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Partigul, Leonid, b.

(selected) The Mafia Is Immortal (f) (1993).

Pechenkin, Pavel, b. 1956

(selected) A House with Windows (d) (1990), Ashes of Satan (d) (1992), Makarov’s Day (d) (1992), Olya in Captivity (d) (1993), Tyurin’s Story, Painter and Victim (d) (1994), A Game (d) (1997).

Perelstein, R., b.

(selected) Depot for Catastrophes (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 7 (f) (1941), with L. Altsev, The Change in Engineer Clark (f) (1959).

Persidsky, Igor, b.

(selected) Tyumen (d) (1967).

Petrov, Alexander, b. 1957

(selected) The Cow (a) (1989), The Dream of an Absurd Man (a) (1992), The Mermaid (a) (1996).

Pogodin, Oleg, b. 1965

(selected) Triumph (f) (2000), with Vladimir Alenikov.

Pogrebnoi, Alexei, b.

(selected) Excuse Me That I Live (d) (2002).

Porohnya, Leonid, b. 1960

(selected) Tryout Stand (s,f) (1995).

Pravov, Ivan, b.

(selected) Stenka Razin (f?) (1938), with Olga Preobrazhenskaya, In the Race for Money (f) (1957).

Provorov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Miss Rogozina As a Metromnome (s) (1998), with Galina Myznikova, 20.21 (s) (1999), with Galina Myznikova.

Ross, Andrei, b.

(selected) The Little Prince (f) (1993).

Rostorguev, Alexander, b. 1971

(selected) Good Byd, Boys (d) (1997), The Home Country (d) (1998), The Outline (d) (1998), Your Family Line (d) (1999), My Century (d) (1999), We (d) (2000), The Mountain (d) (2001), The Mothers (d) (2002).

Rotenberg, Vladimir, b. 1934

(selected) Nurulla Bazetov (d) (1966), Valse-Boston (d) (1998).

Rozenblit, Roman, b. 1934

(selected) Different Days of Autumn (d) (1975), The Bridge on Bread River (d) (1976), Salaam, Adigea! (d) (1977), Dagestan (d) (1978), In This Town (d) (1982), … And Brass Band (d) (1983), A Walk around the Square (d) (1991), Novocherkassk, ’62 (d) (1992), Version (d) (1992), The Man with a Little Hammer (d) (1992), From the Homeland (d) (1997).

Rybakova, Alexandra, b.

(selected) Master of the Taiga (d) (1999), with Anna Levkova.

Rymarenko, L., b.

(selected) The Story of Stone (d) (1957), with V. Volyanskaya, The Fire Spear (d) (1962).

Shaburov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Guess a Melody (s) (1998).

Sharova, Elena, b.

(selected) The Year of the Hare (s) (1998).

Sak, V., b.

(selected) The Evening Bank (d) (1963).

Samoilov, Albert, b. 1964

(selected) Period of a Quick Sleep (d) (1989), Maimate (d) (1991), There Might be Live Tigers (d) (1995), Love (d) (1997), Custom, or Chronicle of a Funeral (d) (1998).

Shiller (Schiller), Yury, b.

(selected) Drafted into the Army (d) (1982), Such a Short Summer (d) (1983), Echo of Trains Passing By (d) (1984), Garmon-Players (d) (1986), There Was Such a Music (d) (1987), Flieta, Dancers (d) (1989), We’ll Be Alive (d) (1990), When the Sky Is Open (d) (1991), Iskra Boshiya (d) (1994), The Native Country, the Newcomer (d) (1997), The Flight of the Bumble-Bee (d) (1998).

Seliverstov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Time for Rendezvous (f,tv) (1986), When the Day Will Come (f) (1988), Post Scriptum (f) (1992).

Shunkov, Boris, b. 1950

(selected) At the Border (d) (1990).

Skabard, Tatyana, b.

(selected) Lacrimoza (d) (1999).

Skotnikov, K., b.

(selected) Sinie Nosy (s) (2000), with D. Bylnigin, V. Mizin.

Slucky, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Birobidzhan (d) (1932).

Snezhinskaya, Irina, b. 1958

(selected) How to Become a Russian… (d) (1992).

Solomin, Valery, b.

(selected) Spatters of Champagne (d) (1998).

Solomin, Yevgeny, b. 1972

(selected) Two and a Half Weeks in Paradise (d) (1997), Katorga, or Siberian State Penitentiary, or Penal Servitude (d) (2001).

Samoilov, Albert, b.

(selected) Master of the Taiga (d,tv series) (1999).

Surikov, Valery, b. 1963

(selected) Time, Come Back! (s) (1991), Defloration (s) (1992),Kostroma (f) (2002).

Tarik, Vladislav, b. 1935

(selected) Song, or That One Who’s Singing (d) (1988), Egyptian (d) (1989), Armageddon (d) (1994), The Man in the House (d) (1995), Stream (d) (1996), Tooth-Ache (d) (1997).

Teleshov, Gleb, b. 1966

(selected) Tantsy Porozhnechi (s) (1991), Aklesha (s) (1992), Subs (f) (1995).

Tolstobrov, Artur, b. 1971

(selected) Sunday (a) (2000).

Torokhov, Yury, b. 1963

(selected) Lyubov (f) (1991).

Ulanova, Lyudmila, b. 1957

(Selected) I Travelled Home (d) (1991).

Uskov, Valery, b.

(selected) Shadows on a Pavement (f) (1960), with Vladimir Krasnopolsky, The Slowest Train (f) (1963), with Vladimir Krasnopolsky, A Stewardess (f,tv) (1967), with Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Test Flight (f) (1969), with Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Shadows Disappear at Noon (f,tv) (1971), with Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Night Amusements (f) (1991), with Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Yermak (f) (1994), with Vladimir Krasnopolsky.

Vakrushev, Alexei, b. 1969

(selected) The Time When Dreams Are Melting (d) (1993-96), Birds of Naukan (d) (1996), The Island (d) (2002).

Vassilyeva, Tatyana, b.

(selected) Newsreel Ural No. 21: Dialogue (d) (1990).

Vatin, V., b.

(selected) The Country Doctor (d) (1948), with N. Karabichen.

Verevkin, Maxim, b.

(selected) Prometheus (s) (2001).

Veyland, B., b.

(selected) Collective Farm “Red October” (d) (1939).

Voloshin, Igor, b. 1974

(selected) Jumble, or Mess (d) (2000), Bitch (d) (2001), Hare Hunting (s) (2003).

Volkogan, Yury, b.

(selected) Zdraviya Zselayu! (f) (1990), Night Tale (f) (1992).

Volyanskaya, V., b.

(selected) Story about Stone (d) (1957), with L. Rymarenko.

Yaroshenko, Vladimir, b. 1945

(selected) Ivanovsk Hill (d) (1989).

Yunusov, Rustam, b.

(selected) The Job (a) (1999).

Zaykin, Vladimir, b. 1959

(selected) To Whom God Sends (s) (1994), Thank You, Doctor (s) (1995), We’ll Live, We’ll See (tv serial) (1995), Love Is Evil (f) (1998), To Glory (f) (1999), Shoemaker (f) (2002).

Zheleznyakov, Andrei, b. 1963

(selected) Red Pheasant on White Snow (d) (1990), Voennaya Tayna (d) (1990), Babay Street, or Tales of America (d) (1992), The Heart That Doesn’t Want Peace. (d) (1993), The Stove-Maker and the Coffin-Maker (d) (1995), Arrival of the Train (s,d) in omnibus film Arrival of the Train (f) (1997), Sacred Affair (d) (1998), Xenia and Illarion: Small Stories about a Big Family (d) (1999), The City of the Sacred Cross (d) (2000), Natural Selection (d) (2001), Junona and Avos - Alleluja to Love (d) (2002).

Zolotukhin, Andrei, b. 1966

(selected) Zone of Love (f) (1995), Babushka (a) (1996), John Henry - Steel Driving Man (a) (Russia/UK, 2001).

Zonov, Maxim, b.

(selected) Trouble TV (s) (2001).

Zonovova, Svetlana, b.

(selected) Beauty, Goodness, Endearment (d) (1999).

Aristakisian, Artur, b. 1961

(selected) Palms (d) (1994), A Place on Earth, or Maria (f) (1997/01).

Bodyul, Nadalya, b, 1949

(selected) Melody (a) (1973), The Stairs (a) (1974), Elegy (a) (1975).

Brescanu, Vasile, b.

(selected) In the Middle of Noware (f) (1994).

Bulicanu, Stefan, b.

(selected) The Last Role (f) (1998).

Catap, Ilie, b.

(selected) The Warrior (s) (1985), with Lionid Gorohov.

Derbenev, Vadim, b. 1934

(selected) Journey into April (f) 1963), The Last Month of Autumn (f) (1965), The Knight of the Dream (f) (1969), Ballerina (f) (1970), Sunday Musician (f) (1971), Spartacus (f) (1975), A Woman in White (f) (1981), A Snake-Catcher (f) (1985), The Mystery of Endhouse (f) (1989), Rendezvous House (f) (1991).

Druc, Vlad, b. 1948

(selected) Our Childhood Games (d) (1985), Vive la Femme! (d) (1988), Nakedness (d) (1988), O Lord, Call Me Back (d) (1989), In a Snug Beehive (d) (1993).

Gazhiu, Valery (Valeriu Gagiu), b. 1938

(selected) The Street Listens (s) (1964), Bitter Grains (f) (1967), with Vadim Lysenko,Ten Winters in One Summer (1969), Time Bomb (f) (1971), The Last Haiduk (f) (1973), The Street with Lamps That Went Out (f) (1991), Vortex (f) (1991).

Gibu, Nikolai (Nicolae Ghibu), b. 1936

(selected) Notches for Memory (f) (1972), with M. Izraelev, Hate (f) (1974), with L. Proskurov, Root of Life (f) (1977), Code Name “Southern Thunder” (f,tv) (1980), To Find a Horseshoe for Luck (f) (1983), Your Special Correspondent (f,tv) (1986), Game of Death, or The Outsider (f) (1990), Am I Guilty … (f) (1992).

Gorohov, Lionid, b.

(selected) The Warrior (s) (1985), with Ilie Catap.

Iovita, Vlad, 1935-1983

(selected) The Well (d) (1966), Stone, Stone (d) (1966).

Kalik, Mikhail (Moisei), b. 1927

(selected)Youth of Our Fathers, or Feathers (s?) (1958), with Boris Rytsarev, Ataman Kodr (s?) (1959), with Olga Ulitskaya and Boris Rytsarev, Lullaby (f) (1959), The Man Who Follows the Sun (f) (1962), Goodbye, Boys (f) (1965, banned), To Love (f) (1967/89, banned), The Price (f) (1969/89, banned), Death of Kommivojazher (f?) (Israel, 1971), Three and One (f?) (Israel, 1973), Pantomime (s,tv) (Israel, 1976), A Tale for Grown-Ups (s,tv) (Israel, 1977), The Never Sent Letter to Moscow (d) (Israel, 1978), Galilee (d) (Israel, 1980), Memorial Day (d) (Israel, 1981), Let My People Go (d) (Israel, 1983), Israel 1987 (d) (Israel, 1987), And the Wind Returneth… (f) (Russia, 1991).

Lotyanu, Emil (Emil Loteanu), b. 1936

(selected) The Great Hora (d) (1959), There Was a Boy (s) (1960), Stone, Time, Song (s) (1960), Wait for Us at Dawn (f) (1963), Red Meadows (f) (1966), White Frescoes (d) (1967), This Moment (f) (1968), Academician Tarasevich (d) (1970), The Leutary (f) (1971), My White City (d) (1973), Echo of the Burning Valley (d) (1974), The Gypsy Camp Vanishes into the Blue, or Into the Sunset (f) (1976), A Hunting Accident (f) (1978), Anna Pavlova (f,tv) (USSR/UK, 1983), An Evening Star (f,tv) (1987).

Lysenko, Vadim, b. 1937

(selected) At the Outskirts (f) (1961), When the Storks Fly Away (f) (1964), Bitter Grains (f) (1967), with Valery Gazhiu.

Mesina, Viorica, b. 1967

(selected) The Butcher’s Children (s) (1992), The Procrustean Bed (f) (1999), with Sergiu (Sergei) Prodan.

Prodan, Sergiu (Sergei), b. 1963

(selected) Without Words (s) (1987), The Best of Worlds, or Just a Fall Day, or Just Autumn Rain (s) (1991), Paula (s) (1992), The Procrustean Bed (f) (1999), with Viorica Mesina.

Talpa, Igor, b. 1948

(selected) How to Break a Circle (d) (1986), The Negation of Negation (d) (1988), Antinomy (d) (1990), The Sorcerer (d) (1990), The Train to California (f) (1993), The Obsession (f) (1994), I Have the Honor, General Lebed (d) (1995), Tango Over the Abyss, or The Fatal Tango (f) (1997), Ricochet (f) (1998), A Man’s Character, or Tango Over the Abyss II (f) (1999).

Tataru, Tudor, b.

(selected) The Devil’s Grass (d) (1988), The Rambling of the Kind Demon (s) (1989), Uncle Ion in Cosmos (s) (1992), The Barrel (s) (1992), Danila Prepeleac (f) (1994).

Ulitskaya, Olga, b.

(selected) Ataman Kodr (s?) (1959), with Mikhail Kalik and Boris Rytsarev,

Zheregi, Valeriu (Valeriu Jereghi), b. 1948

(selected) Morning (s) (1975), Stork (s) (1978), I Want to Sing (f) (1979), Everything Could Be Different (f) (1982), Gleb (d) (1984), The Wild Wind (f) (1986), Iona (f) (1987), Dissident (f) (1989), Presentiment (f) (Russia/Romania, 1992), Annegret and Her Children (d,tv) (1992), Deti Bez Doma (d) (1993).

Ablotia, Vyacheslav, b.

(selected) A White Horse Is Better Still f) (1983), Souvenir (f) (1986), Kolcheruky (f) (1992/98), The Tutor (f,tv) (1995), No Problem (f,tv) (1998).

Attayev, Anatoly, b. 1932

(selected) The Avenue in Nalchik (d) (1987), with German Gudiev, Kaisin Kuliev Is 70 (d) (1990), with German Gudiev, Kaisin Kuliev’s Will (d) (1992), with German Gudiev, The Rage and the Prayer (d) (1995), with German Gudiev, The Mark on the Cliff (d) (1997), with German Gudiev.

Basaty, A, b.

(selected) The Mountainer (f) (1992), with Murat Dzhusoyti.

Gudiev, German, b. 1939

(selected) The Avenue in Nalchik (d) (1987), with Anatoly Attayev, Kaisin Kuliev Is 70 (d) (1990), with Anatoly Attayev, Kaisin Kuliev’s Will (d) (1992), with Anatoly Attayev, The Rage and the Prayer (d) (1995), with Anatoly Attayev, The Mark on the Cliff (d) (1997), with Anatoly Attayev.

Jusoyty, Murat, b. 1956

(selected) A Courier to the East (f) (1990), with A. Basaty, The Abduction of Europe (f) (1992), The Mountainer (f) (1992), Farn (f?) (1994).

Kaziev, Islam, b.

(selected) Paradise at the Shade of Sabres (f) (1992).

Khachemizov, Ruslan, b. 1956

(selected) The Wall (s) (1987), Mirage (s) (1988), Twilight of Hopes (f) (1993), with Kassei Khochegogu.

Khochegogu, Kassei, b.

(selected) Twilight of Hopes (f) (1993), with Ruslan Khachemizov.

Mamilov, Sulambek, b. 1938

(selected) The Color of White Snow (f,tv) (1972), with A. Vasiliev (see Moscow), Lezginka (f) (1995), Particularly Dangerous (f) (1979), Ladies’ Tango (f) (1983), Day of Wrath (f) (1985), Over Night a Golden Cloud (f) (1989), Death in Shdanovskaya (f) (1992).

Vetkova, Alina, b.

(selected) A Camp (d) (2001).

Agapov, B., b.

(selected) Stalingrad Reborn (d) (1945), with I. Poselsky.

Aksenov, V., b.

(selected) One Fine Night in the Year 2000 (d) (1973), This Is Leningrad (d) (1990), Petersburg from Helicopter (d) (199?), How to Become a Baron (d) (2000)

Alexandrov, Y., b.

(selected) St. Petersburg Newsreel, October 1997: Director (d) (1997).

Alexeyev, A., b.

(selected) Prince Serebryany and the Captive Varvara (s) (1911).

Alimpiev, Igor, b. 1955

(selected) Neprosheniy (d) (1986), I Love You All Very Much (d) (1987), African Hunt (d) (1988), Amour (f) (1990), The Physiology of Russian Life (d,tv) (1995), No More Pain (d) (1996), Russians (d) (1999).

Alonzo Casale, Nahalie, b. 1970

(selected) Man Looks at Woman, Woman Looks at Man (d) (Russia/Netherlands, 2000), with Pavel Semtchenko.

Antonov, Alexei, b. 1968

(selected) Monster (a) (1998).

Anzi-Polovsky, L., b.

(selected) A Living Example (d) (1951).

Apsolon, A., b.

(selected) Talents aned Admirers (f) (1955), with B. Dmochowsky.

Aranovich, Semyon, 1934-1996

(selected) Today Is the Premiere (d) (1965), The Time That’s Always With Us (d) (1966), Andreyeva, Gorky’s Friend (d) (1967), Gorky, The Last Days of His Life (d) (1967), The 35th Kilometer (d) (1967), The People of the Sky and the Earth (d) (1969), The Red Diplomat (f,tv) (1971), A Broken Horseshoe (f) (1973), Monologue of a Artist (d) (1975), Other Official Persons (f) (1976). Pavlovsk (d) (1977), A Summer Trip to the Sea (f) (1978), Rufferty (f,tv) (1980), An Alto Sonata: Dmitry Shostakovich (d) (1981), with Alexander Sokurov, Sonata for Viola (d) (1987), Torpedo Bombers (f) (1983), Opposition (f,tv) (1985), Press Centre (f) (1987), The Personal File of Anna Akhmatova (d) (1989), I Was Stalin’s Body Guard (d) (1990), The Great Concert of Nations (d) (1991), The Islands (d) (1993), The Year of the Dog (f) (1993), Agnus Dei (f) (1996).

Aristov, Viktor, 1943-1994

(selected) The Reed in the Wind (f) (1980), Gunpowder (f) (1985), It’s Hard for the First Hundred Years (f) (1989), Satan (f) (1990), Rain in the Ocean (f) (1994), completed by Yury Mamin.

Arkartov, Alexander, b.

(selected) God of Vengeance (s) (1912), Sorrows of Sarah (s) (1913), The Bloody East (f) (1915), Signal (f) (1918).

Arnstam (Arnshtam), Leo (Lev), 1905-1979

(selected) Counterplan, or Shame (f) (1932), with Fridrikh Ermler and Sergei Yutkevich, Girl Friends, or Three Women (f) (1935), Friends (f) (1938), Incident at the Telegraph Office episode (s) in Fighting Album No. 2 (f) (1941), with Grigory Kozintsev, Zoya (f) (1944), with Boris Chirskov, Ilya Frez, V. Sukhobokov Glinka, or The Great Glinka (f) (1946), Romeo and Juliet (f) (1954), with Leonid Lavrovsky, The Lesson of History (f) (USSR/Bulgaria, 1956), Five Days, Five Nights (f) (USSR/GDR, 1960), Sophia Perovskaya (f) (1967).

Aronov, Grigory, b.

(selected) The Seventh Companion (f) (1967), with Alexei Gherman, Dreams and Propellers (f) (1972).

Astrakhan, Dmitry, b. 1957

(selected) Fatal Error (s,tv) (1987), Leave!, or Get Thee Out! (f) (1991), You’re My Only One (f) (1993), The Fourth Planet (f) (1994), Everything Will Be Fine (f) (1995), From Hell to Hell (f) (Byelorussia/Germany, 1996), Waiting Room (tv series) (1997), Contract with Death, or Anatomy of a Man Running Amuck (f) (Russia/Germany, 1998), Crossroads (f) (1998), Break-Up (f) (1999), Lady of Kazakhstan (f) (Russia/Germany, 1999), Give Me Moonlight As a Present (f) (2000), Alchemists (f) (2000), Lady for a Day (f) (2001), Yellow Dwarf (f) (2001), The Devil Who Called Himself God (f) (Byelorussia/Germany, 2002), Tartarin from Tarascon (f) (2003).

Averbakh, Ilya, 1934-1986

(selected) Daddy (s) episode in omnibus film The Private Life of Valentin Kuzyayev (f) (1967), with Igor Maslennikov, The Level of Risk (f) (1968), A Dramatic Tale of Yore (f) (1971), with Vladimir Belyaev, Monologue (f) (1972), Other People’s Letters (f) (1975), Declaration of Love (f) (1978), Faryatiev’s Fantasies (f,tv) (1979), Voice (f) (1982), Leningrad, or On the Shores of the Fascinating Neva (d,tv) (1985).

Ayrapetyants, Eduard, b.

(selected) St. Petersburg Newsreel, October 1996: Opening of a McDonald’s Restaurant (d) (1996).

Azimov, Serbei, b.

(selected) A House at the Edge (d) (1998), with Sergei Rusakov.

Balabanov, Alexei, b. 1959

(selected) Igor and Nastya (d) (1989), On the History of Aerostatistics in Russia, or About Air Flying in Russia (d) (1990), Happy Days (f) (1991), The Castle (f) (1994), Trofim (s) episode in omnibus film Arrival of a Train (f) (1995), Brother (f) (Russia/France, 1997), Of Freaks and Men (f) (1998), Brother II (f) (2000), The River (f) (2001), The War (f) (2002).

Bardin, Harry, b. 1941

(selected) To Touch the Sky (a) (1975), Road Tale (a) (1979), Flying Ship (a) (1979), Anyhow Paper Hangers (a) (1980), Conflict (a) (1983), Careless Painters (a) (1984), Break (a) (1985), Marriage, or Wedding Banquet (a) (1986), Marriage (a) (1987), Twists ‘n Turns (a) (1987), Grey Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood (a) (1992), Puss in Boots (a) (1995), Choo Cha (a) (1998), Adagio (a) (2000), Choo Cha II (a) (2001).

Bartenev, Sergei, b.

(selected) Twenty-Two Misfortunes (f,lost) (1930), with Sergei Gerasimov, Peter the First (f) (1939), with Vasily Petrov.

Bashirov, Alexander, b. 1955

(selected) Outsider (s) (1986?), Ode to Joy (s) (1988?), The Iron Heel of the Oligarchy (f) (1998).

Bauer, Yevgeny, 1865-1917

(selected) Blood Frame (s) (1913), The Terrible Revenge of the Hunchback K. (s) (1913), Mysteries of a Woman’s Soul (s) (1913), The Secret of Professor Insarov’s Portrait (s) (1913), Freed Bird (s) (1914), Child of the Big City (f) (1914), Tears, or Angry Night (f) (1914), Life in Death (f) (1914), Mute Witnesses (f) (1914), Criminal Passion (f) (1914), Life Pages (f) (1914), The Mystery of the German Embassy (f) (1914), Brothers Boris and Gleb (f) (1915), The Children of the Century (f) (1915), From the Mysterious World (f) (1915), Irina Kirsanova (f) (1915), Song of Triumphant Love (f) (1915), Fatal Duel (f) (1915), Happiness of the Endless Night (f) (1915), The Killing of Ballet Dancer Plameneva (f) (1915), Yury Nagorny (f) (1915), Singed Wings (f) (1915), What Will Last Forever (f) (1916), Beauty Must Reign in the World (f) (1916), Griffon of an Old Warrior (f) (1916), A Life for a Life (f) (1916), Queen of the Screen (f) (1916), Puppets at the Century (f) (1916), Nina (f) (1916), Bronsky Sisters (f) (1916), Coachman, Don’t Ride Horses Hard (f) (1916), For Happiness (f) (1917), The King of Paris (f) (1917), The Revolutionary, or Revolutionist (f) (1917), Alarm (f) (1917), Dying Swan (f) (1917), The City’s Temptation (f) (1917).

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