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INDEX ASKLEPIOS 77 – 78 – 79



Letter to the Editor [a.77]p.2

Is Classification Science or Art? [a.77]p.3

M.B. Bayer

Book Review; A handbook of the Yemen Flora [a.77]p.10

J.R.I. Wood

Brachystelma in Botswana, Malawi and Lesotho [a.77]p.11

Bruce J. Hargreaves

Book Review; Carallumas of the Indian Subcontinent [a.77]p.14

R. Gandhi

A Note on Brachystelma gerrardii Harv. [a.77]p.15

P.R. Alp

Letter to the Editor [a.77]p.15

What is Caralluma aucheriana [Decaisne] [a.77]p.17

N.E. Brown – Bert Jonkers

Asclepiads in Literature [a.77]p.27

Colin C. Walker

Book Review; Wildflowers of Saudi Arabia [a.77]p.30

S. Collenette

Fly Trapping in Ceropegia Flowers – Evidence of Ant-Predation

of Pollinators [a.77]p.31

Jeff Ollerton

Duvalias in Saudi Arabia [a.78]p.4

Sheila Collenette

Book Review; “Les Cedres”, An Exceptional Botanical Garden [a.78]p.6

J.P. Demoly

Grafting the Stapeliads [a.78]p.7

Iztok Mulej

What is a Species? Is a Consensus View Possible? [a.78]p.11

W.F. Maddams

Book Review; Generische revision der

Marsdenieae [Asclepiadaceae] [a.78]p.12

R. Omlor

Asclepiads in Literature [a.78]p.14

Colin C. Walker

Book Review; CD-Succulent [a.78]p.17

H. Mak

The genus Hoya R.Br [Asclepiadaceae; Marsdenieae]

as Commonly Cultivated in Australia [a.78]p.18

Paul I. Forster, David J. Liddle & Iris M. Liddle

John Medley Wood’s Natal Asclepiads [a.79]p.3

Colin C. Walker and Philip E. Downs

Computer Internet Hoya Collectors Group [a.79]p.9

Dale Kloppenburg

Ceropegia and Fockea in Botswana [a.79]p.10

Bruce J. Hargreaves

Huernias in Saudi Arabia [a.79]p.16

Sheila Collenette

Asclepiad Rubber – A Further Note [a.79]p.19

Phil Clark

Stapeliads and their Kin in Botswana –

Some New Observations [a.79]p.20

Desmond T. Cole

Asclepiads in Literature [a.79]p.25

Colin C. Walker

Book Review; Succulents 11- The New Illustrated Dictionary [a.79]p.28

Maurizio Sajeva & Mariangela Costanzo

A Key to American Asclepiad Genera [a.79]p.29

Christian O Heyne


Angolluma denboefii [a.78]p.16

Angolluma semitubiflora [a.78]p.16

Brachystelma alpinum [a.77]p.11

Brachystelma arnotii [a.77]p.11

Brachystelma australe [a.77]p.27

Brachystelma barberae [a.77]p.11,12,13 [a.79]p.15

Brachystelma brevipedicellatum [a.77]p.27

Brachystelma bruceae subsp. bruceae [a.77]p.27

Brachystelma buchananii [a.77]p.11,13

Brachystelma caffrum [a.77]p.27

Brachystelma caudatum [a.78]p.14

Brachystelma circinatum [a.77]p.12

Brachystelma companulatum [a.78]p.14

Brachystelma comptum [a.77]p.15

Brachystelma cupulatum [a.77]p.12

Brachystelma decipiens [a.78]p.14

Brachystelma foetidum [a.77]p.12,13,27

Brachystelma franksiae [a.77]p.15 [a.79]p.6

Brachystelma galpinii [a.77]p.12

Brachystelma gerrardii [a.77]p.16

Brachystelma glenense [a.77]p.16

Brachystelma gracile [a.77]p.12

Brachystelma huttonii [a.77]p.14

Brachystelma macropetalum [a.77]p.15,16

Brachystelma modestum [a.77]p.27

Brachystelma natalense [a.77]p.15

Brachystelma perditum [a.77]p.12

Brachystelma plocamoides [a.77]p.12,13

Brachystelma praelongum [a.77]p.14

Brachystelma ramosissimum [a.77]p.15

Brachystelma schizoglossoides [a.77]p.15

Brachystelma tavalla [a.77]p.27

Brachystelma tuberosum [a.78]p.14

Boucerosia aucheriana [a.77]p.17,21,23

Boucerosia sinaica [a.77]p.17

Caralluma arabica [a.77]p.21,23,25,26

Caralluma aucheriana [a.77]p.17,25,26 [a.78]p.16

Caralluma baldratii [[a.77]p.27

Caralluma bhupinderiana [a.77]p.14

Caralluma burchardii [a.78]p.7

Caralluma edulis [a.77]p.17

Caralluma flava [a.77]p.21,25,26

Caralluma joannis [a.78]p.7

Caralluma mammilaris [a.78]p.15

Caralluma moniliformis [a.77]p.29

Caralluma munbyana [a.77]p.25

Caralluma penicillata [a.77]p.21,25

Caralluma peschii [a.77]p.27

Caralluma plicatiloba [a.77]p.14

Caralluma sinaica [a.77]p.17

Caralluma speciosa [a.78]p.7,16

Caralluma staintonii [a.77]p.14

Caralluma torta [a.77]p.29

Caralluma tuberculata [a.77]p.14,17,25

Ceropegia albisepta var. robynsiana [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia ampliata [a.79]p.10

Ceropegia aristolochioides [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia ballyana [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia bonafouxii [a.79]p.10

Ceropegia bulbosa-vignaldiana [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia cimiciodora [a.77]p.27

Ceropegia crassifolia [a.79]p.10,11,13,14

Ceropegia cufodontis [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia denticulata [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia distincta [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia distincta ssp. haygarthii [a.77]p.27

Ceropegia floribunda [a.79]p.11

Ceropegia imbricata [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia inornata [a.78]p.16 [[a.79]p.27

Ceropegia keniensis [a.79]p.27

Ceropegia konasita Masinde [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia leucotaenia [a.79]p.11

Ceropegia linearis [a.78]p.7 [a.79]p.7,27

Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii [a.78]p.7,8 [a.79]p.4,6

Ceropegia lugardae [a.79]p.11,13

Ceropegia meyerjohannis [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia mosambiquensis [a.79]p.11

Ceropegia multiflora [a.79]p.11,12

Ceropegia multiflora subsp. multiflora [a.79]p.11

Ceropegia multiflora subsp. multiflora forma pubescens [a.79]p.11

Ceropegia multiflora subsp. tentaculata [a.79]p.11

Ceropegia nilotica [a.77]p.31,32 [a.78]p.16 [a.79]p.11,12,13

Ceropegia pachystelma [a.79]p.12,13

Ceropegia powysii [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia purpurescens [a.79]p.12

Ceropegia pygmaea [a.79]p.14

Ceropegia racemosa [a.78]p.16 [[a.79]p.14

Ceropegia radicans subsp. smithii [a.77]p.16

Ceropegia rendalli [a.78]p.7

Ceropegia rendallii v. adelaidae [a.77]p.27

Ceropegia rupicola [a.78]p.8

Ceropegia sandersonii [a.78]p.7

Ceropegia seticorona [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia somalensis [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia stapeliformis [a.77]p.27

Ceropegia tentaculata [a.79]p.11,12

Ceropegia variegata [a.78]p.16

Ceropegia vignaldiana [a.79]p.27

Ceropegia woodii [a.79]p.4,6,7

Ceropegia zeyheri [a.77]p.27

Cibirhiza dhofarensis [a.77]p.29

Cynanchum marnieranum [a.78]p.6

Diplocyathia ciliata [a.77]p.27

Duvalia caespitosa var. compacta [a.77]p.9

Duvalia corderoyi [a.77]p.9

Duvalia elegans var. seminuda [a.77]p.9

Duvalia galgalensis [a.77]p.29

Duvalia modesta [a.77]p.8

Duvalia parviflora [a.77]p.9

Duvalia pillansii [a.77]p.7

Duvalia polita [a.78]p.14

Duvalia polita var. transvaalensis [a.79]p.20

Duvalia pubescens [a.77]p.9

Duvalia sulcata [a.77]p.27 [a.78]p.5,6

Duvalia sulcata var. semi-nuda [a.78]p.4,5,6

Duvalia velutina [a.78]p.4,5,6

Duvalia vestita [a.77]p.9

Echidnopsis cereifomis [a.77]p.30 [a.78]p.7

Echidnopsis dammanniana [a.78]p.7

Echidnopsis leachii [a.78]p.16

Echidnopsis mijerteina var. marchandii [a.77]p.29

Eustegia minuta [a.78]p.14

Fockea angustifolia [a.78]p.15 [a.79]p.13,15,23

Fockea edulis [a.77]p.11 [a.79]p.15

Fockea manroi [a.79]p.15

Fockea multiflora [a.79]p.13,14

Fockea tugelensis [a.79]p.13

Hoodia bainii [a.78]p.8

Hoodia delaetiana [a.78]p.14

Hoodia gordonii [a.77]p.27 [a.79]p.20,22

Hoodia lugardii [a.79]p.20,22

Hoodia parviflora [a.77]p.27

Hoya acuta [a.78]p.21,24

Hoya annulata [a.78]p.18,24

Hoya archboldiana [a.78]p.18,24

Hoya australis [a.78]p.19,23

Hoya australis subsp. australis [a.78]p.24

Hoya australis subsp. rupicola [a.78]p.31

Hoya bella [a.78]p.21

Hoya bilobata [a.78]p.22

Hoya carnosa [a.78]p.22,24

Hoya caudata [a.78]p.22

Hoya ciliata [a.78]p.18,24

Hoya cinnamomifolia [a.78]p.22

Hoya compacta [a.78]p.22,24

Hoya cummingiana [a.78]p.23,24

Hoya diversifolia [a.78]p.23

Hoya flavida [a.78]p.23,24

Hoya fraterna [a.78]p.23

Hoya gigas [a.78]p.18,24

Hoya globulosa [a.78]p.24

Hoya ‘Hawaiian Royal Purple’ [a.78]p.30

Hoya imperialis [a.78]p.18,24

Hoya ‘Indian Rope’ [a.78]p.23

Hoya kerrii [a.78]p.15,24

Hoya ‘Krinkle 8’ [a.78]p.23

Hoya lacunosa [a.78]p.24

Hoya lanceolata [a.78]p.21,24

Hoya lanceolata subsp. bella [a.78]p.21

Hoya linearis [a.78]p.26,29

Hoya longifolia [a.78]p.26

Hoya macgillivrayi [a.78]p.26,29

Hoya magnifica [a.78]p.26,29

Hoya ‘Mauna-Loa’ [a.78]p.23

Hoya micrantha [a.78]p.27

Hoya motoskei [a.78]p.27

Hoya multiflora [a.78]p.27,29

Hoya nummularioides [a.78]p.27

Hoya obovata [a.78]p.27

Hoya obscura [a.78]p.29

Hoya odorata [a.78]p.29

Hoya padangensis [a.78]p.29

Hoya parviflora [a.78]p.29

Hoya pauciflora [a.78]p.29

Hoya picta [a.78]p.22

Hoya pimenteliana [a.78]p.15

Hoya polyneura [a.78]p.30

Hoya polystachya [a.78]p.29

Hoya pottsii [a.78]p.30

Hoya pubicalyx [a.78]p.29,30

Hoya purpurea [a.78]p.18,29

Hoya ‘Red Buttons’ [a.78]p.30

Hoya ‘Regalis’ [a.78]p.23

Hoya rubida [a.77]p.29

Hoya ‘Rubra’ [a.78]p.22

Hoya samoensis [a.78]p.30

Hoya serpens [a.78]p.30

Hoya shepherdii [a.78]p.31

Hoya ‘Silver Leaf’ [a.78]p.30

Hoya subcalva [a.78]p.18,29

Hoya subquintuplinervis [a.78]p.31

Hoya ‘Superba’ [a.78]p.26

Hoya sussuela [a.78]p.18,29

Hoya ‘Tricolor’ [a.78]p.22

Hoya tsangii [a.78]p.31

Hoya ‘Variegata’ [a.78]p.22

Huernia arabica [a.79]p.17

Huernia hystrix [a.79]p.5,6

Huernia kirkii [a.78]p.16

Huernia laevis [a.79]p.17,18

Huernia lavrani [a.77]p.29

Huernia lodarensis [a.79]p.17

Huernia longituba [a.79]p.23

Huernia sp. aff. lodarensis [a.79]p.18

Huernia macrocarpa [a.78]p.7

Huernia marnierana [a.78]p.6

Huernia saudi-arabica [a.79]p.17

Huernia schneideriana [a.78]p.7,16

Huernia sp. aff. boleana [a.79]p.17,19

Huernia sp. 1176 [a.79]p.17,19

Huernia sp. 3610 [a.79]p.17,19

Huernia sp. 5944 [a.79]p.17,19

Huernia [C075] [a.79]p.23

Huernia tanganyikensis [a.78]p.16

Huernia zebrina macrocarpa [a.77]p.27

Huerniopsis decipiens [a.79]p.20,23

Huerniopsis papillata [a.79]p.23

Ichnolepis tuberosa [a.78]p.15

Larryleachia picta [a.78]p.9

Lavrania cactiformis [a.78]p.17

Lavrania haagnerae [a.78]p.14

Lavrania marlothii [a.78]p.14

Lavrania perlata [a.78]p.14

Marsdenia verrucosa [a.79]p.19

Notechidopsis columnaris [a.79]p.25

Notechidopsis tessellata [aa.79]p.25

Ophionella arcuata [a.79]p.25

Ophionella arcuata subsp. mirkinii [a.79]p.25

Ophionella willowmorensis [a.79]p.25

Orbea semota [a.78]p.16

Orbea tapscottii [a.79]p.20,23

Orbea variegata [a.79]p.25

Orbea woodii [a.79]p.4,6,7,8

Orbeopsis caudata ssp. rhodesiaca [a.78]p.8

Pachycymbium carnosum [a.78]p.7 [a.79]p.23

Piaranthus atrosanguineus [a.79]p.25

Piaranthus decipiens [a.79]p.25

Piaranthus framesii [a.77]p.7,8

Piaranthus geminatus [a.77]p.9

Piaranthus parvulus [a.77]p.9

Piaranthus punctatus [a.77]p.7,8

Pseudolithos caput-viperae [a.79]p.26

Pseudolithos cubiformis [a.77]p.29 [a.79]p.26

Pseudolithos migiurtinus [a.77]p.27,29 [a.78]p.15 [a.79]p.26

Quaqua mammillaris [a.78]p.14

Quaqua pallens [a.79]p.26

Raphionacme burkei [a.79]p.20,23

Raphionacme hirsuta [a.79]p.20,22

Rhyssolobium dumosum [a.78]p.14

Rhytidocaulon tortum [a.77]p.30 [a.78]p.15

Schlechterella abyssinica [a.78]p.17

Schlechterella africana [a.78]p.17

Spathulopetalum moniliforme [a.77]p.29

Stapelia asterias [a.78]p.15

Stapelia erectiflora var prostratiflora [a.78]p.15

Stapelia gettliffei [a.79]p.23

Stapelia gigantea [a.78]p.7,9 [a.79]p.5,6,20,22

Stapelia grandiflora [a.78]p.7 [a.79]p.25

Stapelia john-lavranosi [a.77]p.27

Stapelia kwebensis [a.79]p.23

Stapelia similis [a.78]p.14

Stapelia [S074] [a.79]p.23

Stapelia woodii [[a.79]p.8

Stapeliopsis breviloba [a.77]p.9

Tavaresia barklyi [a.77]p.27

Tavaresia thompsonii [a.77]p.15

Tavaresia thompsoniorum [a.77]p.15

Tenaris rubella [a.77]p.13

Tromotriche aperta [a.78]p.14

Tromotriche pedunculata [a.78]p.14

Tromotriche rushiana [a.78]p.14

Tromotriche thudichumii [a.77]p.9

Tylophora anomala [a.79]p.27

Tylostema esculenta [a.79]p.20

Whitesloanea crassa [a.79]p.26

Woodia verruculosa [a.79]p.4,6

Xysmalobium woodii [a.79]p.4

Alp, P.R. [a.77]p.15,16

Aucher-Eloy, P.M.R. [a.77]p.17,18,19,22,23,25,26

Bayer, M.B. [a.77]p.3 [a.79]p.11,12

Bayliss, Roy [a.77]p.11

Brown, N.E. [a.77]p.12,25 [a.79]p.6,7,17

Bruyns, Peter [a.77]p.26

Burton, C.M. [a.79]p.18

Clark, Phil [a.79]p.14,19

Cole, Desmond [a.79]p.11,20

Collenette, S. [a.77]p.30 [a.78]p.4 [a.79]p.17

Costanzo, Mariangela [a.79]p.28

Cronquist, Prof. A. [a.77]p.3

Darwin, Charles [a.77]p.4

Decaisne, Joseph [a.77]p.17

Demoly, J.P. [a.78]p.6

Downs, P.E. [a.77]p.13 [a.79]p.3,28

Dyer, R. Allen [a.77]p.15 [a.79]p.7

Edmondson, John {a.77]p.25

Evans, Maurice S. [a.79]p.5

Forster, Paul [a.79]p.14,18

Franks, Miss Millicent {a.79]p.5,7

Gandhi, R. [a.77]p.14

Goyder, Dr David [a.77]p.32

Guillarmod, Jacot [a.77]p.12

Hargreaves, Bruce J. [a.77]p.11,13 [a.79]p.10

Harp, Cyril [a.77]p.13

Haygarth, Elizabeth [a.79]p.3

Haygarth, Mary [a.79]p.3

Haygarth, Walter J. [a.79]p.5

Hedgecock, G.A. [a.77]p.13

Heyne, Christian O. [a.79]p.29

Ho, Dr Mae-Wan [a.77]p.4

Jaubert, Count [a.77]p.18

Lauth, Miss Frieda [a.79]p.5

Jonkers, Bert [a.77]p.17

Jonkers, Dr H.A. [a.77]p.15

Kloppenburg, Dale [a.78]p.18 [a.79]p.9

Kroesen, Albert Carel Johan [a.79]p.28

Lamborn, Ellen [a.77]p.32

Lavranos, John [a.77]p.3,5,6 [a.78]p.6 [a.79]p.18

Leach, Larry [a.79]p.7

Liddle, David J. [a.79]p.18,30

Liddle, Iris M. [a.79]p.18

Maddams, W.F. [a.79]p.11

Mak, H [a.79]p.17

Martin, Barry [a.77]p.32

Medley Wood, John [a.79]p.3,8

Meve, U. [a.77]p.7,10

Milne-Redhead, E. [a.77]p.32

Moore, Chris [a.78]p.3

Mottram, Roy [a.79]p.14

Mulej, Iztok [a.78]p.7

Noble, Peter William [a.79]p.27

Oakman, Neil [a.79]p.25

Ollerton, Jeff [a.77]p.31 [a.79]p.19

Omlor, R. [a.79]p.12

Owens, Prof. Simon [a.77]p.32

Plowes, Darrel [a.79]p.17,23

Pooley, Elsa [a.77]p.15

Rowley, Gordon [a.79]p.14

Sajeva, Maurizio [a.79]p.28

Spearing, J.K. [a.77]p.7

Taylor, P. [a.77]p.32

Van Donkelaar [a.79]p.18

Walker, Dr Colin [a.77]p.7,27 [a.78]p.14 [[a.79]p.3,25

Wood J.R.I. [a.77]p.10 [a.79]p.3


Africa, South [a.77]p.3,11,12,15 [a.78]p.14 [a.79]p.3,11,14,23

Angola [a.77]p.15 [a.79]p.10,14

Arabia [a.77]p.18

Armenia [a.77]p.17

Asia Minor [a.77]p.17

Australia [a.78]p.15,18,26

Botswana [a.77]p.11,12 [a.79]p.10,11,14,20,22,23

Burma [a.78]p.21,27

Cape Province [a.77]p.3,9 [a.78]p.14 [a.79]p.4

China [a.78]p.22

Constantinople [a.77]p.17

Cyprus [a.77]p.17

Drakensberg [a.77]p.15

Durban [a.77]p.15 [a.79]p.3,4,5,8

Egypt [a.77]p.17

Ethiopia [a.78]p.15

France [a.78]p.6

Germany [a.78]p.12

Grahamstown [a.77]p.15

Greece [a.77]p.17

India [a.77]p.14 [a.78]p.24,26,29,30,31

Japan [a.78]p.22

Java [a.78]p.23,27

Kenya [a.78]p.15 [a.79]p.11

KwaZulu-Natal [a.77]p.12,15 [a.79]p.3

Lesotho [a.77]p.11,12

Madagascar [a.78]p.6 [a.79]p.10

Malawi [a.77]p.11,12 [a.79]p.12

Malaysia [a.78]p.22,27

Mosambique [a.79]p.10,12

Namibia [a.77]p.11,12 [a.79]p.10,11,14

New Delhi [a.77]p.14

New Guinea [a.78]p.26,30

Oman [a.77]p.17,18,19,25 [a.78]p.15

Palestine [a.77]p.17

Paris [a.77]p.25

Philippines [a.77]p.29 [a.78]p.27,29,30,31

Saudi Arabia [a.77]p.30 [a.78]p.4,6,15,16 [a.79]p.17

Sinai [a.77]p.17

Slovenia [a.78]p.7

Solomon Islands [a.78]p.23,30

Somalia [a.77]p.29 [a.78]p.15

Sri Lanka [a.78]p.29

Swaziland [a.79]p.12

Sweden [a.79]p.9

Syria [a.77]p.17

Tanganyika [a.77]p.32

Tanzania [a.77]p.11 [a.79]p.11,14

Thailand [a.78]p.22,24,27,31

Yemen [a.77].10 [a.78]p.6,15,16 [a.79]p.17,18

Zaire [a.77]p.11 [a.79]p.14

Zambia [a.77]p.11 [a.79]p.14

Zimbabwe [a.77]p.11,12 [a.79]p.10,14,15

Zululand [a.79]p.3

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