British historian Professor William Hamish Fraser is one of the world's leading specialists in the field of modern Scottish history

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British historian Professor William Hamish Fraser is one of the world's leading specialists in the field of modern Scottish history. Having received in 1963 master's degree in the history at the Scottish university Aberdeen, that has being one of the leading European centers of historical education at that time, in 1967 at university of Sussex W.H. Fraser has successfully defended the PhD dissertation on the Trade Councils in England and Scotland 1858 - 1897. He was employed by the Strathclyde University where he was working till 2002 at Departments of economic history and world history. From 1987 to 1993 he was the Dean of Faculty of arts and social researches. And though in 2002 Hamish Fraser has left a post of regular professor, it didn't mean his withdrawal from educational and scientific activity.

Membership in more than a dozen different historical societies and associations indicates his weight in Academia. His rich experience of participation in various scientific and educational communities and projects is accompanied by impressive volume of publications, including a series of monographs on the social history of Britain. He also is the coauthor of several tens large works devoted as to the social relations and political parties as a whole, also to the more concrete themes connected with popular Scottish local history today. Remaining true to the social history, being his favorite subject, he, nevertheless, uses approaches, which are getting more and more recognition in humanitarian knowledge in the recent decades.

Hamish Fraser's contribution in the development of world history and, more widely, in humanitarian knowledge is difficult to overestimate. While during several ten years the world historical science gravitates to an antropologizm, he remains faithful to such subjects, as a chartizm, a trade-unionism, labor movement. However addressing to seemingly the long-studied subjects, he brought researches in this area to essentially new level. The scientist is the founder of new ideas. Using local, gender and culturological approach in studying of these traditional themes, Fraser opens new vision of many seemingly long-studied problem that gives him the opportunity to be one of the most sought-after researchers and authors for a long time. And in this regard it isn't surprising that his works are published and republished nowadays.

Cooperation of Dr Fraser with the Rostov University began as far as since 1989 when he visited Rostov for the first time. With a great success he has given a course of lectures for students of humanitarian faculties, not only for historians, but also for philologists and journalists. Since, even during a difficult for our science period of the 1990th, he is constantly in contact with our university, repeatedly visiting RSU in the 1990th and 2000th. His last visit to SFedU took place in 2012 when Professor Fraser gave a course of lectures about stories of development of the British-Russian relations for the students who are studying at the humanitarian Faculties. However, cooperation with SFedU has not been limited by his visits to our university. Being the coordinator of several projects of the Rostov academics, he invited of our university's researchers to Strathclyde for consultations, promoting advance of a brand of SFedU in Britain.

Professor Fraser made the significant contribution for popularization of historical knowledge among students. As an honorary member of the British club, existing at our university since 1996, he meets with students, graduate students and professors studying the British history in Rostov. Also thanks to its efforts the Rostov school of the British history became known to researchers of Great Britain, and a number of the British universities, such as the University of Edinburgh, University of Dundee, and others had known about the work of historians of Rostov.

Award to professor Hamish Fraser of a rank Honorable professor of SFedU has been promote to strengthening of relations between the Russian and British researchers, as well as to promote the image of the Rostov school of history on the world academic scene.

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