Creating an image map in Serif WebPlus

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Creating an image map in Serif WebPlus

1. Insert the image onto your page using the Import Picture button.

2. Click on the Insert Hotspot icon

3. Click and drag with your mouse to create a hotspot. Initially it will be a rectangle but it can be resized and modified later.

4. The hyperlink menu will appear. Choose the type of hyperlink you want and any other information such as web address if you linking to an external website.
The Title box provides alternative text that will pop up when the user puts their mouse over the hotspot.

5. Click on the outer squares to resize the hotspot. The inner squares will allow you to add extra points to change the shape of the hotspot. Double click to add a new moveable point.

6. Repeat stages 2 – 5 for each hotspot you wish to add to your image.

7. Preview your page to check that the hyperlinks work.

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