An agricultural employer has the following management rights

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23138423-1384.  Rights of employer

An agricultural employer has the following management rights:

1.  To manage, control and conduct his operations, including but not limited to the number of farms and their locations, methods of carrying on any operation or practices, kinds of crops, time of work, size and makeup of crews, assignment of work and places of work.

2.  To hire, suspend, discharge or transfer employees in accordance with his judgment of their ability.

3.  To determine the type of equipment or machinery to be used, the standards and quality of work, and the wages, hours and conditions of work. The terms of employment relating to wages, hours, conditions of work and matters of worker safety, sanitation, health and the establishment of grievance procedures directly relating to a job are subject to negotiation.

4.  To work on his own farm in any capacity at any time.

5.  To join or refuse to join any labor organization or employer organization. 231384

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