Bibliography of stained glass windows in canada

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· Anon. “Resident’s Work Honoured on TVO,” Parry Sound Beacon, (9 Sept. 1991): n.p., illus.

Annotation: Article announces a TVOntario presentation featuring 60 years of Yvonne Williams’ work.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #28

· Anon. "Hold Me In the Light." (1992)

Annotation: Flyer for an exhibition of new works by Sarah Hall entitled "Hold Me In the Light" at Regis College, 15 St. Mary St., Toronto, 13 January - 1 March, 1992.
Keywords: Hall
Paper #: Hall #2

· Anon. “Light Shines on Artist” The Anglican (Jan., 1992): 13. 1 b&w reproduction.

Annotation: Announcement that Sarah hall won the “Bene Award” for her stained glass window entitled “Road to Damascus” located in St. Paul the Apostle Church, Toronto. This award is presented by the American magazine Modern Liturgy.

Keywords: Hall

Paper #: Hall #1
· Anon. The Dedication of the Missions Window, Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto (1995).

Annotation: Booklet includes a reproduction of the Missions Window and a description. It also includes brief biographies for the couple the window was dedicated to: Charles Percival Fell, LL.D, and Grace Elizabeth Matthews Fell.

Keywords: Fell, Charles P. and Grace E.M.; McCausland; Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto (McCausland, Andrew; Herbst, Marlene?)

Paper #: RSGC Church file

· Anon.

Annotation: A list of churches with Russell C. Goodman windows. 3 pages.
Keywords: Goodman
Paper #: Goodman #1

· Anon.

Annotation: A brochure on Russell C. Goodman windows with seven color reproductions. 4 pages.
Keywords: Goodman
Paper #: Goodman #2

· Anon. Cowan and Hollister Studio, n.d.

Annotation: See Cowan & Hollister Studio file in City of Toronto Archives

Keywords: Cowan; Hollister.

Paper #: Hollister #1
· Anon. Lecture given by Sarah Hall, n.d.

Annotation: Flyer for a lecture given by Sarah Hall in the Lecture room, Planetarium, ROM, Toronto.

Keywords: Hall

Paper #:
· Anon. A Stained Glass Tour of Toronto, n.d.

Annotation: Flyer for "A Stained Glass Tour of Toronto" guided by Sarah Hall and sponsored by the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, no date, (prob. 1991).

Keywords: Hall

Paper #: Hall #3
· Anon. Trinity Window, n.d.

Annotation: Postcard depicting Sarah Hall's "Trinity Window" at St. Matthias Church, Toronto.

Keywords: Hall, Sarah; St.Matthias Church, Toronto

Paper #: Hall #3
· Anon. Regions of the Air, n.d.

Annotation: Postcard depicting Sarah Hall's "Regions of the Air" window at 271/2 Garden Avenue, Toronto, Ontario (30'x72'''); full color reproduction. 2 copies.

Keywords: Hall

Paper #: Hall #6

· Anon. "The Architecture of the Chapel." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (n.d.): 9-10.

Annotation: Detailed formal description of the Bishop Strachan School Chapel, noting Haworth's contribution of the chancel window.
Keywords: Haworth; Bishop Strachan School Chapel; Toronto
Paper #: Haworth #2

· Anon. "The Sanctuary Window." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (n.d.):11.

Annotation: Iconographical description of Haworth's Sanctuary window for the Bishop Strachan School Chapel.
Keywords: Haworth; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Haworth #7

· Anon. "Haworth, Peter." Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library. Fine Art-Vertical File. Canadian Artists.

Annotation: Photocopied materials including copies of paintings by Peter Haworth and Bobs Haworth; advertisements and exhibition pamphlets.
Keywords: Haworth.
Paper #: Haworth #8

· Anon. "Peter Haworth". Toronto: Roberts Gallery Limited, n.d.

Annotation: Resume giving birth and death dates and places: education and employment information; vague information about commissions; professional societies to which Haworth belonged and collections in which he is represented. His painting technique is also described.
Keywords: Haworth.
Paper #: Haworth #9

· Anon. Luxfer Artists and Craftsmen in Stained Glass.

Annotation: A pamphlet . 5 color ill.
Keywords: Luxfer
Paper #: Luxfer #2

· Aarens, Anita (ed.) "Nancy-Lou Patterson," Allied Arts Catalogue des Arts Connexes (Oct.1996): 3. illus.

Annotation: Directory listing giving address, place of employment and area of specialization.
Keywords: Patterson; Mennonite Conrad Grebel College Chapel, Waterloo
Paper #: Patterson #1

· Anon. The Chapel of United Church House, n.d.

Annotation: A pamphlet which includes reproductions of the seven stained glass windows in the chapel and a description (4 pages).

Keywords: Williams, Yvonne; Taylor, Ernest C., United Church House Chapel

Paper #: RSGC Church file
· Anon. The Interior of St. Demetrius Church. Toronto, St. Demetrius Church, (n.d.), ill.

Annotation: Booklet with reproductions of some of the stained glass windows and a brief section entitled "Painting with Light and Colours, The Tale of the Stained Glass Windows of St. Demetrius", which appears to have been written by the artist, Yaroslava Surmach-Mills.

Keywords: St. Demetrius Church, Toronto; Yaroslava Surmach-Mills

Paper #: RSGC Church file
· Anon. St. Demetrius the Great Martyr (n.d.)

Annotation: Postcard reproducing the design for the stained glass window by Yaroslava Surmach-Mills in the Church of St. Demetrius, Toronto. Includes a very brief description of the window's iconography.

Keywords: St. Demetrius Church, Toronto; Yaroslava Surmach-Mills

Paper #: RSGC Church file
· Anon. The Nativity (n.d.)

Annotation: Postcard reproducing the design for The Nativity stained glass window by Yaroslava Surmach-Mills in the Church of St. Demetrius, Toronto. Includes a very brief description of the window's iconography.

Keywords: St. Demetrius Church, Toronto; Yaroslava Surmach-Mills

Paper #: RSGC Church file
· Anon. The Resurrection (n.d.)

Annotation: Postcard reproducing the design for The Resurrection stained glass window by Yaroslava Surmach-Mills in the Church of St. Demetrius, Toronto. Includes a very brief description of the window's iconography.

Keywords: St. Demetrius Church, Toronto; Yaroslava Surmach-Mills

Paper #: RSGC Church file

· Aarens, Anita (ed.). "Ernestine Tahedl," Allied Arts Catalogue des Arts Connexes, Vol.1 (Oct.1966): 1, illus.

Annotation: Catalogue entry giving Tahedl's address and brief mention of award and commissions.
Keywords: Tahedl; Sisters of the Holy Cross Chapel, Edmonton
Paper #: Tahedl #1

· Aarens, Anita (ed). "Gerald Tooke," Allied Arts Catalogue des Arts Connexes Vol.1 (Oct.1966): 2, illus.

Annotation: Catalogue entry giving Tooke's address and brief description of his approach to stained glass.
Keywords: Tooke; St.Paul Street United Church, St.Catherines; St.Bernadette R.C.Church, Winnipeg; Our Lady's Missionaries Mother House, Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Tooke #1

· Ahlborn, Richard E. "Canadiana at the Smithsonian." Canadian Antiques Collector 3.5 (May 1968): 7-10.

Annotation: This is a discussion of Canadian objects in the Smithsonian's Museum of History and Technology. It includes a discussion of two Anglo-Canadian glass panels, painted by H. Horwood of Prescott, Canada, in 1885. One of these panels depicts a French trapper and the other depicts an Indian woman, both are illustrated in the article.
Keywords: H. Horwood; Prescott
Paper #: Horwood #1

· Aronson, Chris. "Rainbows in Our Walls, Art and Stained Glass in Vancouver 1890-1940" (review). Canada Crafts 4.3 (June/July 1979): 2-3. 3 illus.

Annotation: A review of an exhibition at the Vancouver Centennial Museum, Dec. 9 1978-March 18, 1979, entitled "Rainbows in Our Walls, Art and Stained Glass in Vancouver 1890-1940". Aronson spends much of his space discussing the problems of exhibiting stained glass windows in museum/gallery settings. Brief mention of a ceiling dome, 1910, executed by the Standard Glass Co. of Vancouver and of Jewel Boxes by John Fraser (the latter are illustrated).
Keywords: Vancouver; John Fraser; Standard Glass Co.
Paper #: Aronson #1

· Arpin, Claude. “The Nincheri Window,” The Gazette (Montreal) (9 Jan. 1994): C1, C4-5.

Annotation: Article describes how a Shawinigan, Quebec parish, Trinity United Church, sold their building but moved the church’s Guido Nincheri window to their new parish at the Grand'Mère church, where it will be displayed in a special case. Includes biographical information on Nincheri.

Keywords: Nincheri, Guido; Montreal

Paper #: Nincheri #1

· Aylott, Chris. "Stained Glass Windows Follow History's Footsteps," Canadian Churchman (October 1986) 12-13. illus.

Annotation: An article incorporating a discussion of the history of the McCausland studios and an interview with the current owner, Andrew McCausland. Commissions for the parish church in Dawson City, Old City Hall and St. John the Evangelist church, North Vancouver are noted. Designers John Ramsden and Edward Low are mentioned.
Keywords: McCausland, Joseph; McCausland, Robert; McCausland, Andrew; Parish Church, Dawson City; Old City Hall, Toronto; St. John The Evangelist Church, North Vancouver; Ramsden, John; Low
Paper #: McCausland #1

· Baldwin, Judith. “Appendix II: Yvonne Williams List of Architectural Works in Situ,” 1994.

Annotation: An appendix to a research paper by the author. The list includes works throughout Canada by Williams as well as works done in collaboration with other artists.

Keywords: Williams

Paper #: Williams #13

· Bartlett, Jane. "A quiet man displays his artistry," The Westmount Examiner (Montreal) (6 Feb.1959): 6.

Annotation: This news article discusses Vincent Poggi's working method.
Keywords: Poggi.
Paper #: Poggi #2

· Bingham, Janet. Samuel MacClure Architect. (Ganges, B.C.: Horsdal & Schubart, 1985): 41-43, 55-57, 74-79.

Keywords: Bloomfield; British Columbia.
Paper#: Bloomfield #2

· Bland, John. "A Developing Church Architecture in Quebec." Culture 10.1 (March 1949): 13-18.

Annotation: A discussion of “new” church architecture in Quebec. Architects Adrien Dufresne and Lucien Parent are mentioned in passing, yet this article is remarkably ambiguous. While Bland formally describes the new style, there are no examples, no illustrations, thus, his meaning eludes the reader. Bland stresses that the new architecture demands a new type of window (such as those by Marius Plamondon) but he does not describe these windows in much detail.
Keywords: Plamondon
Paper #: Bland #1

· Boucher, Maximilien. "Marius Plamondon: Sculpteur et Verrier," Carnets Viatoriens 12.1 (Jan.1947): 35-42. illus.

Annotation: A discussion of the form and content of Plamondon's stained glass windows at the chapel of the Noviciat des Clercs de Saint-Viateur à Joliette.
Keywords: Plamondon; Noviciat des Clercs de Saint-Viateur à Joliette.
Paper #: Plamandon #6

· Breen, Melwyn. "An Old Art Colors Easter." Saturday Night 67.26 (12 April 1952): 52.

Annotation: Peter Haworth, Director of Art Central Technical School and stained glass artist discusses modern methods and materials in the practice of stained glass in relation to traditional medieval techniques.
Keywords: Haworth; Allen; technique; materials.
Paper #: Haworth #12

· Bristol, Naomi. "Woman of the Week: Stained Glass Artist," Saturday Night (15 Mar.1952): n.p.

Keywords: Ellen Simon
Paper #: Simon #1

· Brown, Bill. "Maker of Heavenly Windows," Sunday Sun Weekend Magazine (Vancouver), 5.16 (16 Apr.1955): 14,16-17. illus.

Annotation: Article consists primarily of biographical and anecdotal information about Angus Macdonald with some insight into the artist's introduction to the art of stained glass.
Keywords: MacDonald
Paper #: MacDonald #1

· Brown, Shirley Ann. "Christ Healing the Sick Child: A Treasure in Stained Glass", Rotunda, vol.23, no.3 (Winter 1990): 11-17.

Annotation: Study of Henry Holiday's 1892 window for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
Keywords: Henry Holiday; Toronto.
Paper #: Holiday #1

· Brown, Shirley Ann. "A Regal Landmark in Stained Glass", Rotunda, vol.25, no.3 (Winter 1992): 30-5.

Annotation: Study of Wilhelmina Geddes' WWI Memorial Window in St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church in Ottawa, commissioned by HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, Governor-General of Canada.
Keywords: Geddes; Ottawa; St.Bartholomew's Church; war memorial.
Paper #: Geddes #1

· Brown, Shirley Ann. "Massey Hall's Hidden Glass Treasures", Rotunda, vol.26, no.2 (Fall 1993): 28-33.

Annotation: Study of the art nouveau windows in Massey Music Hall, Toronto, 1894.
Keywords: Massey Hall; Toronto; Faircloth Bros.
Paper #: Brown #1

· Brown, Shirley Ann. "Wilhelmina Geddes' Ottawa Window", Irish Arts Review, vol.10 (1994): 181-8.

Annotation: Detailed study of the Geddes' WWI Memorial Window in St. Bartholomew's Church in Ottawa.
Keywords: Geddes; Ottawa; St.Bartholomew's Church; war memorial.
Paper #: Geddes #2

· Brown, Shirley Ann. "The Influence of German Religious Stained Glass in Canada 1880-1941", RACAR, vol.21, no.1-2 (1994): 21-31

Annotation: Study of German Stained Glass in Canada and how it influenced Canadian taste and contributed to the style of the glass produced by Canadian firms, up to WWII.
Keywords: Franz Mayer Co., Tyrolese Glass Co., Van Treeck; Toronto; Halifax; Windsor; London.
Paper #: Brown #2

· Brown, Shirley Ann. "Remembrance of War: Stained Glass Windows in Ottawa's Peace Tower", Rotunda, vol.31, no.1 (Summer 1998): 12-17.

Annotation: Study of the WWI memorial windows erected in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, by Cowan and Hollister.
Keywords: Peace Tower; Ottawa; Hollister; Cowan; war memorial.
Paper #: Hollister #5

· Brown, Shirley Ann. The Stained Glass of St. James' Anglican Cathedral, Toronto. Toronto: Anglican Archdiocese of Toronto, 2001.

Annotation: Monograph study of the complete set of stained glass windows located in St. James' Anglican Cathedral in Toronto, 1880-1999. Discusses style, iconography, patronage.
Keywords: St. James' Cathedral; Toronto; Franz Mayer Co.; Clayton & Bell; McCausland; N.T. Lyon; Calvert & Kimberley; Peter Haworth; Yvonne Williams; Rosemary Kilbourn; Stuart Reid.
Paper #: Brown #3

· Bruce, A. Cromar. "Coat of Arms Traced To Toronto Artist," Vancouver News Herald (9 Aug 1944): n.p.

Keywords: Blo(o)mfield; James Blomfield
Paper#: Bloomfield #4

· Bruce, David. "Profile: Kerry Joe Kelly - A Blithe Spirit in Glass," Canada Crafts. 4.1 (Oct-Nov.1978): 24, 26, illus.

Annotation: This article is a profile of the artist Kerry Joe Kelly who turned to glass work in the early 70's. While his early approach was quite traditional, he showed little interest in color, but he was never prone to the "Tiffany-lamp kit" mentality of the time. Bruce notes that as the popularity of Kelly's work grew he was able to undertake some public and private commissions, including one which took first prize in the international competition "Fragile Art '77" sponsored by Glass Magazine.
Keywords: Kelly
Paper #: Kelly #1

· Bullock, Elizabeth. Yvonne Williams: Woman, Artist, Innovator. Visual Arts, North York, York University.

Annotation: Unpublished essay. This student essay was submitted for AK/VISA 4450.03, Studies in Canadian Art: Stained Glass in Canada at York University, includes a discussion of Williams’ commissions for the Necropolis Chapel at Riverdale Cemetery, Toronto; Holy Rosary Church, Toronto; St. Michaels and All Angels Church, Toronto; and Deer Park United Church, Toronto. Includes a bibliography and a chronology of commissions.

Keyword: Williams

Paper #: Williams #11

· Burgess, John. "Glass artist's vision fulfilled in Metro Synagogue," Toronto Star (1983)

Annotation: Reports the dedication service for Eric Wesselow's 40 windows at Temple Sinai, Toronto.
Keywords: Wesselow; Temple Sinai, Toronto
Paper #: Wesselow #1

· Carloz, Marie. "Sacred Spaces." Ontario Craft 17.3 (Fall, 1992): 8-12.

Annotation: Four black and white reproductions. An essentially biographical article with particular reference to the influence of Chartres' windows on her work as well as the importance of her own religious (Quaker) convictions for Sarah Hall. The article includes illustrated discussions of three Toronto installations, one at Jessie's Centre for Teenagers, one at Scotia Plaza and one at Mother Theresa Catholic Secondary School.
Keywords: Hall; Toronto; Poulton, Michael.
Paper #: Hall #9

· Chamberlain, Tim. "Craigdarroch's Missing Link." Victoria Times-Colonist, (Sunday, April 12, 1987): M1, 3 b&w illus.

Annotation: A report of Roderick Payne's investigation of the history of the Art Nouveau stained glass windows at Craigdarroch castle done by the Povey Bros. Of Portland, Oregon.
Keywords: Craigdarroch Castle; Victoria, B.C.; Tiffany; Povey Bros. (Portland); Art Nouveau
Paper #: Chamberlain#1

· Cherry, Zena. "A.A.Macdonald: he lives in world of color," Globe and Mail, (12 Aug.1968): 12.

Annotation: Cherry opens with a physical description of Angus MacDonald and an anecdotal story. She discusses his murals, some of which are in glass, at the King Edward Sheraton; his watercolours at the Royal York; stained glass windows at St.James Cathedral, Toronto and St.Luke's Ang.Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie. She also describes his innovative use of layered glass to form a mural at Canada House, New York. She mentions other activities - paintings produced for 15 LCBO stores and prototypes and colors produced for Westwind Fabrics of Canada Ltd. Cherry also notes that MacDonald creates stained glass for individuals, an example of which can be seen at 82 Forest Hill Road, Toronto. An upcoming show at the Manchester Arts Association in Boston, opening August 30,1968 is mentioned - as well as paintings, for the first time stained glass in the form of sculpture will be included. Cherry ends with a biographical note.
Keywords: Macdonald; King Edward Sheraton, Toronto; Royal York, Toronto; St. James Cathedral, Toronto; Canada House, New York; St. Luke's Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie
Paper #: MacDonald #2

· Colgate, William G. Canadian Art: its origin and development. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1975. illus. Bib.

Annotation: Peter Haworth is mentioned as a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Color. (p.105).
Keywords: Haworth.
Paper #: Haworth #13

· CSGA -CENSUS of Stained Glass Windows in America, Conservation and Restoration of Stained Glass: An Owner's Guide n.p.: CSGA, 1988. 9 illus.; 5 diag.; 39 pages.

Annotation: General discussion arranged in chapters entitled as follows: 'Why Conserve Stained Glass Windows/"; 'What is a Stained Glass Window?'; 'Dangers of Poorly Advised and Over-Zealous Restorations'; "Philosophy of Conservation/Restoration Campaign'; 'Conservation/Restoration Procedures'; "Adaptation to Alternative Installations'; 'Security and Insurance'; 'Re-Installation of restored Panels'; 'Protective Glazing.'Contains Glossary and Bibliography.
Keywords: conservation; restoration; re-installation; security; insurance.
Paper #: CSGWA#1

· Daigneault, Gilles. "Marcelle Ferron: Le Rythme de la Sagesse," Vie des Arts 89 (hiver 1977-1978): 30-32.

Annotation: Five reproductions of paintings. Discussion of Ferron's recent paintings with brief mention of her work in stained glass.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper #: Ferron #2

· Daymond, Heather. "Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery."Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (December 1989): n.p.

Annotation: Brief report of the first national exhibition and sale of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, which netted over $15, 000.00.
Keywords: Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Toronto
Paper #: Daymond #1

· Dearborn, Dorothy. "The Hampton Group." Atlantic Advocate 55.2 (October 1964): 25-30, 32.

Annotation: A discussion of a group of artists, most of whom are faculty members in St. John high schools, in Hampton, New Brunswick. Members of the group are: Peter Furse, map-maker; Barbara Furse, painter; Kathy Hooper, painter; John Hooper, sculptor; George Fry, illustrator; Herbert Foley, graphics; and Peter Louy, stained glass artist. The article discusses Louy as a Goth and makes mention of two of his window programs in Switzerland.
Keywords: Hampton Group; New Brunswick; Peter Louy
Paper #: Dearborn #1

· Dell'Aquila, Ettore. "Glass on Glass.' Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (February 1990): 3.

Annotation: Describes a visit with stained glass master Eric Wesselow.
Keywords: Wesselow, Eric; Temple Sinai, Toronto; glass lamination techniques
Paper #: Wesselow #8

· Dempsey, Gwen P. "A View of the Magic of Glass." Canada Crafts 4.1 (October-November 1978): 18-21.

Annotation: A generally positive review of the show "The Magic of Glass" at Harbourfront, 1978 (specifics not given). Includes descriptions of works by the following artists: John Stonkus, Karen Morris, Karen Jack Krupa, Ernestine Tahedl, Alan Stein, Christopher Wallis, Denise Therrian, Robert Jeckyll, Astri Reusch.
Keywords: John Stonkus; Karen Morris; Karen Jack Krupa; Ernestin Tahedl; Alan Stein; Christopher Wallis; Denise Therrian; Robert Jeckyll; Astri Reusch
Paper #: Dempsey #1

· Dingman, Elizabeth. "Robert Jekyll: Stained Glass," Craftnews [Ontario Craft Council] 2.2 (Mar.1977), 3 illus.

Annotation: A brief discussion of Robert Jekyll's approach to stained glass, focusing on his scholarly interest in the history and revival of stained glass and noting his recognition of the fact that modern concerns require new forms and techniques. His involvement with Artists in Stained Glass, a group formed in Toronto in 1975 to promote stained glass as a contemporary art form is mentioned.
Keywords: Jekyll;Artists in Stained Glass.
Paper #: Jekyll #1

· Dippo, E. Z. “Chronology of Haworth Window Commissions,” Visual Arts, North York, York University, n.d.

Annotation: Unpublished essay. Chronology of Peter Haworth's commissions (1922/23 to 1967/68) taken from Glorious Visions-Peter Haworth. Submitted with an essay entitled Peter Haworth-Stained Glass Artist in fulfillment of requirements for AK/VISA 4450.03, Studies in Canadian Art: Stained Glass in Canada at York University.

Keywords: Haworth

Paper #: Haworth #14
· Dippo, E. Z. Peter Haworth-Stained Glass Artist. Visual Arts. North York, York University, illus.

Annotation: Unpublished essay. This student essay, submitted for AK/VISA 4450.03, Studies in Canadian Art: Stained Glass in Canada at York University, includes a discussion of Haworth's early life and education. Dippo also considers the influence on Haworth of Arts and Crafts stained glass artists including Robert Anning Bell, Christopher Whall, A. J. Davis, Frank Hollister and Wilhelmina Geddes. She looks at the following commissions: Deer Park United Church (which is compared to C.E. Kempe's St. Paul's Anglican Church commission); Bishop Strachan; St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church; St. James cathedral and St. George's Cathedral, Kingston. Includes chronology of commissions and artist's CV.

Keywords: Haworth; Allen; Pringle and London; C.E. Kempe and Company; St. Paul's Anglican Church, Toronto; Deer Park United Church, Toronto; Bishop Strachan School, Toronto; St. Andrew's Presbyterian , Toronto; Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto; St. James Anglican Cathedral, Toronto; St. George's Anglican Cathedral, Kingston; Toronto; Kingston.

Paper #: Haworth #15

· Downey, Donn. "Artist's stained glass windows evident across Canada." Globe and Mail (May 9, 1986): n.p.

Annotation: Obituary includes some biographical information and notes examples of Haworth's work across Canada.
Keywords: Haworth; Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto; St. James Cathedral, Toronto; Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto; Grace Church on-the-Hill, Toronto; Bishop Strachan School, Toronto; McMaster University, Hamilton; First Avenue Baptist Church, Ottawa; Birks Building, Calgary; Toronto; Hamilton; Ottawa; Calgary.
Paper #: Haworth #16

· Drengson, Allan R. "Lead Poisoning!" Glass Art 5.2 (February 1977): 13, 16-17.

Annotation: A personal account of Drengson's bout with lead poisoning resulting from soldering lead cames in the construction of stained glass windows. A cautionary tale for other artists mentioning other health hazards (Silicosis) associated with working with stained glass.
Keywords: Alan Drengson; British Columbia; Health Hazards (Lead Poisoning)
Paper #: Drengson #1

· Duval, Paul. "Canadians Revive Stained-Glass Art." Saturday Night 67.26 (12 April 1952): 13. 3 illus.

Annotation: Discusses the contribution of Canadian artists to the revival of the art of stained glass, mentions Yvonne William's studio, as well as Peter Haworth, Gladys Allen, Marjorie Nazier, and Ellen Simon.
Keywords: Williams; Haworth; Allen; Nazier; Simon.
Paper #: Haworth #17

· Elford, Clifford. "Light and Order," Ontario Craft 15.2 (Summer 1990): 10-15, illus.

Annotation: Discusses Haufschild's early training and education, noting that stained glass was a hobby with which he financed his study of architecture and then art history. Elford chronicles Haufschild's move to Canada, discussing the following commissions in detail: St.Andrew's Lutheran Church, Toronto; Coquitlam Centre Mall, Vancouver; The Benedictine Monastery, Mission, B.C.; The Ismaili Mosque in Burnaby, B.C. & The SkyDome Toronto. Elford also notes that Haufschild is a designer, not a craftsman and lists the studios with which he works: Kitsilano Stained Glass Studios, Vancouver; Hein Derix Studios, Kevlaer, Germany; Wilhelm Derix Studios, Taunustein, Germany; and the Pilchuck School of Glass in Washington State.
Keywords: Haufschild; St.Andrews Lutheran Church, Toronto; Coquitlam Centre Mall, Vancouver; Benedictine Monastery, Mission, B.C. (Westminster Abbey Church); Ismaili Mosque, Burnaby, B.C. (Burnaby Jamatkhana); SkyDome, Toronto; Kitsilano Stained Glass Limited, Vancouver.
Paper #: Haufschild #2

· Eversole, Gerald. Untitled.

Annotation: A pamphlet with a color reproduction of "Arlene Dancing", 1992.
Keywords: Eversole
Paper#: Eversole #1

· Falardeau, Jean-Charles. "Marius Plamondon, assembleur de lumières," Le Devoir (Montreal) (9 Oct.1976): 4.

Annotation: Obituary of Plamondon discusses Plamondon as a great artist and a great man but makes only passing reference to his work in stained glass.
Keywords: Plamondon.
Paper #: Plamandon #7

· Fetherling, Doug. "Light and Shadow on the Hill." The Review 63.2 (1979): 3-7. Photos by Ron Cole. Photograph of artist, 6 illus.

Annotation: Discusses career of Dominion stone carver, Eleanor Milne, and her work in glass and stone for the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa.
Keywords: Milne; Eleanor; The Commons; Parliament Buildings, Ottawa; Mestrovic, Ivan; The Senate; Parliament Hill, Ottawa
Paper #: Milne #2

· Finley, Barbara R. "Revolutionary Art Form," News Release (3 Nov.1978)

Annotation: News release announcing Eric Wesselow's upcoming exhibition at the Ontario Association of Architects, and also noting his commissioned work at Humber Valley United Church, Islington, Dorval Airport, Christ Church Cathedral, Temples Beth-El, Beth-Sholom and Emanu-El in Montreal, and the Metropolitan Separate School Board, Toronto.
Keywords: Wesselow
Paper #: Wesselow #2

· Fisher, Luke. "Joyous hymns of light and color," MacClean's (8 Jan.1996): 68-70. illus.

Annotation: Article contains biographical information about Guido Nincheri and briefly mentions his training with Henri Perdriau. Mentions a number of the artist’s main projects in Ottawa and Montreal in the 1920s. Describes Nincheri’s frescoes in addition to his stained glass work.
Keywords: Nincheri; Montreal
Paper #: Nincheri #2
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