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Cubayev, Rauf, b.

(selected) Gone (d) (1992).

Ervais, Vladimir, b.

(selected) Kino (d) (1970).

Kacharov, Bakhtiar, b. 1965

(selected) The Dragon (s) (1994).

Kasymova, Margarita, b. 1938

(selected) Sabina (f) (1961), Summer of ’43 (f) (1967), Jura Sarkor (f) (1969), My Friend Guliam (f) (1971), Happiness Is Near (f) (1978), Cloud Oranaments (f) (1983), Today and Always (f) (1982), Tajikistan 1984 (d) (1984), The Cry, or The Shout (d) (1985), Earthquake (d) (1989), The White Road (d) (1989), The Man and His Two Wives (f) (1990), Love After 1000 Years, or Love in a Thousand Years (Tajikistan/Kazakhstan, 1992).

Khamidov, Tolib, b. 1956

(selected) Such Is Life (d) (1989), Identification of Wishes (f) (1991).

Khudonazarov, Davlat, b. 1944

(selected) Lullaby (s) (1966, banned), Birth (d) (197?), Youth’s First Morning (f,tv) (1979), Murmur of a Brook in Melting Snow (f) (1982), Sources (d) (1985), Master (d) (1988).

Khudoinazarov, Bakhtiar, b. 1965

(selected) Jokers (s) (1986), Dog Hunt (d) (1987), Believe It or Not (s) (1988), Brothers (f) (1991), Kosh-ba-Kosh, or New Game, Fresh Luck (f) (1993), Luna Papa (f) (Tajikistan/Russia/Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Japan, 1999), The Suit (f) (Tajikistan/Russia/Germany, 2002).

Kimyagarov, B., b.

(selected) How the Heart Works (f) (1968).

Kurbanov, Saido, b.

(selected) Viewpoint (f) (198?), with Valery Akhadov.

Makarov, Oleg, b. 1981

(selected) The Other Side Driver (s,v) (2001).

Makhammadiyev, Makhmadali, b.

(selected) All Is Quiet in Baghdad (f) (1992).

Mansurkhodyayev, Munavar, b. 1941

(selected) Sword and Reason (a) (1990).

Min, Boung-Hun, b. 1969

(selected) Person (s) (Russia?, 1995), Portrait (s) (Russia?, 1996), The Flight of the Bee (f) (Tajikistan/South Korea, 1998), with Jamshed Usmanov, Let’s Not Cry (f) (Tajikistan/South Korea, 2001).

Mirzoyeva, Gulbakhor, b. 1959

(selected) Two (d) (1989), Deus Concernat Omnia (d) (1990), Sabbath (d) (1990), Beyond the Forest (f) (1999), The Visit of the Music Teacher (d) (1999), Return to Dushanbe (d) (France, 2000).

Nuralyev, Rustam, b.

(selected) Naughty Lover (f) (2001).

Rakhimzod, Saif, b. 1953

(selected) And the Stars Are Shining over the Tanur (f) (1991).

Sabirov, Takhir, b. 1929

(selected) New Tales of Sheherezadze (f) (1986), Tears and a Sword (f) (1991).

Sadykov Bako, b. 1941

(selected) Dialog (d) (197?), Weather Unfit for Work (d) (197?), Village Teacher (d) (197?), Adonis XIV (s) (1977), Clay Bird (s) (1979), The Season of White Frogs (f,tv) (1982), Sandstorm (f) (1989), Blessed Bukhara (f) (Kazakhstan, 1990), Josus, or The Scout (f) (1992), The Island (f) (Tajikistan/Kazakhstan, 1993),The Iman from Bukhara (f) (Kazakhstan/Tajikistan/Uzbekistan, 1996).

Sharipov, Orzumurad, b. 1956

(selected) Roots (d) (1991), Gazi Nijas (d) (1992), A Handful of Native Soil (d) (1993).

Sizdikov, Zhaik, b.

(selected) Tender May (s,v) (2000).

Soliyev, Safarbek, b.

(selected) In the Name of Akuramzady (d) (1989).

Turayev, Anvar, b.

(selected) The Pain of Love (f) (1990), The Calumny (f) (Tajikistan/Russia, 1992).

Usmanov, Jamshed, b. 1965

(selected) The Man (s) (1989), Tchoh (s) (1990/2000), The Well (f) (Tajikistan/Russia, 1991/2000), The Flight of the Bee (f) (Tajikistan/South Korea, 1998), with Min Buong-Hun, The Well (f) (2000), The Angel on the Right Shoulder (f) (Tajikstan/France/Switzerland, 2002).

Yusupov, Yunus, b.

(selecteed) The Legacy of the Nine Prophets (f) (Tajikistan/Syria, 1991).

Yusupova, Mayram, b. 1949

(selected) The Aged (d) (197?), Rudaki (d) (1977), Galla (d) (1981), A Few Days in the Life of Young People (d) (1882), Assimilation (d) (1983), Motif (d) (1987), The Window (f) (1989), Face (d) (1990), The Time of Yellow Grass (f) (1991), Gilem (d) (1992), Remember Your Name (d) (1992), Korean Man (d) (1993), The Greek Vase (d) (1993), Message (d) (1994), Mission to Tajikistan (d) (1998), Mardikor (d) (2002).

Abdullayev, Bayram, b.

(selected) Dzigit Always Dzigit (d?) (199?), Where Are You, My Brother (d) (1993?), with Lora Stepanskaya, The Burnt Soul (f) (1995), with Lora Stepanskaya.

Agakhanov, Khodjakuli, b.

(selected) The Last Road (f) (1963).

Aliyev, Murad, b. 1952

(selected) Putk Olimpu (d) (1977), Machtumkuli - Veliky Poet (d) (1979), Rozhdenie (d) (1979), Etyud Ob Aktyere (d) (1981), Doroga V Zavtra (d) (1984), Palvan (d) (1985), The Story of a Horse Race (d) (1986), The Aura (d) (1988).

Alovov, Ata, b.

(selected) The Interrupted Song (f) (1993).

Annamuradov, Shikhmurad, b. 1956

(selected) Zverolov (s) (1988), Kolybelnaya (s) (1989), Rockhead (s) (Turkmenistan/Russia, 1989), Pelek Om Prum (s) (1990), The Last of Taymun (s) (1991), Madonni (s) (1992).

Annanov, Baba, b.

(selected) Sohre and Tahir (f) (1993), with Kerim Annanov.

Annanov, Kerim, b.

(selected) Sohre and Tahir (f) (1993), with Baba Annanov, The Legend (f) (1999).

Arekov, Orayberdi, b.

(selected) Children of the Earth (f) (1991).

Bekmiyev, Ilmyrat, b.

(selected) The Garden of Eden (f) (1991), The Remembrance (f) (1993).

Gummadov, Orazmyrat, b.

(selected) Kemine (d) (1991).

Ivanov-Barkov, Yevgeny., b.

(selected) Mabul (f) (1927), Dursun (f) (1940), The Distant Bride (f) (1948), Special Orders (f) (1957).

Jalliyev, Saparmuhammet, b.

(selected) The Prince’s Ghost (f) (1991), Mirgaruf’s Treasure (f) (1992).

Kakabayev, Halmammet, b. 1939

(selected) A Boy with a Donkey (s) (1973), The Color of Gold (s) (1976), The Kidnapping of the Racehorse (s) (1978), As Soon as Dad Returns (s) (1980), Short Sleeves (s) (1983), Secred Ambassador (f?) (1986), The Son (f) (1987), Bird of Paradise (f) (1992), Karma (f) (1993), Repentance (f) (1997).

Karliyev, Alti, b. 1909

(selected) The Decisive Step (f) (1965), Makhtumkuli (f) (1968).

Mammedov, Bilbil, b. 1953

(selected) Garly (s) (1985), Destiny of My Youth, or Legend of My Youth (f) (1992), The Man with the Fir Tree (f) (1995).

Mansurov, Bulat, b. 1937

(selected) The Contest (f) (1963), Quenching the Thirst (f) (1967), The Slave Girl, or Takyr, the Slave Girl (f) (1969), There Is No Death, Boys (f) (1970), Kulager’s Funeral, or Funeral Feast “Kulager” (f) (1972), Warm Winds of Ancient Bulgars (f) (1996?).

Mollanyasov, Sapar, b. 1948

(selected) Usta-Kuju (d) (1976), Shifting Sand Dunes (d) (1984), Sard (d) (1987), The Earth Cannot Wait (d) (1988), Save the Desert (d) (1990), We Have Build Us a New World (d) (1991), Session (d) (1994)..

Narliyev, Khodjakuli, b. 1937

(selected) Your Eyes (d) (1963), Me and My Brothers (d) (1964), Colors of Forty Springs (d) (1964), Turkmenistan Petrolium (d) (1967), Three Days of One Year (d) (1968/71, banned), Man Overboard (f) (1969), The Bride, or The Daughter-in-Law (f) (1972), When a Women Saddles a Horse (f) (1974), Dare to Say “No” (f) (1976), Cemal’s Tree (f) (1980), The Karakum Desert, 45 Degrees Centigrade in the Shade (f) (1982), Fragi, Deprived of Happiness (f) (1984), Manwolf, or Bird-Memory (f) (USSR/Turkey, 1989).

Nilov, Sergei, b.

(selected) Ravine of Spirits (f) (Turkmenistan/Russia, 1991).

Orazov, Murat, b.

(selected) The Return (f) (1992).

Orazov, Oraz, b.

(Selected) The Island of Serpents (f) (1992).

Orazsahedov, Kakov, b.

(selected) The Unhappy Red Indian Woman (f) (1992), The Kidnapping of the Red Indian Woman (f) (1993).

Reyepov, Eduard, b.

(selected) The Hooligan (f) (1993).

Saparov, Usman, b. 1938

(selected) Dynya (s) (1978), The Little Camel (s) (1979), A Man of 8 Years (f) (1982), with Jasgeldy Seydov, Adventures on Green Islands (f) (1985), Little Angel, Be Happy (f) (Turkmenistan/Russia, 1992), Karakum (f) (Turkmenistan/Germany, 1993), with Arend Agthe.

Soyunhanov, Muhammet, b.

(selected) Dispatched Love (f) (1993), The Champion (f) (1994).

Stepanskaya, Lora, b.

(selected) Mysteries of the Movement (d) (199?), Monologue of a Director (d?) (199?), Where Are You, My Brother (d?) (1993?), with Bayram Abdullayev, The Burnt Soul (f) (1995), with Bayram Abdullayev.

Sugaryev, Sergei, b.

(selected) Fragrance of Wishes, or The Scent of Desires (f) (1996), Parents’ Day (f) (1996).

Abbasov, Nazim, b.

(selected) Love, Thieves and Small Robbers (f) (1991), with Murod Rayabov, Fellini (f) (1999), A Date in Samara (f) (1999).

Abbosov, Eldjohn, b. 1966

(selected) Paradoxes, or A Play with Signs (f) (1988).

Abbosov, Shuhrat, b.

(selected) Vasisualy Lohankin (s) (1958), with Georgi Danelia, Little Man in a Big War (f) (198?), Land of the Fathers (f) (1998).

Abdullayev, Davron, b.

(selected) Judgment Day (f) (1992), Compulsory Love (f) (1998).

Abzalov, Melis, b.

(selected) The Old Guy with a Young Soul (f) (1993), Days Passed (f) (1998), Wedding Night (f) (1999).

Aga-Mirzaev, Muhtar, b.

(selected) The Golden Fleece (f) (1981), with Latif Fajziev.

Akbarhodzhaev, Akmal, b.

(selected) Red Sands (f) (1968), with Ali Khamrayev.

Akhmar, Khodzha, b.

(selected) Satellite of the Planet Uranus (f) (198?).

Akhmetov, Khuat, b. 1956

(selected) Naked Nature (f) (2002), Presentiment of Love (f) (2001).

Arsyanov, P., b.

(selected) The Taste of Chalva (f) (1976).

Azabat, Muharam, b.

(selected) Oh, Istanbul Istanbul (f) (1993).

Azimov, Yusuf, b.

(selected) Before Dawn (f) (1993/2000).

Babaev, Sandzhar, b.

(selected) Scratch (s) (197?), Bitterness of a Downfall (f) (198?).

Batyrov, Ravil, b. 1931

(selected) Your Traces (f) (1963), with Albert Khachaturov, The Rope Walkers (f) (1964), Don’t Shoot at the 26th (f) (1966), The Apples of 1941 (f) (1969), We’ll Be Waiting, Lad (f) (1972), My Kind Man (f) (1973), The Unforgotten Song (f) 1975), The Great Dreamer (f) (1977), Love and Fury, or Forceful Years (f) (USSR/Yugoslavia, 1978), with Zivko Ristic, The Lad Has Not Come Back (f) (1985), Around the Second Circle (f) (1987).

Boshbekov, Shafrof, b.

(selected) The Clown (f) (1995).

Boymuhamedov, Misrov, b.

(selected) The Big Scandal (f) (1996).

Bzarov, Georgy, b.

(selected) Potter and Pot (f) (1991).

Davletov, Daksalyk, b.

(selected) Gum-Gum (d?) (198?).

Davletshin, Farid, b.

(selected) Kaip’s Second Trip (d?) (198?), Emir’s Secret Journey (f) (198?), Alif Leila, or The Rogue from 1001 Nights (f) (1992), Sky, Give Me a Star (f) (1995).

Ergashyev, Isamat, b.

(selected) Stone Idol (s) (1989), Temir Chotin (s) (1990), Temir Erkak (s) (1991), The Iron Man (f) (1991), The Crook’s Fate (f) (1992), Sharif and Marif (f) (1993), A Gold Boy (f) (1994), Amir Temur the Great (f) (1996), with Baqo Sodiqov, Love (f) (1998).

Erkenov, Hussein, b. 1960

(selected) Kolka (s) (1987), Hundred Days Before Command (f) (1990), The Cold (f) (1992), Don’t Shoot at the Passenger (f) (1993).

Fajziyev, Furquat, b

(selected) As I Returned (f) (1992).

Fajziyev, Hatam, b.

(selected) Margiana (f) (1995).

Fajziyev, Jaxongir, b. 1961

(selected) Dog Soup (s) (1989), Who Are You? (f) (1991), Camni (f) (1992), Sys-Kim-Sys (d?) (1993?), Old Songs on the Main (d,tv) (1997).

Fajziyev, Habibula, b. 1938

(selected) Come Back with the Sun (f) (1969), Hello, Kind Man! (f) (1973), Mishka-Actor (f,tv) (1976), Tour of Worthy People (f,tv), (1979), The Prince and the Potter (f) (1981), Spring Melody (f,tv) (1984?),, Train to the “Childhood” Station (f) (1986), Dinosaurs of the 20th Century (f) (1990), Hey, Train Robbery (f) (1991), The Ravine (f) (1993).

Fajziyev, Latif, b. 1929

(selected) Mikita Bratus (d) (1951), Along the Amu Darya (d) (1952), Soviet Uzbekistan (d) (1953), The Rich Man and the Rustic (f) (1953), with Alexander Ginzburg, Defeat of the Emirate (f) (1955), with Vladimir Bassov, Sacred Blood (f) (1956), By Lenin’s Command (f) (1957), The Second Bloom (f) (1959), Birdie (f) (1961), Ulugbek’s Star (f) (1964), Born During the Storm (f) (1965), Sons of the Homeland (f) (1968), Living Pages of the Album (d) (1969), Timur Malik (d) (1970), Moving Miniatures (d,tv) (1971), The Oriental Tale (d,tv) (1972), Sunrise Over the Ganges (f) (1975), The Festival (d) (1976), Eyelashes for the Eyes of the House (d) (1976), The Adventures of Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves (f) (USSR/India, 1979), On His Motherland’s Service (f) (1980), The Golden Fleece (f) (1981), with Muhtar Aga-Mirzaev, The Awakening (f) (1983), Legend of Love (f) (USSR/India, 1984), with Umesh Mehra, Dragon Hunting (f) (USSR/Nicaragua, 1986), According to the Law of the Jungle, or Jungle Law, or The Hunter (f) (USSR/India, 1991), with Umesh Mehra, Gate of Fate (f) (1994).

Fataliev, Ramiz, b.

(selected) The Scondrel (f) (198?).

Fatkhullin, Aliaskar, b. 1948

(selected) A Scratch (s) (1986), A Monster or Somebody Else (f) (198?).

Ganiyev, Nabi, 1904-1953

(selected) Tachir and Suchra (f) (1945), Nasreddin’s Adventures (f) (1946).

Haydarov, Farhod, b.

(selected) Sin-2 (f) (1994).

Irgashev, Ishmail, b.

(selected) The Stone Idol (d) (198?).

Irgashyev, Olim, b. 1951

(selected) Guriya (s,f) (1984), Unsina (s,f) (1987), Almighty (s,f) (1988), Guriya (f)(1988), omnibus film with Unsina, Guria, Almighty episodes, Under the Mask of the Black Cat (f) (1991), with Yusuf Roziqov, Old Man-Angel (f) (1994).

Ishmukhamedov, Elier, b. 1942

(selected) Rendezvous (s) (1963), Tenderness (f) (1966), In Love (f) (1969), Farewell, Green Summer (f) (198?), Shock (f) (1988).

Ismailov, Abdurahim, b.

(selected) Victim of Passion (f) (1993).

Ismailov, Saodat, b.

(selected) Songi Mehton (s,v) (1999).

Isxoqov, Jusur, b.

(selected) Deserted (f) (1992), with Rustam Sadullayev.

Ixtiyorov, Bahtiyur, b.

(selected) Who Is the Dummy? (f) (1992).

Junus, Tahir, b. 1954

(selected) Thirst (d) (1999), E. Bokhidov (d) (2000), Eternal Melody (d) (2001).

Kamalova, Kamara, b. 1964

(selected) Bitter Fruit, or A Bitter Berry (f) (1975), Somebody Else’s Happiness (f) (1978), Will You Come Out Tomorrow? (f) (1980), About the Thing That Never Happened (f) (1983), My Grandson Works for the Police (f) (1986), The Savage (f) (1990), All Around Was Covered with Snow (f) (1995).

Kamshalova, Tamara, b.

(selected) Savage (f?) (198?).

Kayumov, M., b.

(selected) Visit Us in Uzbekistan (d) (1958), Vietnam - My Land! (d) (USSR/Vietnam, 1960), with Le Chuan, Y. Salkind, From Spring to Spring (d) (1963).

Khachaturov, Albert, b.

(selected) Your Traces (f) (1963), with Ravyl Batyrov.

Khamdamov, Rustam, b. 1944

(selected) My Heart Is in the Mountains (s) (1969), Unexpected Pleasures (f) (1974, uncompleted), Anna Karamazova (f) (1991), Vocal Parallels (f) (2000).

Khamrayev, Ali, b. 1937

(selected) Short Stories about Children Who… (f) (1961), with Mukadas Makhmudov, Where the Sun Always Shines (d) (1962), Salaam, Bahore! (d) (1962), He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (f) (1963), Where Are You, My Zulfiya? (f) (1964), The White, White Cranes (f) (1966), Grandmother of 5000 Grandchildren (d) (1967), Dilorom (d) (1967), Red Sands (f) (1968), with Akmal Akbarhodzhaev, The Extraordinary Commissar (f) (1970), Without Fear (f) (1971), Lenin and Turkistan (d) (1971), The Seventh Bullet (f) (1972), The Admirer (f) (1973/75, banned), Lenin and Uzbekistan (d,tv) (1974), Uzbekistan, 1941-1945, or Years of Brotherhood and Experiments: Uzbekistan, 1941-1945 (d) (1974/76, banned), Following the Birds’ Trail, or A Man Follows the Birds (f) (1975), Triptych (f) (1978), The Bodyguard (f) (1979), The Red Gate (d) (1981, banned), A Hot Summer in Kabul (f) (USSR/Afghanistan, 1982), The Bride of Vuadil (f) (1984), I Remember You (f) (1985), The Garden of Desires, or The Wishing Garden (f) (1987), Emir Timur, or Tamurlane (f) (1996, uncompleted), Bo-Ba-Bu (f) (Uzbekistan/Italy/France, 1999), The East Is a Subtle Matter (f) (2001), Bo Ba Bu (f) (Uzbekistan/Italy/France, 2000).

Khazhkasimov, Hasan, b.

(selected) The Last of the Gone (d) (1996?)

Kimsanov, Mashrab, b.

(selected) The Bridegroom from the Mouontains (f) (1999), with Achur Shokirov.

Kubayeva, Rano, b.

(selected) The Youngest (f) (1994).

Le, Chuan, b.

(selected) Vietnam - My Land! (d) (USSR/Vietnam, 1960), with M. Kayumov, Y. Salkind.

Makhmudov, Mukadas, b.

(selected) Short Stories about Children Who… (f) (1961), with Ali Khamraev.

Makhmudov, Sukhrat, b. 1949

(selected) Sarrozh (d) (1981), Mi Ne Trudniye (d) (1983), Boomerang (d) (1986), The Veil (d) (1987), Dignity, or The Secret of a Smile (d) (1988), The Flame (d) (1988), The Purple Earth (d) (1990), The Fifth Line in the Passport (d) (1992), with Rosa Mergenbueva, Syayuschy (d) (1995), Karakul (d) (1996), Black Ashes (d) (1997).

Makhmudova, Ravshana, b.

(selected) Julia, or Yulya (d) (2001).

Malikov, Rashid, b.

(selected) A Clinic (f) (1988), Midnight Blues (f) (1991), The Secret of Bracken (f) (1992), The Foot (f) (1998).

Mergenbueva, Rosa, b.

(selected) The Flame (d) (1988), The Fifth Line in the Passport (d) (1992), with Sukhrat Makhmudov.

Muhammadyonov, Rixsivoi, b.

(selected) The Golden Wall (f) (1992).

Muqimov, Murat, b.

(selected) I’ve Been Looking for You (f) (1991).

Musafarov, Bakadur, b. 1942

(selected) Aral-Kum (d) (1988), How a Smile Was Born (d) (199?), Son of Uzbekistan (d) (199?), Battle without a Winner (d) (199?), The Year of the Snake (d) (199?).

Musoqov, Zulfiqor, b. 1958

(selected) Sudny Den (s) (1983), Lastochka (s) (1988), Askar Ertagi, or Soldatskaya Skaska (f) (1989), Abduladshan the UFO Kid (f) (1991), Stiveny Spilbergy, or Steven Spielberg (d) (1991), The Bomb (f) (1995), I Wish (f) (1997), Tabib, the Little Faith-Healer (f) (1998).

Nazarmuhamedov, Sobir, b.

(selected) Wolves (d?) (198?), Bitter Tears in My Dreams (f) (1991), The Only Memory (f) (1998).

Nazarov, Uchkan, b.

(selected) Fiery Drums, or The Battle of the Three Kings (f) (Uzbekistan/Morroco, 198?).

Odilov, Bahodir, b.

(selected) The First Kiss (f) (1991), The Broker (f) (1993).

Orynbasarova, Rosa, b. 1957

(selected) Think Easy of Me (d) (1984), Vacation of Love (d) (1985), Atchisay (d) (1988), The House (d) (1989), Sacrifice for the Emperor (f) (1991), The Waiting Room (f) (Russia/France, 1992).

Qosimov, Jaxongir, b.

(selected) Poor Guys! (f) (1991).

Rasulov, I., b.

(selected) Brother Sharif in Tashkent (f) (1995).

Rayabov, Murod, b.

(selected) Love, Thieves and Small Robbers (f) (1991), with Nozim Abbosov.

Rojzman, Zinoviy, b. 1941

(selected) A House under the Hot Sun (f) (1977), In the Mainstream of a Furious River (f,tv) (1980), Password “Hotel Regina” (f) (1984), with Yury Agzamov, Galaxy of Love (f,tv) (1984), A Representative of the Revolution (f,tv) (1987), Code of Silence (f) (1990), Code of Silence II (f) (Uzbekistan/Russia, 1993).

Roziqov, Yusuf (Yusup Razykov), b. 1957

(selected) The Ladder in the House with a Lift (s) (1983), Under the Mask of the Black Cat (f) (1991), with Olim Irgashyev, It’s All My Fault (f) (1993), with D. Vishnevsky, Angel on Fire (f) (1992), Orator (f) (1999), Women’s Paradise, or The Kingdom of Women (f) (2000), The Dance of the Men (f) (2001), Comrade Boykenzhayev (f) (2002).

Sabitov, Yury, b.

(selected) Singed by Kandahar (d?) (198?), Left March, Right March (f) (1991).

Sodiqov, Baqo, b.

(selected) Amir Temur the Great (f) (1996), with Isamat Ergashyev.

Sadullayev, Rustam, b.

(selected) Deserted (f) (1992), with Jusur Isxoqov.

Saldadse, Ljudmila, b. 1940

(selected) Rhythm of Uzbekistan (d) (1968), My Home (d) (1971), A Heart As a Present (d) (1975).

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