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Ministry of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the Republic of Belarus 5

Construction of the 5th process line for crushed stone production the GRANIT RUME 5

Construction of the Sitnitsa Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise 8

Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus 10

Starting the production of cardan shafts for cars equipped with the joints of equal angular velocity and driveshafts 10

The Investment project 2006-2011 on mastering of manufacture of perspective hydraulics of steering control for automobile technical equipment with use of new and high tech at the RUIE «Borisov plant «Autogydrousilitel» 13

Reequipment of starters and alternators manufacture of JSC «BATE»

on the period of 2006-2010 16

Technical modernization of the drawing shop and the wire and cable manufacturing shop at JSC «Shchuchin plant «Autoprovod» 19

Creation of a new building hoist’s production 22

Technical reequipment for the purpose of production of hydraulic units for the dump-trucks «BelAZ» 24

Reconstruction of a melting site of the foundry shop 28

Organization of assembling production of «Belarus-2103» track-type tractor and its modifications 31

Technical re-equipment of RUPE «BELAZ» and RUPE «BELAZ» subsidiary in Mogilev for 2008-2012 years 34

Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus 37

Organization of the production of new import-substituting veterinarian medications and medications adequate to GMP at UE «Vitebskaya Biofabrika» 37

Organization of the production of the packaging made of laminated
and foil-clad paper for food products of «Tetra-Pak»- type in RUPE «BEREZATARA» 39

Reconstruction of the Fish Processing Smoking and conservation JSC «Rybhoz «Krasnaj Zorka» 41

Reconstruction of the Fish Processing Plant at the RPCUE «Rybhoz «Novoselki» 44

Organization of bacterial concentration products production for dairy industry 47

Construction of a pig-breeding complex for 24 000 heads on the basis
of Bereza Feed Mill OJSC 50

Construction of a metal grain-elevator with a capacity of 20 thousand tons at Bereza Feed Mill OJSC 52

Construction of a department for processing of oil crops and manufacturing of mill-cakes and oil at Slutsk Grain Products Plant OJSC 54

Construction of a compound feeds workshop (mill) of Khodosy Feed Mill PPUE 56

Construction of a mini heat power plant at Borisov Grain Products Plant UE 58

Creation of Pedigree Herds of Gerford and Aberdin-Anguss Breeds

in the Area of Belarusian Polessye 60

The trading-logistical complex with the potato-vegetable terminal

on 20000 tons 63

Complex for cleaning crop seeds (cereals – 10 000 tons, perennial grasses – 10 000 tons, vegetables – 200 tons) 65

Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus 67

Organization of production of metal goods of access restriction

and elements of interior of trade organizations 67

Setting-up of the wholesale-and-logistic centre on the basis of the facility, located in the town of Orsha 70

Setting-up of the wholesale-and-logistic centre on the basis of the facility of JSC Belstroymaterialy, located in the town of Smolevichy 73

Setting-up of the wholesale-and-logistic centre on the basis of the facility, located in the town of Brest 76

Setting-up of the wholesale-and-logistic centre on the basis of the facility, located in the town of Mogilev 79

Setting-up of the wholesale-and-logistic centre on the basis of the facility, located in the town of Gomel 82

«Business Center on Zagorodnyj» 85

Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic
of Belarus 87

Purchase of vessel by CJSC «Belarusian Shipping Company» 87

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus 90

Introduction of steam and gas technologies at Mozyr HPP 90

Reconstruction of the substation 330/110/10 kV «Minsk-Severnaya»
in Minsk 92

Reconstruction of Substation 330/220/110/35 kV «Miradino» in Bobruisk district, Mogilev region 95

Construction of Vitebsk hydro-electric power station on the Western Dvina river 98

Сonstruction of 660 MW Coal Condensation Electric Power Station Zelvenskaya 100

Mogilev Heat Power Plant. Reconstruction of turbines № 2 and 3, Automatic Control System 102

Bereza State District Power Plant. Installation of 450 MW power generating unit on a new site. 104

Concern «Belbiopharm» 106

Reconstruction of the production areas for manufacture of medicinal preparations by «Dialek» Unitary Enterprise in Minsk 106

Build-up of new production of solid dosage forms at Borisov Factory
of Healthcare Products Republican Unitary Enterprise (RUE) 109

Concern «Belgospischeprom» 112

The organisation of manufacture of bioethanol

on OJSC «Zhabinka Sugar Plant» 112

The building «Minsk juice plant» 115

Building of Logistics center in Minsk region 118

Concern «Bellegprom» 120

Transposition of the Spinning-Mill of Minsk Sukno Open Joint Stock Company 120

Creation of a production of chrome and yuft leather goods for work footwear at Grodno Republican unitary enterprise «Grodno Industrial Leather Association» 123

Modernisation of sections on discharge of imitation leathers and oilcloths of a dining room of Joint Stock Company 126

Partial re-profiling of Brest Carpets JSC for upholstery and furniture fabrics production and technical modernization of carpet-weaving production 129

Concern «Belneftekhim» 132

Organization of production of weaving and clothing manufacture of home textile at JSC «Rechitsa textiles» 132

Reconstruction of nylon industrial and cord yarn production at JSC «Grodno Khimvolokno» 135

Construction of the heavy oil residue hydrocracking plant at JSC «Mozyr Oil Refinery» 138

Construction of a delayed coking unit at JSC «Naftan» 141

Construction of Paraxylene Production Complex at JSC «Mozyr Oil Refinery» 144

Construction of new petrochemical plants at JSC «Polymir» 147

Belcoopsoyuz 150

The reconstruction of Chervensky market in Minsk 150

Shopping centre (hypermarket) of Belcoopsoyuz in the area of Mogilyov highway – Minsk Encircling Highway (MEH) in Minsk 152

Brest Region Executive Committee 155

Technical re-equipment of coffee drinks technological line at «Baranovichy plant of food products» 155

Technical re-equipment of manufacture of the JSC «Linovskiy starch plant» 158

Tourist complex «The Star of the East» 161

Vitebsk Region Executive Committee 164

Enlargement of the industrial base for production Of Purification complexes 164

Reconstruction of the «Agros» company to the factory «Plastbau»
of producing of the building designs under the license
«Plastedil International Ltd» 167

Manufacture on release of the hoisting-and-transport and special equipment 170

Construction of administrative - shopping center and multilevel parking
at the address: Vitebsk, crossroad of Stroitelei and Pobedy avenues 173

Construction of a hotel complex in the central historical part of the city

of Vitebsk 176

Construction of the youth center of leisure in the city of Vitebsk 178

Expansion of manufacture of wood fuel granules (pellets) 180

Оrganization of production of porous ceramic wall materials

(blocks, bricks) at Obol ceramic plant 183

Modernization of museum of Mark Shagal in Vitebsk 186

Gomel Region Executive Committee 188

Town of entertainments in Gomel, the Republic of Belarus 188

Opening of international business tourist center in Gomel 190

Development of road metal production in Lelchitsa region 194

Grodno Region Executive Committee 197

Creations of a multifunctional hotel and entertainment complex, construction of a working museum of beer on the territory of the Unitary Branch Establishment «Grodno Brewery» 197

Construction of a factory on manufacture of cars in Lida 200

Reconstruction of the part of the Avgustovskiy Canal. The object

of infrastructure «Open-air cafe near sluice «Dmisevichi» 203

Minsk City Executive Committee 205

Creation of local networks of data transmission in territory of microdistricts of Minsk for connection of new users to operating services of Joint-Stock Company «SOLO» 205

Carrying out of the enterprise, as city of Minsk inappropriate to rules 208

Reconstruction of building for industrial purposes and offices along

the street Voronianskogo, 95 in the city of Minsk 210

Foundation of an enterprise on repair, reconstruction and city roads construction 212

The creation of the scientific manufacturing company
«ADANI-Rentgenotechnika» in order to develop
and manufacture the advanced X-ray equipment 214

Minsk Region Executive Committee 218

Organization of the Modern System for Separate Collection and Processing of Solid Domestic Waste 218

Construction object of roadside service with servicing station of cars,
a gasoline station and hotel on highway М1 Moscow-Brest in 13 km from the Minsk ring highway 221

Construction an industrial-warehouse complex in Hatezhino 223

Mogilev Region Executive Committee 225

Reconstruction of JSC «Bobruisk meat processing plant» meat-fat workshop 225

Construction of an all-year-round and fitness complex 227

The construction of the shop of the half-finished potato products 230

FEZ «Vitebsk» Administration 233

Construction of pectin producing plant with the capacity 600 t per year 233

Foundation of a modern plant producing high quality building materials
on the basis of a magnesia astringent for building low rise-houses 236

Foundation of modern dolomite recycling plants and production magnesia cement, lime and astringent gypsum materials using energy-saving technology 239

 FEZ «Gomel-Raton» Administration 241

Organization and development of import substitution production

of hygienic feminine sanitary pads and children diapers 241

Paper single-use utensils production organization 244

Organization of CD-R and DVD-R production, CD-R and DVD-R boxes production within FEZ «Gomel-Raton» territory 247

Creation of transport and logistic center on Free Economic Zone Gomel-Raton territory 250

Soft tiles production organization on FEZ Gomel-Raton territory 252

Thin basalt fiber production organization 255

Organization of 5-layer metal-polymer tubes production 258

FEZ «Grodnoinvest» Administration 261

Establishment of enterprise on polyurethane foam manufacture 261

Creation of a production of disposable sanitary-hygienic products
on the territory of FEZ «Grodnoinvest» 264

Creation of a transport-logistics centre on the territory of free economic zone «Grodnoinvest» 266

Setting up an enterprise majoring in manufacture of photoelectric transducers 269

Modernization of silex brick production at «Grodno Building Materials Plant» JSC 272

Starting production of thermal insulating materials using short flax-fibre
at the free production spaces of the unitary enterprise «Groniteks» 275

Construction of a wind-driven plant factory 278

FEZ «Minsk» Administration 281

Organization of manufacture of bacterial concentrates according to new technologies on production facilities of PRUE «Exmolltech» 281

Organization of manufactures on production of semiexpendable hygiene and sanitary goods 284

Organization of manufacture of tin corks with plastic ring «ring pull» 286

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