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Salkind, Y., b.

(selected) Vietnam - My Land! (d) (USSR/Vietnam, 1960), with Le Chuan, M. Kayumov.

Salimov, Davran, b. 1941

(selected) Bobo (d) (1977), Pain (d) (1979), Don’t Call Kizil-Kumi a Desert (d) (1981), Long Way Home (d) (1984), Red Drummer (d) (1990), Ony in Deep Serdakh (d) (1990), Forty Years after Childhood (d) (1990), Choir (d) (1997).

Sanjavi, Zahhavi, b.

(selected) A Game and Nothing More (s) (2001).

Shermuhamedov, Giyos, b.

(selected) Sogdiana, Abobe of the Gods (f) (Uzbekistan/Algeria, 1995).

Shokirov, Achur, b.

(selected) The Bridegroom from the Mouontains (f) (1999), with Mashrab Kimsanov.

Tulakhodzhaev, Nazim, b.

(selected) Veld (f?) (198?).

Ussoltsev-Garf, A., b.

(selected) The Oath (f) (1937).

Vishnevsky, D., b.

(selected) It’s All My Fault (f) (1993), with Yusuf Roziqov (Yusup Razykov).

Yakubov, Bakhtiar, b.

(selected) Diary of a Young Writer (f) (198?).

Yarmatov, Kamil, b. 1903

(selected) Road without Sleep (f) (1946), Alishar Navoy (f) (1947), Pakhta-Oi (f) (1952), Rakhmanov’s Sisters (f) (1954), Avicenna (f) (1957), When Roses Bloom (f) (1959), To Horse, Djigiten (f) (1965), Poem of Two Hearts (f) (1967), Horsemen of the Revolution (f) (1968).

Zainutdinov, Fedavz, b.

(selected) Embrace of Dreams (f) (198?).

MOSCOW (1104)
Abbas, A., b.

(selected) Walking over Three Seas (f) (1957), with Vasily Pronin.

Abdrashitov, Vadim, b. 1945

(selected) Report from the Asphalt (s) (1973), Stop Potapov! (s) (1974), A Word for the Defence (f) (1976), The Turning Point (f) (1978), Fox Hunt (f) (1980), A Train Has Stopped (f) (1982), Parade of the Planets (f) (1984), Plumbum, or Dangerous Game (f) (1986), The Servant (f) (1989), Armavir (f) (1991), The Play for a Passenger (f) (1994), Time of the Dancer (f) (1997), Magnetic Storms (f) (2003).

Abdulov, Alexander, b. 1953

(selected) The Musicians of Bremen & Co (f) (2000)

Adabashian, A., b.

(selected) Azazel (f) (2002).

Afanasiev, Sergei, b.

(selected) The Bitch (f) (1992).

Afonin, Vyacheslav, b.

(selected) The Quiet Angel Flew … (s) (1995).

Ageyeva, Julia, b.

(selected) Farewell (d) (2001).

Agranenko, Zakhar, 1912-1960

(selected) Immortal Garrison (f) (1956), with Eduard Tissé.

Agranovich, Mikhail, b. 1946

(selected) Come and See Me (f) (2000), with Oleg Yankovsky.

Akhadov, Valery, b. 1945

(selected) Guardsmen, Forward! (f,tv) (1971), Gayurov’s Family Affairs (f,tv) (1976), Who Will Go to Truskavec? (f,tv) (1976), April Dreams (f,tv) (1980), Family Secrets (f) (1983), The Additional Train Is Arriving on Track 2 (f,tv) (1985), with S. Kurbanov, A Lame Dervish (f) (USSR/Hungary), with I. Kis, The Glance (f) (1989), with S. Kurbanov, Ruth (f,tv) (1989), I Promised, I’ll Leave (f) (1992), Private Life of the Queen (f) (1993), It Is Not Recommended to Mistreat Women (f) (2000).

Aksenova, Yana, b.

(selected) Orpheus (s) (1998).

Aksyanov, V., b.

(selected) The Matter with the Spool (d) (1961).

Aldashin, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Nativity, or Christmas (a) (1996), Little Bugs (a) (2002).

Aleinikov, Gleb, b. 1966

(selected) Mirages (s,v) (1981), with Igor Aleinikov, M.E. (s) (1986), with Igor Aleinikov, Tractors (s) (1987), with Igor Aleinikov, I’m Frigid, But It Doesn’t Matter (s) (1987), with Igor Aleinikov, The Severe Illness of Men (s) (1987), with Igor Aleinikov, Serving-Casting (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, Boris and Gleb (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, End of a Film (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, Postpolitical Cinema (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, The Typist (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, The Terrible Mystery of “Chergida” (s) (1988), with Igor Aleinikov, Someone Has Been Here (s) (1989), with Igor Aleinikov, Mirages (s) (1989), with Igor Aleinikov, De Bill’s Expectation (s) (1990), with Igor Aleinikov, Aquarium Fish of the World (s) (1990), with Igor Aleinikov, Tractor Drivers II (f) (1992), with Igor Aleinikov, He (s,v) (1995).

Aleinikov, Igor, 1962-94

(selected) Mirages (s,v) (1981), with Gleb Aleinikov, M.E. (s) (1986), with Gleb Aleinikov, Tractors (s) (1987), with Gleb Aleinikov, I’m Frigid, But It Doesn’t Matter (s) (1987), with Gleb Aleinikov, The Severe Illness of Men (s) (1987), with Gleb Aleinikov, Serving-Casting (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, Boris and Gleb (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, End of a Film (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, Postpolitical Cinema (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, The Typist (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, The Terrible Mystery of “Chergida” (s) (1988), with Gleb Aleinikov, Someone Has Been Here (s) (1989), with Gleb Aleinikov, Mirages (s) (1989), with Gleb Aleinikov, De Bill’s Expectation (s) (1990), with Gleb Aleinikov, Aquarium Fish of the World (s) (1990), with Gleb Aleinikov, Tractor Drivers II (f) (1992), with Gleb Aleinikov.

Alenikov, Vladimir, b. 1948

(selected) Garden (s) (1973), A Conductor, a Surgeon and a Girl (d) (1974), Room for Laughter (d) (1975), Once Upon a Time There Lived a Tuner (d,tv) (1979), Adventures of Petrov and Vasekhin - Ordinary and Unbelievable (s,tv) (1983), Holidays of Petrov and Vasekhin - Ordinary and Unbelievable (s,tv) (1982), Unlike Others (f) (1982), with M. Muat, Unnecessary People (f,tv) (1984), A Stevedore and a King (f) (1989), Feophania Painting the Death (f) (Russia/USA, 1991), Awakening (f) (1991), Greatness of Love (d) (1997), To Save a Man (d) (1997), Kings of the Russian Crime Detection (d) (1982), Triumph (d) (1982), with Oleg Pogodin.

Alexandrov, Grigory, 1903-1983

(selected) The General Line, or Old and New (d) (1929), with Sergei Eisenstein, Sentimental Romance (s) (France, 1930), with Sergei Eisenstein, The International (d) (1933), Jolly Fellows (f) (1934, banned), Circus (f) (1936, banned), Report by Comrade Stalin (d) (1937), The First of May (d) (1938), Volga-Volga (f) (1938, banned), The Bright Path, or Tanya (s) (1940, banned), linking episode in Fighting Film Album No. 4 (f) (1941), One Family (f) (1943, banned), with Rza Abbaskuli-Tahmasib and Mikhail Mikhailov, The Caspians (d) (1944), Spring (f) (1947, banned), Meeting on the Elbe (f) (1949), The Composer Glinka, or Man of Music (f) (1952), The Great Farewell (d) (1953/94, banned), with Mikhail Chiaureli, Sergei Gerasimov, and Ilya Kopalin, Man to Man (f) (1958), Russian Souvenir (f) (1960), Lenin in Switzerland (f) (d,tv), Skvorec and Lira (f) (1973, uncompleted), Lyubov Orlova (d) (1983), with Elena Mikhailova.

Alexeyev, Alexei, b.

(selected) The Pilot Brothers Are Shooting a Clip for MTV (a) (1995), with Igor Veymtagin.

Alexeyev, Sergei, b.

(selected) Truth Is Good - But Luck Is Better (f) (1951), with stage director B. Nikolsky.

Alimpiev, Viktor, b.

(selected) Subscribers (s) (2000), with Olga Stolpovskaya.

Al-Mekdadi, V., b.

(selected) Dear Dead Moroz (d) (2001).

Alnatov, T., b.

(selected) Cross of Changes (s) (2001).

Alov, Alexander, 1923-1983

(selected) Fires over the Dnieper (f) (1952, uncompleted), with Vladimir Naumov, Restless Youth (f) (1954), with Vladimir Naumov, Pavel Korchagin (f) (1956), with Vladimir Naumov, The Wind (f) (1958), with Vladimir Naumov, Peace to the Newcomer, or Peace to Him Who Enters (f) (1961), with Vladimir Naumov, The Coin (f,tv) (1963), with Vladimir Naumov, A Bad Joke (f) (1965/87, banned), with Vladimir Naumov, The Flight (f) (1970), with Vladimir Naumov, Legend of Till Eulenspiegel (f) (1976), with Vladimir Naumov, Teheran ’43 (f) (USSR/France/Switzerland, 1980), with Vladimir Naumov, The Shore (f) (1984), with Vladimir Naumov.

Alpatov, Timur, b.

(selected) Three Days and Autumn (s) (2001).

Altsev, L.

(selected) Depot for Catastrophes (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 7 (f) (1941), with R. Perelstein.

Amalrik, L., b.

(selected) The Victorious Marching Route (a) (1939), with V. Polkovnikov, D. Babichenko, Limpopo (a) (1939), with V. Polkovnikov, Barmaley (a) (1941), with V. Polkovnikov, The Enchanted Department Store (a) (1953), with V. Polkovnikov.

Ambrosova, S., b.

(selected) Coincidence (a) (2000).

Anashkin, Yegor, b.

(selected) I Salute (s) (2001).

Andreyev, Alexander, b.

(selected) The Song of Fatge (s) (1999).

Andriannova, Svetlana, b.

(selected) Mystery (a) (2000).

Andriyevsky, Alexander, 1899-1983

(selected) Gibel Sensacy (f) (1935, banned), Young Captains (f) (1939), The Land of Youth (f) (1940), Robinson Crusoe (f) (1946).

Andronnikov, Andrei, b.

(selected) The Rat’s Corner (f) (1992).

Andzhaparidze, M., b.

(selected) Anjuta (f) (1959).

Anfilov,A., b.

(selected) Parade of Attractions (f) (1970).

Animova, Elena, b.

(selected) The Funeral on the First Floor (f) (1991), with Alexander Stashkov.

Annensky, Isidor, b.

(selected) The Bear (f) (1938), The Man in the Case (f) (1939), Elusive John (s,f) (1942), with Vladimir Petrov, The Wedding (f) (1944), Heart without Love (f) (1954), Princess Mary (f) (1955), Anna around the Neck (f) (1954),

Anofriev, Oleg, b.

(selected) To Fall in Love (f) (1992).

Anoshchenko, Alexander, b.

(selected) Runaway (f) (1919), with Boris Chaikovsky.

Antipenko, Alexander, b. 1938

(selected) Clapperboard + Synex (s) (1997).

Antipova, Elena, b.

(selected) The Unclaimed (d) (2000), Solo for Both (s) (2000), Olya’s Happiness (s) (2002).

Antipova, N., b.

(selected) A Rat, a Dog and Chumovoz (a) (2001).

Antokhin, P., b.

(selected) My Friend Giraffe (d) (2000).

Antonova, Tamara, b.

(selected) Scandal in Our Kloshgorod Town (f) (1993), with Tatyana Antonova.

Antonova, Tatyana, b.

(selected) Scandal in Our Kloshgorod Town (f) (1993), with Tamara Antonova.

Antonyevsky, Petr, b.

(selected) Saviour (f) (1998).

Aravin, Alexander, b.

(selected) Moscow Windows (tv serial) (2001), When It Is Quite Unexpected (f) (2002).

Archangelsky, V., b.

(selected) The Cipher Alpha-Theta (d) (1961).

Ardrashnikov, Naum, b.

(selected) Moscow Beauties (f) (1991).

Arkhipov, Sergei, b.

(selected) The First Course Work (f) (2000), Song about Love (s) (2001).

Aron, Efim (Yefim), b.

(selected) Songs of Abai (f) (1945), with Grigory Roshal.

Aron, Y., b.

(selected) Young Wine (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 10 (f) (1942).

Arsenov, Pavel, b. 1940

(selected) Sunflower (s) (1963), Lelka (s) episode in The Awakening (f) (1967), Rescue a Drowning Man (f) (1968), King Deer (f) (1970), The Wizard of Oz (f) (1989).

Artamanov, Anatoly, b. 1958

(selected) The Atonement (s) (USA, 1993), Portrait (s) (USA, 1996), In Search of Joachim (s) (USA, 1997), The Good and the Bad (f) (1999), with Dmitry Fiks.

Artemenkova, Ekaterina, b.

(selected) Fight for a Crop (d) (2001).

Artukhov, Konstantin, b.

(selected) Ekaterina Nelidova (s,d) (1996), My Great Grandfather Pushkin (d) (1999).

Arzamasova, Tatyana, b.

(selected) Who Wants to Live Forever (s) (1998), with Lev Yevzovich, Yevgeny Svyatsky.

Askoldov, Alexander, b. 1932

(selected) Commissar (f) (1967/87, banned).

Atamanov, L., b.

(selected) The Fiery Red Flower (a) (1952), The Snow Queen (a) (1957).

Atanesyan, Alexander, b. 1953

(selected) Letters of Marquise de Mantemayor (s) (1983), The Bridge of King Ludwig II (s) (1989), A Dance (s) (1990), Treasures of Akhmiadzin (f) (1991), 24 Hours (f) (2000), Summer Rain (f) (2002).

Averbakh, Yevgeny, b.

(selected) Monologue (f) (1973).

Avetikov, Mikhail, b.

(selected) Savoy (f) (1990?).

Atnev, G., b.

(selected) Lethargy (s) (2001).

Ayzenberg, Mark, b.

(selected) Bolotnaya Street, or Means against Sex (f) (Russia/Ukraine, 1991), Russian Business (f) (1993), with Mikhail Kokshenov.

Azagarov, Georgy, b.

(selected) The Woman Vampire (f) (1917), Side Scenes of the Screen , or Life Is Broken by Merciless Fate (f) (1917), with Alexander Volkov, Charity Sword (f) (1918), The Shot (f) (1919).

Babak, Marina, b. 1939

(selected) There Is No Foreign Country (d) (1972), with Konstantin Simonov, The Path of the Soldier (d) (1975), with Marina Babak, More Light! (d) (1987).

Babichenko, D., b.

(selected) The Victorious Marching Route (a) (1939), with L. Amalrik, V. Polkovnikov, The Lu Brothers (a) (1953), The Tale of Mister Million (a) (1956).

Babochkin, B., b.

(selected) Native Fields (f) (1944), with A. Bossulayev.

Babushkin, Georgy, b.

(selected) Mezzo-Soprano from the Bolshoi (d) (1992), Soprano from the Bolshoi (d) (1993), Tenor from the Bolshoi (d) (1993), Stars of the Bolshoi Opera in Concert at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory (d) (1993).

Badin, Andrei, b.

(selected) Boxing - How I Became a Professional (d) (2002).

Bagirov, S., b.

(selected) Student (f) (2002).

Balttser, Ruslan., b.

(selected) Don’t Even Think! (f) (2002).

Baranov, Sergei, b. 1952

(selected) The Story of Mother Frosya of the Diveyey Nunnery (d) (1989), The Island AIDS (d) (1990).

Barayev, Oleg, b.

(selected) Scorpio’s Poison (f) (1991), with Vladimir Panzhev.

Bardin, Pavel, b. 1975

(selected) Hero (s) (1999).

Barkalaya, Tinatin, b.

(selected) The Ship Boy (a) (1999), The Buffet (a) (1999), Moya Semya (ad series) (2000), Sila Leta, or Power of Summer (ad) (2001).

Barnet, Boris, 1902-1965

(selected) Miss Mend (f) (1926), with Fyodor Otsep, Girl with a Hat Box, or When Moscow Laughs (f) (1927), Moscow in October (f) (1927, partially lost), The House on Trubnaya Street (f) (1928, partially lost), Weighty Matters, or Live Affairs (s) (1930, lost), Production of Musical Instruments (s) (1930, lost), Thaw (f) (1931), Outskirts, or Patriots (f) (1933), By the Bluest of Seas (f) (1935), A Night in September (f) (1939), The Old Jockey, or The Old Horseman (f) (1940/59, banned), English Anti-Craft - Manhood (s) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 3 (f) (1941), A Priceless Head (s, banned) in omnibus film Fighting Album No. 10 (f) (1942), The Novgorodians, or Men of Novgorod (f) (1942, banned), One Night, or Dark Is the Night (f) (1944, banned), Secret Agent, or The Scout’s Exploit , or The Heroic Deed of the Reconnaissance Man (f) (1947), Pages of a Life (f) (1948), Bountiful Summer (f) (1950, banned), Ukrainian Stars on the Stage, or Concert of the Masters of Ukrainian Art (d) (1952), Lyana (f) (1955), The Poet (f) (1956), The Wrestler and the Crown (f) (1957), with Konstantin Yudin, Annushka (f) (1959), Alenka (f) (1961), Whistle Stop (f) (1963).

Barshchevsky, Dmitry, b. 1945

(selected) Risk (d) (1987), Risk-II (d) (1988).

Barskaya, Margarita, 1903-1939

(selected) Torn Boots (f) (1933), Father and Son (f) (1936).

Baselian, Y., b.

(selected) The House with the Split Level (f) (1960), The Trainer (f) (1970).

Baskova, Svetlana, b.

(selected) Little Green Elehant (s) (1998).

Basov, Alexander, b.

(selected) My Poor Pierro (s) (1994).

Basov, Vladimir, b. 1923

(selected) School of Courage (f) (1954), with M. Korchagin, Defeat of the Emirate (f) (1955), with Latif Fajziev, Extraordinary Summer (f) (1956), First Joys (f) (1957), Incident in Shaft 8 (f) (1958), Battle on the March (f) (1961), Silence (f) (1964), Shield and Sword (f) (1968).

Basov, Vladimir, b. 1959

(selected) Bus (s) (1991), Apple (s) (1992), Friend (s) (1992), Abyss (f) (1994), The Lonely Gambler (f) (1995), with Olga Basova, Instead of Me (f) (2000), with Olga Basova.

Basova, Olga, b. 1965

(selected) The Lonely Gambler (f) (1995), with Vladimir Basov, Instead of Me (f) (2000), with Vladimir Basov.

Bassaligo, Dmitry, b.

(selected) Fight for the “Ultimatum” Factory (f) (1923), From Sparks - Flames (f) (1924), The Muslim Woman (f) (1925).

Bayramgulov, Vladislav, b.

(selected) Arcadia (a) (2001).

Baysak, Gennady, b.

(selected) Prince Udacha Andreyevich (f) (1989), Game for Millions (f) (1991).

Beberashvili, Misha Barnes, b. 1960

(selected) Garden of Dyonisus (s) (1997), Cinema, Cinema, or the Inevitable Spring (f) (1999).

Beglov, Gennady, b.

(selected) The Hell, or Dossier on One Shelf (f) (1989), A Woman’s Dream (f) (1990), Mystery (f) (1992).

Belyayev, Alexei, b.

(selected) Light at the End of the Tunnel (s) (1991), with Kirill Preobrazhensky.

Belayev, Vasily, b.

(selected) The Mannerheim Line (d) (1940), The People’s Avengers (d) (1943).

Belenky, A., b.

(selected) Three Against Everybody (f) (2001).

Belonogova, Anna, b.

(selected) Eat Breakfast Yourself (a) (1995), Nopenny, or Nikopeika (a) (2000).

Beloshnikov, Sergei, b.

(selected) The Incident (f) (198?).

Belozarovich, L., b.

(selected) Portrait of a Women in the Summer Garden (f) (2001).

Belusov, Dmitry, b.

(selected) Pleasant Park (d) (2002).

Belusov, Oleg, b.

(selected) Decameron (a) (1993).

Belusov, Vitaly, b.

(selected) Hamlet (a) (2000), A Purchase (a) (2001).

Belyakov, N., b.

(selected) Red Vineyards (d) (2000).

Belyusheva, Julia, b.

(selected) Street (s) (2001).

Berdnikov, Yury, b.

(selected) Caucasian Roulette (f) (2002).

Berenstein, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Verte Mne, Lyudi (f) (1964, banned), with Ilya Gurin.

Beresnev, Nikolai, b.

(selected) Golden Honey (f) (1928, lost), with Vladimir Petrov.

Berezovaya, Natalya, b.

(selected) Margarita (a) (1997), Children in the Sky of Cologne (a) (1997), Cat’s Story, Or A Story about a Cit with All Its Consequences (a) (1999), It’s My Life (a) (2000).

Berzhadsky, Igor, b.

(selected) Three (s) (1998).

Bespaly, Maxim, b.

(selected) Guarded (sd (2002).

Bidzhiev, Khasan, b.

(selected) Cat-Solo against the Full Moon (f) (1992), with Anatoly Galiev.

Biryukov, I., b.

(selected) Don’t Ask Me Anything (f) (1991/94), with Roman Kachanov.

Biryukov, Stepan, b.

(selected) Neighbors (a) (2001).

Bits, Leonid, b.

(selected) Gold (f) (Russia/Italy, 1993), with Fabio Bonzi.

Blank, Boris, b. 1938

(selected) Kremlin Mysteries of the 16th Century (f) (1991), Oh., Why Is This Night? (f) (1992), I Wish I Knew… (f) (1993), Shylock (f) (1993), The Joker’s Revenge (f) (1994), The Career of Arturo Ui - A New Version (f) (1997), The Mystery of the Woman and the Beast (d) (1998).

Blyokh, Yakov, b.

(selected) A Shanghai Document (d?) (1928).

Bobotov, Roman, b. 1968

(selected) Parents’ Day (s,d) (1996).

Bobrovsky, Anatoly, b. 1929

(selected) Mu-Mu (f) (1959), wih Y. Teterin, A Shot in the Mist (f) (1963), A Man without a Passport (f) (1965), Exodus (f) (USSR/Mongolia, 1967), Return of the “St. Lucas” (f) (1970), Nyurka’s Life (f) (1971), Black Prince (f) (1973), Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce (f) (1976), There Are No Distinctive Marks (f) (1978), The Crush of the “Terror” Operation (f) (1980), Three Men on a Highway (f) (1983), Face to Face (f) (1986), You Don’t Like Our Power, Do You? (f) (1989), Do Not Wake a Sleeping Dog (f) (1991).

Bocharova, Larisa, b.

(selected) The Birthday Is Tomorrow (s) (2001).

Bochkov, L., b.

(selected) Europe-Asia Express (s) (2000), with I. Bochkova.

Bochkova, I., b.

(selected) Europe-Asia Express (s) (2000), with L. Bochkov.

Bodrov, Sergei, b. 1948

(selected) The Voices of War (s) (1974), Sweet Dreams in the Grass (f) (1984), with Amanbek Alpiyev, Non-Professionals (f) (1985), I Hate You (f,tv) (1986), S.E.R., or Freedom Is Paradise (f) (1989), Card Shark, or The Gambler (f) (1990), The Man on Red Square (f,tv), White King, Red Queen, or Russians (f) (Russia/France/Switzerland, 1992), I Wanted to See Angels (f) (Russia/USA, 1992), Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Prisoner of the Mountains (f) (Russia/Kazakhstan, 1996), Running Free (f) (France, 1999), The Quickie (Russia/USA/Germany, 2001), Bear’s Kiss (f) (Germany, 2002).

Bodrov Jr, Sergei, 1971-2002

(selected) Sisters (f) (2001).

Bogacheva, Ekaterina, b.

(selected) In a Word at Least (d) (2001).

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