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Grigoriev, Roman, b. 1911

(selected) Bulgaria (d) (USSR/Bulgaria, 1946), with M. Fideleva, Yakutia (d) (1952), Warsaw Meetings (d) (USSR/Poland, 1955), with Jerzy Bossak, Ilya Kopalin, Josif Poselsky, The Fortune of Difficult Ways (d) (1955), with Josif Poselsky, Moscow and Muscovites (d) (1956), October Light (d) (1957), with Josif Poselsky, Brussels (d) (1958), People of the Blue Fire (d) (1961), Pipeline “Friendship” (d) (1964).

Grunberg, Stefan, b.

(selected) Give Us Radio! (s) (1924, lost), with Sergei Yutkevich.

Gubenko, Natalya, b.

(selected) Antenna (s) (2000).

Guryleva, M., b.

(selected) Surrealist Manifesto (a) (2000).

Hahn-Jagielski, Kurt von, b.

(selected) TheThird State Duma in Session (s) (1907), Review of the Troops by the Royal Family at Tsarskoye Square (s) (1907), Review of the Troops in the Square before the Winter Palace (s) (1907).

Hansen, Kai, b.

(selected) An Episode in the Life of Dmitry Donskoi (s) (1909), Mazeppa (s) (1909), Peter the Great (s) (1909), with Vasily Goncharov, L’khaim: Scenes of Jewish Life, or L’khaim: To Your Health (s) (1910), with Maurice Maitre, The Violin (s) (1911), with Maurice Maitre, Anna Karenina (s) (1911), Romance with a Double Bass (s) (1911), 1812 (s) (1912), with A. Uralsky, Without Dowry (s) (1912), Brand (f) (Russia/Norway, 1915), with Pavel Orlenev.

Heifitz (Kheifits), Josif (Josif), 1905-1995

(selected) A Song of Steel (d) (1928), with Vladimir Granatman, Mikhail Shapiro, and Alexander Zarkhi, Transport of Fire (f) (1930), with Alexander Zarkhi, Facing the Wind (f) (1930, lost), with Alexander Zarkhi, Noon (f) (1931, lost), with Alexander Zarkhi, My Homeland (f) (1933, partially lost), with Alexander Zarkhi, Red Army Days (f) (1935), with Alexander Zarkhi, Baltic Deputy (f) (1936), with Alexander Zarkhi, The Great Beginning (f) (1939), with Alexander Zarkhi, A Member of the Government (f) (1940), with Alexander Zarkhi, His Name Is Sukhe-Bator (f) (USSR/Mongolia, 1942), with Alexander Zarkhi, The Malakhov Burial Mound (f) (1944, banned), with Alexander Zarkhi, The Defeat of Japan (d) (1945), with Alexander Zarkhi, In the Name of Life (f) (1946), with Alexander Zarkhi, Precious Grains (f) (1948), with Alexander Zarkhi, Flames over Baku (f) (1950/58, banned), with Alexander Zarkhi and Rza Abbaskuli-Tahmasib, Soviet Mordovia, or Mordva Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (d) (1951), with Semyon Derevyansky, Spring in Moscow (f) (1953), with Nadeshda Kosheverova, The Big Family (f) (1954), The Rumyantsev Case (f) (1955), My Dear Fellow!, Or My Beloved Man (f) (1958), The Lady with the Little Dog (f) (1959), Horizon (f) (1961), A Day of Happiness (f) (1963), In the Town of “S” (f) (1966), Salute, Maria! (f) (1970), The Bad Good Man (f) (1973), The Only One (f) (1975), Asya, or Love Should Be Guarded (f) (1977), Married for the First Time (f) (1979), Shurochka (f) (1982), The Accused (f) (1985), Let’s Remember, Comrade! (f) (1986), Old Men Alone (f) (1988), The Wayward Bus (f) (1989).

Heifitz (Kheifits), Kirill, b.

(selected) A Stop (s) (2001).

Ignatov, M., b.

(selected) In My Cruel Century I Praised Freedom I(d) (1977).

Iliach, Alexander, b.

(selected) Grand Jeter (a) (1998), Lapushka (a) (1999), Air (a) (1999).

Itina, M., b.

(selected) Yakov Sverdlov (f) (1940), with Sergei Yutkevich.

Ivanov, Alexander, 1898-1984

(selected) Transport of Fire (f) (1930), On the Border (f) (1938), U-Boat T-9 (f) (1943), The Sons (f) (1946), Victorious Homecoming (f) (1947), The Star (f) (1949, banned), Soldiers (f) (1956).

Ivanov, Yevgeny, b. 1963

(selected) It’s Us, Lord (s,d) (1989), Along the Roads of Ingry (s,d) (1990), Nicotine (f) (1993), The Ghost (f) (1997).

Ivanov-Gai, Alexander, b.

(selected) Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich Grozny (f) (1915), He Who Gets Slapped (f) (1916), with I. Schmidt.

Ivanovsky, Alexander, b.

(selected) Three Portraits (f) (1919), Punin and Barburin (f) (1919), The Comedienne, ot The Toupé Artist (f) (1923), Palace and Fortress (f) (1924), Children Teach the Old (f) (1920), Stepan Khalturin (f) (1925), Decembrists (f) (1927), Judushka Golovlyov (f) (1934), A Musical Story (f) (1940, banned), with Herbert Rappaport, Anton Ivanovich Is Angry (f) (1941), The Tiger Tamer (f) (1954), with Nadeshda Kosheverova.

Jacobi, Georg, b.

(selected) Where Is Mathilda? (s) (Russia/Germany, 1913), with A. Bistritzky, Romance of a Russian Ballerina (s) (Russia/Germany, 1913), with A. Bistritzky.

Johanson, Eduard, b.

(selected) Scarlet Fever (s) (1924, lost), Children of the Storm (f) (1926, lost), with Fridrikh Ermler, Katka’s Reinette Apples (f) (1926), with Fridrikh Ermler.

Kalinina, Irina, b. 1936

(selected) You, the First Love (d) (1969), Student Unrest (d) (1973), with Mikhail Litvyakov, And the Spire of the Admiralty Is Bright (d) (1977), Song of the Airplanes (d) (1979), Memories of Pavlovsk (d) (1983), Maxim Gorky - Years and Days (d) (1984), New Life in Cambodia (d) (1985), The Russians in Baden-Baden (d) (1989).

Kamensky, Anatoly, b.

(selected) Symphony of Love and Death (f) (1914), The Great Magaraz (f) (1915), with Vyacheslav Turzhansky.

Kanievsky, Vitaly, b. 1935

(selected) Secretly to the Whole World (f) (1977), A Village Story (f) (1981), Lie Down, Die, Rise Again (f) (1989), Independent Life (f) (1992), We Are Children of the 20th Century (d) (1993).

Karanovich, Anatoly, b.

(selected) The Bath House (a) (1962), with Sergei Yutkevich, Mayakovsky Laughs (d) (1975), with Sergei Yutkevich.

Karasik, Yuly, b. 1923

(selected) Waiting for Letters (f) (1960), Wild Dog Dingo (f) (1962), The Man I Love (f) (1966), The Sixth of July (f) (1968), The Seagull (f) (1970), The Hottest Month (f) (1974), A Personal View (f) (1976), A Glass of Water (f,tv) (1979), Shores in the Mist (f) (USSR/Bulgaria, 1985), Sunless World (f) (1987).

Karel, D, b.

(selected) In Sorrow and in Happiness (s) (2000).

Karpets, Vladimir, b. 1954

(selected) The Third Rome (f) (1991), Angel of the Harvest (f) (1992).

Karpilovsky, Alexander, b.

(selected) Old Tom Thumb (s) (2002), Yury Morozov.

Kasyanov, Vladimir, 1883-1960

(selected) Mother’s Percept (s) (1913) (under pen name Villi Nad), Drama in the Futurists’ Cabaret No. 13 (s) (1914), The Girl from the Basement (f) (1914), Sonka the Golden Hand, or Adventures of the Famous Swindler Sofia Blyuvstein (f,serial) (1914), with Alexander Chargonin and Yury Yurevsky, Death of the Gods (f) (1917), Underground (f) (1918), For the Red Banner (f) (1919), The Lame Landlord (f) (1920), Blow Up Horns (f) (1925), Leon Kutyurye (f) (1927), The Seventh Companion (f) (1928), Those Who Began to See (f) (1930).

Kazakov, Boris, b. 1964

(selected) The State Meets Its Heroes (a) (1992), Nestlinks of Sea (a) (1996), Koly, or The Stakes (a) (1999).

Khalilov, Murad, b.

(selected) Hens Trainer (s) (2002).

Khanzhonkov, Alexander, b. - or Khanzhonkov Director or Cameraman

(selected) The Mountains of the Caucausus (s) (1908), The Opening of the Monument on the Site of the Murder of the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich (s) (1908), Views of the City of Yaroslavl (s) (1908), Drama in a Gypsy Camp Near Moscow (s) (1908), with V. Siversen, The Boyarina Orsha (s) (1909), Yermak Timofeyevich, Conqueror of Siberia (s) (1909), Rusalka (s) (1909), On the Eve of Emancipation (s) (1911), Defence of Sevastopol (s) (1911), with Vasily Goncharov, The Conquest of the Caucasus (s) (1913), The Cliff (s) (1913), Secrets of the German Embassy (d) (1914), Glory to Us, Death to Our Enemies (d) (1914), King, Law and Freedom (f) (1914).

Kharitonov, Andrei, b. 1959

(selected) Thirst for Passion (f) (1991).

Kharlamova, Ekaterina, b.

(selected) Text, or An Apologia for a Commentary (f) (2001), Memorabilia (f) (2001).

Kingman, M., b.

(selected) Page 100 (d) (1968), with G. Brusse.

Kis, J., b.

(selected) Youth of the World (d) (USSR/Hungary, 1949), with A. Ovanesova.

Kiyasko, Yury, b. 1954

(selected) The Beginning of a Good Day (s) (1986), Black and White Dreams (s) (1986), Myself (s) (1987), The Happening (s) (1987), Twilight Contemplation (s) (1988), Time for Losing (s) (1989), Going out of the Circle (s) (1989), Back Water (s) (1989), The Way to Nowhere (s) (1990), Under the Sky (s) (1993), Into the Fire (s) (1991), Performance for… (f) (1993).

Kligman, M., b.

(selected) The Painter Fedotov (d) (1950), In the Depth of Life (d) 1966), Faces of Peter the Great : About the Monuments to Peter I (d) (1992).

Klushantsev, P., b.

(selected) The Secret of the Fabric (d) (1956), The Way to the Stars (d) (1957).

Kochetkov, A., b.

(selected) What Are You Thinking, Soldier? (d) (1963), Stories about Tanganika (d) (1964), with I. Besarabov.

Kogai, V., b.

(selected) Battle for Leningrad, 1941-1944 (d) (1974).

Kogan, Arkady, b. 1957

(selected) Vera, or Faith (d) (1990), Erdeli, or Treasure of Isinga (d) (1991), I Am Afraid (d) (1991), Evgrat (d) (1992), “White Chinese” Drug (d) (1995), To Live Long and to Die Young (d) (1996), Journey to Malin (d) (1997), Knyazhinsky’s Smile (d) (1997), The Death of Deputy Skorochkin (d) (1998), The Place (d) (2001).

Kogan, Pavel, b. 1931

(selected) Proud Humility (d) (1965), Spokoynaya Steel (d) (1965), On Rezhisserskich Urokach (d) (1966), Look in Her Face (d) (1966),Classes, or Just Three Lessons (d) (1967, banned), with Peter Mostovoy, Military Orchestra (d) (1968), with Peter Mostovoy, Day after Day (d) (1968), Great Chokkej (d) (1969), City under Siege (d) (1969), Seventh Victory (d) (1970), The First (d) (1971), The Flight (d) (1972), Close Friends (d) (1974), Lunacharsky - Narkom (d) (1975), Secret Order (d) (1981), Mama Myla Ramu (d) (1982), Communists of the Northern Magnitka (d) (1985), Russian Working Days (d) (1986), Summer Is Coming (d) (1987), Profession - Cameraman (d) (1987), The Limit of the Possible (d) (1987), with Peter Mostovoy, Give Us This Day … (d) (1988), with Sergei Skvorzov, Uprising in Sobibor (d series, 2 parts) (1989), Mstislav Rostropovich, His Return (d) (1990), with Lyudmila Stanukinas, Nevzorov (d) (1991), Russian Ballet without Russians (d) (1991).

Kolesnik, Julia, b.

(selected) Walk, or Let’s Go for a Walk (s) (2002).

Koloshin, A., b.

(selected) Mexico - The Land We Love (d) (1962), with G. Kublizki.

Kolosova, Anna., b.

(selected) Bad Movie (s) (2001).

Koltun, Yury, b. 1945

(selected) The Paw (f) (1991).

Komarevchev, Nikolai, b. 1904

(selected) The Battle of Leningrad, or Leningrad in Combat (d) (1942), with Roman Karmen, Valery Solovtsov, and Efim Uchitel, People’s Revenge (d) (1943), with Vasily Belyayev, The Workers at Izora Factory (d) (1959), At the Admiralteysky Shipyards (d) (1960).

Konorov, N., b.

(selected) Born in Leningrad (d) (1965).

Kopalin, Ilya, 1900-1976

(selected) Moscow (d) (1927), with Mikhail Kaufman, Defeat of the German Armies near Moscow (d) (1942), with Leonid Varlamov, Liberated Czechoslovakia (d) (1945), Berlin’s Conference (d) (1945), with Sergei Gerasimov, The Day of the Victorious Country (d) (1947), with I. Setkina, The Great Farewell (d) (1953/94, banned), with Mikhail Chiaureli, Sergei Gerasimov, and Grigory Alexandrov, For Peace and Friendship (d) (1953), Warsaw Meetings (d) (USSR/Poland, 1955), with Jerzy Bossak, Roman Grigoriev, Josif Poselsky, The Unforgettable Years (d) (1957), City of Great Destiny (d) (1960), First Trip to the Stars (d) (1961), with D. Bogolepov, G. Kosenko, Pages of Immortality (d) (1965), My Country (d) (1967).

Kosenko, G., b.

(selected) First Trip to the Stars (d) (1961), with D. Bogolepov, Ilya Kopalin.

Kosheverova, Nadeshda, b. 1902

(selected) Signal Box (f) (1945), with Y. Musykant, The Little Slippers (f) (1945), Cinderella (f) (1947), with Mikhail Shapiro, Spring in Moscow (f) (1953), with Josif Heifitz, The Tiger Tamer (f) (1955), with Alexander Ivanovsky, Honeymoon (f) (1956),Careful, Grandmother! (f) (1961), Kain XVIII (f) (1963), Happiness in the Crowd (f) (1966), A Very Old Story (f) (1968), The Shadow (f) (1972), Tsarevich Prosha (f) (1974), How Dumb Ivanushka Looked for a Miracle (f) (1977), Nightingale (1980), The Princess with the Donkey’s Skin (f) (1982).

Kossakovsky, Viktor, b. 1961

(selected) Losev (d) (1990), Those Days, or Not Long Ago (d) (1991), The Belovs (d) (1992), Wednesday (d) (Russia/Germany/UK/Finland, 1997), Pavel and Lyalya, A Jerusalem Romance (d) (1998).

Kovalov, Oleg, b. 1950

(selected) The Scorpion Garden (d) (1991), Isle of the Dead (d) (1992), Concerto for a Rat (d) (1995), Sergei Eisenstein - Autobiography (d) (1996), Sergei Eisenstein - Mexican Fantasy (d) (1998), The Dark Night (f) (2001), Friedrich Ermler (d) (2002), FEX - Factory of the Eccentric Actor (d) (2003).

Kozakova, Natasha (Natalya Petrova as actress), b. 1970

(selected) The Road (f) (2002).

Kozintsev, Grigory, 1905-1973

(selected) Adventures of Oktyabrina (f) (1924, partially lost), with Leonid Trauberg, Mishka against Yudenich (s) (1925, lost), with Leonid Trauberg, The Devil’s Wheel (f) (1926, partially lost), with Leonid Trauberg, A Little Brother (f) (1926, partially lost), with Leonid Trauberg, The Overcoat, or The Cloak (f) (1926, partially lost), with Leonid Trauberg, S.V.D., or The Club of the Big Deed (f) (1927, partially lost), with Leonid Trauberg, New Babylon (f) (1929), with Leonid Trauberg, Alone (f) (1931, partially lost), with Leonid Trauberg, A Trip through the USSR (f) (1932, uncompleted), with Leonid Trauberg, The Youth of Maxim (f) (1934), with Leonid Trauberg, The Return of Maxim (f) (1937), with Leonid Trauberg, The Vyborg Side (f) (1938), Leonid Trauberg, Incident at the Telegraph Office (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album No. 2 (f) (1941), with Lev Arnstam, Here Is Leningrad (s) (1941, uncompleted), Young Fritz (s) in omnibus film Fighting Film Album 12 ((f) (1942, banned), with Leonid Trauberg, Our Girls (f) (1942, banned), Plain People (f) (1945/56, banned, reedited, disowned by Kozintsev), with Leonid Trauberg, Soldiers Were Marching (f), Pirogov (f) (1947), Belinsky (f) (1951), The Great Heart (f) (1953, uncompleted), Don Quixote (f) (1957), Hamlet (f) 1964), King Lear (f) (1970).

Koztrizhkin, L., b.

(selected) The Passion on Kharms (d) (1989).

Krainev, Anatoly, b. 1965

(selected) The Three Epoches (d) (1976), And It Still Moves … (d) (1980), The Clowns (d) (1981), Pain (d) (1982), Letters to My Mother (d) (1992), On the Death of a Poet (d) (1993) Almanach (d) (1996).

Kravchenko, Kiril, b.

(selected) Shall We Play? (a) (1999).

Kravchuk, Andrei, b. 1962

(selected) The Dusk and the Dawn (s) (1996), Myths of My Childhood (f) (1997), with Yury Feting, Business of Honesty (f,tv series) (1999), with Yury Feting, Christmas Mysteries (f) (2000), with Yury Feting, Semyon Aranovich - The Last Frame (d) (2002).

Kreyer, Anna, b.

(selected) Sometimes (s) (2001).

Krivtsov, V., b.

(selected) Old Times In Kashira (s) (1911).

Kublizki, G., b.

(selected) Mexico - The Land We Love (d) (1962), with A. Koloshin.

Kulisheva, D., b.

(selected) Sweeter Than Poison (a) (2000).

Kunga, Ilze, b.

(selected) Whom I Wish to Be (s) (2001).

Kuryokhin, Sergei, b.

(selected) Guest (s) (1992).

Kuzmin, V., b.

(selected) Fool’s Can (s) (2000).

Kuznetsov, Konstantin, b.

(selected) A Living Corpse (s) (1911), with Boris Chaikovsky.

Kvinikhidze, Leonid, b. 1937

(selected) Inna (d) (1963), The First Visitor (f) (1966), A Straw Hat (f,tv) (1974), June, 31 (f,tv) (1978), The Hat (f)(1981), Mary Poppins, Goodbye (f,tv) (1983), An Island (f) (1990), White Nights (f) (1992).

Lando, Sergei, b.

(selected) Anthology (d) (2001), with Zhanna Romanova, Sergei Litviakov, Nikolai Boronin.

Larin, N., b.

(selected) Tercentenary of the Romanov Dynasty’s Accession to the Throne (s) (1913), with A. Uralsky.

Lavrovsky, Leonid, b.

(selected) Romeo and Juliet (f) (1954), with Leo Arnstam.

Lebedev, Alexei, b. 1952

(selected) Personal Encounter (s) (197?), Multiboard Chess (f) (1982), Nonentity (f) (1989), The Serpent's Spring (f) (1998).

Lebedev, Nikolai, 1897-1978

(selected) Through Europe (d) (1925), The Land Chechnya (d) (1929), Andrejka (f) (1957), Winter Morning (f) (1966), I Ask to Blame Klava K. in My Death (d) (1979), with Ernest Yasan.

Lesnik, Yuris, b.

(selected) Pirate TV (s) (1989-92), with Vladik Mamshev-Monroe, Timor Novikov, Sergei Shutov, Topology in Sculpture (s) (1993).

Levin, Moisei, b.

(selected) Amangeldi (f) (1939).

Libenson, Andrei, b. 1975

(selected) One Day of Ivan Denisovich (s) (1992), with Dmitry Permenov, Photo by the Camel (s) (1996), Tango (s) (1997), Barman (s) (1999).

Linich, Andrei, b.

(selected) Anything (s) (2002).

Litvyakov, Mikhail, b. 1938

(selected) Bye-Bye, Mama (d) (1966), People of the Kusnets Area (d) (1968), Student Unrest (d) (1973), with Irina Kalinina, There’s Always a Reason (d) (1977), The Farm (d) (1978), Years and Destinies (d) (1983), Viktor Astafiyev (d) (1983), Catholics in the USSR (d) (1985).

Litvyakov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Anthology (d) (2001), with Zhanna Romanova, Sergei Lando, Nikolai Boronin.

Livanova, T., b.

(selected) Incomparable Dyagilev (d) (197?).

Lokshina, Ch., b.

(selected) The Usual Miracle (f) (1965), with E. Garin.

Lomakin, Alexander, b.

(selected) Noon (s) (2002).

Lopushansky, Konstantin, b. 1947

(selected) Tears during a Windy Day (s) (1978), Solo (s) (1980), Letters from a Dead Man (f) (1986), Visit to a Museum (f) (1989), Russian Symphony (f) (1994), The Turn of the Century, or Chronicle of the Time of Troubles (f) (2001).

Lototski, Y., b.

(selected) Light and Life (d) (1959).

Lungin, Yevgeny, b. 1960

(selected) Chronicle of Perestoika (d) (1989), Letters from Afar (d) (1990), Trip to Nowhere (d) (1990), Angels in Paradise (f) (Russia/France, 1992).

Lyubshin, Stanislav, b.

(selected) Three Years (f,tv) (1980), with Dmitry Dolinin.

Maas, M., b.

(selected) St. Petersburg Newsreel, August 1997: Wine Gallery (d) (1997), St. Petersburg Newsreel, August 1997: People and Tradition (d) (1997).

Maisky, Vitaly, b. 1960

(selected) Jewish Happiness (f) (1991).

Maitre, Maurice, b.

(selected) Cossacks of the Don (s) (1908), Queen of Spades (s) (1910), Mayoress Marfa, or The Fall of Great Novgorod (s) (1910), Princess Tarakhanova (s) (1910), Taras Bulba, or The Love of Andrei (s) (1910), Gypies (s) (1910), Lieutenant Yegurnov (s) (1910), Duel (s) (1910), L’khaim: Scenes of Jewish Life, or L’khaim: To Your Health (s) (1911), with Kai Hansen, The Violin (s) (1911), with Kai Hansen.

Makarov, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Name Day (f) (1988), with Sergei Selyanov.

Makarov, V., b.

(selected) Take Care of Women (f,tv) (1981), with Alexander Polynnikov.

Makhnach, Leonid, b. 1933

(selected) The Towns Change Their Face (d) (195?), Komsomol Celebration (d) (1958), USSR - America (d) (1959), The Greatest Hope of the People (d) (1959), You Are a Criminal, Oberlander! (d) (1960), Meeting with the Pamir Mountains (d) (1960), Sharik and Shurik (d) (1960), The Most Alive of All Living (d) (1960), Siberian Singing (d) (1961), You and I (d) (1961), On a Black Trail (d) (1962), Sun, Rain and Smiles (d) (1962), Enlightenment Required (d) (1963), A Drop of Poison (d) (1965), Felix Dzerzhinsky(d) (1966), Bravery (d) (1966), Freedom for You and Us (d) (1968), A Banner over the World (d) (1969).

Mamin, Yury, b. 1946

(selected) A Queue (s) (1981), I Wish You (s) (1982), Neptune’s Feast (f) (1986), The Fountain (f) (1988), Whiskers (f) (1990), Window to Paris (f) (Russia/France, 1993), Rain in the Ocean (f) (1994), with Viktor Aristov, Ricochet (f) (1996), Weddings (f) (1998), Gorko!, or Newlyweds’ Toast (f) (1998), with Arkady Tigaj.

Mamyshev-Monroe, Vladik, b.

(selected) Pirate TV (s) (1989-92), with Yuris Lesnik, Timor Novikov, Sergei Shutov.

Markholia, Roman, b. 1961

(selected) The Story of Captain Kopeikin (s,v) (2001).

Martynov, Valery, b.

(selected) The Ring (f) (1991).

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