Child care group home

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36-897.  Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1.  "Child care group home" means a residential facility in which child care is regularly provided for compensation for periods of less than twenty four hours per day for not less than five children but no more than ten children through the age of twelve years.

2.  "Department" means the department of health services.

3.  "Provider" means the certificate holder or a person the certificate holder designates in writing who, pursuant to applicable statutes and rules, is to be responsible for direct daily supervision, operation and maintenance of the child care group home.

4.  "Substantial compliance" means that the nature or number of violations revealed by any type of inspection or investigation of an applicant for certification as a child care group home or a certified child care group home does not pose a direct risk to the life, health or safety of children.

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