Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov Tsar of All Russia

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Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov
Tsar of All Russia

Aleksey Mikhailovich (1645-1676) was the Tsar of Russia of the mid-17th century. He was born in Moscow on 29 March 1629. Alexei came to the throne at the age of sixteen after his father's death on 12 July 1645. On 17 January 1648 Aleksey Mikhailovich married Maria Miloslavskaya. Alexei's first marriage to Miloslavskaya was a success, and she bore him thirteen children in twenty-one years of marriage: five sons and eight daughters, and died weeks after her thirteenth childbirth. Four sons survived her, (Alexei, Fyodor, Semyon, and Ivan) but within six months two of these had died, including Alexei, the sixteen-year-old heir to the throne. Alexei remarried Nataliya Kyrillovna Naryshkina on 1 February 1671. Their children were Peter I, Tsarevna Natalya Alexeevna, Tsarevna Fyodora Alexeevna.

From the very beginning of his reign, Alexei was faced with multiple rebellions scattered across Russia: the Salt Riot (1648), the Copper Riot (1662). Aleksey Mikhailovich reformed the Russian Orthodox Church in 1652. A notable event in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich was the uprising of the Don Cossack leader Stepan Razin 1670-1671 against the Russian government.

Aleksey Mikhailovich died in Moscow on 29 January 1676(1676-01-29). Tsar's letters were first published in 1856. They have earned him a place in the history of Russian literature.

Alexey Mikhailovich liked to spend time in his Palace in Kolomenskoye. The Palace is a monument of art and every-day life of the last and brightest period of Moscow Tsardom.

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