Bibliography of stained glass windows in canada

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· Laughlin, Linda. “After Half a Century, Yvonne Williams Still Sees Her Art as a Labor of Love”, Toronto Star, “The City” Magazine, (23 April 1978): n.p.

Annotation: A brief profile and biography of the artist.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #26

· Lecoutey, André. "À Québec avec trois artistes: Plamondon-Lemieux-Parent," Arts et Pensée Vol.1 (Nov.1951): 179-185, illus.

Annotation: Discusses the work of three professors at the École des Beaux-Arts, including Plamondon. Plamondon's sculpture and approach to stained glass.
Keywords: Plamondon
Paper #: Plamandon #9

· Lennon, Chas. D., ed. Catalogue of the First Exhibition of the Toronto Architectural Eighteen Club. 26 January- 9 February 1901. Toronto, 1901: 103.

Annotation: illus. of "Memorial Window" by Robert McCausland, Toronto. Shows image of window by R. McCausland.
Keywords: McCausland, Robert; Architectural Eighteen Club; Toronto
Paper #: McCausland #18

· Lewenstein, E. "Stained Glass in the U.K. today." Canada crafts 4 (1 October-November 1978): 30-31.

Annotation: Outlines trends in commissions, stylistic tendencies and influences since WW II, without naming the chief practitioners.

Keywords: British Society of Master Glass Painters

Paper #:
· Longley, Penny. “Yvonne Williams Follows 500-Year Stained Glass Tradition”, Toronto Star (20 Oct. 1961): 51, illus.

Annotation: A brief profile of the artist and her working methods.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #20

· Lubbers, Theo. "News from Canada." Stained Glass 61.1 (Spring, 1966): 38.

Annotation: Letter to the editor in which Lubbers states that what Stained Glass had mistakenly called "Imitation Glass in Concrete" was really "Laminated Antique Glass" and that the technique was developed by Lubbers in 1962-3. Examples of it can be seen in the Hotel Dieu Chapel and St. Joseph's Church in Windsor as well as in Holy Cross Church and the Junior seminary in London.
Keywords: Theo Lubbers; Windsor; London
Paper #: Lubbers #3

· Macarthey, Allen D. "Northern coloured Light on Parliament Hill," Beaver 4 (May 1985) 40-41. illus.

Annotation: Brief formal and technical description of Eleanor Milne's Yukon and Northwest Territories stained glass windows in the House of Commons, Ottawa.
Keywords: Milne; Ottawa; Parliament Buildings
Paper #: Milne #1

· McCarthy, Pearl. “Richness of Colour Sought by Artist”, Mail and Empire (Toronto) (31 May 1935): 11.

Annotation: Article mentions Yvonne Williams’ windows made for St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Grimsby, Ontario.

Keywords: Williams, Yvonne

Paper #: Williams #37
· McCarthy, Pearl. “Art and Artists”, Globe and Mail (26 July 1937): 9, illus.

Annotation: Article describes the windows by Yvonne Williams in the chapel at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #31
· McCarthy, Pearl. “Art and Artists”, Globe and Mail (14 Feb 1938): 22.

Annotation: Brief mention of the shipment of stained glass windows by Yvonne Williams to an unnamed boys’ school in Vernon, B.C.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #32
· McCarthy, Pearl. “Art and Artists”, Globe and Mail (18 July 1938): 24.

Annotation: Very brief mention of Yvonne Williams in relation to the Church Crafts League.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #33

· McCarthy, Pearl. "Art and Artists," Globe and Mail (Toronto) (21 June 1941): 13.

Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #36

· McCarthy, Pearl. "Ellen Simon follows own line in art," Globe and Mail (Toronto) (19 July 1947) n.p.

Annotation: This discusses Simon's career as a stained glass artist and book illustrator in Toronto and New York.
Keywords: Simon; Williams,Yvonne; Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
Paper #: Simon #2

· McCarthy, Pearl. “Yvonne Williams Produces New Stained-Glass Work”, Globe and Mail (1951): n.p., illus.

Annotation: Article focuses on Williams’ window of Walther von der Vogelweider, for Strachan Hall, Trinity College, University of Toronto.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #21

· McCausland, Andrew & Alice Hamilton. Robert McCausland Limited of Toronto. (Toronto: Robert McCausland Ltd.): n.d.

Annotation: A history of the McCausland studios compiled on the 133rd anniversary of the studios (c.1983). Changes in the name of the workshop and its location are discussed. The McCausland practice of hiring professional English artists is discussed and these artists are listed and taken up to a certain extent.
Keywords: McCausland, Robert; McCausland Joseph; McCausland, Alan; McCausland, Gordon; McCausland, Andrew; McCausland & Sons; Bullock, William; Horwood, Henry; Lawder, James; Lyon, N.T.; Brown, J.W.; Bladen, T.W.; Ramsden, John; Low, Edward.
Paper #: McCausland #6

· McCausland, Andrew & Alice Hamilton. "Robert McCausland Ltd. of Toronto," Stained Glass 80.2 (Summer 1985): 136-139 illus.

Annotation: A history of the McCausland studios which discusses changes in the name of the workshop; changes in location and which focuses on the artists who worked or apprenticed with the McCauslands.
Keywords: McCausland, Joseph; McCausland,Robert; Bullock,William; Horwood, Henry; Lawder,James; Lyon,N.T.; Brown,J.W.; Bladen,J.W.; Chattoe, Jack; Meikle,William; Croyden,Oliver; Ramsden,John; Anderson,Walter; De Groot,Peter; Szewielo,Antonio.
Paper #: McCausland #7

· (Robert) McCausland Limited. McCausland Ecclesiastical Art Studios. (Toronto: Robert McCausland Limited.): n.d., illus.

Annotation: Business flyer announcing McCausland's position as sole Canadian agency for the mosaic studios of Messrs.Gianese Cav.Angelo & Co., Venice and the addition of an architectural department to the McCausland Studios under the direction of Lindsay A.Wardell.
Keywords: McCausland,Robert; McCausland & Sons.
Paper #: McCausland #8

· (Robert) McCausland Limited. On the Making of Stained Glass Windows. (Toronto: Robert McCausland Limited, 1913): 31 pages, illus.

Annotation: A brief overview of the history of stained glass is followed by a detailed explanation of the process of creating a McCausland window. This process is described under the headings "From the Crude Glass to Finished Perfection" and "The Standard that Has Made our Windows so Widely Known." The remainder of the article offers practical advice for ordering a stained glass window, and describes the McCausland approach to memorial windows, those for general church use, and finally windows for domestic or commercial use.
Keywords: McCausland,Robert; McCausland & Sons.
Paper #: McCausland #9

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Blomfield James J." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.1 (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1967): 51-52.

Annotation: Biographical entry with reference to one stained glass window at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, B.C. Blomfield was a painter, architect and did many types of church decoration. Includes 6 references.
Keywords: Bl(o)omfield; James Blomfield; Victoria; British Columbia.
Paper#: Bloomfield #6

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Huot, Charles Edouard." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol. 2. (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1968).

Annotation: This detailed biography of Huot's education and career in France and then Quebec City includes many references to the success of Huot as a painter of historical and religious pictures. No mention of Huot's involvement with stained glass.
Keywords: Huot
Paper #: Huot #2

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Haworth, Peter." Dictionary of Canadian Artists, vol.2. (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1968). Ref.

Annotation: Biography of Haworth focusing mainly on his work as a painter, but includes quote from 1952 article by Melwyn Breen which gives a step-by-step rundown of Haworth's procedure for creating stained glass.
Keywords: Haworth; Allen.
Paper #: Haworth #27

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Kilbourn, Rosemary." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol. 3. (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1971): 639-640.

Annotation: Provides information about Kilbourn's artistic training and notes her work in murals and wood engraving. There is no mention of her work in stained glass.
Keywords: Kilbourn
Paper #: Kilbourn #1

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Kelsey, C.W." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol. 3. (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1971): 620.

Annotation: Very thin biography noting only that Kelsey hails from Westmount, Quebec. Limited information on Kelsey's stained glass windows for Trinity Church, St.Agathe and St.George's Church, Dominion Square, Montreal.
Keywords: Kelsey; Trinity Church, St.Agathe; St.George's Church, Dominion Square, Montreal.
Paper #: Kelsey #1

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Lubbers,Theo." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.4. (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1974): 921.

Annotation: Discussion of Lubbers's early training and his move to Canada, noting his participation in the founding of the Guild Studio in Ottawa. His subsequent move to Montreal is noted, as well as the following commissions in that city: Hotel Dieu, St.Andrew's United Church, Shaar Hashomayim synagogue. His technique of using antique glass set in concrete is also noted.
Keywords: Lubbers; Hotel Dieu, Montreal; St.Andrew's United Church, Westmount; Shaar Hashomayim, Westmount; Guild Studio, Ottawa
Paper #: Lubbers #2

· MacDonald, Colin S. "McCausland,Joseph." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.4 (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1974): 957.

Annotation: Very brief biographical entry describing Joseph as the founder of the McCausland firm. He created the stained glass window for the chapel of Holy Trinity Church, Toronto.
Keywords: McCausland, Joseph; Holy Trinity, Toronto
Paper #: McCausland #3

· MacDonald, Colin S. "McCausland, Robert." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.4 (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1974): 957.

Annotation: Brief biographical entry describing Robert as son of Joseph McCausland, painter, Director of OCA also A.R.C.A.
Keywords: McCausland, Robert
Paper #: McCausland #4

· MacDonald, Colin S. "McCausland, Col. Alan." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.4 (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1974): 957.

Annotation: Very brief biographical entry describing Alan McCausland as the then (1974) current head of the McCausland firm and the grandson of its founder Joseph.
Keywords: McCausland,Alan
Paper #: McCausland #5

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Macdonald, Albert Angus (Angus Macdonald)." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.4 (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1974): 966-967.

Annotation: Detailed bibliographic information about Macdonald's childhood schooling and artistic training. Many of his commissions in stained glass are noted, including Hamilton Hospital, CNE Hall of Fame, Toronto; King Edward Hotel's Elizabethan Room, Toronto; St. Carlo of Borromeo Roman Catholic Church, Toronto; St. Luke's Anglican Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie, and Canada House, N.Y.C. (Collaboration with Elizabeth Bang and C.F. Rounthwaite). Paintings and tapestries are also discussed.
Keywords: MacDonald; Hamilton House; CNE Hall of Fame, Toronto; King Edward Hotel, Toronto; St.Carlo of Borromeo R.C. Church, Toronto; St.Luke's Anglican Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie; Canada House, New York City
Paper#: MacDonald #3

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Nincheri, Guido." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.5 (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1977): 1388.

Annotation: Extremely brief entry noting Nincheri's church decoration in Montreal.
Keywords: Nincheri; Church of Our Lady of Defense, Montreal
Paper #: Nincheri #4

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Patterson, Nancy-Lou." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.5 (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1977) 1530.

Annotation: Biographical information, with specific reference to stained glass at the Mennonite Conrad Grebel College, Waterloo.
Keywords: Patterson; Mennonite Conrad Grebel College, Waterloo.
Paper #: Patterson #2

· MacDonald, Colin S. "Plamondon, Marius Gérald." Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Vol.6 (Ottawa: Canadian Paperbacks, 1982): 1727-1728.

Annotation: Biography covering Plamondon's artistic training and career, focusing on his stained glass commissions. Sites discussed include the Novitiate of Les Clercs de Saint-Viateur at Joliette; "Les Voyageurs" cocktail lounge, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal; Beaver Club, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal; Basilique de l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont Royal, Montreal.
Keywords: Plamondon; Rose,Ernest; Barbeau,Fred; East,Benoit; Ferland,Olivier; Gagnon, Aristide; Novitiate of Les Clercs de Saint-Viateur, Joliette; "Les Voyageurs" cocktail lounge, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal; Beaver Club; Basilique de l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont Royal, Montreal.
Paper #: Plamandon #10

· MacLennan, Hugh. "On Eric Wesselow," Sparks. (1980), 2 pages.

Annotation: Primarily a discussion of Wesselow's education and intellectual accomplishments; his migration to Canada and his stained glass windows at Dorval Airport and Temple Sinai are noted. His patented techniques are also mentioned.
Keywords: Wesselow; Dorval Airport, Montreal; Temple Sinai, Toronto
Paper #: Wesselow #3

· McGregor, D.A. "Obit for Blomfield" Angle on the Square (14 July 1951): n.p.

Keywords: Blo(o)mfield; James Blomfield
Paper#: Bloomfield #7

· McInnes, Graham. Canadian Art. Toronto: The MacMillan Company of Canada Limited, 1950.

Annotation: Peter Haworth is mentioned in the section on contemporary painting as "one of our most solid water-colourists." (p.89)
Keywords: Haworth.
Paper #: Haworth #28

· McKay, Elsie. "St. Andrews on the Red." Canadian Antiques Collector 6.8 (November-December 1971): 49-52.

Annotation: A history of St. Andrews on the Red Church in Manitoba with mention of 2 memorial stained glass windows.
Keywords: Red River; St. Andrews on the Red; Manitoba
Paper #: McKay #1

· McStay, Angus. "Windows to Glory," Maclean's (1 Dec.1947): 16, 50-53. illus.

Annotation: Discussion of the history of the McCausland firm, including anecdotal material regarding Joseph, Robert and Alan and a description of the process of making a stained glass window as practiced in the McCausland studio.
Keywords: McCausland, Joseph; McCausland, Robert; McCausland, Alan; Ramsden, John; Metropolitan United Church, Toronto.
Paper #: McCausland #10

· Magnan, Hormisdas. "Charles Huot, Artiste-Peintre (Première Partie)," Le Terroir 13.5 (Oct.1931): 19-23 illus.

Annotation: Detailed discussion of Huot's childhood, his studies in Paris and his subsequent career.
Keywords: Huot
Paper #: Huot #3

· Magnan, Hormisdas. "Charles Huot, Artiste-Peintre (Deuxieme Partie)," Le Terroir 13.7 (Déc.1931): 25-30, illus.

Annotation: This second part of an article devoted to Huot discusses Huot's commissions including stained glass at the Parliament Buildings, Quebec City.
Keywords: Huot: Parliament Buildings, Quebec City.
Paper #: Huot #3

· Martirano, Matthew. "Stained glass tours: Montreal, with a short excursion into Quebec province." Stained Glass 62.1 (Spring 1967): 8-16, 17, 18-19. 3 illus.

Annotation: Survey article describing numerous sites, as well as craftsmen and studios responsible for stained glass in Montreal. Produced to coincide with the increased tourism expected due to Expo '67.
Keywords: Wesselow, Eric; Ascension Church, Montreal; Guido Nicheri Studios, Montreal; Maginnis and Walsh; Williams, Yvonne; Johnson, Esther; Sanborn (Boston); Poggi, Vincent; Westmount Park United Church, Montreal; Kelsey, C. W.; Queen Mary United Church, Montreal; Whitefriars of England; Celtic Studios of Swansea, England; Loire, Gabriel (Chartres); Rambusch; Fabian Association, New York; Plamondon, Marius; Labouret (France); Haworth, Peter; McCausland (Toronto); George Maile and Sons (England); Davies, A.J.; Lee, Lawrence; Ballantine, Scotoland; Meikle Studio (Toronto); Locke (Brooklyn); Rault (France); Ingrand, Max; Mayer; Tillemans, John.
Paper #: Martirano #1

· Mattie, Joan. The Stained Glass of Robert McCausland Ltd. (Ottawa: Canadian Parks Service, 1991) typescript, illus.

Annotation: A detailed assessment of the central place of the McCausland firm in the development of the Canadian stained glass industry. Mattie discusses the McCauslands' involvement in all phases of Canadian stained glass, from the 19th century Gothic Revival through more modern developments. The 18 stage process of creating a stained glass window is noted, and many McCausland commissions are discussed.
Keywords: McCausland,Joseph; McCausland, Robert; McCausland,Alan; McCausland,Gordon; McCausland,Andrew; McCausland,Henry; Lawder,James; Lyon,N.T.; Holy Trinity Church, Toronto; Grace Church, Fort Garry (Winnipeg); All Saints Anglican Church, Toronto; St.Paul's Anglican Church, Dawson City; St.Peter's Anglican Church, Hay River, NWT; Wesley Church, Winnipeg; Bank of Montreal, Front & Yonge (now the Hockey Hall of Fame); Trinity College Chapel, Univ.of Toronto; University College, Univ.of Toronto; Old City Hall, Toronto; British Columbia Parliament Buildings, Victoria; Quebec Bank, Toronto; Knox Presbyterian Church, Stratford; St.Michael's Cathedral, Toronto; Canadian Memorial Church, Vancouver; Metropolitan United Church, Toronto; George Fulford Mausoleum, Brockville; St.Mark's Anglican Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake; Roman Catholic Cathedral, St.John's Nfld.
Paper #: McCausland #11

· Maurault, Olivier. "Les Vitraux." Saint-Jacques de Montreal: L'Eglise, La Paroisse. (Montreal, PQ): n.p., 1923. 70.

Annotation: Describes the three-stage glazing campaign, and notes the final subject of the windows in the nave, choir, transepts, above the organ. Windows are both figurative and ornamental.
Keywords: Saint-Jacques, Montreal, Que.
Paper #: Maurault #1

· Mewburn, Harrison C. Letter. The Daily Globe Toronto, Canada West. (23 November 1866) n.p..

Annotation: Mentions names of men memorialized in the Convocation Hall windows, University College.
Keywords: Convocation Hall, University College, Toronto; Mewburn, John H.; McKenzie, Malcolm; Tempest, Wm. F.; Toronto Stained Glass Works
Paper #: Mewburn #1

· Millet, Robert. "Une Verrière de Marcelle Ferron pour Le Métro," Maclean 8.6 (juin 1968): 12-13.

Annotation: Five illustrations: windows and the artist in the studio. A biographical article emphasizing her trip to France to study antique glass. There are specific references to the unveiling of her windows at La Station Champ-de-Mars. There is also a discussion of her technique and the influence of past work in her stained glass.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal, Champ-de-Mars
Paper #: Ferron #5

· Morriss, Shirley. "In Review: Glass Visions." Craftnews (Ontario Crafts Council) 10.7 (October 1985): 11.

Annotation: A lengthy review of "Glass Visions" and exhibit at The MacDonald Gallery, Toronto, July 4-31, 1985, organized by Artists in Stained Glass. Includes descriptions of works by Brenda Malkinson, Jaye Ouellette, Mimi Gellman, Gundar Robez, and David Wilde.
Keywords: Brenda Malkinson; Jaye Ouellette; Mimi Gellman; Gundar Robez; David Wilde
Paper #: Morris #1

· Morriss, Shirley. "Three Artists in Glass: Margot Fischer Page, Andrew Kuntz, Gundar Robez." Ontario Craft 7.2 (Summer 1982): 13-16, 7 illus.

Annotation: A detailed discussion of three contemporary stained glass artists, Margot Fischer Page, Andrew Kuntz, Gundar Robez, including bibliography, technique and formal analysis
Keywords: Margot Fischer Page; Andrew Kuntz; Gundar Robez
Paper #: Morris #2

· Murray, Joan. "Nancy-Lou Patterson-Patterns," Canada Crafts 5.4 (Nov-Dec.1980): 26-29. illus.

Annotation: Detailed biographical information covering Patterson's childhood, artistic training and commissions. The stained glass commission at the Mennonite Conrad Grebel Chapel, Waterloo is discussed in some detail. Stained glass at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Sudbury; St. John's United Church, Cambridge; Brant Avenue United Church, Brantford; and Eden United Church, Mississauga is noted. A description of Patterson's stained glass technique is given.
Keywords: Patterson; Mennonite Conrad Grebel Chapel, Waterloo; St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Sudbury; St. John's United Church, Cambridge; Brant Avenue United Church, Brantford; Eden United Church, Mississauga; Bullas Glass, Kitchener.
Paper #: Patterson #3

· Nesbitt, James K. "Gov't House Gets Painting of Lions," Vancouver Sun (11 Oct 1958): 2.

Keywords: Blomfield; James Blomfield; Victoria; British Columbia.
Paper #: Bloomfield #8

· Neuman, Dietrich. "The Century's Triumph in Lighting: The Luxfer Prism Companies and their Contribution to Early Modern Architecture." JSAH 54:1 (March 1995): 24-53.

Keywords: Luxfer
Paper #: Luxfer #1

· Nixon, Virginia.

Annotation: Excerpt from unpublished typescript, untitled. pp. 15-16. Discusses attribution of one of windows in St.George's Church. Montreal.
Keywords: St.George's Church, Montreal; Burne-Jones; Spence, John C.
Paper #: Spence #2

· Pacey, Antony. "A History of Window Glass Manufacture in Canada." Association for Preservation Technology XIII.3 (1981): 33-47. 2 illus.

Annotation: A compilation of the existing historical information regarding window glass manufacturers in Canada, spanning approximately 150 years (1800-c. 1950). Chapter headings include: Historical Background: 1800-1845; 19th century Manufacturing Techniques; Early 19th century Companies; Historical Development: 1845-1880; Late 19th century Companies; Twentieth Century: Technology; Twentieth Century Companies.
Keywords: Canada Glass Works, Dorchester; Ottawa Glass Works, Ottawa; New Brunswick Crystal Glass Company, Saint John, NB; Napanee Glass Works, Napanee, Ont.; Window Glass machine Company of Canada, Ltd., Cayuga, Ont.; Pilkington Bros. Limited, Thorold; Canadian Libbey-Owens Sheet Glass Company, Hamilton, Ont.; Industrial Sheet Glass and PPG Industries Ltd., Ville St. Laurent, Quebec; Pilkington Glass Industries Ltd., Toronto, Ont.; Machine Blown Cylinder Process; Drawn Sheet Process; Float Glass Process.
Paper #: Pacey #1
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