Andrey Soldatenko’s Biography

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Andrey Soldatenko’s Biography
Andrey Petrovich Soldatenko was born 27 July, 1974 and began to draw from his early childhood. After having studied for 5 years at the Children’s Art School, Andrey entered Saratov Art College named after Bogolubov in 1991. Studying design at the College Andrey was more interested in painting, especially landscape painting. Every summer, he used to travel to picturesque places on the River Volga for artistic inspiration. The studies painted during those trips found their way into local art exhibitions. The first exhibition was organized by a group of young artists in the autumn of 1993. Its success was very inspiring and after that exhibitions became regular. Around the same time Andrey’s personal exhibitions took place where his paintings and drawings were exhibited. In his early works the artist focused more on representing the fleeting emotions connected with observing the different states of nature or town streets. Along with painting, Andrey produces decorative and abstract works.

In the autumn of 1996, in Saratov Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists a large exhibition of the works of Saratov artists took place where Andrey Soldatenko presented a series of his works. The exhibition was very successful and attracted a lot of public attention. Responses were quite various – from very positive to critical. This exhibition is still remembered in Saratov now, after all these years.

From 1997 to 2008, Andrey Soldatenkov took part in several exhibitions:

1997, the Regional Exhibition, Saratov;

2002, the exhibition at the 4th Festival of Slavic Culture, Paris. Awarded a diploma of the Russian Centre of International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the Russian Government.

2003, the personal exhibition “Beach” in the museum of Pavel Kuznetsov (Radischev State Art Gallery in Saratov);

2006, the Regional Exhibition of Young Artists, Saratov;

2007, the National Exhibition of Young Artists, Moscow;

2007, the Regional Exhibition, Saratov;

2008, the National Exhibition “Victory”, Volgograd;

2008, the Regional Exhibition, Saratov;

2008, the Regional Exhibition “The Youth of Russia”, Saratov. Awarded a diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts.

2008, the Volga Regional Exhibition “The Big Volga”, Cheboksary.

2009, Exhibition in the Gallery “InDIVA”, Varna.

2009, the National Exhibition "Russia-XI", СHA, Moscow.

2009, the Bulgarian and Russian Exhibition "Prism". Varna, Ruse, Pazargik, Burgas, Sofia. Bulgaria.

In his present day works, Andrey sets himself new, more sophisticated objectives – to create images ideal for the perception of viewers, to find the right balance of colours and objects, to find the harmony in lines, in other words, to transfigure the nature in order to represent the feelings and emotions inspired by the natural objects without revealing the artist’s effort.

As a contemporary artist, Soldatenko is not hostage to a single style. He masterfully uses different directions as tools for creating artistic images. Soldatenko working on realistic landscapes and still lifes ( "Country House. Bulgaria", "Memories of Summer"), paintings in the Impressionist manner ( "Alley"), decorative compositions (triptych "Watering"), abstract compositions ( "Flowers"), symbolic works ( "Landscape with a lake"). A number of works in the style of Sots Art ( "U.S.", "Sheep. Alarm").

Andrey Soldatenko’s works can be found in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, the USA, and other countries.

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