All Terrain Vehicles (atvs) Checklist Date Assessment Completed

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All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) Checklist

Date Assessment Completed ………………………




Required Action

Person Responsible

Completion Date

1. Is the ATV suitable for the work activities?(Capacity, loads to be carried, items to be towed, terrain)

Read the Operator’s Manual and ensure that the ATV will be operated within the limits stipulated

2. Are operators trained in the correct use of the ATV? Responsibility of the employer to ensure adequate training and supervision

The employer or supervisor should work through the Operator’s Manual with the employee. Consider sending operators to an ATV training course.

3. Is the Operator’s Manual available to the operator?

Ensure that the employee has access to the Operator’s Manual (should be carried on machine if practical). Owner’s Manuals can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website

4. Is the ATV in good condition and correctly maintained?

Maintain ATV as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and keep records

5. Does the operator carry out pre-start checks?

Copy the pre-start checks from the Operator’s Manual and ensure that operators complete

6. Have site rules been established for the use of ATVs? e.g. Speed limits, PPE, Elevated flag, no passengers, no operators under 16 years, helmets at all times, vehicle licence required when riding on or across public roads

Site rules must comply with legal requirements. E.g. wear helmet

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