Bpa manual chapter 1132: bpa vital Records Protection Program

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Chapter 1132: BPA Vital Records Protection Program
Part: Information Management and Technology


1132.1 PURPOSE To define the BPA Vital Records Protection Program.
A. Vital Records: Records that contain information essential to reestablish or continue operations in the event of a disaster; or those records necessary to preserve the rights and assets of BPA, its employees, and customers.
B. Emergency Operating Records: Records which are vital to the essential function of BPA for the duration of an emergency. These records are those necessary to operate the power grid. These records must be available in the vicinity of emergency operating centers.
C. Legal and Financial Rights Records: Records which are essential to the preservation of the legal rights and interests of individuals and the Agency. Included are records of social security, retirement, payroll, insurance, and valuable research. These records require protection, but storage points do not have to be at or in the vicinity of emergency operating centers.
1132.3 POLICY BPA’s policy is to compile and protect the records necessary to:
A. Assure continuity of essential BPA activities during and following a national, regional, or local emergency condition.
B. Preserve the legal rights and interests of individual employees which are established by BPA records.
A. Records Management is responsible for:
1. Managing BPA’s Vital Records Protection Program
2. Conducting annual reviews to assess compliance with BPA’s Vital Records Protection Program
3. Developing detailed policies and procedures pertaining to the administration of a Vital Records Protection Program.
B. Transmission Business Line is responsible for developing and maintaining BPA’s Emergency Operating Records.
C. Legal and Financial Rights Records are required to be prepared and submitted by:
1. Records Operations within Records Management;
2. Employee Accounts; and
3. Real Property Acquisitions
1132.5 PROCEDURES Procedures pertaining to vital records can be found in the BPA Records Manual, which is published by Records Management.
1132.6 REFERENCE Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 1236, Vital Records.

Transmittal Letter: 16-02 Supersedes: 12-01-99 Responsible Organization: Records Directives & Forms

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