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Tshegolkov, Vladimir, b. 1972

(selected) Happy Birthday, Lola! (f) (2001).

Tsiplakova, Elena, b. 1958

(selected) Citizen, Running Away (s?) (1989), Cane Paradise (f) (1990), In Thee I Trust (f) 1993), Family Secrets (tv serial) (2001).

Tsukerman, Vladislav (Slava), b. 1940

(selected) I Trust Spring (s) (1961), A Vaudeville about Vaudeville (f,tv) (1961), A Night for Reflection (f) (1971), Once Upon a Time There Lived Russians in Jerusalem (d) (Israel, 1974), Liquid Sky (f) (USA, 1983), Poor Liza (f) (Russia/USA, 1998).

Tsymbal, Yevgeny, b. 1949

(selected) To Aldebaran, to Aldebaran! (s) (1983), Hot Soup Blues (s) (1984), A Requiem for a Filet (s) (1985), Eldar Ryazanov: Forgotten Melody for Flute (s,d) (1987), Defence Attorney Sedov (f) (1988), The Tale of the Unextinguished Moon (f) (1990), Pine Forest (s) (1992), Roads of Commonwealth (s,d) (1995), Ways of Agricultural Reform (s,d) (1995), Secrets of the Green Dossier (s,d) (1995), Vote, or Lose (s) (1996), Homeland (s) (1996), In Memoriam: Alexandr Kaidonovsky (d) (1996), 1001 Story about Cinema: Vladimir Naumov (s) (1998), Dreams of “Stalker” (tv,d) (1998), Ordinary Bolshevism (d) (1999), Dziga and His Brothers (d) (2002).

Tulayev, Oleg, b. 1951

(selected) Horses beneath the Moon (f) (1979), Revolution - My Love (f) (1981), I Have the Honor (f) (1987), Secret Favors (f) (1990), Whirlpool (f) (1992).

Tumanian, Inessa, b. 1928

(selected) Breakfast in Year 1943 (s) (1966), Loves (f) (1968), The Fifteenth Spring (f) (1971), The Boy and the Elk (f) (1975), When I’m a Giant (f) (1978), Accomplice (f) (1984), Commentary on a Reprieve (f) (1988).

Tumanishvili, Mikhail, b.

(selected) The Detached Mission (f) (1985), The Fall (f) (1988), The Wolf-Hound (f) (1991), Stalin’s Will (f) (1993), Crusader (f) (1995), March by Turetsky-2 (f) (2001).

Tumayev, Vladimir, b. 1953

(selected) Idiot (s)(1983), Visit to the Son (s) (1986), Moondogs (f) (1994).

Tumelya, Mikhail, b.

(selected) The Ball (a) (2001).

Tupitsin, A., b.

(selected) Aquarium (s) (2000).

Turin, Arkady, b.

(selected) The 25th Is the First Day (a) (1968), with Yury Norstein.

Turkin, Nikander, b.

(selected) Creation Can’t Be Bought (f) (1918), Shackled by Film (f) (1918), Daredevil (f) (1919), with M. Narokov, The Last Cartridge (f) (1919), We Are All Above Vengeance (f) (1919).

Turkus, Alexei, b. 1955

(selected) Films for the “Break” Cycle (a) (1985), The Terrible Bear (a) (1987), Chance (a) (1990).

Tyagunov, Nikita, 1953-1992

(selected) The Leg (f) (1991).

Tyapkin, F., b.

(selected) Lenin’s Manuscripts (d) (1960), The Banner of the Party (d) (1961), The Last Pages (d) (1963).

Tyrkin, S., b.

(selected) Eleven Urgent Affairs (s) (2001).

Tyutin, S., b.

(selected) Arkhangelsk’s Will (d) (2001).

Udovicki, Dmitry-Pier, b.

(selected) Reminiscences (s) (2001).

Ulgakova, M., b.

(selected) Piero’s Monologue (d) (2001).

Ulikov, E., b.

(selected) Museum We Choose (d) (2000), with A. Gridnev.

Ulyanov, Mikhail, b.

(selected) The Brothers Karamazov (f) (1968), completed for Ivan Pyriev with Kirill Lavrov, The Very Last Day (f) (1972).

Umagulov, A, b.

(selected) Bed (s) (2001).

Ursulyak, Sergei, b. 1958

(selected) Russian Ragtime (f) (1993), Summer People (f) (1996), Classwork for Victory Day (f) (1998), Poirot’s Failure (f) (2001).

Urusevsky, Sergei, 1908-1975

(selected) The Trotter’s Gait (f) (1968/87, banned).

Ushakov, A., b.

(selected) Story of the Green Square (d) (1953), with Marina Tavrog, V. Bugayev, Y. Kusis, K. Burkovsky.

Ushakov, Andrei, b. 1963

(selected) Op-na! (a) (1989), Good Morning! (a) (1991), O-Pa-Pa (a) (1992), Jazzsketchbook (a) (1993), Veselaya Carousel XXIV (a) (1994), About a Love and a Fly (a) (1995), The Socks of the Big City (a) 2000).

Ushakov, Sviatoslav (Slava), b. 1967

(selected) I Used to Live near the Sea (a) (1997).

Uskov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Idea of Genius (f) (1991), with Andrei Razumovsky.

Uzhinov, Oleg, b. 1968

(selected) Nevermore (a) (1995), Multipotam (a, omnibus film) (2001), with D. Laryov, Mikhail Lisovoi, N. Lukinykh, V. Telegin.

Vakhruchev, Alexei, b.

(selected) An Island (d) (2001).

Vakhtangov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Odeon (d,tv) (1995?).

Vakhtangova, E., b.

(selected) Levity (a) (2000).

Vakurov, Konstantin, b.

(selected) Connection - The Slavonic Land (f) (2001).

Vasilenko, Maxim, b. 1965

(selected) Timing (d) (1999).

Vasiliev, A., b.

(selected) The Color of White Snow (f,tv) (1972), with Sulambek Mamilov (see North Caucasus).

Vasiliev, Anton, b.

(selected) Holy Volga (d) (1991), Third Patriotic War (d) (1994).

Vasiliev, Dmitry, b.

(selected) In the Name of the Fatherland (f) (1943), with Vsevolod Pudovkin, Zhukovsky (f) (1950), with Vsevolod Pudovkin.

Vasiliev, Gennady, b. 1940

(selected) Finist the Falcon (f) (1975), When the Clock Strikes (f) (1976), New Adventures of Captain Vrungel (f) (1978), A Flight with the Astronaut (f) (1980), Vasily Buslayev, or The Daring Heroes of Novgorod (f) (1982), (f) (19Primary Russia (f) (1986), The Black Prince Adyuba (f) (1988), Tsar Ivan Grozny (f) (1991), A Magic Portrait (f) (1997).

Vasiliev, Ivan, b.

(selected) Help, Brothers! (f) (1989), Veniks - Floor Brushes (f) (1991).

Vasiliev, Yevgeny, b. 1927

(selected) I Work As a Magician (s) (1974), Birth of Arlechino (s) (1976), An Extreme Circumstance (f) (1980), The Slav Woman’s Farewell (f) (1986), Until Thunder Does Not Break Out (f) (1991), The Rats, or Night Mafia (f) (1991), with Yury Muzyka.

Vasilyeva, Irina, b.

(selected) Russia: Times, Morals and Manners - Read Pushkin (d) (2001).

Vedyshev, Mikhail, b. 1955

(selected) Sketches of Bursa (s) (1983), The Deal (f) (1985), A Wanderer (f) (1987), Who Lives in Russia (f) (1989), Bursa (f) (1990), I’m Sitting on a Plank-Bed As a King (f) (1992).

Vekhov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Time to Gather Stones (f) (1992).

Veledin, A., b.

(selected) The Law (tv serial) (2001).

Veledinsky, Alexander, b. 1959

(selected) Natural (s) (1994), Enfant Terrible (s) (1994), Just the Two of Us (s) (2001).

Velikanov, Andrei, b.

(selected) The Virtual Body of God (f) (1917), with Julia Velikanova.

Velikanova, Julia, b.

(selected) The Virtual Body of God (f) (1917), with Andrei Velikanov.

Vengerov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) The Flowers Are Late (f) (1917), with Vladimir Gardin.

Verbitsky, Ivan, b.

(selected) Frog (a) (2000).

Vertov, Dziga (Denis Kaufman), 1896-1954

(selected) Anniversary of the Revolution (d) (1919), Kinonedelya, or Weekly Newsreel (d) (1919), The Battle of Tsaritsyn (d) (1920), Kalinin - the Elder Statesman of All Russians (d) (1920), The Exhumation of the Remains of Sergei Radonezhsky (d) (1920), The Mironov Trial (d) (1920), Train of the Central Committee (d) (1921), History of the Civil War (d) (1921), Film-Truth (d) (1922), The Yezerov Trial (d) (1922), GUM (D) (1922), Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (d, 3 parts) in Kino-Pravda (d) (1923), Five Years of Struggle and Victory (d) (1923), Today (a) (1924), Soviet Playthings (a) (1924), Humoresque (a) (1924), Kino-Glaz, or Kino-Eye (d) (1924), Kino-Pravda about Lenin, or Leninist Film-Truth (d) (1924), Lenin Lives in the Hearts of the Peasants (d) (1925), Stride, Soviet! (d) (1926), A Sixth of the World (d) (1926), The Tenth October Anniversary, or The Eleventh Year (d) (1928), Man with a Movie Camera, or The Man with a Camera (d) (1929), Enthusiasm, or Symphony of the Donbas (d) (1931, banned), Three Songs of Lenin (d) (1934, banned), Lullaby (d) (1937), Sergei Ordzhonikidze (d) (1937), Three Heroines (d) (1938), Elevation A (d) (1941), Blood for Blood - Life for Life (d) (1941), Camera Reporters on the Line of Fire (d) (1941), The Kazakhstan Front (d) (1943), On the Mountains of Ala-Tau (d) (1944), The Oath of Youth (d) (1947).

Vesterkholt, A, b.

(selected) Concert (s) (2001).

Vever, Agnes, b.

(selected) Doomsday (s) (2001).

Veymtagin, Igor, b.

(selected) Pilot Brothers Are Shooting a Clip for MTV (a) (1995), with Alexei Alexeyev.

Vilkina, Tatyana, b.

(selected) Pigeons Are Kissing on the Roof (d) (2001).

Viskovsky, Vyacheslav, b.

(selected) Great Days of the Russian Revolution (f) (1917), with M. Bonch-Tomashevsky, Love’s Surprises Are Futile (f) (1916), His Eyes (f) (1916), The Woman Who Invented Love (f) (1918), The Harem of Bukhara (f) (1925)The Ninth of January (f) (1925).

Volchanskaya, Maria, b.

(selected) Freedom, But! (d) (2001).

Volgin, A., b.

(selected) The Dead City (s) (2000).

Volkov, Alexander, b.

(selected) A Joke (d) (2002).

Volkov, Leonid, b.

(selected) Gonzago Cameo (d) (1994).

Volkov, Viktor, b.

(selected) Three Hundred Years Later (f) (1993).

Volkova, N., b.

(selected) Charlotte (s) (2000).

Vorobieva, Julia, b.

(selected) Once There Lived an Old Man and an Old Woman (d) (2002).

Voronetskaya, Tatyana, b. 1958

(selected) Oh, Do Not Fly So, Life…Leonid Filatov (d) (2000).

Voronezhtsev, M., b. 1958

(selected) Neighbors (s) (2000).

Voronkov, Maxim, b. 1971

(selected) Ladies’ Man II (f) (1992), with Ivan Shegolev, Waltzing for Sure, or Les Valseuses (f) (1994), Lost in Time - Prisoner of Freedom (f) (1996), Fur-Coat Luba (f) (2000), Under the Polar Star (f) (2001), Sebastian Bachov’s Private Life (f) (2001), Under the Polar Star II (f) (2002), The Intimate Life of Sebastian Bakhov (f) (2002).

Voropayev, Alexander, b.

(selected) The Clan (f) (1991).

Voynov, Konstantin, b. 1918

(selected) Two Lives (f) (1956), Three Emerged from the Woods (f) (1958).

Voznesensky, Igor, b. 1948

(selected) Heart, Start! (s) (1974), The Lot (f) (1974), Tremendous Berendeyev (f) (1975), Budyonnovka Hat (f) (1976), Rings of Almanzor (f) (1977), The Fourth Night (f) (1978), Aquanauts (f) (1979), I’ll Stay with You (f) (1981), Attention, All Posts! (f) (1985), Where Is Your Son? (f) (1986), An Ideal Crime (f) (1988), Firm of Adventures (f) (1991).

Vyalkov, Ivan, b.

(selected) Kopach’s Dreams (d) (2001), Sergei and Dream (d) (2001).

Vyatich-Berednych, V., b.

(selected) Across Thin Ice (f) (1966).

Wargnier, Regis, b. 1948

(selected) East-West (f) (Russia/France/Ukraine/Bulgaria/Spain, 1999).

Yacubson, Maxim, b. 1970

(selected) Names (d) (1996).

Yakshimbetova, K., b.

(selected) Actress (d) (2001).

Yanchev, V., b.

(selected) The First Courier (f) (Bulgaria/USSR,1967).

Yankovsky, Filipp, b. 1968

(selected) Ovation (s,v) (1997), Moving (f) (2002), Moving (f) (2002).

Yankovsky, Oleg, b. 1944

(selected) Come and See Me (f) (2001), with Mikhail Agronovich.

Yasan, Ernest, b. 1936

(selected) I Ask to Blame Klava K. in My Death (f) (1979), with Nikolai Lebedev, Strasty-Mordasty Will Come (f) (1982), Forgive Me (f) (1986), The Dark Forces (f) (1989), Racket (f) (1992).

Yashin, Boris, b. 1932

(selected) Hello, You There (f) (1963), with Andrei Smirnov, Five Inches of Earth, or A Span of Land (f) (1964), with Andrei Smirnov, Joke (s,tv) (1966), with Andrei Smirnov, Autumn Weddings (f) (1968), First Girl (f) (1968), The City of First Love (f) (1970), Downpour, or Rain (f) (1974), Our Debts (f) (1976), Expectation, or Waiting (f) (1980, censored), I Am in Charge of You (f) (1984), An Airport from the Staff Entrance (f) (1986), Express Train (f) (1988), Women’s Day (f) (1990), The House on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard (f) (1992), The Mesherskys (f) (1995).

Yashin, D., b.

(selected) For the Life of the Chosen (d) (1957).

Yastrebov, Arseny, b.

(selected) Boys from Our Courtyard (s) (1959), with Alexei Saltykov.

Yefimov, Igor, b.

(selected) Art Nouveau Make Believe (f) (2002), with Maxim Korostyshevsky.

Yegorov, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Tango, Ru (d) (2002).

Yegorov, Yury, 1920-1982

(selected) What Happened in the Taiga (f) (1953), The Icy Sea (f) (1954), They Were the First Ones (f) (1956), Volunteers (f) (1958), Enemies (s) (1960), Simple Story (f) (1960), Business Trip (f) (1961), If You Are Rights … (f) (1963), Not a Lucky Day (f) (1966), The Man from the Other Side (f) (USSR/Sweden, 1971), Behind the Clouds - Heaven (f) (1973), Beyond the Horizon (f) (1976), Wandering Wind (f) (1978), Once, Twenty Years After (f) (1980), Fathers and Grandfathers (f) (1981).

Yermolayev, Boris, b.

(selected) Our Father, or The Lord’s Prayer (f) (1988).

Yershov, Roman, b.

(selected) Aliens Are Forebidden (f) (198?), On the Eve of New Year 1956 (f) (198?).

Yeryomenko, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Son and Father (f) (Russia/Byelorussia, 1995?).

Yevreinov, Nikolai, b.

(selected) The Storming of the Winter Palace (s) (1920).

Yevstigneyev, Denis, b. 1961

(selected) Limita, or The Restricted (f) (1994), Russian Project (ad series) (1995), Mother (f) (1999), Let’s Make Love, or Dialogues about Love (f) (2001).

Yevthusenko, Galina, b.

(selected) Somewhere I Saw You (d) (1994), Alexander Kamenin (d) (1995), Leaders, or Chiefs (d) (1997), “And Nobody Will Ever Find Out” (d) (2002).

Yevtushenko, Yevgeny. b.

(selected) Kindergarten (f) (1983), Stalin’s Funeral (f) (1989).

Yevzovich, Lev, b.

(selected) Who Wants to Live Forever (s) (1998), with Tatyana Arzamasova, Yevgeny Svyatsky.

Yoitsekhovsky, D., b.

(selected) Sasha (d) (2000).

Yon, Kyon Chij, b.

(selected) Fabula (s) (2002).

Yudin, Konstantin, 1896-1957

(selected) A Girl with Character (f) (1939), Antosha Rybkin (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 3 (f) (1941), Serdca Cetyryen (f) (1941, banned), Brave People (f) (1952?), Flag in the Mountains (f) (1953), The Blunder (f) (1953), Swedish Firewood (f) (1954).

Yukhananov, Boris, b.

(selected) Private Residence (s) (1986), Game of Ho (s) in video-novel Crazy Prince (1987), The Garden (s) (1990), Pop Culture (s) (1990), Uncontrollable for Anybody (s) (1996).

Yurenev, V., b.

(selected) Master of the Stage (d) (1946).

Yurevsky, Yury, b.

(selected) Uncle Pud at the Meeting (f) (1913), Uncle Pud, Enemy of Wet Nurses (f) (1913), Sonka the Golden Hand, or Adventures of the Famous Swindler Sofia Blyuvstein (f,serial) (1914), with Vladimir Kasyanov and Alexander Chargonin.

Yursky, Sergei, b.

(selected) Chernov (f) (1990).

Yusupov, Kh,, b.

(selected) Game Over (d) (2001).

Zagny, Sergei, b.

(selected) Peelings (s) (2001), with Maria Chruikova, Nina Kotel.

Zaichev, Dmitry, b.

(selected) Franka - Khaim’s Wife (f) (1990), Rent-a-Gladiator (f) (1993), A Free Zone (f) (1993).

Zaikin, Vladimir, b 1959

(selected) 20 episodes for Yerelash (comic tv series for childrein) (1989-93?), Random Choice (f) (1994), Thank You, Doctor (f) (1995), Grapho-Mania (f) (1996), Bad Company (f) (1997), Love Is Cruel (f) (1999), Shoemaker, or The Cobbler (f) (2002).

Zaitsev, Andrei

(selected) My House (d) (2000), Gleb (d) (2002).

Zakharov, Alexei, b. 1934

(selected) The Legend of the Cold Heart (f) (1958), The Snow Fairy Tale (f) (1960), The Neck (f) (1960), The Clean Lakes (f) (1966), The Accident with Polynin (f) (1971), The Man on the Right Position (f) (1973), The Taste of Bread (f) (1980), It’s Time to Fly (f) (1988), The Staircase (f) (1990), Peasant-Lady (f) (1995).

Zakharias, M., b.

(selected) Pseudonym: Lukach (f) (1977).

Zakharov, Mark, b.

(selected) To Slay the Dragon (f) (1987).

Zakharov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Stars over the Sea (f) (1992).

Zakrevsky, Pyotr, b. 1961

(selected) The Shadow (a) (2000).

Zalaburina, L., b.

(selected) Doll (s) (2000).

Zaretzkaya, Nina, b.

(selected) It’s Just a Beginning … (s) (1993), with Sergei Savushkin.

Zavilgelsky, D., b.

(selected) Journey to the Center of the Earth (d) (2001).

Zguridi, Alexander, b. 1904

(selected) In the Sands of Central Asia (d) (1943), White Fang (d) (1946), Secrets of Nature (d) (1948), Real Life in the forest (d) (1950), In the Icy Ocean (d) (1952), Tale of a Forest Giant (d) (1954), In the Pacific (d) (1957), Jungle Track (d) (1959), In the Steps of Our Ancestors (d) (1961), Magnificent Islands (d) (1965), Forest Symphony (d) (1967), The Black Mountain (d) (1970), Riky-Tiky-Tavy (d) (1975), Robust Fellow (d) (1981), with Nana Kldyashvili, The Public’s Favorite (d) (1985), with Nana Kldyashvili, In the Heart of the Forest (d) (1987), with Nana Kldyashvili, Dog’s Luck (d?) (1991), with Nana Kldyashvili, Ballerina (f) (1993), with Nana Kldyashvili.

Zhakov, Oleg, b.

(selected) Invasion (f) (1945), with Abram Room.

Zheliabuzhsky, Yury, b.

(selected) Children - Flowers of Life (d) (1919), The Emperor’s New Clothes (s) (1919), Peter and Alexis (s) (1919), The Dream of Taras (f) (1919), Polikushka (f) (1919), What Were You? (f) (1919), Domestic Agitator (f) (1920), Stop the War, Fight for Peace (f) (1920), Father Frost (f) (1924), Cigarette Girl from Mosselprom (f) (1924), The Post Master (f) (1925/49), sound added, A Man Is Born (f) (1928).

Zhigaeva, Elena, b.

(selected) And It Was Night ... (s) (2001).

Zhukova, Olga, b. 1954

(selected) Show Mercy to Me, Whatever I Am (s) (1989), Night of the Long Knifes (s) (1990), Merry Christmas in Paris, or A Gang of Lesbians (f) (1991), Show for a Lonely Man (f) (1992), Tango on Palace Square (f) (1993), Seekeemoku (f) (1993).

Zilonova, Elizabeta, b.

(selected) The Earth That Affects Us (a) (2000), A Song of Multipotamus (a) (2001).

Zlatustovsky, Vladimir, b. 1939

(selected) Lullaby for Men (f) (1977), with Ivan Lukinsky, Duel in the Taiga (f) (1978), with Ivan Lukinsky, Alarm Bell (f) (1984), Alfons (f) (1993).

Zobnin, P., b.

(selected) Once Upon a Time (s) (2001), with V. Okhotnikov, A. Terentiev.

Zolotukhin, Andrei, b.

(selected) Grandmother (a) (1996).

Zueva, L., b.

(selected) Ring (d) (2001).

Zui, I., b.

(selected) Brother for a Week (d) (2001).

Zvezdakov, Yevgeny, b.

(selected) Close-Up (a) (1997).


Other Than Moscow & St. Petersburg (220)
Adamovich, Galina, b. 1969

(selected) Twaddle (d) (1992), Of Concern to Women (d) (1995), Music, Help! (d) (1996), Holiday for Orphans (d) (1998), The Genius of the Place (d) (2002).

Armand, P., b.

(selected) Moscow-Genoa (d?) (1964), with Vladimir Korsh-Sablin and A. Speshnevy.

Arshansky, Y., b.

(selected) Born Twice (f) (1934).

Asliuk, Viktor,b.

(selected) Tears of a Produgal Son (d) (1996), Forgotten Heavens (d) (1996), Eternal Subject (d) (1997), Good Evening (d) (1998), Garden Garden (d) (1998), Andrew’s Stone (d) (2000).

Bokun, Vladimir, b. 1952

(selected The Star Whose Name I Am Repeating (d?) (198?), How Large Is the Pacific? (d?) (198?), There Still Might Be Love (d) (198?), When Vitebsk Was Paris (d) (1991).

Brodyanski, B., b.

(selected) Golden Fire (f) (1935).

Chetverikov, I., b.

(selected) The Rogue (f) (1996), with O. Goncharenok.

Dashuk, Viktor, b.

(selected) Two People on the Island of Tears (f) (1987), Reporting from a Rabbit Hutch (d) (2001).

Dubrovskaya, Lyudmila, b.

(selected) Time of Deceptions (s) (2000), A Short Tale (s) (2002).

Dudin, V., b.

(selected) Three Women and a Man (f) (1998).

Faintsimmer (Feinzimmer), Alexander, 1906-1982

(selected) Lieutenant Kizhe, or The Tsar Wants to Sleep (f) (1934), Kotovsky(f) (1942), Konstantin Saslonov (f) (1949), with Vladimir Korsh-Sablin, You Have a Home (f) (1950), Dawn over the Nemen, or Dawn over Nemunas (f) (1953), The Gadfly (f) (1955).

Fenko, Alexander, b.

(selected) Red Island (f) (Byelorussia/Russia, 1991).

Figurovsky, N. b.

(selected) The Clocks Stopped at Midnight (f) (1958), Spring Storms (f) (1960).

Franskevich, Alexander, b. 1961

(selected) Mucha (d) (1991), Dvoya (d) (1992), Day of the Fish (d) (1995), Chernobyl’s Autumn (d) (1997).

Golovetski, Sergei, b.

(Selected) Underwater Wanderers (f) (1992), Medical Examination (d) (1998).

Golub, L., b.

(selected) A Girl Seeks Her Father (f) (1959) Anyuta’s Way (f) (1967).

Golubev, Andrei, b.

(selected) Tuteishi (s) (2000), Time of Hunting (s) (2001).

Goncharenok, O., b.

(selected) The Rogue (f) (1996), with I. Chetverikov.

Gostyukhin, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Botanical Garden (f) (1997).

Gritskova, Renata, b. 1963

(selected) A Very Nice Winter Morning (s) (1992)

Ignatiev, Y., b.

(selected) Foreign Property (f) (1983), with Alexander Vereshchagin.

Kabernik, Larisa, b.

(selected) An Unsteady Hour (s) (1996).

Kalinin, N., b.

(selected) The Fall of an Empire (f) (1970), with Vladimir Korsh-Sablin.

Kananovich, A., b.

(selected) Idyll (s) (2000).

Kananovich, Alexander, b.

(selected) Don Pedro (s) (1970).

Karpova, Marina, b. 1997

(selected) White Fang (a) (1997).

Khashchevatsky, Yury, b. 1947

(selected) This Still Life in the Depths (d) (1984), Upryamyj chelovek (d), Krylov Was Here (d) (1986), Recrimination (d) (1989), with Arkady Ruderman, Russian Happiness (d) (1992), Everything Is Fine (d) (1992), Orange Vests (d) (Russia/Germany, 1992), with Irina Pismennaya and Ella Milova, Oasis (d) (1996), An Ordinary President (d) (1996, banned), The Time of Zhou En Lai (d) (1998).

Khatkevich, Natalya, b.

(selected) Ivan and Marya about Love (a) (1996).

Kodyukova, Irina, b.

(selected) Christmas Stories (a) (1994).

Korsh-Sablin, Vladimir, 1900-1972

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