France, 1999), The Factory (UK, 1999), The Lonely Sea and Sky (UK, 1999), C’est pour bientot (France, 2000), Memoires incertaines (France, 2001), Dust (s,d) (Ukraine/UK, 2001), Venice (s) (UK, 2001).

Bogdanov, Dmitro, b. 1946

(selected) Tur Embellishes the Harvest (d) (1975), Battle for the Dnieper (d) (1976), Liberation of Kiev (d) (1976), A Story about Science (d) (1977), They Understand English (d) (1978), Labor of Love (d) (1978), About Fatalism, Volunteerism and Philosophy (d) (1978), A Struggle Both Classic and Free (d) (1980), Discussion on Heaven and Earth (d) (1981), Dreaming about the Sea (d) (1983), Post-Flight Fantasies (d) (1983), The Medical Museum of Kiev (d) (1984), Soldiers of Virtue (d) (1984), Microsurgery (d) (1987), Conscience in White Smocks (d) (1987), Drama in Zabolottya (d) (1987), High over Trakhtemirov (d) (1990), Resurrection of the Dead (d) (1991), Among Quiet Cells (d) (1991), Death of the Letters (d) (1992), Mikhail Gorbachev’s First Novel (d) (1992), How It Happened in the Ukraine (d) (1993), Travels in a Lost Past (d) (1995), Gustynya (d) (1996).

Bohdan, Lyubov, b.

(selected) Artur Voitetsky (d) (1997).

Boiko, Roman, b.

(selected) Eternal (s) (1999).

Boretsky, Yuri, b. 1935

(selected) Army, My Life (f) (1980), Deer Hunting (f) (1981), Undefeated (f) (1983), Gospodin Gimnazist (f) (1985), Nikolai Podvoysky, or Pages of Life (f) (1987), Ghosts of the Green Room (f) (1991).

Borsiuk, Anatoly, b. 1946

(selected) Ivan Semenovich Kozlovsky (d) (1978),, Metamorphoses (d) (1979), The Roots of Grass (d) (1981), A Scratch on the Ice (d) (1982), Vavilov’s Star (d) (1984).

Braun, Vladimir, 1896-1957

(selected) Blue Crags (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 9 (f) (1942), The 102nd Kilometre (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 11 (f) (1942), In Days of Peace (f) (1950), Maximka (f) (1952), My Friend, the Sailor (f) (1955), Malva (f) (1956).

Breshko (Beshkovsky), Mikhail, b.

(selected) Fighter in a Black Mask (f) (1913), The Case of Beilis / Vera Chibiryak (f) (1917), partially lost.

Bubnov, Alexander, b. 1959

(selected) The Clinic (a) (1994).

Budashevskaya, Olga, b.

(selected) Crime of the Wolf (d) (Ukraine/UK, 1996), with Kevin Sim.

Budyounny, Olexandr, b.

(selected) Creatures (s) (1999).

Bukovska, Anastasia, b.

(selected) About My Grandmother (s) (2000), Companion (d) 2000).

Bukovsky (Bukovsky), Sergiy (Sergei), b.

(selected) Vilen Kaluta, the Real Light (d) (2001).

Bukin, Leonid, b. 1938

(selected) The 9th of May for the Rest of Your Life (d) (1974), Odessa - City Of Heroes (d) (1975), To The Clean Well (d) (1976), The Sixth Flame (d) (1976), The Sunny Garden (d) (1976), General Kyrponis (d) (1977), Kherson beyond the Horizon (d) (1978), Four Decorations for Commander Fedka (d) (1978), Will the Black Storks Return? (d) (1979), There Are Artists Living in Mizhgir (d) (1979), Pavlo Dibenko (d) (1980), Odessa - Corridor of Honor (d) (1980), A Day in the Life of the Secretary (d) (1982), Bread and Salt of Our Brotherhood (d) (1982), The Komsomol Keeps Guard for the Navy (d) (1982), Party Committee Secretary (d) (1983), Ships (d) (1983), , Engineers of the Microcosm (d) (1984), City Committee Secretary (d) (1985), Days So Close and So Far (d) (1985), That Loving Son of the Ukraine - Mykola Arkas (d) (1996).

Bukovsky, Anatoly, b. 1925

(selected) Time of a Summer Thunderstorm (f,tv) (1981), The Crash of the “Great Bear” (f) (1983), In the Forests around Kovel (f,tv) (1983), Volodka’s Life (f,tv) (1984), Personal Arms (f) (1991).

Bukovsky, Sergei, b. 1960

(selected)The Roof, or The House of Childhood (d) (1982), The Forced March (d) (1985), Tomorrow Is a Holiday (d) (1987), The Night Was Dark (d) (1988), Dream (d) (1988), Hyphen (d) (1992), Dislocation (d) (1992), Landscape, Portrait, Still Life (d) (1993), To Berlin! (d) (1995).

Bychenko, Svetlana, b.

(selected) Sending Hello (d) (2002)

Bystritskaya, Anna, b.

(selected) Masha and Tsyklopov (d) (2001)

Chardynin, Pyotr, 1878-1934

(selected) Dead Souls (f) (1909), The Boyar of Orsh (f) (1909), The Power of Darkness (f) (1909), Marriage (f) (1909), Surgery (f) (1909), Sorceress (f) (1909), with Vasily Goncharov, In the Years as a Student (f) (1910), Vadim (f) (1910), Second Youth (f) (1910), The Idiot (f) (1910), The Queen of Spades (f) (1910), Love Beyond the Grave (f) (1910), Such Scenes Are Familiar to You (f) (1910), Mania Grandiosa (f) (1910), The Boyar’s Daughter (f) (1911), Vasilisa Melentievna and Tsar Ivan (f) (1911), Vasilievich the Terrible (f) (1911), In a Busy Place (f) (1911), The Eve of February 19 Manifesto (f) (1911), The Last of Today’s Little Days (f) (1911), Burns, But Doesn’t Give Warmth (f) (1911), The Kreutzer Sonata (s) (1911), The Tragedy of Overproduction (f) (1911), Spring Flood (f) (1912), Workers’ Settlement (f) (1912), Brothers (f) (1913), The Ascension of the House of the Romanovs (f) (1913), The Little House in Kolomna (f) (1913), Uncle’s Apartment (f) (1913), Life As It Is (f) (1913), Princess Butyrskaya (f) (1913), At a Caucasian Resort (f) (1913), Rupture (f) (1913), Fake Coupon (f) (1913), The Bamboo Station (f) (1914), In the Hands of a Ruthless Fate (f) (1914), Tomorrow’s Woman (f) (1914), Wet-Nurse (f) (1914), The King, the Law, and Liberty (f) (1914), Mazepa (f) (1914), German Domination (f) (1914), Jealousy (f) (1914), Sister of Mercy (f) (1914), The Tale of the Sleeping Princess and the Seven Heroies (f) (1914), Tomboy (f) (1914), Antie’s All Germanized (f) (1914), Mother-in-Law Held Captive by the Germans (f) (1914), Do You Remember? (f) (1914), Chrysanthemums (f) (1914), Young Lady in a White Cap (f) (1915), Venetian Stocking (f) (1915), Rebirth (f) (1915), The Little Ladies Joked (f) (1915), The Day of Three Kings (f) (1915), Draconian Contract (f) (1915), The Drug (f) (1915), Badgered (f) (1915), The Angry Boy (f) (1915), Invalids in Spirit (f) (1915), Spanish Bewilderment (f) (1915), A Story of One Year (f) (1915), How I Lay Siege to a Fortress (f) (1915), Katyusha Moslova (f) (1915), The Morality Club (f) (1915), The Comedy of Spaun-Triuryakina, the Boyar’s Wife (f) (1915), Comedy of Death (f) (1915), Stolen Happiness (f) (1915), The Amorous Adventures of Madame V. (f) (1915), The Love of a State Councillor (f) (1915), Maria Lusievna (f) (1915), Mirages (f) (1915), Natasha Rostova (f) (1915), Flood (f) (1915), The Venetian Stocking (f) (1915), Awakening (f) (1915), Our Native Souls (f) (1915), The Power within Us (f) (1915), Voluptuousness (f) (1915), Destiny Does Not Forgive Success (f) (1915), Shadows of Sin (f) (1915), Wreathed and Well-Dressed (f) (1915), The Lame Girl (f) (1915), Wonderful, Shining, Pure Youth (f) (1915), White Rose (f) (1916), Don Juan Reborn (f) (1916), Souls Trampled by Life (f) (1916), The Golden Whirlwind (f) (1916), Ilya Murin (f) (1916), Love Admidst the Scenery (f) (1916), His Excellency’s Mistress (f) (1916), On the Bed of Death and Love (f) (1916), Innocent Victim (f) (1916), Princess Reverie (f) (1916), For the Sake of Happiness (f) (1916), Little Child (f) (1916), Fatal Talent (f) (1916), Table Poison (f) (1916), Shades of the Departed, Fallen Leaves (f) (1916), A Baron’s Life (f) (1917), Betrayal of the Ideal (f) (1917), On the Altar of Beauty (f) (1917), Duel of Love (f) (1917), Why I Love Madly (f) (1917), The Torment of Silence (f) (1917), A Woman’s Slave (f) (1917), Sofia Perovskaya (f) (1917), By the Hearth (f) (1917), Wandering Flames (f) (1917), Azra, or The Fisherman’s Daughter (f) (1918), Red Dawn (f) (1918), Miss Kitty (f) (1918), Forget about the Fireplace - The Fires in It Are Out (f) (1918), Hush, Sadness, Hush (f) (1918), The Tale of a Dear Love (f) (1918), The Ruby Salamander (f) (1919), Secret of a July Night (f) (1919), Black Chrysanthemum (f) (1919), Red Kasian (f) (1920), At Daybreak (f) (1920), The Story of Seven Hanged Men (f) (1920), with N. Saltykov, Psihe, or The Psyche (f) (1921), Magnetic Anomaly (f) (1923), At Large - Not a Thief (f) (1923), Master of the Black Cliffs (f) (1923), The General from the Other World (f) (1925), The Inventor (f) (1925), Salt (f) (1925), Ukrasia, or 7 + 2 (f) (1925), Taras Tryasilo (f) (1926), Taras Shevchenko (f) (1926), The Caprice of Catherine II (f) (1927), High-Heeled Boots (f) (1927), Behind the Monastery Wall (f) (1928), The Tenners (f) (1930), with M. Shor.
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