Certification Of Commercial Pricing

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ANL-544 (Rev. 01/96)
Certification Of Commercial Pricing
(a) The offeror/contractor shall execute and submit to the Laboratory Official, the following certificate when requested by the Laboratory Procurement official:
(1) Unless justified in (2) below, by submission of this offer/proposal, the Offeror/Contractor certifies that the prices offered for those items of supply (whether or not separately identified) or services that the Contractor offers for sale to the public are no higher than any lower price charged to any other customer, including any governmental instrumentality, during the preceding 60 days.
(2) All items for which prices offered are higher than any lower price charged to any other customer during the preceding 60 days are identified below [including the amount(s) by which such offered prices are higher] and a written justification for the differences is attached.

(list as necessary)

Offer/Proposal No.






(End of Certificate)
(b) The Laboratory Procurement Official or representatives of the Laboratory Procurement Official, who are employees of the Laboratory, shall have the right to examine and audit all books, records, documents and other data of the Contractor related to the pricing of the commercial items covered by this offer/proposal. The Contractor shall make these books, records, documents and other data available for examination, audit, or reproduction until three years after final payment under this contract.
(c) If any price, including profit or fee negotiated in connection with this contract, or any cost reimbursable under this contract has increased because the certification in paragraph (1) or the Certificate or the information provided as justification in paragraph (2) of the Certificate was inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading, the price or cost shall be reduced accordingly and the contract shall be modified to reflect the reduction.

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