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Company Websites/Job Opportunities
Ila Abramason, Animation Recruiter email:
Animation Studio Contact info:
3D Computer Animation:



Naughty Dog


Rhythm & Hues

Sony Pictures Imageworks
Videogame Animation:

Blizzard Entertainment Job Opportunities

Electronic Arts jobs
2D Animation:

Cartoon Network Studios: 300 North Third Street
Burbank 91502

(818) 729-4000 [switchboard]
(818) 729-4200 [job hotline]

ka-chew! 6353 SUNSET BOULEVARD, HOLLYWOOD, CA 90028.
PHONE: 323-468-3020
FAX: 323-468-3021

Nickelodeon's Job Hotline: 818-736-3673

Nickelodeon's Human Resources: 818-736-3522
Studios to Pitch Animation Projects

Oh Yeah! Cartoons seeks pitches!

Pitch your ideas to Cartoon Network

Heather Kenyon:

Heather’s Assistant, Bret Schafer:

Frederator Studios


Animation Distribution


G4 – Videogame TV


ManiaTV! Loren Leon
Manager - ManiaTV! Original Programming
The ManiaTV! Networks
303.295.3980 x20

Monster Distributes

World Animation Network email:


Job Search Websites


Chronicle: Search for teaching jobs

Planet Point

Game Jobs

Game Recruiter

Art Source

Greenlight Jobs (password "destiny")

TV jobs

Games Job News

CG Forum

High End 3D Boards



The Animation Coop

The Animation Co-op is a non-profit network of individuals and organizations dedicated to serving animation creators and enthusiasts by promoting independent production, distribution and education

The Animation Guild, Local 839

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

4729 Lankershim Blvd., Hollywood, CA 91602

(818) 766-7151 Fax (818) 506-4805

Course Information (818) 766-0521

The membership requirement is employment as an animator or related position with any of the contract studios listed on the union web site. Contact studios include Disney.

The union offers 12-week animation courses including storyboarding, background painting and design, and basic figure drawing and composition.
Nonmembers require completion of the three-week seminars, Introduction to the Art and Industry and Basic Animation Techniques, prior to enrollment in animation courses. Seminars cost $30 and animation courses range in cost from $80 to $210.
Animation World Network, Inc. (AWN)

6525 Sunset Boulevard, Garden Suite 10, Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 606-4200 Fax (323) 466-6619

This is the largest animation-related publishing group on the Internet that provides information pertaining to all aspects of animation. Resources provided include an online listing of job opportunities, networking opportunities through e-chats, and industry updates on online industry articles. An additional resource is the AWN's Global Animation Production Directory, which is a publication listing of animation companies in Los Angeles.


The INTERNATIONAL ANIMATED FILM SOCIETY: ASIFA-HOLLYWOOD is a California nonprofit organization established over twenty years ago to promote and encourage the art and craft of animation.

Membership application form:

Antran Manoogian, President • 2114 Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506

e-mail: • phone: (818) 842-8330 • fax: (818) 842-5645

Los Angeles Chapter

P.O.Box 6308, Burbank CA 91510-6308

Contact: Alan Botvinick, chair

This non-profit, volunteer organization promotes the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Membership benefits include networking opportunities at local chapter meetings and national conferences, and an online listing of animation companies.

Entertainment Industry Development Corporation

7083 Hollywood Blvd., 5th Floor, Hollywood, CA 90028

(213) 957-1000 x 151

Contact: Kathleen Milnes

This is an online career resource that provides industry information on entertainment and new media industries including animation. Information provided includes industry reports, training programs, and a listing of industry publications.

Women in Animation, Inc.

P.O. Box 17706, Encino, California 91416

(818) 759-9596


Contact: Jan Nagel, President

(818) 758-1842

This is a professional, non-profit organization established to foster the advancement of women involved in the art and industry of animation. Membership benefits include networking and professional development opportunities at local chapter events, and educational seminars.
Relevant Articles/Links:

Job Search:

Read this article when asked to work for free

LA Times Career Counselor: (includes salaries)

AWN article: Getting in the Door

What do recruiters want to see?

How to impress a recruiter

Getting into the Games Industry

WIA mentors give advice on the animation industry


Demo Reels, Porfolios

AWN article: Television Animation Portfolios


The Damn Good Resume

Resume Resources


Resume Tips from Warner Bros.
Thank-you letter:

Thank you letter sample:
Business card:

Ten strategies to make your business card powerful and memorable

Pitching Perfect by Heather Kenyon

"So You Want to Pitch a Show"

Done Deal Samples (contracts, treatments, etc.)

Film Festival tips from Kodak

Writing Invoices
Alternative Animation Careers:

Independents Thriving on the Net

How to create a website #1

How to create a website #2

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