Characters in war and peace

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When I first attempted to read War and Peace I found keeping track of the characters was not easy, especially because many of the characters are referred to by more than one name.  So to try to help you below is some info which I have adapted from the web.
A. The three main characters (not obvious especially early on)

Prince Andre


B. It may just be me, but there are two very different characters both of which have names beginning with D that I had trouble keeping straight:
Vaska Denisov, Captain of Nikolay’s regiment (good guy with funny accent)

Dolohov (Dolokhov, Fyodor Ivanovich, Fedya), Penniless cardsharp, notorious as a bully.

C. Characters are referred to by more than one name. I have underlined below the most frequently used name for characters.


I. The Four Major Families in the book:

A. Bezuhov (Bezukhov) Family
Count Kirill (Cyril) Vladmirovitch Bezuhov

An old man, once a grandee in Catherine’s court.
**Pierre Bezuhov (Pyotr, Petya, Petrushka, Count Bezuhov)

The old count’s illegitimate son.


B. Bolkonsky Family

Prince Nikolay Andrei[vi]tch Bolkonsky

Scion of an ancient and honorable family, now an old man.
**Prince Andrey Bolkonsky (Andre, Andrew, Andrushka)

His son and heir.
Princess Marya Bolkonskaya (Mary, Masha, Mashenka, Marie)

Prince Andrey's sister, who lives at Bald Hills with their father..
Mademoiselle Bourienne

Marya’s companion, an orphaned Frenchwoman.
Nikolushka, later Nikolinka

Prince Andrey’s son (born during the book)l.
Princess Liza Bolkonskaya (Lisa; the little princess)

Andrey’s pregnant wife.

C. Rostov Family
Count Ilya Rostov (Elie)

A gregarious, good-natured, and generous family man.
Countess Natalya Rostova (Natalie)

His wife, a typical Russian noblewoman, whose main interests center within the family.
**Natasha Rostova (Natasha is a diminuative for Natalya) Daughter and thirteen years old when we first meet her on St. Natalya's Day, which is the name-day of both her and her mother.
Nikolay Rostov (Nikolai, Nicholas, Kolya, Nikolinka, Nikolushka, Nicolas, Coco)

Natasha's older brother.
Vera Rostov (Verushka, Verochka)

The eldest child,.
Petya Rostov (Petrushka, Peter)

The youngest child.
Sonya (Sofya Alexandrovna, Sophie)

The Count's niece, whom the Rostovs raise with their own children. She is fifteen years old when we first meet her.
Boris Drubetskoy (Borya, Borinka)

Son of a friend of Countess Rostov, the princess Anna Mikhaylovna Drubetskaya. He has been educated with the Rostov children.

D. Kuragin Family

Prince Vassily Sergeyevich Kuragin

A well-practiced courtier whose life is a series of political and social maneuvers to maintain prestige.

Ippolit Kuragin (Prince Hippolyte), His son.

Anatole Kuragin, another son.

Elyena Kuragin, later Countess Bezuhov (Helene, Hellen, Ellen, Lelya)

Prince Vassily's beautiful,  daughter.

II. Major Historical Figures


Kutuzov, Commander-in-chief of the Russian forces, .

Alexander I, Tsar of the Russias

Speransky, The intellectual young secretary of state .

Wintzengerode, Pfuhl, Weierother, and others.  Prussian generals

Prince Bagration, General

III. Other Characters

Platon Karataev, An unforgettable peasant whom we will meet quite late in the book.

Vaska Denisov, Captain of Nikolay’s regiment 

Dolohov (Dolokhov, Fyodor Ivanovich, Fedya), Penniless cardsharp, notorious as a bully.

Anna Pavlovna Scherer (Annette) Celebrated St. Petersburg hostess who constantly schemes to maintain her prestige in court circles.

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