Bibliography of stained glass windows in canada

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· Parker, N.H. “The Memorial Windows at McMaster Divinity College”, Hamilton, 1966.

Annotation: Booklet describes the purpose and location of the stained glass windows, how they are arranged, and provides descriptions of nine windows.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #17

· Penman, M.L. "The Jocelyn Frances Clarke Window." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (1929): 11.

Annotation: Includes iconographical description of the window provided by the artist as well as tribute to Jocelyn Frances Clarke.
Keywords: Haworth; Jocelyn Frances Clarke memorial window; Bishop Strachan School chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Haworth #29

· Pepall, Rosalind. "Stained Glass Windows in Montreal at the Turn of the Century." Association for Preservation Technology. XIII.3 (1981): 48-55. 9 illus.

Annotation: A partial list of techniques and companies involved in the production and installation of domestic and ecclesiastical stained glass in Montreal at the turn of the century.
Keywords: Spence, John C.; J. Spence and Sons, Montreal, PQ; Castle and Son, Montreal; Ballantyne and Son, Scotland; Wm. Morris and Co., Merton, England; Sullivan and Sweetman, Liverpool, England; Bromsgrove Guild, London, England; Davis, Archibald J.; LaFarge, John; Tiffany, Louis Comfort; Castle and Son, Montreal; Hobbs Manufacturing Company Ltd.; Montreal, PQ.
Paper #: Pepall #1

· Powell, Betsy. "Workers uncovered hidden artwork," Toronto Star, (21 Sept. 1994): A11.

Keywords: Hahn
Paper #: Hahn #1

· Purden, Carolyn. "Light still shines in oldest stained glass studio'" The Anglican (Jan.1996): 8, illus.

Annotation: This article highlights the fact that there are McCausland windows in most Anglican churches in the Toronto diocese.
Keywords: McCausland
Paper #: McCausland #12

· Raguin, Virginia. "Henry Holiday's Theology Window: Variations on a Theme", Stained Glass, 78.2 (Summer 1983): 144-145.

Annotation: Discusses the relationship between Henry Holiday's two windows on the theme of Theology which were created for Drew University in Madison (New Jersey) in 1890 and for Manitoba College (now University of Winnipeg) in 1892. The same cartoon was obviously used for both windows.
Keywords: Holiday; Winnipeg
Paper #: Holiday #3

· Russ, Joel & Lou Lynn. Contemporary stained Glass: Portfolio of Canadian Work. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1985.

Annotation: A series of "portfolios" of Canadian stained glass artists.

· Sabbath, Lawrence. "Art in the Place des Arts." Canadian Art 21.1 (January-February 1964): 32-35.

Annotation: In this article Sabbath argues that La Grande Salle at Place des Arts, Montreal is possibly the most successful blending of art and architecture in North America. He discusses the architecture, sculpture, tapestries and Scherzo, a stained glass mural by Alfred Pellan (c. 1963).
Keywords: [Alfred Pellan; Montreal; Place des Arts (La Grande Salle); Quebec]
Paper #: Pellan #1

· Saltmarche, Kenneth & Paul Duval. Glorious Visions-Peter Haworth. Windsor: Art Gallery of Windsor, 1985. 28 illus.

Annotation: The foreword by Kenneth Saltmarche gives a brief biography of Haworth emphasizing the fact that Haworth's work in stained glass was often overlooked by the artistic community. Paul Duval's catalogue essay, "An Appreciation," gives a more detailed biography of Haworth's education, his move to Canada and subsequent career. Duval mentions the commissions at the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph and Bishop Strachan and discusses the window cycles at Melrose United Church, Hamilton and Holy Blossom Temple in more detail. Includes illustrated catalogue of exhibition (pp.33-44), artist's chronology (pp.45-47) and chronology of stained glass commissions (pp. 22-24, 29-33, 36-47).
Keywords: Haworth; Pringle and London; Bishop Strachan School, Toronto; Ontario Agricultural College; Melrose United Church, Hamilton; Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto.
Paper #: Haworth #30

· Sarrazin, Jean. "Marcelle Ferron ou La Quête Joyeuse de la Lumière" Vie des Arts 61 (hiver 1970-71) 30-33 (French), 81-82 (English).

Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper #: Ferron #6

· Segger, Martin. Catalogue of an Exhibition: arts of the forgotten pioneers. Maltwood Museum of Historic Art, University of Victoria, Summer 1971.

Annotation: Catalogue of an exhibition with very brief discussion of three stained glass windows, all illustrated. One window from Martin House in Buffalo was made by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1904, one was by Purcell and Elmslie and one is from Tacoma, Washington.
Keywords: Frank Lloyd Wright; Purcell and Elmslie
Paper #: Segger #1

· Sewter, Albert Charles. The Stained Glass of William Morris and his Circle. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1974): 75, 82, 83, illus.

Annotation: Stained glass windows from the Morris Workshop located at Crescent Street Church, Montreal, All Saints Church, Winnipeg, and the Vancouver Art Gallery are discussed, as are two panels in the possession of Dr. W.E. Fredeman of the University of British Columbia. Illustrations of windows at St. Andrew and St. Paul, Montreal and Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal are also included.
Keywords: Crescent Street Church, Montreal; All Saints Church, Winnipeg; Vancouver Art Gallery, B.C.; St. Andrew and St. Paul Church, Montreal; Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal

· Sewter, Albert Charles. The Stained Glass of William Morris and his Circle: A Catalogue. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1975): 214-217.

Annotation: Lists the locations and gives detailed information, primarily regarding subject matter for identified windows in Canada.
Keywords: Morris & Co.

· Shaw, W. M. "Basilica of Christ the King, Hamilton, Ontario." Construction 26.6 (November-December): 132-142 + 5 reproductions.

Annotation: A rather impressionistic formal analysis of the Basilica of Christ the King in Hamilton, and early Gothic structure. With discussion of the "Tyrannical" rose window and the extensive stained glass programme of the church. (No mention of artist).
Keywords: Hamilton; Christ the King Basilica
Paper #: Shaw #1

· Shipley, Nan. "John Allward's Stained Glass Windows," Canadian Collector 12.1 (Jan/Feb 1977): 43-45.

Annotation: A brief discussion of the life and work of John Allward with particular reference to his 15 windows installed to commemorate the Hudson's Bay Company's 300th anniversary at its Southgate store in Edmonton.
Keywords: Allward; Allward and McCormick Glass Co.; Edmonton; Manitoba Society of Artists; Manitoba
Paper #: Allward #1

· Simard, Guy. "About The Stained Glass Windows at Temple Sinai," Extract from the diary of Guy Simard. (13 Jan.1983).

Annotation: A subjective, formal description of Eric Wesselow's stained glass windows at Temple Sinai, Toronto.
Keywords: Wesselow; Temple Sinai, Toronto
Paper #: Wesselow #4

· Simard, Guy. Verriers du Québec. Laprairie,PQ: Éditions Broquet Inc. 1989.

Annotation: After a brief introduction, this book presents a series of brief portfolios of Quebec stained glass artists including representative examples of their work.
Keywords: Marius Plamondon; Guy Bruneau; Lyse Charland-Favretti; Gilles Désauliniers; Laurens Kroon; Lisette Lemieux; Guy Loyer; Theo Lubbers; Pierre Osterrath; Daniel Potvin; Guy Simard; Ernestine Tahedl; Eric Wesselow

· Slater, Clare. "The piercing elegance of glass," Ontario Craft 9.4 (Dec.1984): 7-9.

Annotation: A brief biography of Yvonne Williams preceding a discussion of the following commissions: Necropolis Chapel, Toronto; Holy Rosary Church, Toronto; Church of the Ascension of Our Lord, Montreal; Wellington Square United Church, Burlington; Deer Park United Church, Toronto. The article concludes with Williams' thoughts on stained glass in the 1980's.
Keywords: Williams; Necropolis Chapel, Toronto; Holy Rosary Church, Toronto; Church of the Ascension of Our Lord, Montreal; Wellington Square United Church, Burlington; Deer Park United Church, Toronto.
Paper #: Williams #7

· Smylie, Tom. "Technical talk." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (December 1989): n.p.

Annotation: Discusses the dangers and health risks surrounding abrasive blasting. Suggests particularly effective dust masks for the practitioner.
Keywords: abrasive blasting; sand blasting
Paper #: Smylie #1

· Smylie, Tom. "Technical Talk." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (February 1990): 3.

Annotation: Discusses the dangers involved in using compressed air, and suggests some safety precautions for the artist.
Keywords: compressed air safety
Paper #: Smylie #2

· Smylie, Tom. "Technical Talk." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (April 1990): n.p.

Annotation: Explains the five basic steps to the chipping process, and explains its traditionality as well as aesthetic features.
Keywords: glue chipping
Paper #: Smylie #3

· Solomon, Heather. "Artist's glass work adorn many Montreal buildings." Canadian Jewish News (Thursday, August 31, 1989): 27.

Keywords: Wesselow
Paper #: Wesselow #5

· Sommer, Lawrence. "Working on the Light Table." Glass 5.4 (May 1977): 10-11. 1 reproduction.

Annotation: Stained glass artist Sommer describes his unique technique of making stained glass on his light-table. Unlike traditional methods, he cuts, paints and assembles the glass on the light-table.
Keywords: Lawrence Sommer; Techniques; British Columbia
Paper #: Sommer #1

· Stein, Sam. "A Pilgrim's Progress in Glass," Canada Crafts 4.1 (Oct-Nov.1978): 28-29, illus.

Annotation: Discussion of the various phases of Astri Reusch's work that have resulted from her many and varied technical investigations.
Keywords: Reusch
Paper #: Reusch #1

· Stevens, Gerald. Early Canadian Glass. (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1961): 161-162.

Annotation: In the chapter entitled "Canadian Stained and Cut Glass" there is a segment about Robert McCausland Limited which discusses the difference between glass staining and glass manufacturing and which mentions a number of McCausland commissions in order to emphasize the wide distribution of their work.
Keywords: McCausland.
Paper #: McCausland #13

· Strickland, Rev. Drew. "Kairos: Beaches Presbyterian Church Project." Craftnews (Ontario Crafts Council) 12.2 (February 1987): 2. 1 illus.

Annotation: Description and interpretation of project for ecclesiastical stained glass.
Keywords: Barnett, Marlene; Beaches Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ont.
Paper #: Strickland #1

· Tahedl, Ernestine. Ernestine Tahedl.

Annotation: Colour pamphlet includes chronology and biography to 1967.
Keywords: Tahedl
Paper #: Tahedl #2

· Van Rijn, Nicolaas. "Peter Haworth, 97, artist, teacher." The Toronto Star, (9 May 1986): A19, col.1.

Annotation: An obituary which gives biographical information including details of childhood and artistic training, and makes note of Haworth's proficiency as a stained glass artist. His windows at Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto; Timothy Eatons Memorial Church, Toronto; University of Toronto Library; Grace Church-on-the-Hill, Toronto; McMaster University, Hamilton and Guelph Agricultural College are listed.
Keywords: Haworth; Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto; Timothy Eatons Memorial Church, Toronto; University of Toronto Library; Grace Church-on-the-Hill, Toronto; McMaster University, Hamilton; Guelph Agricultural College.
Paper #: Haworth #31

· Villata, Sylvana Micillo. Guido Nincheri, maître verrier: Les Vitraux des Églises montréalaises. (Montréal: Société de Diffusion du Patrimoine Artistique et Culturel des Italo-Canadiens, 1995) 79 pages, illus.

Keywords: Nincheri; Montreal
Paper #: Nincheri #5

· Watt, Robert D. Rainbows In Our Walls: Art and Stained Glass in Vancouver, 1890-1940. (Vancouver: Vancouver Centennial Museum, 1980): 5-12.

Annotation: Exhibition Calatogue
Keywords: Bloomfield; Vancouver; Victoria; British Columbia.
Paper #: Bloomfield #3

· Watt, Robert D. "Heraldic Stained Glass in Vancouver." Canadian Collector 11.3 (May/June 1976): 91-95. 10 illus. And notes.

Annotation: A detailed discussion of heraldic Glass in Vancouver 1890-1940. Using specific examples Watt explores the tradition of this type of glass as well as its American and British sources. He also discusses the state of the stained glass industry in Vancouver during these years. Included are illustrated analyses of: a window from the Logan-Hodson House, 1894, possibly by James and Charles Bloomfield (including a discussion of the firm Bloomfield and sons in Vancouver from 1898-1903); Bloomfield design of a Queen Victoria memorial window in St. Paul's Anglican Church; N. T. Lyon's 1903 windows for the Carnegie Public library; The windows at the UBC library done by Wm. O'Neill Ltd (1923-25) and a second set by Bromsgrove Guild of Worcester in 1927; and also of the Robert McCausland windows in the Canadian memorial Church (1928).
Keywords: Vancouver; Heraldic Stained Glass; James and Charles Bloomfield; N.T. Lyon; William O'Neill (Ltd.); Charles Mason; Bromsgrove Guild; Robert McCausland (Co.); Bogardus-Wickens Co.; Pilkingtons; Holt's Glass
Paper #: Watt #1

· Watt, Robert D. "The Art Glass and Stained Glass." in The British Columbia Parliament Buildings. Ed. Martin Segger. (Vancouver, B.C.: Arcon, 1979): 68-78.

Annotation: Excerpt from general historiographic and architectural analysis. Subject is the glass in the B.C. Parliament Buildings, its dating, authorship, symbolism, and interpretation.
Keywords: Joseph McCausland Ltd., Toronto; Henry Bloomfield and Sons, New Westminister, B.C.; Blomfield, James; Powell Brothers Ltd., Leeds; E.W. Morris Co., London, Great Britain.
Paper #: Watt #2

· Weisman, Gustav and Rev. Canon David W. Luxton. The Children of the Bible Window: A Guide to the Stories of Children in Stained Glass. (Toronto: St.George's on-the-Hill,1989): 11 pages, illus.

Annotation: Includes artist's statement which discusses formal and technical aspects of production of the windows and an illustrated essay by the Rector of the Church which gives an iconographical outline.
Keywords: Weisman; St. George's on-the-Hill, Toronto; The Children of the Bible Window
Paper #: Weisman #2

· Wescher, Herta. "Les Secrets de Marcelle Ferron," Vie des Arts 43 (été 1966): 68-69.

Annotation: Four reproductions of Ferron's paintings. Formal analysis of Ferron's painting arguing that Ferron's art is constant in an age of changing styles. Her style is a non-representational one, with color being the essential element. Includes a comparison of her work in gouache and oil.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper #: Ferron #7

· Wesselow, Eric. "Art and Religion," (Transcript of address given at the Woodbine United Church, Toronto (25 Jan.1981); the Unitarian Church of Montreal (5 Apr.1981); and First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa (29 Nov.1981).

Annotation: Wesselow's address discusses the suitability of both art and religion to achieving a true global awareness.
Keywords: Wesselow
Paper #: Wesselow #6

· Wesselow, Eric. "A Life Through Art." Interculture 31:1 (Winter-Spring 1998): 4-60.

Keywords: Wesselow
Paper #: Wesselow #7

· Williams, Yvonne. "Stained Glass," Bulletin of the Stained Glass Association of America 24.9 (Sept.1929): 12-13.

Annotation: Williams discusses the modern revival of stained glass, noting the need for superior design and workmanship in this particular art because of the permanence of stained glass windows.
Keyword: Williams
Paper #: Williams #8

· Williams, Yvonne. "Some Speculations on the Future of Stained Glass - A Canadian View," Stained Glass 39 (Spring 1944): 21-23.

Annotation: William's argument for stained glass as an art worthy of a place next to painting and sculpture, focusing on its unique properties of transmitted light and architectural function.
Keyword: Williams
Paper #: Williams #9

· Williams, Yvonne. “Processes and Craftsmanship in Stained Glass”, Journal, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (August 1946): 199-201.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #34
· Williams, Yvonne and Ellen Simon. “The Stained Glass Windows of St. Michael and All Angels Church,” 1982.

Annotation: Booklet containing articles by the artists on the 75th anniversary of the church. Each of the windows are described in detail. Includes a floorplan of the church showing the location of windows.

Keywords: Williams, Yvonne; Simon, Ellen; St. Michael and All Angels Church, Toronto.

Paper #: Williams #14

· Wilson, Hugh & Anna Kozlowski. "Keeping a window on the past." Canadian Heritage 18.1 (February-March 1987): 32-38. 5 illus. Photos by John Major.

Annotation: General article on care, cleaning, technique, repair and conservation of stained glass. Includes photographs of craftsmen at work, and the interior window of Notre dame Basilica, Ottawa. Cites Ottawa craftsman, and American expert Jane Hayward. Provides recommended background reading.
Keywords: Northern Art Glass, Ottawa; Bond, Richard; Notre Dame Basilisa, Ottawa; St. Brigid's Church, Ottawa; repair and conservation; care and cleaning
Paper #: Wilson #1

· Wilson, Hugh & Anna Kozlowski. "Pour Protéger les Vitraux", Continuité, 46 (Hiver 1990): 39-43.

Annotation: Basically a translation and adaptation of the article on repair and conservation appearing in Canadian Heritage (1987).
Keywords: Northern Art Glass, Ottawa; Bond, Richard; Notre Dame Basilisa, Ottawa; St. Brigid's Church, Ottawa; repair and conservation; care and cleaning
Paper #: Wilson #2

· Wyttenbach, A. "Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Toronto." Construction 24.3 (March 1931): 79-80.

Annotation: Formal analysis of Church of Our Lady of Perpetual help, a Romanesque style church. Mention of a rose window and five stained glass windows in the Sanctuary which were made in Munich.
Keywords:Toronto, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church; Mayer
Paper #: Wyttenbach #1

· Young, George. Manitoba Memories. (Toronto: William Biggs, 1897): 203-205

Annotation: Discusses the building of the first Grace Church in Winnipeg in 1871, with stained glass windows by McCauslands.
Keywords: McCausland; Grace Church, Winnipeg.
Paper #: McCausland #14

· Young, Mildred. “The Windows That Open On the Soul”, Family Herald (21 May 1959): 14-15, 42, illus.

Annotation: Article describes in some detail the working methods of Yvonne Williams and her co-designers.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #23
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