Ccc 307 – certification attachment 6

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CCC 307 – CERTIFICATION Attachment 6

I, the official named below, CERTIFY UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that I am duly authorized to legally bind the prospective Contractor to the clause(s) listed below. This certification is made under the laws of the State of California.

Contractor/Bidder Firm Name (Printed)

Federal ID Number



By (Authorized Signature)

Printed Name and Title of Person Signing


Date Executed

Executed in the County of



1. STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE: Contractor has, unless exempted, complied with the nondiscrimination program requirements. (GC 12990 (a-f) and CCR, Title 2, Section 8103) (Not applicable to public entities.)
2. DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE REQUIREMENTS: Contractor will comply with the requirements of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1990 and will provide a drug-free workplace by taking the following actions:
a. Publish a statement notifying employees that unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance is prohibited and specifying actions to be taken against employees for violations.
b. Establish a Drug-Free Awareness Program to inform employees about:
1) the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace;

2) the person's or organization's policy of maintaining a drug-free workplace;

3) any available counseling, rehabilitation and employee assistance programs; and,
4) penalties that may be imposed upon employees for drug abuse violations.
c. Every employee who works on the proposed Agreement will:
1) receive a copy of the company's drug-free workplace policy statement; and,

2) agree to abide by the terms of the company's statement as a condition of employment on the Agreement.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in suspension of payments under the Agreement or termination of the Agreement or both and Contractor may be ineligible for award of any future State agreements if the department determines that any of the following has occurred: (1) the Contractor has made false certification, or violated the certification by failing to carry out the requirements as noted above. (GC 8350 et seq.)
3. NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD CERTIFICATION: Contractor certifies that no more than one (1) final unappealable finding of contempt of court by a Federal court has been issued against Contractor within the immediately preceding two-year period because of Contractor's failure to comply with an order of a Federal court which orders Contractor to comply with an order of the National Labor Relations Board. (PCC 10296) (Not applicable to public entities.)
4. CONTRACTS FOR LEGAL SERVICES $50,000 OR MORE- PRO BONO REQUIREMENT: Contractor hereby certifies that contractor will comply with the requirements of Section 6072 of the Business and Professions Code, effective January 1, 2003.
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CCC 307 – CERTIFICATION Attachment 6

Contractor agrees to make a good faith effort to provide a minimum number of hours of pro bono legal services during each year of the contract equal to the lesser of 30 multiplied by the number of full time attorneys in the firm’s offices in the State, with the number of hours prorated on an actual day basis for any contract period of less than a full year or 10% of its contract with the State.

Failure to make a good faith effort may be cause for non-renewal of a state contract for legal services, and may be taken into account when determining the award of future contracts with the State for legal services.
5. EXPATRIATE CORPORATIONS: Contractor hereby declares that it is not an expatriate corporation or subsidiary of an expatriate corporation within the meaning of Public Contract Code Section 10286 and 10286.1, and is eligible to contract with State of California.
a. All Contractors contracting for the procurement or laundering of apparel, garments or corresponding accessories, or the procurement of equipment, materials, or supplies, other than procurement related to a public works contract, declare under penalty of perjury that no apparel, garments or corresponding accessories, equipment, materials, or supplies furnished to the state pursuant to the contract have been laundered or produced in whole or in part by sweatshop labor, forced labor, convict labor, indentured labor under penal sanction, abusive forms of child labor or exploitation of children in sweatshop labor, or with the benefit of sweatshop labor, forced labor, convict labor, indentured labor under penal sanction, abusive forms of child labor or exploitation of children in sweatshop labor. The contractor further declares under penalty of perjury that they adhere to the Sweatfree Code of Conduct as set forth on the California Department of Industrial Relations website located at, and Public Contract Code Section 6108.
b. The contractor agrees to cooperate fully in providing reasonable access to the contractor’s records, documents, agents or employees, or premises if reasonably required by authorized officials of the contracting agency, the Department of Industrial Relations, or the Department of Justice to determine the contractor’s compliance with the requirements under paragraph a.
7. DOMESTIC PARTNERS: For contracts over $100,000 executed or amended after January 1, 2007, the contractor certifies that contractor is in compliance with Public Contract Code section 10295.3.

NOTE: This form represents only the certification portion of the Contractor Certification Clauses (CCC). Additional information about contracting with the State appears in the full text of the applicable CCC. Visit this web site to view the entire document:

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