Bio395 Independent Work in Biology (1-3 Hours) Research Contract

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BIO395 Independent Work in Biology (1-3 Hours)
Research Contract
In order to receive credit for BIO395, students and their research mentors must complete a contract. If a contract is not completed each semester by the add/drop date, we may drop you from this class. If the contract is NOT approved, we will contact you and/or your research mentor. Disapproved projects are often more appropriate for EXP 396 (Experiential Education; 257-3632).
Academic session in which the research will take place:

(Circle one) Fall Spring 4-week 8-week YEAR:
Research mentors may be any research-active life sciences faculty member at the University of Kentucky. A campus-wide list of faculty willing to mentor undergraduates can be obtained in the Biology Department office. This list is not exclusive; many others can serve as mentors. Junior and senior Biology majors are the primary intended BIO395 participants. Participants should be above average students making substantial progress towards a degree. Please enter grades in those courses that you have completed:
BIO150 _____ , 151 _____, 152 _____, 153 _____

BIO304 (Genetics) ______ BIO315 (Cell Biology) ______

BIO325 (Ecology) ______ BIO350 (Animal Physiology) ______
Research mentors agree to provide lab space, resources (eg. chemicals), and guidance. Guidance includes safety training as well as training in scientific method, technique, and presentation. Mentors will be asked to grade the student’s independent work.
Please provide the following information:
Your name, email, and phone:

Your mentor’s name, department, email, and phone:

Your signature:
Mentor’s signature:
Your mentor must state here how you will be evaluated for a grade. Some examples are frequent personal conferences, diligence in the lab, group meetings, preparation of paper …, etc.

Dr. Ruth Beattie Approved: Date:

For information contact Melissa Justice (, 257-4711) or Ruth Beattie,, 257-7647
We will contact you ONLY if we have questions regarding your research.
Complete page 2 in consultation with your research mentor.

Description of the proposed research work: You must follow the indicated 3-point format. You may attach an extra sheet if necessary. If your project is a continuation from a previous semester of BIO 395 you may simply write “Continuation” in “1” below and leave the rest blank. Complete this page in consultation with your mentor.
1. State your hypothesis or driving principle.

2. Briefly describe the sorts of experiments you intend to perform, including brief technical details.

3. What might the results of these experiments be and how could these results support or refute your hypothesis?

HONORS IN BIOLOGY -- Biology majors are eligible for Departmental Honors if they complete 6 hours of BIO395, have an overall GPA of 3.5, and publicly present their work. Presentations can take many forms such as a talk or poster at a professional meeting or to some other group larger than a research lab, such as a departmental research conference. The Biology department hosts an undergraduate research poster session late in each Spring semester. A thesis is also acceptable. Honors theses should be in the format of a thesis (see UK guidelines) or a professional publication in the student’s research field. For example, a student doing research in genetics might follow the format of the journal, GENETICS. Theses should be typed and should have necessary tables and figures. Figures can be scanned images, photos, or hand drawn illustrations. Theses will range in length, but most are no longer than a typical professional manuscript (30 pages).
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