Cp-766 Date 2007/08/28 ct isocenter Status: Final Text

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CP-766 Date 2007/08/28

CT Isocenter Status: Final Text

DICOM Correction Item

Correction Number CP-766

Log Summary: CT Isocenter

Type of Modification


Name of Standard

PS3.3 – 2007

Rationale for Correction

Additional value within C.8.2.1 CT Image Module Attribute. This change proposal requires the reference to the ISO Center in the image header

Concerning the CP-554 (Isocenter position for RT Images) and the already defined Data Collection Center for Enhance CT Image Module (C. the CT Image Module C.8-3 shall be extended by Data Collection Center and Reconstruction Target Center.

Sections of documents affected

PS 3.3 Section C.8.2.1

Correction Wording:

Add to PS 3.3, Table C.8-3

C.8.2.1 CT Image Module

The table in this Section contains IOD Attributes that describe CT images.

Table C.8-3


Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Include 'General Anatomy Optional Macro' Table 10-7

Defined Context ID for the Anatomic Region Sequence is 4030.

Data Collection Center (Patient)



The x, y, and z coordinates (in the patient coordinate system) in mm of the center of the region in which data were collected. See C.

Reconstruction Target Center (Patient)



The x, y, and z coordinates (in the patient coordinate system) of the reconstruction center target point as used for reconstruction in mm. See C.

Note: If the reconstructed image is not magnified or panned the value corresponds with the Data Collection Center (0018,9313) attribute

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