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The following table is a list of the 16 grammar objectives as given by NAPO, the organization that produces the CEPA. The column on the right gives the page numbers in this booklet that review each objective.

Categories & Sub-categories

Sample Items

Pages in this Booklet

a) subject / verb (e.g. He are is Emirati.

1 Agreement

My uncle he is Emirati. I am Emirati.)

b) noun / ‘number word’ (e.g. Several new students are from Salalah.)

My cousin ______ playing football.

a) enjoy

b) enjoying

c) enjoys*

d) is enjoy

Pages 10-12

2 Articles and determiners

a / the / an; this / that / these / those (+ one / ones); other / another / others; possessive adjectives (e.g. my, her, his)

We need to use ______ books, not the ones over there.

a) this

b) that

c) these*

Pages 12-16

d) them

3 Quantifiers

a) many/much/more/ most/few/fewer/ fewest/little/less/least b) c) some / any d) both...and... / neither... nor / either...or e) every / each / all / none f) too much/many/few/ little

Can I have a ______ minutes to speak with you?

a) less

b) few*

c) little

d) several

Pages 16-22

not enough

Categories & Sub-categories

Sample Items

Pages in this Booklet

I usually have lots of energy but I

am _________ tired right now.

a) even

b) much

4 Intensifiers

very, quite, awfully, really, pretty, too, fairly, more, rather, most, still, even, much, somewhat, not so,

c) not so

d) really*

It is ______ common for Emirati

Page 22

and ever so

Students to study at university.

a) only

b) ever

c) fairly*

d) anything

a) personal pronouns

(subject/object e.g.

they/them; I/me) b) possessive pronouns

Ali and his brother are driving to Al

(e.g. mine, yours, hers,

Ain tomorrow, so you can ride

5 Pronouns 1

its) c) reflexive pronouns (e.g.

with _________ if you like. a) it

Pages 23-25

myself, herself)

b) they

d) indefinite pronoun (e.g.

c) you

someone, everyone, everything)

d) them*

e) existential pronouns

(e.g. There is, There are)

6 Pronouns 2 (Relative pronouns)

a) person (that, who, whom, whose) b) thing (that, which, whose) c) place (where) and time (when) d) relative clauses

Did you read about the woman __________ has 30 children? a) who* b) what c) whom d) whose

Pages 26-29

Categories & Sub-categories

Sample Items

Pages in this Booklet

a) place, time, motion, agent / instrument

b) verb + preposition +

There is no food in the house. I need

object (e.g. succeed in)

to go ______ the supermarket.

7 Prepositions

c) noun + preposition (e.g., rise in, problem

a) from b) to*

Pages 29-34


c) between

d) adjective + preposition (+ ing) (e.g. proud of,

d) of

interested in)

a) present simple /


Susan is ____________ the bus to

b) past simple /



a) take

8 Verb forms 1 (tense / aspect / voice)

c) present perfect simple d) past perfect simple e) present perfect continuous f) ‘futures’ (will / going to / present continuous) g) passive voice simple tenses only (e.g., The

b) taken c) takes d) taking* I _______ on my homework when she called. a) am worked

Pages 34-38

car was destroyed in

b) was worked

the crash.)

c) am working

h) imperatives

d) was working*

Categories & Sub-categories

Sample Items

Pages in this Booklet

a) verb + infinitive (e.g.

want to)

b) adjective + infinitive

(e.g. afraid to do)

c) gerund as subject (e.g.

Swimming is… )

d) gerund as object (e.g., I

9 Verb forms 2 (infinitives / gerunds, etc)

like swimming.) e) gerund as object of preposition (e.g., The mayor thanked him for giving the speech.). f) phrasal verb + gerund

Fatima loves ________ books on the weekend. a) read b) reads c) to read*

Pages 39-41

g) adjective + preposition

d) will read

+ gerund (e.g.

interested in buying,

good at driving)

h) causative have/make

(e.g. He’s had his hair


___________ are you going to the

10 Questions

a) question words (who, which, what, how etc.) b) auxiliary word choice

ball game? a) Who b) How c) When*

Pages 41-43

d) Which

a) ability (can, could, be

able to)

b) obligation / absence of obligation (must,

mustn’t, have to,

I didn’t speak English two years ago,

11 Modals

needn’t, ought) c) possibility / probability (may / might / could)

but now I ______ speak very well. a) could b) ought

Pages 44-50

d) prediction / speculation

c) can

(will) e) permission (can, may,

d) mustn’t


f) advice (should)

Categories & Sub-categories

Sample Items

Pages in this Booklet

‘zero’ (e.g. If/when you heat

ice, it melts. If the

phone rings, answer it) ‘first’ (e.g. If/When you press that button, the

If there’s a fire, ________ the stairs.

12 Conditionals

machine will start.) ‘second’ (e.g. You would be

a) takes b) takes*

Pages 50-53

healthier if you did more exercise.) ‘third’ (e.g. If you had

c) taken d) took

studied harder, you

would have passed.)

a) for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so

I’m going to the beach, ______ I don’t plan to go for a swim.

13 Conjunctions

b) paired conjunctions (both… and; not only…but

a) for b) but*

Pages 54-57

also; neither…nor, either…or)

c) so d) also

a) time (after, as soon as,

I will return home _______ I


before, since, until, when, whenever, while) b) place (where, wherever) c) reason (as, because, since)

possibly can. a) because of b) even though c) as soon as* d) in order to

Subordinating conjunctions

d) purpose (positive / negative) (to / in order to / for / so that)

Here in the UAE, you should take water with you you

Pages 58-60

e) condition (if, unless)


f) comparison (just as)

a) because

g) contrast (although, even though, while, whereas)

b) wherever* c) in order to d) even though

My friend Ahmed is the

15 Comparatives and superlatives

a) adjective and adverb b) (not) as… as / than / enough / too

_________ boy in our class. a) quicker b) quickest* c) more quick

Pages 60-63

d) too quick

Categories & Sub-categories

Sample Items

Pages in this Booklet

a) subject + verb + object

Which sentence is correct English?

+ complement subject + verb + place +

a) My mother bought a book at the store.*

16 Word Order

time b) question formation (direct / indirect) c) adjective strings (e.g., a very large green

b) A book my mother bought at the store. c) At the store bought my mother a book.

Pages 63-68


d) Bought at the store

my mother a book.

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