Alaska State Library Historical Collections Vinokouroff, Michael Z., 1894-1983

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Box 29 Document copies and extracts from the Yudin Collection in the Library of Congress
In Russian. A file of 87 envelopes containing references to various documents, with some handcopied by M.Z. Vinokouroff. Most of the documents concern N.P. Rezanov's visit to Russian America, voyages around the world, and Russian American Company affairs in the early 1800s. In envelopes numbered I.1-13, II.1-58, and III.1-24. Some are empty.
Box 30 Biography
Primarily in Russian. Includes fragmentary files of handwritten and photocopied extracts, miscellaneous notes, and card references. This box contains biographical materials and references to Russian American Company officials, explorers, authors writing on Alaska, and other individuals associated with Alaska.
Folder 1. Baranov, Aleksander A. (ca. 1746-1819), Russian American Co. manager.

2. Berkh, Vasilii N.(1781-1834), historian.

3. Brykin, Fedor P.

4. Buldakov, Mikhail M. (d. 1830).

5. Chevigny, Hector.

6. Chistiakov, Petr E.

7. D'Wolf, Capt. John (1779-1872), author.

8. Etolin, Adolph K., Russian American Co. manager.

9. Fox, Gustavus V.

10. Govorlivy, Z.S., doctor at Sitka in 1850s.

Wrote on native physiology.

11. Hagenmeister, Ludwig A. von, Russian American Co. manager.

12. Honcharenko, A., publisher of ALASKA HERALD, San Francisco.

13. Ianovskii, Semen I. (1789-1876), Russian American Co. manager and later Monk Sergei).

14. Kashevarof, Aleksandr F.

15. Khlebnikov, Kirill T., Russian American Co. official and author.

16. Kostromitinov, Nikolai I. (1834-1900).

17. Krusenstern, Lieut. Ivan F., explorer.

18. Kupriianov, Ivan A., Russian American Co. manager 1834-1841.

19. Lisianskii, Iurii F., explorer.

20. Maksutoff, Dimitrii, last Russian American Co. manager.

21. Matrosow, E.N. (author "Count Leliva").

22. Murav'ev, Matviei I.

23. Ogorodnikov, Pavel I.

Author of one of the first books on Russians in the U.S.

24. Rezanov, Nikolai P. (1764-1807), Russian American Co. official.

25. Rudakov, Aleksandr 1. (vice-admiral in Alaska 1840s-1850s).

26. Shelekhov, Grigorii I. (1747-1795).

27. Tebien'kov, Mikhail D., Russian American Co. official and author.

28. Tikhmenov, Petr A., Russian American Co. official and author.

29. Tolstoi, Fedor I. "The American" (1782-1846).

On voyage of Nadezhda, 1803.

30. Ushin, Stepan M. (1832-1895), clerk at Sitka.

31. Voevodskii, Admiral Stepan V., Russian American Co. official.

32. Wickersham, James, Alaskan judge and author.

33. Wrangell, F.O. and Mrs.

Includes article by A. Khlebnikov "To E.P. E.V.V. [Mrs. Wrangell] on her birthday, the 6th of January," SYN OTECHESTVA & SEVERNYI ARKHIV, vol. 2, no. 6, March/April 1838, p. 1-5. Article describes her behavior, her meeting with Tlingits at Sitka, her visits to Kodiak and Fort Ross, etc.
Box 31 Alaska/Russian America
Primarily in Russian. Includes fragmentary files of handwritten and photocopied extracts, miscellaneous notes, and card references.
Folder 1. Alaska (miscellaneous).

2. Alaska (churches).

3. Alaska (natives).

Romanov, Vladimir, "O Koliuzhakh ili Koloshaikh voobshche" (on the Koliuzh or Kolosh), SEVERNYI ARKHIV, 1825. Handcopied excerpt.

4. Alaska purchase centennial, 1867-1967.

5. Russian America.

6. Russian American Company.

7. History of Russian America. Folder located in large, flat box at the end of MS 81 collection

8. History of Russian America. Fort Ross.

9. Russian fur trade.

10. Russian laws and legal documents.

Subject: Russian America and misc.

Box 32 Russian voyages
Primarily in Russian.
Folder 1. Khvostov, Lieutenant.

Includes English-language translations of logbook of ship JUNO and excerpted articles by A. Sokolov.

2. "LOG OF THE ST. PAUL (CHIRIKOV'S SHIP, 1741)." Photostat. 135 p.

Marked "Ministry of the Marine, Russia, Hydrographic Section, Petrograd."

3. Russian voyages, travels 1701-1818.
11b. Gedeon (missionary monk) – Travels around the world 1803-1807. Located in large, flat box at the end of MS 81 collection.
Box 33 Russian Orthodox Church
In Russian. Includes fragmentary files of handwritten and photocopied extracts, miscellaneous notes, and card references, This box contains materials pertaining to famous religious shrines, monasteries, etc., and clergymen. Files on clergymen contain primarily biographical data, extracts of works, and other material arranged alphabetically by surname or monastic name.
Folder 1. Mt. Athos, Greece.

2. Chronology of the Church in Alaska and North America.

3. Village churches and chapels (list), Alaska bishops (chronological list).

4. Yakutia and Finland (Valaam).

5. Kodiak and Sitka churches.

6. Kodiak mission.

7. Spruce Island (cf. St. Herman of Alaska).

8. Afanasii, Hieromonk (1755-1831)?

9. Amvrosii, Bishop [Mereshko].

10. Buketov, Feofan M., 1922.

11. Feoktist, Hieromonk.

Excerpts from Innokentii's letters and TIJORENIIA . . .

12. Feofil, Metropolitan [Pashvkovskii].

13. Filaret, Hieromonk.

Two handcopies of communications by Fr. Iakov Netsvetov about activities of Filaret at Kvikhpak mission.

14. Filip, Bishop of Alaska [Stavitskii].

15. Gavriil, Hieromonk [Milashevich, Grigorii].

16. St. Herman of Alaska.

Two folders.

17. Innokentii [Veniaminov] (1797?-1879).

18. Ioann, Bishop [Mitropol'skii].

19. Ioasaf, Archimandrite [Bolotov, Ivan Ili'ich] (1761-1799).

20. Ioasaf, Monk (Kodiak Mission).

21. Iuvenalii, Hieromonk (Kodiak Mission).

22. Kashevaroff, Andrew Petrovich.

23. Khariton, Hegumen (Valaam), 1937.

24. Larionov family.

25. Lavrishev, Tikhon I.

26. Mordovskii, Priest Frumentii.

27. Nestor, Bishop [Zass] (1826-1882).

28. Nikita, Hiermonk [Marchenko, Nikolai] (Kenai Mission).

29. Nikolai, Hierodeacon [Militov], 1840.

30. Nikon, Archbishop of Florida [Rklitskii, Nikolai Pavlovich] (1892-1976).

31. Sevastian, Archimandrite [Dabovich].

32. Shabalin, Priest Vasilii Nik., 1876.

Also Nikolai Mitropol'skii and Mikhail Kosolapov.

33. Shaiashnikov, Innokentii K., d. 1880.

34. Sokolov, Aleksei P.

35. Turkevich, Leonid Ieronimovich.

36. Turkevich, Venedikt Ieronimovich (b. 1874).

37. Tyshnov.

38. Zyrianov, Sacristan Geronim (Kodiak, 1846).

39. Other clergy biographical notes.

Ivan I. Nadezhdin, Bishop Pavel Popov (1813-1877), Bishop Feodosii Samoilovich (b. 1884), and Priest Tikhon Shalamov (Kodiak).

Box 34 Siberia
In Russian, Yakut, French, and English. Handcopied in ink.
Folder 1. Siberia. In Russian.


2. Siberia, 24-28 July 1915. In Russian.

Notes copied from publications at the Petrograd Public Library.

3. Baron V.I. Steingel (1783-1862) (excerpts of works). In Russian.

4. Cherskii, I.D., on exploration of Kolyma, Indigirka, and Iana (1891-1892). In Russian.

5. "Voyage dans la Siberie Orientale," REVUE GEOGRAPHIQUE INTERNATIONAL. 1889." In French.

6. Yakutsk. In Russian.

7. Yakut manuscript about Troshchanskii. In Yakut.

8. Yakut language. In Yakut, Russian, and English.

9. Literature in Siberia and the Crimea.

10. Siberian botany.

Box 35 Bibliography, classification, and librarianship
In Russian and English. See Appendix for IT MUST BE DONE!, M.Z. Vinokouroff's plan for a bibliography of Russian-language works published in the U.S.
Folder 1. Bibliography, classification, and librarianship.

2. Russian-language press.

Includes, in part: U.S. local presses and periodicals. Russian 19th-century periodicals. VOICE OF JAPAN.

3. History and transliteration of Cyrillic alphabet.

Box 36 Miscellaneous
Primarily in Russian.
Folder 1. Numbered lists of names. 2.

Possibly indexes to unknown files.

2. History and culture.

Includes individuals. Three folders.

3. Chernoff, Victor M.

Notes, articles, banquet announcement.

4. Kamchatka.

5. "Materials on Olonets Gubernia" (file).

6. Literature.

7. Style in literature

8-9. Verse, copied.

10. Music.

11. Education.

12. Archeology.

13. Science.

14. The Japan-American Society (Washington, DC).

Mailings for 1967-1968 season.

15. New Testament (excerpts).

16. Prosody: theory, history, and rules.

Student notes.

17. Varied subject matter.

Examples include: On exile in Yakutsk. Extract of an article on the Russian American Company, by V. F. Shirokii (1942). Poems.

SIBERIAN SERIALS (1906-1919 and n.d.)
Box 37 In Russian. Microfiche available in Box 107. Volume numbers are provided when given in the original. Oversize.
Folder 1. BIULLETEN' IAKUTSKAGO OBLASTNOGO PRODOVOL'ST. KOMITETA (Bulletin of the Yakutsk District Provisional Committee). Yakutsk.

July 8-Oct. 8, 1917. 6 issues.

2. BIULLETEN' IAKUTSKAGO SOVETA RABOCHIKH DEPUTATOV (Bulletin of Yakutsk Union of Workers' Delegates). Yakutsk.

Sept. 20, Dec. 12, 1917. 2 issues.

Telegrams: Feb. 8, 1918.

3. BIULLETEN' ISPOLNITEL'NAGO KOMIMITETA [sic] ZEMSKICH I GORODSKOGO SAMOUPRAVLENII (Bulletin of the Executive Committee of Rural and Urban Self-Government). Yakutsk.

July 27-Aug. 19, 1918. 10 issues.

Telegrams: Aug. 11 , 1918.

4. BIULLETEN' SOVETA RABOCHIKH DEPUTATOV (Bulletin of Soviet Workers' Deputies). Yakutsk.

Mar. 20-June 22, 1918. Issues 1, 3-5, 15-21, 23-26, 30, 31, and 35-37.

Proclamation (n.d.) signed P. Ershov.

5. BIULLETEN' STACHECHNOGO KOMITETA G. IAKUTSKA (Bulletin of Yakutsk City Strike Committee). Yakutsk.

Feb. 18-Mar. 2, 1918. Issues 4, 5, 8-10, 12, 13, and 15.

6. ENISEISKOE SLOVO (Enisei Word). Krasnoyarsk.

Nov. 19, 1906 (incomplete)

7. EVREISKAIA PIS'MA (Jewish Letters). Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: Nov. 21, Dec. 22, 1917. 2 issues.

Vol. 2: Jan. 12, Feb. 8, 1918. 2 issues.

8. IAKUTSKIE VOPROSY (Yakutsk Issues). Ed. V.V. Nikiforov. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: July 30-Dec. 31, 1916. Issues 5, 8, 12-36, 41, 42. Extra editions: Sept. 1-Dec. 30, 1916. Issues 1-60.

Vol. 2: Jan. 1-Mar. 4, 1917. Issues 1-9, 11-16. Telegrams: Jan. 8 and n.d. Issues 5, 8-33.

9. GOLOS SOTSIALISTA (Socialist's Voice). Socialist-Revolutionary Party, Yakutsk Committee. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: Jan. 18-Feb. 21, 1919. Issues 1, 3-5, 7-10.

10. GOLOS TRUDA (Voice of Labor). Socialist-Revolutionary Workers' Group. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: Dec. 6, 1917.

Vol. 2: Jan. 31-Dec. 25, 1918. Issues 2-15, 17, 18, 21-26, 29, 30-32.

Vol. 3: Jan. 7, 1919

11. IAKUTSKAIA OKRAINA (Yakutsk Outskirts). Ed. Z.P. Chizhik. Yakutsk.

Vol. 2: Apr. 6, 1913.

12. IAKUTSKAIA ZHIZN' (Yakutsk Life). Ed. V.Kh. Popov.

No. 4 (incomplete), Mar. 16 (incomplete)-Dec. 23, 1908. Issues 4, 9, 38, 39-41, 45-47, 50-53, 55, 56, 59, 61-71, 76-87.

13. IAKUTSKII GOLDS (Yakutsk Voice). Yakutsk Federalist Labor Union, Central Committee. Yakutsk.

Nov. 7, 1917. Dec. 4, 1918. Dec. 22, 1918.

Vol. 2: Jan. 26, 1919-.

14. IAKUTSKII OBLASTNOI VIESTNIK (Yakutsk Oblast Herald). Ed. Iv. Krasnov. Yakutsk.

Sept. 3-Oct. 13, 1918. Issues 1-16, 18-27, 30, and extra edition Sept. 25.

15. IAKUTSKOE KHOZIAISTVO (Yakutsk Economy). Ed. M.P. Skadchenko. Yakutsk.

Mar. 5-Aug. 5, 1914. Issues 2-12.

N.d. and Nov. 5, 1916?-Feb. 20, 1917. Issues 1 (n.d.)-7.

16. IAKUTSKOE OBOZRENIE (Yakutsk Review). Ed. N.E. Afanas'ev and M.V. Sabunaev. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: Sept. 13-Dec. 16, 1917. Issues 1-19, 27, 29, 34-36, 38, 40. Bulletins: Sept. 14-Dec. 20, 1917. Bulletins 1-4, 6-17, 28, 32-34, 37.

Vol. 2: Jan. 1-Jan. 31, 1918. Issues 1-4, 6-29, 34, 35, 38.

17. IAKUTSKOE ZEMSTVO (Yakutsk Zemstvo). Zemstvo of Yakutsk Oblast. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: May 2-Sept. 28, 1918. Issues 1-5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15-21, 23-25. Bulletins: Apr. 17-May 28, 1918. Bulletins 2-6. Telegrams: Aug. 1-Oct. 4, 1918. Telegrams 1, 3, 6, 8, 9.

Vol. 2: Feb. 15-Mar. 23/10, 1919. Issues 6-11.

18. IRKUTSKAIA NEZABUDKA (Irkutsk Forget-Me-Not. Literary-Humor Magazine). Ed. K.V. Kats (K. Dubrovskii). Irkutsk.

Aug. 26, 1915.

19. IUNYI PROLETARII (Young Proletarian). Proletarian-Socialist Youth Club. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: Aug. 3, 1918.

20. IUNYI TOVARISHCH (Young Comrade). Yakutsk Student Union. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: May 14-Dec. 9, 1917. 5 issues.

Vol. 2: Feb. 13, 1918.

21. IZVESTIIA IAKUTSKOGO SOVETA RABOCHIKH DEPUTATOV (Proceedings of the Yakutsk Union of Workers' Deputies). Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: July 7/June 24-Aug. 4/July 22, 1918. 23 issues. Extra edition July 29, 1918.

22. IZVIESTIIA IAKUTSKAGO OBLASTNOGO PRODOVOL'STVENNAGO KOMITETA (Proceedings of the Yakutsk Oblast Provision Committee). Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: July 10, 1917.

23. IZVIESTIIA IAKUTSKAGO SOVIETA RABOCHIKH I SOLDATSKIKH DEPUTATOV (Proceedings of the Yakutsk Union of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies). Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: July 23, 1917.

24. KAMCHATSKII LISTOK (Kamchatka Leaflet). Ed. E.M. Klochkova. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

Vol. 4: Apr. 20, 1917.

25. KAMCHATSKII VIESTNIK (Kamchatka Herald). Ed. A.A. Purin. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

Vol. 1: Dec. 25, 1918.

Vol. 2: Jan. 4, 1919.

26. MOLODOI SOTSIALIST (Young Socialist). Krasnoyarsk Student Socialist Club. Krasnoyarsk.

Vol. 1: Nov. 3, 1917.

27. NARODNAIA SVOBODA (National Freedom). National Freedom Party, Yakutsk Section. Yakutsk.

Oct. 29, 1917-Oct. 12, 1918. Issues 1, 2, 4-7, 11, 12.

28. OBZOR IAKUTSKOI OBLASTI (Survey of Yakutsk Region). For years 1908 (Yakutsk, 1910; includes foldout city map) and 1909 (Yakutsk, 1911).

29. SIBIRSKII UCHASHCHIISIA (Siberian Student). Irkutsk Student Committee. Irkutsk.

Vol. 1: June 15, 1917 (damaged).

30. SOTSIAL'DEMOKRAT (Social Democrat). Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party, Yakutsk Committee. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: Mar. 18-July 27, 1917. 6 issues.

Vol. 2: Jan. 24 (insert only) and Mar. 15, 1918.

31. SOTSIALIST (Socialist). Socialist-Revolutionary Party, Yakutsk Committee. Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: Mar. 22-Nov. 11, 1917. 12 issues.

Vol. 2: Aug. 12, 1918.

32. V BOR'BE ZA PRAVO (In the Struggle for the Right). Yakutsk.

Mar. 11/24 191? (year illegible).

33. VIESTNIK ISPOLNITEL'NAGO KOMITETA OBSHCHESTV. BEZOPASNOSTI G/ IAKUTSKA (Herald of the Yakutsk City Committee of Public Safety). Yakutsk.

Vol. 1: Mar. 4-2/15 Sept., 1917. Issues 1, 3-40, 42-62, 64, 65, 67, 68, 101, 114, 125, 146, 152. Insert to 41 (n.d.). Telegrams (1): n.d. Extra edition May 7, 1917.

34. VOSTOCHNOE OBOZRIENIE (Eastern Review) and SIBIRSKII SBORNIK (Siberian Collection). Article Index for 1895. Ed. I.I. Popov.

35. ZVEN'IA (Groups. Non-Party Socialist Literary-Scientific Magazine-Newspaper). Ed. Bor. Konvisarov et al. Tomsk.

Vol. 1: Jan. 1, 1918.
Box 38 Yakut-language texts
Folder 1. Yakut-language riddles, proverbs, tongue-twisters, songs, and words. Five volumes numbered 1-5. Two are hardbound and three softbound. In ink and pencil.

2. "Manan butar" (Yakut-language text). In ink in softbound volume.

Title page (in Russian) reads: "Manan butar. Copied by M.V. (Taezhnik). Petersburg. Office of Public Library. Finished 12 June 1915."

3. Untitled short Yakut-language texts. Softbound lined tablet. In ink.

Box 39 Japan
In Russian and Japanese.
Folder 1. Works by Oskar F. Berg on Russo-Japanese War. 166 p. In pencil.

2. Japan, Japanese language lessons, and sketches on history of Yakutsk region. 4 hardbound volumes.

3. Japanese language lessons and vocabulary lists. 4 softbound volumes.

Folder includes vocabulary cards.

Box 40 Siberia, Kamchatka, and America
In Russian and Tungus.
Folder 1. Siberia, primarily Yakutsk. 6 softbound volumes and one hardbound. In ink and pencil.

2. Siberia and America. One hardbound volume. In ink and pencil.

3. Siberia and Sitka (AK). One hardbound volume. In ink.

4. Siberia. One hardbound volume. In ink.

5. Okhotsk and Kamchatka. One hardbound volume. In ink and blue pencil.

Includes handcopied revolutionary decrees.

6. Tungus glossary compiled by Michael Z. Vinokouroff. Unbound volume, sewn. In pencil.
Box 41 Russian-language literature of Yakutia
Located in large, flat box at the end of MS 81 collection
Folder 1. Poems and essays of Yakutia copied from periodicals 1913-1920. In Russian. 2 hardbound notebooks.

2. Poems of Yakutia copied from IAKUTSKAIA OKRAINA, 1912-1913. In Russian. 3 softbound notebooks.

3. "New" literature in Yakutsk.
Box 42 Literature and miscellaneous
Primarily in Russian.
Folder 1. Russians in the U.S. and their publications. 3 bound notebooks.

Brown "Compositions" softbound notebook includes lists of Russian emigre writers, 1928-1929. Blue "100 pages" softbound notebook includes bibliography about Russians in the U.S. and list of periodicals. Red hardbound notebook includes references to Russian periodicals and Yakut recordings.

2. Literature and music, 1913-1917 and n.d. In Russian and English. 11 notebooks. Bound and unbound.

3. "Materials on the history of scientific expeditions . . . on Aian-Maisk route" (bibliography). In Russian. Hardbound notebook.

4. "Shamanism. Materials." N.d. In Russian. In pencil. Hardbound.

5. "Notes on botany. Tikhon Vinokurov," 1907. In Russian. In ink.

6. Varied subject matter, 1912-1915 and n.d. In Russian. 12 notebooks.

Include extracts from publications and decrees.

7. Verse, 1926 and n.d. In Russian.
Box 43 Poets
In Russian. Envelopes containing poems handcopied by Michael Z. Vinokouroff. Alphabetical by name of poet. 181 envelopes.
Box 44 Social/cultural affairs: circulars and brochures (1912-1958 and n.d.)
Primarily in Russian.
Folder 1. Charitable and cultural organizations

Announcements from the Society of Russian Brotherhoods, the Tolstoy Foundation, the Circle of Russian Culture, the Russian Historical Society, the Society for Distribution of Useful Knowledge Among Immigrants in U.S.A., the All-Russian Union in America, the Federation of Russian Organizations in America, the Russian Charitable Society.

2. Commercial establishments

Flier advertising Victor Ukrainian Records. Prospectus of V. Cherniak's Iridio-Platinum Gold Mining Corp., 1921. Flier from the Russian Credit Association. Brochure of Great Oriental Land Development Industrial Co. Inc., 1923. Announcement of NOVOE RUSSKOE SLOVO that it will help subscribers send funds to relatives in Russia. Fliers from the Russian-American Building and Loan Assoc. and the United Committees of the Groups of Shareholders of the Great-Eastern Land-Industrial Company.

3. Appeals, fund drives, refugee relief (1912-1930 and n.d.)

Ephemera from: Service Bureau for Russians (n.d.); Russian Information Bureau in America; National Information Bureau, Inc.; several Orthodox mutual aid societies; the Russian Christian Colony in Philadelphia (1912); the Chicago Society for Aid to Political Exiles and Prisoners in Russia (1912); the Committee for Aid to Russian Prisoners in Germany and Austro-Hungary (1916); the Russian Charity Society (1919); the Russian Refugee Children's Welfare Society, Inc. (1921?); the Russian American Relief Association (1921?); the American Central Committee for Russian Relief, Inc.; the Committee for the Aid of Famine Victims in Russia of the city of Pittsburgh (1921); colonization projects for Russian emigres in America (mid-1920s, 1930); the Russian Refugee Children's Welfare Society; post-World War II groups.

4. Concerts, balls (1920-1927)

Announcements (for charity or for entertainment) of concerts, balls, and vecherinki (evening gatherings).

5. Concerts, balls (1928-1950)

6. Concerts, balls (1951 -1958 and n. d.)

7. Art, exhibitions

8. Education, schools

9. Lectures

10. Publishing

Advertising brochure for Vil'chur, "Russians in America," account (in Russian) of Russians in U.S. before 1917. N.d. Fliers advertising publications (23 items).

11. Theater, ballet, opera

12. Theater, ballet, opera

13. Theater, ballet, opera

14. Picnics
Box 45 Political/religious affairs: circulars and brochures (1905-1945 and n.d.)
Primarily in Russian. Political broadsides, meeting announcements and appeals for funds and membership, primarily out of New York and Chicago in the period 1920-1935, many bearing the stamp of Dr. H.R. Krasnow (Chicago). Religious tracts, meeting announcements, brochures, and miscellaneous.
Folder 1. Political affairs (1905-1927)

Approximately 100 leaflets and fliers. Organizations include: Conference of Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.), 1905. Russian Christian Colony in Philadelphia, 1913. Russian Section of the Socialist Party, 1916. Union of Russian Socialists in New York, 1917. American Socialist Party. Russian National Defense, 1918. Union of Russian Citizens for the Aid of the Revolution and the Defense of Russian Democracy, 1918. American Committee for Charitable Aid to Russia, 1920. Russian Monarchist Society. Russian Student Fund, 1923. Fund of Baroness Olga Wrangell. Boston Committee of Russian Workers for Struggle with the III International. Chicago Committee for Aid to Russian Children in China, 1927.

2. Political affairs (1928-1932)

Approximately 40 leaflets and brochures. Organizations include: White Russian-American National Club (in support of Presidential candidate Alfred E. Smith). Russian-American Republican Committee of the City of New York. Society for Aid to Russian Invalids Outside of Russia. Russian Workers Club. Workers (Communist) Party. Russian Fraction of Workers' (Communist) Party. White Russian American National Club, 1928. White Russian Defense Committee, 1928. Russian United Society for Mutual Aid in America, 1929. Russian National Christian Student Union, 1930. Russian and Ukrainian Sections of International Workers' Defense, 1930. Russian Progressive Women's Club of the City of Baltimore. Russian Society to Aid National Russia. Unemployed Councils of New England, 1932.

3. Political affairs (1933-1945)

Approximately 30 leaflets and brochures. Organizations include: Friends of the Soviet Union. Federation of Russian Anarchist-Communist Groups of the U.S.A. and Canada. Fund for the Relief of Men of Letters and Scientists of Russia. Russian Socialist-Revolutionary Party, New York Group. Chicago Committee for the Defense of Belorussia.

4. Political affairs (undated)

5. Political affairs

In support of the Kolchak government (1919): bulletins of the Russian Liberation Committee and brochure SIBERIA AND MOSCOW (Novo-Nikolaevsk, 1919).

6. Political affairs

Appeal by supporters of Prince Kirill, pretender to the Russian throne, 1922. Pro-Revolutionary appeal, n.d.

7. Political affairs

Appeal by Committee For Lifting the Blockade (fragment).

8-9. Religious groups (non-Orthodox)

Selected tracts, announcements of meetings, and miscellaneous.

10. Religious groups (non-Orthodox)

Brochure concerning Molokan-Priguny, by "Staryi Emigrant" (Old Emigre), ZAKONA NET. RAZSKAZ IZ ZHIZNI RUSSKIKH MOLOKAN (There is no law . . . ), New York, 1912. 32 p.

11. Religious groups (non-Orthodox)

MOLITVENNIK' (Molokan prayerbook), Los Angeles (CA), 1915.

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