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Gurtso, Sergei, b. 1947

(selected) Rubber Woman (f) (1991), Cockatoo (f) (1993).

Gusarov, Nikolai, b. 1940

(selected) On the Bank of a Large River (f) (1980), Semyon Degnev (f) (1983), Mystery of the Golden Mountain (f) (1985), Team 33 (f) (1987), Horses in the Ocean (f) (1990), The Wild Field (f) (1991), Head over Heels (f) (1992).

Gusarova, I., b.

(selected) Little Red Riding Hood (s) (2000).

Gutman, Alexander, b. 1945

(selected) The Russians (s,d) (1990), Up to the Neck, or Bodybuilding (s,d) (1996).

Gutov, Arseny, b.

(selected) March (s) (2000), with Dmitry Gutov.

Gutov, Dmitry, b.

(selected) March (s) (2000), with Arseny Gutov.

Gvozdev, V., b.

(selected) Attitude, or Parashuram (d) (2000).

Hubov, Nikita, b.

(selected) Squadron of Flying Hussars (f) (1980), with Stanislav Rostotsky.

I, Andrei, b. 1959

(selected) Fairy Tale Divertimento (s) (1990), And He Led Them Up the Mountain (s) (1991), The Red Construction Set (f) (1993), The Scientific Group of Pilots (f) (1996).

Iliash, Alexander, b.

(selected) Grand Jeter (a) (1998).

Iluhin, Max, b.

(selected) Tunnel, or Shawshank Redemption (s) (2001).

Infante-Arana, Platon, b.

(selected) Homourbanas (s) (1995), 10 Years in the Life of D.J.D.Red (s) (1999).

Isayev, Alexei, b.

(selected) Zero-Dimentional Space, or A Topological Invariant of a Book (s) (1993), Leta (s) (1994), Dance and Video (s) (1994), with Vadim Koshkin, Vladimir Kromin, Videoscenario (s) (1994), Revolution in Circular Motion / Side-Show Montage (s) (1996).

Iskin, Alexander, b.

(selected) Eisenstein: The Master’s House (d) (1997), with Naum Kleiman and Alexander Iskin.

Istakharova, B., b.

(selected) Costume (d) (2000).

Ivanov, A., b.

(selected) A Few Steps Against Gravity (d) (2001).

Ivanov, Alexander, 1899-1959

(selected) On Victories in Outer Space (a) (1924), The Crime of Horse Doctor Matov (a) (1925), The Cockroach (a) (1927), Tip-Top in Moscow (a) (1928), Without a Bad Shot (a) (1930), Don’t Be Silly (a) (1933), with Panteleimon Sasanov, Remember! (a) (1933), with Panteleimon Sasanov, The Thief (a) (1934), with Panteleimon Sasanov, Quartet (a) (1935), with Panteleimon Sasanov, The Incorrigible (a) (1935), with Panteleimon Sasanov, The Fox As Master Bilder (a) (1936), The Magic Flute (a) (1937), The Public’s Darling (a) (1937), Journal for Political Satire No. 1 (a) (1938), with Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Fyodor the Hunter (a) (1938), Grandfather Ivan (a) (1939), The Taiga Friends (a) (1939), Journal for Political Satire No. 2 (a) (1940), with Ivan Ivanov-Vano, We Won’t Let Our Homeland Be Tramped On by Fascist Boots (a) (1941), with Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Titmouse (a) (1944), with Metislav Paschenko, The Fox and the Thrush (a) (1946), White Gold (a) (1947), Quartet (a) (1947), The Champion (a) (1948), The Pelican and the Barking Dog (a) (1949), Grandfather and Grandson (a) (1950), Learn and Observe the Traffic Rules (a) (1951), Sai and Chik (a) (1952), The Painted Fox (a) (1953), In the Jungle Forest (a) (1954), Signature Unreadable (a) (1954), The Whistle and the Bear (a) (1955), A Forest Story (a) (1956), The Magician (a) (1957), Child of the Sun (a) (1957), Searching Makes One Wiser (a) (1957), Land of Sport (a) (1958).

Ivanov, Boris, b.

(selected) The Law of Life (f) (1940), with Alexander Stolper, A Lad from Our Town (f) (1942), with Alexander Stolper, Wait for Me (f) (1943, banned), with Alexander Stolper.

Ivanov, Gennady, b. 1936

(selected) The Fearless Ataman (s) (1973), with Vladimir Dyachenko, The Start (f,tv) (1978), Father Had Three Sons (f,tv) (1981), Try to Stay Alive (f) (1986), Stemp (f) (1991).

Ivanov-Vano, Ivan, b. 1900

(selected) Senka, the African (a) (1927), with Daniil Cherkes, Yury Merkulov, Listen! Moscow Is Speaking! (a) (1928), Black and White (a) (1932), The Tale of Tsar Duranda (a) (1934), with Valentina and Zinaida Brumberg, The Dragon Fly and the Ant (a) (1935), with Valentina and Zinaida Brumberg, Kotofei-Kotofeich (a) (1937), Journal for Political Satire No. 1 (a) (1938), with Alexander Ivanov, The Little Fibber (a) (1938), The Three Musketeers (a) (1938), Moidodyr (a) (1939), Ivas (a) (1940), Journal for Political Satire No. 2 (a) (1940), with Alexander Ivanov, We Won’t Let Our Homeland Be Tramped On by Fascist Boots (a) (1941), with Alexander Ivanov, The Stolen Sun (a) (1943), A Winter’s Tale (a) (1945), Ride in Wonderland (a) (1947), The Little Humpbacked Horse (a) (1947), Geese and Swans (a) (1949), The Foreign Voice (a) (1949), The Tale of the Deceased Tsar’s Daughter and the Seven Heroes (a) (1951), Snow White (a) (1952), Concert in the Woods (a) (1953), Moidodyr (a) (1954), The Brave Hare (a) (1955), The Twelve Months (a) (1956), Once Upon a Time … A Tsar’s Realm (a) (1957), The Song of Friendship (a) (1957), The Adventures of Buratino (a) (1959), The Flying Proletariat (a) (1962), The Left-Hander (a) (1964), How One Peasant Fed Two Generals (a) (1965), Going to Nowhere (a) (1966), The Legend of a Cruel Giant (a) (1968), The Seasons (a) (1969), The Battle of Kerzhenz (a) (1971), Health Begins at Home (a) (1973), The Little Humpbacked Horse (a) (1975).

Ivens, Joris, b. 1898

(selected) A Song about Heroes (d) (1932), with I. Sklyut, We Are for Peace, or Friendship Triumphs (d) (USSR/GDR, 1952), with Ivan Pyriev.

Ivonin, A., b.

(selected) Tsar Nicholas II (f) (1917), with Boris Mikhin.

Izvolov, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Thief! Thief! (s) (1998).

Jungvald-Khinkevich, Georgy, b. 1934

(selected) Rainbow’s Formula (f) (1966), The Spring of 1929 (f,tv) (1975), D’Artaignan and the Three Musketeers (f,tv) (1978), Two under One Umbrella (f) (1983), The Count of Monte Christo (f) (191987), The Prisoner of Castle If (f) (1989), The Art of Living in Odessa (f) (1990), Queen Anne’s Secret, or The Musketeers Thirty Years Later (f) (1992).

Kabakov, Dmitry, b. 1961

(selected) Alone (d) (1999).

Kabankova, E., b. 1961

(selected) Two Equators (d) (2001), with G. Dikkert.

Kabulov, Zhavakhir, b.

(selected) Clearing of Kabul (c,e) (1992).

Kachanov, Roman (Ruvim), b. 1921

(selected) The Old Fisherman and the Crane (a) (1958), A Cloud in Love (a) (1959), Mashenka and the Bear (a) (1960), The Apprentice, or The Little Tractor (a) (1961), The Insult (a) (1962), How a House was Built for the Kitten (a) (1963), Alyosha’s Tale (a) (1964), The Little Frog Looks for His Papa (a) (1964), The Portrait (a) (1965), The Lost Grandchild (a) (1966), The Mitten (a) (1967), Contestants (a) (1968), Gena the Crocodile (a) (1969), The Letter (a) (1970), Cheburashka (a) (1971), Mama (a) (1971), Aurora (a) (1973), The Top Hat (a) (1974), The Legacy of Bakhram the Magician (a) (1976), The Last Petal (a) (1977).

Kachanov, Roman, b. 1967

(selected) Don’t Ask Me About Anything (f) (1991/94), with I. Biryukov, The Freak (f,tv) (1992), Maximilian (f) (1999), DMB, or Draftees, or Demobbed (f) (2000), Daun House (f) (2001).

Kaidanovsky, Alexander, 1946-1995

(selected) The Garden (s) (1983), Jonas , or A Painter at Work (s) (1984), The Death of Ivan Ilitch, or An Ordinary Death (f) (1985), The Guest (s) (1987), Woman of the Petroleum Lamps (f) (1988), Maestro (s) (1993), Ascending Eharta (f) (1995, uncompleted), The Seasons (f) (1995, uncompleted).

Kalashnikov, Valery, b.

(selected) Non-Murder (s) (2001), with Roman Saulsky.

Kalashnikova, Natalya, b.

(selected) Alone (s) (1992).

Kalyadin, Igor, b. 1956

(selected) Requiem (d) (1994), Voices of an Old House (d) (1996), Mausoleum on the Quai (d) (1997), Our Island (d) (1997).

Kamanetsky, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Wolf and Calf (a) (1986).

Kamensky, Anatoly, b.

(selected) Symphony of Love and Death (f) (1914), The Great Magaraz (f) (1915), with Vyacheslav Turzhansky.

Kanaeva, Tatyana, b.

(selected) Get Away (d) (2000).

Kandeyev, Yury, b.

(selected) Aries (f) (1992).

Kanivchenko, A., b.

(selected) Revelation Form (s) (2001).

Kaplunovsky, V., b.

(selected) The Mexican (f) (1955), The Captain’s Daughter (f) (1958).

Kara, Yury, b. 1954

(selected) Two for the Seesaw (s) (1985), Tomorrow Was War (f) (1987), Kings of Crime (f) (1988), Balthazar’s Feast (f) (1990), Master and Margareta (f) (1995).

Karabanov, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Neskuchny Garden (s) (2001).

Karandashov, S. b.

(selected) The Reserve Side of the Earth (d) (2000), with V. Chutko.

Karavayev, Valentine, b.

(selected) The Last Hunt (a) (1984).

Karelov, Y., b.

(selected) Bullheaded (f) (1961).

Karin, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Uprising (f) (1918), with Alexander Razumnyi.

Karlikova, Svetlana, b.

(selected) Haron (s) (2002).

Karmazinsky, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Newsreel Nr. 4 (d) (1932, banned), Jak Zives Tovarisu Girnik? (d) (1932, banned).

Karmen, Roman, 1906-1978

(selected) Factory Kitchen (d) (1930), In Far Asia (d) (1931), Moscow (d) (1932), Sketch of Shock-Worker Ivan Gudov (d) (1933), Moscow-Karakum-Moscow (d) (1933), with Eduard Tisse, Anna Massonova’s Report (d) (1934), A Salute to Spain’s Pioneers (d) (1936), On the Events in Spain (d) (1937), China at War (d) (1939), Spain (d) (1940), The Sedovites (d) (1940), A Day in the New World (d) (1940), with Mikhail Slutski, In China (d) (1941), The Defeat of the German Troops before Moscow (d) (1942), The Battle of Leningrad (d) (1942), with Nikolai Komarevchev, Valery Solovtsov, and Efim Uchitel, The Battle of Oryol (d) (1943), Maydanek (d) (1944), Albania (d) (1945), Berlin (d) (1945), The Nuremberg Trials (d) (1946), Songs of the Kolkoz Fields (d) (1948), Soviet Kazakhstan (d) (1949), Soviet Turmenistan (d) (1950), Soviet Georgia (d) (1951), Oilmen of the Caspian Sea (d) (1953), Vietnam (d) (1955), Indian Morning (d) (1956), How Broad Is Our Country (d) (1958), Conquered Seas (d) (1958), Dawn of India (d) (1959), Cuba Today (d) (1960), Our Friend Indonesia (d) (1960), Island in Flames - Cuba (d) (1961), The Blue Lamp (d) (1961), The State - That’s Ourselves (d) (1962), A Guest from the Island of Freedom (d) (1963), When Peace Hung by a Thread (d) (1963), The Great Patriotic War (d) (1965), Death of a Commissar (d) (1966), Grenada, Grenada, My Grenada (d) (1968), with Kontantin Simonov, Comrade Berlin (d) (1969), Continent in Flames (d) (1972), Chile - Time of Combat, Time of Perils (d) (1973), Camerados, Comrades (d) (1974), Corvalan’s Heart (d) (1976), The Decisive Front (d) (1978), 20-part documentary cycle(22 June 1941, The Battle for Moscow, Leningrad Blockade, Partisans - The Fight behind Enemy Lines, On to the East, The War in the Arctic, Defending Stalingrad, Victory at Stalingrad, The Battle for the Caucasus, The Great Tank Battle, War in the Air, War on the Seas, Liberation of the Ukraine, Liberation of Byelorussia, From the Carpathians to the Balkans to Vienna, Liberation of Poland, The Allies, The Battle for Berlin, The Last Combat of the War, The Unknown Soldier).

Kartavenko, V., b.

(selected) Birthday (d) (2000).

Kasolapov, Oleg, b.

(selected) Cine-Avantgarde to Video Art (s) (2001).

Katanian, Vasily, b.

(selected) Sakhalin Island (d) (1954), with Eldar Ryazanov.

Katz, Mikhail, b. 1945

(selected) And the Balloon Is Still Flying (s) (1987), One Sunday (s) (1988), Forever 19 (f,tv) (1988), The Desert (f,tv) (1991), The Lame Will Enter First (f) (1993).

Kaufman, Mikhail, 1897-1980

(selected) Moscow (d) (1927), with Ilya Kopalin, Spring (d) (1929), An Unprecedented Campaign (d) (1931), A Great Victory (d) (1933), The Aviators’ March (d) (1936), Our Moscow (d) (1939), The Composer Tikhon Khrennikov (d) (1967).

Kavun, A., b.

(selected) How Much Is This Fish? (s) (2001).

Kavun, Oleg, b. 1950

(selected) Lessons at the End of Spring (f) (1991), Running along the Sunny Side (f) (1992).

Kazakov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Expert of the Orient (f) (1992).

Kazakov, Mikhail, b. 1934

(selected) Unnamed Star (f,tv) (1978), The Visit of a Lady (f,tv) (1989), The Shadow, or Maybe Everything Will Be All Right (f) (1991).

Kazankina, M., b.

(selected) Shaman’s Portfolio (d) (2001),.

Kazansky, A., b. 1910

(selected) The Amphibious Man (f) (1961), with V. Cherbotarev.

Kazansky, Gennady, b.

(selected) Golden Taiga (1937), Lenin’s City (d) (1939), Rimsky-Korsakov (f) (1952), with Grigory Roshal, Warm Heart (f) (1953), with stage directors V. Koshich, A. Dauson, The Genie from the Bottle (f) (1956), The Snow Queen (f) (1966).

Keosayan, E., b.

(selected) The Secret Revenge (f) (1966).

Keosayan, Tigran, b. 1966

(selected) Sunny Coast (s) (1988), Kafka and Shiv (f) (1992), Funny Events, Family Events (tv series) (1996), Poor Sasha (f) (1997), The Silver Lily (f) (2000), The President and His Granddaughter (f) (2000), Bee-Keeper (tv serial) (2001), Joys and Sorrows of the Little Lord (f) (2002).

Khaliavka, Natalya, b.

(selected) Create (c,e) (1993), with Anton Petrov.

Khanyutin, Alexei, b.

(selected) Mausoleum (s) (1995).

Kharchenko, Valery, b.

(selected) Early, Early Morning (f) (1987), Document “R” (f) (1990), Superman (f) (1990), Short Breath of Love (f) (Russia/Finland, 1992).

Kharchenko-Kulikovsky, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Round Dance (s) (2001).

Kharitonova, Julia, b.

(selected) At the Back of Beyond (d) (2001).

Khitruk (Chitruk), Fyodor, 1917

(selected) Story of a Crime (a) (1962), The Little Two-Humped Camel (a) (1963), Teddy Bear (a) (1964), Bonifacius on Holiday (a) (1965), The Man in the Frame (a) (1966), Othello ‘67 (a) (1967), Film, Film, Film (a) (1968), Winnie the Pooh (a) (1969), A Young Man Named Engels (a) (USSR/GDR, 1970), with Vadim Kurchevsky, Katja Georgi, Klaus Georgi, and Wolfgang Kernicke, Winnie the Pooh Pays a Visit (a) (1971), Winnie the Pooh Has a Day of Troubles (a) (1972), The Island (a) (1973), I’ll Give You a Star for a Present (a) (1974), Icarus and the Wise Men (a) (1976).

Khlebnikov, Boris, b. 1972

(selected) Mimikhod (d) (1997), with Alexei Popogrebsky, The Sly Frog (s) (2000), Koktebel (f) (2003), with Alexei Popogrebsky.

Khodatayev, Nikolai, 1892-1979

(selected) The Interplanetary Revolution (a) (1924), with Senon Komissarenko and Yury Merkulov, How Avdotya Learned to Write (a) (1925), with Senon Komissarenko and Yury Merkulov, China in Flames (a) (1925), with Senon Komissarenko and Yury Merkulov, 1905-1925 (a) (1925), with Senon Komissarenko, How Mirsilka Wrote the Right Address (a) (1926), We Will Awaken (a) (1927), You Give a Good Lavkom (a) (1927), with Valentina and Zinaida Blumberg, One of Many (a) (1927), The Terrible Vavila and Aunt Arina (a) (1928), The Ten Rules of Cooperation (a) (1928), On the Day with the Fire (a) (1928), Stand Straight, the Lavkom Is Coming (a) (1928), Suppression (a) (1928), The Samoyedish Youth (a) (1928), with O. Khodatayev, Valentina and Zinaida Blumberg, Spring Delivery (a) (1930), with Valentina and Zinaida Blumberg, Eureka (a) (1930), The Car Driver (a) (1931), with Valentina and Zinaida Blumberg, The Crocodile in Geneva (a) (1932), Locomotive, Hurry Along (a) (1932), with Valentina and Zinaida Blumberg, The Toy Box (a) (1934), Little Organ (a) (1934, banned), Fyalkin’s Career (a) (1935).

Khodatayev, O., b.

(selected) The Samoyedish Youth (a) (1928), with Nikolai Khodatayev, Valentina and Zinaida Blumberg,

Khokhlova, Alexandra, 1897-1985

(selected) A Matter of Buttons (s?) (1929), Sasha (s?) (1930), Toy (s?) (1931), A Girl with Dolls (s?) (1935),We from the Urals (f) (1944), with Lev Kuleshov.

Khomeriki, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Gasshoppers (d) (2001), The Namesake (s) (2002).

Khonicheva, I., b.

(selected) Serezha’s Ark (d) (2001).

Khovenko, Valentin, b. 1940

(selected) A Sparrow on the Ice (f) (1983), The Isle of a Rusty General (f,tv) (1988), My Husband Is an Alien (f) (1990), The Hen (f) (1991), The Eyes (f) (1992).

Khrabrovitsky, Daniil, b. 1923

(selected) Roll Call (f) (1965), The Taming of thr Fire (f) (1971).

Khramtsov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Ferdinand VIII (a) (1995), I Love Me (s) (2000).

Khrush, Roman, b. 1960

(selected) Russian Tragedy (s) (1993), Day’s Duty (s) (1997), Anesthesia (s) (1997), Noughts and Crosses (s) in omnibus film Two Paper Soldiers, or Blind Man’s Bluff with Obstacles (f) (2001), with Alexei Poyarkov.

Khryakov, Alexander, b.

(selected) House on a Rock (f) (1994).

Khryanovsky, Andrei, b.

(selected) The Long Journey (a) (1997).

Khrzhanovsky, Andrei, b. 1939

(selected) Traces Are Rubbed Away from Stones (s) (1959), A New Sign (s) (1963), Once There Lived Kosyavin (a) (1966, banned), The Glass Harmonica (a) (1968, banned), The Cupboard for “Kaleidoscope ’71” (a) (1971), The Butterfly (a) (1972), In the World of Fairy Tales (a) (1973), One Fine Day (a) (1975), The House That Jack Built (a) (1976), Miracles in the Sieve, or An Incredible Thing (a) (1976), Trilogy after Pushkin’s Drawings (d) (1977-82), And I Am with You Again (a) (1980), Autumn (a) (1982), The Royal Sandwich (a) (1985), My Favorite Time - New Pushkin Trilogy (a,f) (1985), The School of Fine Arts: Landscape with Juniper, Returning (a) (1987-90), The Grey-Bearded Lion (a) (1995), Oleg Kagan - Life after Death (d) (1997), The Long Journey (a) (1997), Lullaby for a Cricket (d) (1999), Let’s Fly Away (a) (1999), MHAT - Dream about Artists and Public episode in 100 Films about Moscow (a) (1999),I Love You (a) (2000)..

Khrzhanovsky, Ilya, b. 1975

(selected) Stop (s) (1998), with Artem Mikhalkov.

Khudyakov, Konstantin, b.

(selected) Imposters (tv serial) (2002), Michel (f) (2003).

Khutsiev, Marlen, b. 1925

(selected) City Builders (s) (1950), with Felix Mironer, Spring in Zarechnaya Street (f) (1956), with Felix Mironer,Two Fyodors (f) (1958), I Am Twenty (f) (1961-64/88,banned), Rain in July (f) (1966, banned), It Was in May (f, tv) (1970), The Scarlet Sail of Paris (d, tv) (1971), The World Today, or And Still I Believe (d) (1971/74) completed for Mikhail Romm with Elem Klimov, G. Lavrov, Postscript (f) (1983), Infinity (f) (1988).

Khvan, Alexander, b. 1957

(selected) Electric Wire (s) (1980), Dominus (s) (1988), Dyuba, Dyuba (f) (1992), The Wedding March (s) episode in omnibus film Arrival of a Train (f) (1995), The Veil (f) (1996?), Good Asshole, Bad Asshole (f) (1998), The Roamer (f) (2001), Carmen (f) (2003).

Khvorova, Nadeshda, b. 1956

(selected) Are You Going to the Ball? (d) (1987), The Pigeon Hunt (d) 1988), The Soviet Union We Lost (d) (1993).

Kireyeva, Marianna, b.

(selected) Eisenstein: The Master’s House (d) (1997), with Naum Kleiman and Alexander Iskin.

Kiseleva, Lidiya, b.

(selected) The Grand Dutchess Elizabeth (f) (1993).

Kiseleva, Natalya, b.

(selected) Bono-Bono (d) (2002).

Kiselyov, F., b.

(selected) Moscow - Capital of the USSR (d) (1997), with L. Stepanova.

Kiyanitsa, A., b.

(selected) Gold-Digger (d) (2001).

Kleiman, Naum, b.

(selected) Eisenstein: The Master’s House (d) (1997), with Marianna Kireyeva and Alexander Iskin.

Klimov, Elem, b. 1933

(selected) Careful, Banality! (s) (1959), The Suitor, or The Groom (s) (1960), Look - the Sky! (s) (1962), Welcome - No Entry (f) (1963), Adventures of a Dentist (f) (1965), Boom, Boom (d) (1967), Lonely Fathers (d) (1967), The New Year Story (f, tv) (1968), Sport, Sport, Sport (d) (1970), The Frequent Client (d) (1971), A Memory of Evenings (d) (1972), The World Today, or And Still I Believe (d) (1971/74) completed for Mikhail Romm with Marlen Khutsiev, G. Lavrov, Agony (f) (1975/85, banned), Larisa (d) (1980), Farewell (f) (1981/83, banned), Go and See, or Come and See (f) (1984).

Klimov, Gennady, b.

(selected) Mummy from a Suitcase (f) (1991), with Alexander Machilsky.

Knyaginina, Maria,

(selected) “Unterkragen” or Under Collar (s) (2002).

Knyazev, S.,

(selected) Dvinsky Tea (s) (2000).

Kobrin, Alexander, b.

(selected) Homo Paradox (s) (1989?).

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