András Simor

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András Simor

Professional experience

Magyar Nemzeti Bank (the central bank of Hungary), Budapest

2007-2013 Governor

Established and implemented new strategy

Introduced new set of monetary policy tools responding to the crisis

Led negotiations with IMF/EU resulting in loan agreement

Cut operating costs in six years in real terms by 40%

Deloitte Hungary, Budapest

1999-2000, Chairman
2000-2007, Chairman and Office Managing Partner

Led the restructuring of a slowly growing office with a somewhat outdated service portfolio into the second fastest growing Deloitte entity in Central Europe, enjoying the custom of the largest multinational and local companies active in the Hungarian market.
Deloitte Central Europe

2002-2006, Member of the Board of Directors
Budapest Stock Exchange
1998-2002, Chairman of the Board (non executive)

Led transformation of the exchange from a mutually owned not-for-profit organization into a for-profit, limited liability joint stock company.
CA IB Investmentbank A.G., Vienna

1997-1998, Chairman of the Managing Board

Merged two investment banks across eight countries.

Refocused strategy, established new structure utilising synergy effects.

Maintained regional market position.
Creditanstalt Securities Rt., Budapest

1989-1997, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Built company from a greenfield venture into an undisputed market leader.

Company named best securities company on the Budapest Stock Exchange every year between 1993-97.

Lead managed the privatisation and the initial public offering of the largest Hungarian companies (MOL, OTP, Magyar Telekom, Richter).
National Bank of Hungary, Budapest

1985-1989, Senior Manager, International Department

Set up and negotiated medium term loan agreements, bond issues, interest rate and currency swaps.

Managed correspondent banking relationships with North American banks.

Set up debt management system.
Hungarian International Bank Ltd., London

1979-1985, Manager, Forfeiting Department

Responsible for relationship with German customers.

Traded and managed portfolio of medium term bills of exchange.

National Bank of Hungary

1976-1979, Assistant, International Department


    1. Karl Marx University of Economics, Budapest

Specialized in International Finance.

1992, Brokerage license Budapest Stock Exchange
Other activities

2006-2010 Chairman of the Economic Council of Ferenc Liszt Music Academy

2013- Elected to become Chairman of the Board of Budapest Festival Orchestra


Business Week Europe

2001, One of the Top 50 Business Executives in Europe
World Economic Forum

1997, Global Leader for Tomorrow
Euromoney Emerging Markets Magazine

2010, Central Banker of the year Emerging Europe

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