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Romashkov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Stenka Razin (s) (1908), with Alexander Drankov.

Romanov, Alexei, b.

Gorlanova or a House with All Discomforts (d) (2002).
Ross, Slava, b.

(selected) Meat (s) (2002)

Rubtsov, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Communal Tragedy (s) (2001)

Rusakov, Sergei, b. 1955

(selected) Kestrel, or Head in the Clouds (f) (Russia/Kazakhstan, 1992), Good-for-Nothing (f) (Russia/Kazakhstan, 1992), Surgeon (d) (1996), A House at the Edge (d) (1998), with Sergei Azimov, Ostap Bender, History of a Prototype (d) (1999), What Women Want (d) (2000), Master of the Puddles, or Puddles Commander (f) (2002).

Rusanov, P., b.

(selected) Immortal Youth (d) (1958).

Russ Director or Cameraman

(selected) Krivula the Bandit (f) (1915), The Scalped Corpse (f) (1915).

Rybakova, A., b.

(selected) Five Rings over Rome (d) (1960).

Sabinsky, Cheslav, b.

(selected) The Corner (f) (1916), Her Sacrifice (f) (1917), The Power of Darkness (f) (1918), A Living Corpse (f) (1918), Savva (f) (1919), The Eyes Were Open (f) (1919), Village in Crisis (d?) (1920), Elder Vasily Gryaznov (f) (1924).

Sadovsky, Viktor, b. 1932

(selected) Kick, More Kick! (f) (1967), The Move of the White Queen (f) (1971), Eleven Hopes (f) (1975), Soperitz (f) (1985), My Best Friend General Vasily, Son of Joseph Stalin (f) (1991), Ten Minutes on Lenfilm (d) (199?).

Salakhutdinov, Ramil, b.

(selected) On the Eve (s) (2002).

Sanchez, A., b.

(selected) Leningrad (d) (1969).

Schmidt, I., b.

(selected) He Who Gets Slapped (f) (1916), with Alexander Ivanov-Gai.

Shredel (Schredel), V., b.

(selected) Night Guest (f) (1958), Everyday and Holidays (f) (1961), Two Sundays (f) (1963), The Bride (f) (1964), with Grigory Nikulin.

Selyanov, Sergei, b. 1955

(selected) Name Day (f) (1988), with Nikolai Makarov, Spirit Day, or Whit Monday (f) (1990), The Time for Sorrow Hasn’t Yet Come, or And to Die in Paris (f) (1995), The Russian Idea (d) (1996).

Semenyuk, Viktor, b. 1940

(selected) The Course (d) (1975), Contrasts (d) (1975), Alevtina Smirnova (d) (1976), Construction in Zapolyar (d) (1977), Novgorod Encounters (d) (1978), Combine “Elektrosila” (d) (1979), Karpov versus Karpov (d) (1980), Playtime (d) (1981), The Front (d) (1982), The Ascent (d) (1983), Archangelsk - Fifth Century Biography (d) (1983), From the Life of the Director (d) (1983), Good Morning, Russia (d) (1983), Kalevala (d) (1984), A Portrait of Yaroslavl (d) (1985), Living Spaces (d) (1986), Farmers (d) (1987), Scent of the Fatherland (d) (1988), Journey to the Unknown (d) (1988), Businessmen (d) (1988), Behind the Mirror (d) (1988), Public Railway (d) (1988), Proshchanie (d) (1990), Memory of the Blockade (d) (1990), Mea Culpa, My Vina (d) (1990).

Semtchenko, Pavel, b. 1967

(selected) Optical Chronicles (s) (1991), Second Hand (s) (1992), Karama, Japanese Rhapsody (s) (1993), Cigarette (s) (1995), Love Will Be Soon (s) (1995), Toys, Chekhov, 12 Seagulls (s) (1996), Chianti Cha-Cha-Cha (s) (1996), Siesta, la tetera y la rosa (s) (1997), Tavitga’s Books (s) (1997), Man Looks at Woman, Woman Looks at Man (d) (Russia/Netherlands, 2000), with Nathalie Alonzo Casale.

Senyakin, A., b.

(selected) Distant Australia (d) (1963), Soldiers of Peace (d) (1969).

Sergeyev, Viktor, b. 1938

(selected) The Executioner (f) (1990), The Genius (f) (1991), The Curious Men of Ekaterina Semyonova (f) (1992), Poshekonskaya Times (d) (1992),The Sin (f) (1993), Schizophrenia (f) (1998).

Seriogin, Sergei, b.

(selected) A Trip to Dreamland (a) (2000).

Shakht, Ludmila, b. 1946

(selected) Start (d) (1970), Bekhterev:Pages of Life (d) (1973), Interview with a Chicken (d) (1975), A Gooden Fleece of the 20th Century (d) (1983), Hour of Courage (d) (1985), Progress Strategy (d) (1986), Return of Akhmatova (d) (1989), Paradoxes of Karamzin (d) (1990), The Story Is a Lie, But There’s an Allusion in It (d) (1993), Lidochka (d) (1997).

Shapiro, Mikhail, b.

(selected) A Song of Steel (d) (1928), with Vladimir Granatman, Josif Heifitz, and Alexander Zarkhi, Film Concert 1941, or Kino Concert 1941, or Russian Salad (f) (1941), omnibus musical film with Isaak Menaker, Adolf Minkin, Herbert Rappaport, Sergei Timoshenko, and Mikhail Tsekhanovsky, Cinderella (f) (1947), with Nadeshda Kosheverova, Katerina Izmailova (f) (1967).

Shiffers, Yevgeny, b. 1934

(selected) The Way of the Tsars (f) (1991).

Sholokhov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Lenis Is a Mushroom (s) (1992).

Shpalikov, Gennady, 1937-1974

(selected) A Long Happy Life (f) (1966/87, banned).

Shuvalov, I., b.

(selected) Boris Godunov (s) (1907, fragment, unfinished).

Shvejcer, Mikhail (Moisei Schweitzer), 1920-2000

(selected) Way of Glory (f) (1947), with Boris Bruneyev and Anatoly Rybakov, Put Slavi (f) (1948), The Dirk (f) (1954), with Vladimir Vengerov, Strange Kinsmen (f) (1955), Tight Knot, or Sasha Enters Life (f) (1956/88, banned), Midshipman Panin (f) (1959), Resurrection (f) (1961), in two parts, Time, Forward March! (f) (1965), with Sofia Milkina, Golden Calf (f) (1968), Carrousel (f,tv) (1970), Mr. McKinley’s Flight (f) (1975), Funny People (f) (1977), Little Tragedies (f,tv) (1980), Dead Souls (f,tv series) (1984), Kreutzer Sonata (f) (1987), with Sofia Milkina, How Are You Getting On, Crucians? (f) (1992), with Sofia Milkina, Listen Here, Fellini! (f) (1993).

Sidelnikov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Computer Games (d) (1987), The Change (d) (1990).

Sidorov, Dmitry, b.

(selected) Coon (d) (1991), Clear Water (d) (1993), Serov Brothers (d) (1994), Biological History (d) (1997), St. Petersburg Newsreel, January 1997: Show Case (d) (1997), Metamorphosis (d) (2001), Glimpses, Phenomenology (d) (2002).

Sitkova, Irina, b.

(selected) Glasses (s) (2002)

Siversen, V., b.

(selected) Drama in a Gypsy Camp Near Moscow (s) (1908), with Alexander Khanzhonkov.

Skobelev Committee Newsreel Director or Cameraman

(selected) Mirror of the War (d) (1914), The Holy War (d) (1914), On the Western Front (d) (1914).

Skvorzov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Zitie I Vosnesenie Yurasya Bratsyka (f) (1968, banned), with Vladimir Bychkov, Give Us This Day … (d) (1988), with Pavel Kogan.

Slavinsky, Yevgeny, b.

(selected) The Young Lady and the Hooligan (s) (1918), with Vladimir Mayakovsky, reedited by Sergei Yutkevich to Poet on the Screen (s,tv) (1973), Deserters (f) (1919).

Snezhkin, Sergei, b. 1954

(selected) Old Man in the Yard (s) (1979), Father (s) (1980), The Puppy (s) (1981), Hey, On Board the Battleship! (s) (1985), Petrograd Street Boys (f) (1987), State of Emergency on the District Scale (f) (1988), Defector (f) (1991), Marigolds in Flower (f) (1998).

Sokolova, Ekaterina, b.

(selected) Autumn Has Come (a) (1999).

Sokurov, Alexander, b. 1951

(selected) Maria (d) (1978), Lonely Voice of a Man (f) (1978/87, banned), Sonata for Hitler (d) (1979/89, banned), Dismissed (s) (1980), Sonata for Viola: Dmitry Shostakovich (d) (1981/86, banned), with Semyon Aranovich, Allies, or And Nothing Else (d) (1982/87, banned), Mournful Unconcern, or Sorrowful Indifference (f) (1983/87, banned), Fireworks, or Evening Sacrifice (d) (1984/87, banned), Patience and Hard Work (d) (1985/87, banned), Elegy (d) (1985), Moscow Elegy (d) (1987/88, banned), The Summer of Maria Voynova (d) (1978/88) - Maria (d) (1978) reedited, Empire (d) (1987), Days of Eclipse (f) (1988), Leningrad Newsreel No. 15 (d) (1990), Soviet Elegy (d) (1989), St. Petersburg Elegy (d) (1989), Save and Protect (f) (1989), On the Events in the Trans-Caucasus (d) (1990), Simple Elegy (d) (1990), Leningrad Retrospective, 1957-1990 (d, 16 parts) (1990), The Second Circle (f) (1990), An Example of Intonation (d) (1991), The Stone (f) (1992), Russian Elegy: Exercizes for a Dream (d) (1992), Whispering Pages (f) (1993), Spiritual Voices (v,d, 5 parts) (1995), Eastern Elegy, or Oriental Elegy (d) (1996), Robert - The Happy Life (d) (1996), Mother and Son (f) (Russia/Germany), 1997), A Humble Life (d) (1997), A Petersburg Diary: The Unveiling of Dostoyevsky’s Monument (d) (1998), A Petersburg Diary: Kozintsev’s Apartment (d) (1998), Confession , or Calendar of One Generation (d,tv, 5 parts) (1997), Angels’ Dreams (d) (1998), Duty: From a Ship Captain’s Log (d) (1998), The Knot (d) (1998), Moloch (f) (Russia/Germany, 1999), Dolce, or Tenderly (d) (2000), Taurus (f) (Russia/Germany, 2000), Elegy of the Road (d) (Russia/Germany/Netherlands/France, 2001), Russian Ark (f,v) (Russia/Germany, 2002), Father and Son (f) (Russia/Germany, 2003).

Solomin, Vitaly, b.

(selected) Hunting (f) (1994).

Solovsky, Gennady, b.

(selected) Russian Bride (f) (1993).

Solovtsova, Maria, b. 1965

(selected) My Fleeing Hero (d) (1992), The Cat (d) 1996), Nadezhda Kosheverova (d) (2003).

Solovtsov, Valery, b. 1904

(selected) The Battle of Leningrad, or Leningrad in Combat (d) (1942), with Roman Karmen, Nikolai Komarevchev, and Efim Uchitel, Leningrad Newsreel No. 15 (d) (1963).

Sorokin, Vyacheslav, b. 1944

(selected) The Pier (s) (1979), What Holds the Globe (s) (1981), Detective Story (s) (1981), Under One Sky (s) (1981), Original Coctail (s) (1982), On New Year’s Eve (s) (1982), Vacations in January (s) (1982), Once There Lived a Doctor (f) (1986), Fare, or Fare for a Ride (f) (1986) Temptation (f) (1987), The Marked (f) (1991), On the Bank of the Irtysh (f) (1992), Totalitarian Romance (f) (1998).

Sorokina, Elena, b.

(selected) De Lana Caprina (s) (2002).

Sosnora, Anna, b.

(selected) St. Petersburg Newsreel, January 1997: Animals for Earning Money (d) (1997), St. Petersburg Newsreel, January 1997: Bottle Collector (d) (1997), St. Petersburg Newsreel, January 1997: Ivan Kupala Night (d) 1997), St. Petersburg Newsreel, March 1997: Club “Health” (d) (1997), St. Petersburg Newsreel, July 1997: New Year’s Eve (d) (1997)

Stankevich, Konstantin, b.

(selected) Meeting at Seligersee (d) (1971), Bulgarian Taiga (d) (1972), For You, Man (d) (1972), Great Simulating Telescope (d) (1974), Course - Intensive (d) (1978), Their Weapon - the Film Camera (d) (1980).

Stanukinas, Lyudmila, b. 1930

(selected) Boys - Girls (d) (1968), Moving Day (d) (1970), Andrei Petrov (d) (1972), The Tram Passes through the City (d) (1973), Conductor Yury Temirkanov (d) (1974), Ilya Ehrenburg (d) (1976), Lebedev in Close-Up (d) (1977), Our Own Very Special Poetry (d) (1982), Vadik Repin (d) (1984), Mstislav Rostropovich, His Return (d) (1990), with Pavel Kogan.

Studennikov, Vladimir, b. 1946

(selected) A Prison Camp Comedy (f) (1992), with Mikhail Grigoriev.

Sukhachev, Garik, b.

(selected) A Critical Age, or Middle-Age Crisis (f) (1997).

Sukhobokov, V., b.

(selected) Zoya (f) (1944), with Leo Arnstam, Boris Chirskov, Ilya Frez.

Sukhochev, Alexander, b. 1956

(selected) The Principled and Pitiful Look of Aliya K., or Particularly Pitiful Glance (f) (1995).

Sushkevich, Boris, b.

(selected) When the Strings of the Heart Sound (f) (1914), Cricket on the Hearth (f) (1915), with A. Uralsky, Hurricane (f) (1916), The Flowers Are Late (f) (1917), Bread (f) (1918).

Suslovich, R., b.

(selected) Son of Mongolia (f) (1936), with Ilya Trauberg.

Svetlov, B., b.

(selected) In the Kingdom of Oil and Millions (d) (1916), The Victory of May (d) (1919), All Under Arms! (d) (1919), City of the Proletariat and Awake for the Revolution (d) (1919), Fighters for the Light of the World at the Third Internationale (d) (1919).

Svetozarov, Boris, b.

(selected) Tanka - Traktirscica (d?) (1929).

Svetozarov, Dmitry, b. 1951

(selected) Sketch (s) (1978), Sun Glasses (s) (1979), Speed (f) (1983), Breakthrough (f) (1986), Without a Full-Dress Uniform (f) (1988), The Dogs (f) (1989), Arithmetic of Murder (f) (1991), Gadjo (f) (1992), The Light-Blue Dancers (s,v) (1993), The Baron (f) (1996), The Streets of Shattered Lanterns (f,tv series) (1998), Case Number 1999 (f,tv series) (1998), National Security Agent (f,tv series) (1999), Fourteen Colors of the Rainbow (f) (2000), A Hero of Another Time: The Unknown Heifits (d) (2002).

Tairov, Alexander, b.

(selected) The Dead Man (f) (1915).

Taldykin Director or Cameraman

(selected) For the Honour, Glory and Happiness of the Slavic Race (d) (1914), In the Bloody Glow of War (d) (1914).

Tamarov, M., b.

(selected) Demon (s) (1911).

Tatarsky, Yevgeny, b. 1938

(selected) Fire in the Annex, or A Feat in the Ice (s,tv) (1973), 75 Degrees below Zero (f) (1976), with S. Danilin, Gold Mine (f,tv) (1976), Lyalka Ruslan and His Friend Sanka (f,tv) (1979), The Adventures of Prince Florisel (f,tv) (1980), With Visible Reasons (f) (1982), Jack Vosymyorkin, American Man (f) (1986), Presumption of Innocence (f) (1989), Blood Drink (f) (1991), Prison Romance (f) (1993).

Teptsov, Oleg, b. 1954

(selected) Mister Designer (f) (1988), The Blessed One, or The Initiate (f) (1989), The Red Army (d) (1991), with Sergei Vinogradov, Lenin’s Funeral (d) (1993), with Sergei Vinogradov.

Thiemann & Rheinhardt Director or Cameraman

(selected) Nailed (s) (1912), Corpse No. 1346 (s) (1912), Coppelia (s) (1913), Nocturne (s) (1913), Moment Musical (s) (1913), What the Violin Sobbed (s) (1913), For Each Who Plays, Another Pays (s) (1913), How the Soul of a Child Sobbed (s) (1913), The Passing Dream (s) (1913), Caught But Once (s) (1913), Under the Bullets of the German Barbarians (d) (1914).

Tigaj, Arkady, b. 1945

(selected) The Wedding March (s) (1988), Simpleton - The Conqueror of Water (f) (1991), Window in Paris (f) (1993), Gorko!, Or Newlyweds’ Toast (f) (1998), with Yury Mamin.

Tikhomirov, Viktor, b.

(selected) Grass and Water (f) (1991).

Timoshenko, Sergei, b.

(selected) Uproar (f) (1929), Film Concert Film Concert 1941, or Kino Concert 1941, or Russian Salad (f) (1941), omnibus musical film with Isaak Menaker, Adolf Minkin, Herbert Rappaport, Mikhail Shapiro, and Mikhail Tsekhanovsky, The Splendid Sluggard (f) (1945), The Forest (f) (1953), with Vladimir Vengerov, stage directors V. Koshich, A. Dauson, .

Tobreluts, Olga, b.

(selected) Woe to Reason (s) (1993), Hercules’ Last Feat (s) (1996), Eternal Music (s) (1996), Neoacademist Manifest (s) (1999?).

Tolstaya, Tatyana, b.

(selected) A Peasant Wedding (s) (1911)

Torgayev, Y., b.

(selected) Comrade Sergo (d) (1963).

Trauberg, Ilya, b.

(selected) Blue Express, or China Express (f) (1929), Son of Mongolia (f) (1936), with R. Suslovich, Concert Valse (f) (1941), with Mikhail Dubson, Spider (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 11 (f) (1942), with I. Zemgano.

Trauberg, Leonid, 1902-1990

(selected) Adventures of Oktyabrina (f) (1924, partially lost), with Grigory Kozintsev, Mishka against Yudenich (s) (1925, lost), with Grigory Kozintsev, The Devil’s Wheel (f) (1926, partially lost), with Grigory Kozintsev, A Little Brother (f) (1926, partially lost), with Leonid Trauberg, The Overcoat, or The Cloak (f) (1926, partially lost), S.V.D., or The Club of the Big Deed (f) (1927, partially lost), with Grigory Kozintsev, New Babylon (f) (1929), with Grigory Kozintsev, Alone (f) (1931, partially lost), with Grigory Kozintsev, A Trip through the USSR (f) (1932, uncompleted), with Grigory Kozintsev, The Youth of Maxim (f) (1934), with Grigory Kozintsev, The Return of Maxim (f) (1937), with Grigory Kozintsev, The Vyborg Side (f) (1938), with Grigory Kozintsev, Young Fritz (s) episode in series Fighting Film Album (1942), with Grigory Kozintsev, The Actress (f) (1943), Plain People (f) (1945/56, banned, reedited, disowned by Kozintsev), with Grigory Kozintsev, Soldiers Were Marching (f) (1958), Dead Souls (f) (1960), Free Wind (f) (1961).

Tregubovich, Viktor, 1935-1992

(selected) Last Summer (s) (1962), Hot July (f) (1965), War Is War (f) (1968), Dauriya (f) (1971), Ancient Walls (f) (1973), Trust (f) (1976), with Edvin Laine, Feedback (f) (1977), Go Away - If You’re Leaving, or Feed-Back (f) (1978), A Trip to Another City (f) (1979), Thrice about Love (f) (1981), The Main Railway Line (f) (1983), Standing Run (f) (1984), That’s My Village (f) (1986), The Tower (f) (1987), The Hop, or Headiness (f) (1991).

Trozhkin, V., b.

(selected) According to the Court (d) (1961), Three on Their Way (d) (1968).

Tsabansky, M., b.

(selected) Cosmodrome “Repievka” (s) (2000).

Tsekhanovsky, Mikhail, 1889-1965

(selected) The Post (a) (1929), Pacific (a) (1931), Hopak (a) (1931), The Tale of the Dumb Little Mouse (a) (1940), Film Concert 1941 (f) (1941), omnibus musical film with Isaak Menaker, Adolf Minkin, Herbert Rappaport, Mikhail Shapiro, and Sergei Timoshenko, The Christmas Tree (a) (1943), Telephone (a) (1944), The Seven-Colored Flower (a) (1948), The Tale of the Fisherman and the Little Fish (a) (1950), The Little Chestnut Tree (a) (1952), The Frog Queen (a) (1954), The Girl in the Jungle (a) (1956), The Story of Chapayev (a) (1958), The Legend of the Legacy of the Moles (a) (1959), The Fox, the Beaver, and the Others (a) (1960), The Wild Swans (a) (1962), The Post (a) (1964).

Tsikhanovich, A., b.

(selected) Butterflies (a) (2000).

Tsvetkov, ?., b.

(selected) Saint Trinity Temple: Easter Cake and Easter (d) (1991).

Tulubyeva, S., b.

(selected) The New Path of Life (d) (1956), Independent Guinea (d) (1959).

Turzhansky, Vyacheslav, b.

(selected) Symphony of Love and Death (f) (1914), The Great Magaraz (f), with Anatoly Kamensky (1915), Wanderer beyond the Grave (f) (1915), Isle of Oblivion (f) (1917), Paradise without Adam (f) (1918), Mary Magdalene (f) (1921), Michael Strogoff (f) (France, 1925).

Tynianov, Yury, b.

(selected) The Overcoat (f) (1926), U.G.A., or Union of Great Action (f) (1927), with Yury Oksman.

Uchitel, Alexei, b. 1951

(selected) Novgorod by Name (d) (1974), His Star (d) (1974), The 100,000 (s,d) (1975), An Event (d) (1977), Start: The Story of an Event (s,d) (1979), How Many Faces Does a Disco Have? (s,d) (1980), Who Is for It? (d) (1980), The Earth Belongs to You (d) (1981), The Action (d) (1983), Greetings to the Festival (d) (1983), Prevail (d) (1984), The Lesson from Yalta (d) (1984), We Will Succeed (d) (1984), The Planet “Natasha” (d) (1985), The “Laura” Secret (d) (1985), Day of the Open Door (d) (1987), Rock (d) (1987), The Fight Goes On (d) (1988), The Last Hero - Victor Tsoi (d) (1989/91), Sundance (d) (USA, 1990), The City on the Other Side of the Canal (d) (1990), Rock in Russia (d) (1991), Butterfly (d) (1993), Maestro (d) (1994), The “Mitkys” in Europe (d) (1995), Giselle Mania (f,tv) (1995), The Elite (d) (1998), His Wife’s Diary (f) (2000).

Uchitel, Efim (Yefim), b. 1913

(selected) The Battle of Leningrad, or Leningrad in Combat (d) (1942), with Roman Karmen, Nikolai Komarevchev, and Valery Solovtsov, Russian Character (d) (1957), Leningrad Heroism (d) (1959), with Valery Solovtsov, Character (d) (1957), Daughter of Russia (d) (1959), Peace to Your House (d) (1960), “Our Region” Newsreel No. 32 (d) (1966), Your Generous Heart (d) (1967).

Ungern, R., b.

(selected) The Coward (f) (1914), with Boris Glagolin.

Uralsky, A., b.

(selected) Tercentenary of the Romanov’s Dynasty’s Accession to the Throne (d) (1913), with N. Larin, Cricket on the Hearth (f) (1915), with Boris Shuskevich, Ekaterina Ivanovna (f) (1915).

Vardanyan, Anush, b.

(selected) The Family (s) (1996), The Ambulance (s) (1997), The First Sin (s) (1999).

Varlamov, Leonid, b.

(selected) Defeat of the German Armies near Moscow (d) (1942), with Ilya Kopalin, Stalingrad (d) (1943), Poland (d) (1948), Congo in Combat (d) (1960).

Vasiliev, Anatoly, b. 1946

(selected) Pogovorim O Edikete (d) (198?), Chest Imeiu (d) (198?), Fuel (d) (198?), Mitki Doesn’t Want to Boss Anybody (d?) (1992).

Vasiliev, Georgy, 1899-1946

(selected) Heroism in Ice (d) (1928), with Sergei Vasiliev, Chapayev (f) (1934), with Sergei Vasiliev, Volochayevsk Days (f) (1938), with Sergei Vasiliev, The Front (f) (1942), with Sergei Vasiliev, Defence of Tsaritsin (f) (1942), with Sergei Vasiliev.

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