Alaska State Library Historical Collections Vinokouroff, Michael Z., 1894-1983

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Box 23 Administrative records (clergy, educational activities), clergy writings, diocesan and parish publications, and miscellaneous (Eastern Siberia and North America, 1842-1922 and n.d.)
In Russian. Primary emphasis is on Yakutia and Alaska. Available on microfiche (in Box 107). See folders for descriptions.
Parish, diocesan, and other annual clergy service reports
Folder 1. United States and Canada. General listing (estimated date: 1912-1914).

2. Diocese of Aleutian Islands and Alaska. 1893-1895. Includes biographical data.

3. Diocese of Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Unalaska deanery. Undated, probably around 1897. Incomplete.

4. Alaska Bishopric. Unalaska deanery. Undated, not earlier than 1902, with new notations dated 1905-1906.

5. Alaska Bishopric. 1903. Incomplete. A register of clergy serving former Sitka deanery.

6. Alaska Bishopric. Church of the Nativity of the All-Holy Theotokos, Afognak Islands. 1908.

7. Alaska Bishopric. St. Nicholas Church, Juneau. 2 items, one dated to 1905 and the second to 1910.

8. Alaska Bishopric. Church of the Holy Resurrection, Kodiak. 1908[?].

9. Alaska Bishopric. Church of the Dormition of the All-Holy Theotokos, Kenai. 1907[?].

10. Alaska Bishopric [Vicariate]. Kvikhpak [Yukon] Mission. 1907[?].

11. Alaska Bishopric. Church of the Protection of All-Holy Theotokos, St. Michael. 1908[?].

12. Alaska Bishopric [Vicariate]. Church of the Holy Ascension, Unalaska. 1906[?].

Service records of individual clergy
Folder 13. Alaska Bishopric. Amfilokhi [cf. Vakul'skii]. Sitka. 1915. Includes biographical data.

14. Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Hieromonk Nikita. Sitka [?]. N.d. [after 1872].

15. Alaska. Iaroshevich, A. Kenai Missionary. 1893. Includes biographical data.

16. Alaska. Hieromonk Innokentii [Aleksandr Dmitrievich Pustynski; Vicar-Bishop of Alaska, 1906-19081. 1895.

17. United States and Canada. Ioann Savich Kedrovskii [b. 18791, Acting Sacristan. 1899.

18. Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Nikolai Mitropol'skii .1888.

19. Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Hieromonk Sevast'ian [Dabovich]. Sitka. 1893[?].
Priests' journals
20. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutians. Novoarkhangel'sk Auxiliary Bishopric. Hegumen Nikolai. Sitka. 1865-1866.

21. Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Priest Tikhon Shalamov. Kodiak. 1899-1900.

Educational activities records
22. Diocese of the Aleutians and Alaska. Sunday School journal. Sitka. 1883-1888.

23. Alaska. Russian grammar text, handwritten. Sitka. 1864.

24. Alaska. "Educational activity of the Russian Orthodox Church for the academic year." In Russian and English. Report by Hieromonk Antonii, Dean of Clergy, one for year 1899-1900 and one for year estimated to be 1901-1902.

25. Alaska Bishopric. Unalaska response to questionnaire regarding Church-maintained schools. N.d.

Probably a draft after 1923. 30 of 33 questions unanswered.

26. North America and Canada. List of books donated to seminary. After 1914

Episcopal pastoral letters and addresses
27. Episcopal address, Innokentii (Veniaminov). Unalaska. 1842.

28. Episcopal address, Nikolai [Ziorov], Bishop of Alaska etc. 1894.

29. Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Archpastoral epistle, unsigned. 1894.

30. Pastoral letters, Filipp [Stavitskii], Bishop of Alaska. N.d. Five letters (one typescript, four manuscripts).

31. Pastoral letter, Antonii [Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska]. 3 April 1922. Printed.
Priests' sermons
32. Leontii [Leonid Turkevich, later Metropolitan]. Four attributed to him; at least one is in different handwriting.

33. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutians. Novoarkhangel'sk Bishopric [Vicariate]. Hieromonk (Hegumen) Nikolai. Kenai. Five sermons, one of which bears the date 6 October 1846.

34. Priest St[epan] V[ino]kurov. Eleven sermons, two of which are dated 1884.

35. Priest Zinovii Grigor'ev Vinokurov. Yakutsk. 1891-1906. Ten sermons.

All bear the approval of the ruling bishop, sometimes with comments.
Clergy writings, general
36. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutians. Description of Kenai region completed at request of the [Imperial] Geographic Society. 3 folios and versos in paper cover, sewn together. N.d.

Appears to predate 1867.

37. Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Historical descriptions of Nushagak mission and church, by Priest V. Modestov. 1896-1897. Two manuscripts.

38. Speech, "At the Grave of Brave Missionaries," by Priest Dimitrii Hotovitzky. Unalaska. N.d.

39. Drafts of articles by Leonid Turkevich [later Metropolitan Leontii). N.d.

Eight articles written for publication, including two on the future of Orthodoxy in America and one on Greeks in the U.S.

40. "How does this agree with the American Constitution. , by Bishop Nikolai Ziorov. N.d. Unfinished draft.
Clergy correspondence
41. Fr. M.A. Baranov (St. Paul Island, AK) to "Fr. Protoierei Andrei." 15 Aug. 1939.

42. Priest Derenov (Kodiak, AK) to Fr. Tikhon Shalamov. 6 Aug. 1903.

43. T. Clinton Hedenam (St. Dorothy's Rectory, Old Harbor) to Fr. Leonid Turkevich. 19 Sept. 1914.

44. Priest Dimitrii Hotovitzky (Unalaska, AK) to various correspondents. 8 letters, 1915-1923.

45. Rev. A.P. Kashevaroff (Juneau, AK) to Fr. Protoierei Nikolai Kashevarov. 8 October 1935.

46. Reader Ivan I. Kvasnikov (Kenai, AK) to Hegumen Victor. 22 Dec. 1914.

47. Ivan Efimovich Munin to an unnamed ecclesiastical superior. 1892.

Describes founding of Chapel of St. Sergius and St. Herman following Russian withdrawal of 1867.

48. Priest A. Petelin (Afognak, AK) to "Fr. Petr." 1911.

49. Fr. Pavel Shadura (Kenai, AK) to "Fr. Grigorii." Two letters (14/27 Oct. 1927 and 6 Dec. 1927).

50. To Bishop Filipp Stavitskii. From his. mother, 18 Nov. (n.y.), and from his sister, n.d.

51. Bishop Nikolai Ziorov, to "Your Excellency, Sergei Vasili'evich." 13/25 Dec. 1892 and 14/26 Dec. 1892.

52. Proposal, signed by A. Hotovitzky, for the founding of new journal to be titled PRAVOSLAVNY AMERIKANSKII VESTNIK (Orthodox American Messenger). 1896.

Bears approval dated 26 July 1896.

Miscellaneous and Alaska native language studies
53. Blank forms and printed fragment.

54. Nadezhdin, Ivan

- Primery dlya neizmenyaemykh chastey rechi (Examination of the invariable parts of speech). 31 p. ms.

- Sobranie samonuzhneyshikh slov dlya razgovor (A collection of the most useful words for conversation). 83 p. Tlingit-Russian dictionary by topic. ms.

Box 24 Clergy correspondence, 1922-1980s
In Russian unless otherwise indicated. Alphabetical by name of correspondent. Correspondence between Michael Z. Vinokouroff and members of the Russian Orthodox Church clergy. Letters received by Michael Z., Vinokouroff and letters sent by him are filed separately; letters sent to unidentified clerics are in Folder 72. Each entry represents a separate folder. For correspondents who wrote from multiple locations, no place is given. Vinokouroff exchanged many letters with Fr. Gerasim Schmaltz in Alaska and the Fathers Superior of the Valaam Monastery in Finland; for these correspondences see Boxes 25 and 26, respectively.
Letters received (Folders 1-44)

Aleksei, Bishop 1924-1946 (Panteleev, Aleksandr R.)

Amvrossy (Merezhko), Archbishop

Antonin, Bishop-Vicar Sitka, AK 1933 (Pokrovskii, Aleksei.)

Baranov, Fr. Makarii Describes Alaska.

Bellavin, Rev. Nicholas Grand Rapids, MI 1931

Black, Fr. David Sitka, AK

Buketov, Feofan, Archpriest 1931-1964

Bulgakov, P.I., Archpriest Berkeley, CA 1929

Burdikoff, V. Rev. Stephen I. Meriden, CT 1929

Chepelev, John J., Archpriest New York, NY 1928-29

Chernavin, Ioann N., Priest New York, NY 1929

Fedorenko, Iosif P., Priest Coaldale, PA 1931

Fedorov, Konstantin, Archpriest Jackson, NJ 1980

Feodosii, Hegumen (Kulchitskii) 1928

Feodosii (Theodosii), Archimandrite St. George Is., AK 1940 Metropolitan.

Feofil, Bishop and Metropolitan 1928 (Pashkovskii, Fedor.)

Herman, Abbot Platina, CA; (Gleb Podmoshenskii.)

Ouzinkie, AK

Hotovitzky (Khotovitskii), Dimitri 1940-1951

Ilian, Hegumen Mt. Athos, Greece Et al. From St. Panteleimon Monastery)

Iliodor, Monk 1933

Ioann, Archimandrite Sitka, AK 1944 (Zlobin.) Bishop of Alaska.

Kashevarov, Andrew P. Juneau, AK

Kedrovskii, Ioann (Metropolitan) 1925

Kedrov (Kedrovskii), Nikolai I. New York, NY Priest.

Kiprian, Archbishop Philadelphia, PA 1980

Kiselev, A. New York, NY 1979

Lavr, Bishop Jordanville, NY 1980

Lebedev, Manuil, Archpriest 1929-1930

Leontii, Metropolitan 1922-1932 (Turkevich, Leonid.)

Moonin, Nicholas E. English Bay, AK 1940

Nikolai, Archimandrite Falls Church, VA 1969-1982

Nikon, Archbishop of Florida Jackson, W 1974

Polikarp, Archimandrite Jordanville, NY 1961-1965

Seletskii, Konstantin, Priest Baltimore, MD 1923-1924

Shadura, Pavel A. Kenai, AK 1940-1941 3 letters.

Shaposhnikov, Vasilii G. San Francisco, CA 1930 4 letters and 3 printed


Shchookin [Shchukin], Rev. Elias S. Canaan, PA Hierodeacon.

Sivtsev, Fedor, Priest 1921-1922

Smirnov, Vasili and Pelageia Milville, NJ 1929-1980

Sturmer, Rev. Roman Kodiak, AK 1958
Vecheslavov, Protohierei San Francisco, CA 1933

Vitaly, Archbishop Bronx, NY 1941

Vladimir, Hegumen Jordanville, NY 1982

Williams, Innokentii, Protodeacon Sitka, AK 1970-1976

Letters sent (Folders 45-71)

Aleksei, Bishop 1924-1942 (Panteleev, Aleksandr R.)

Amvrossy (Merezhko), Archbishop 1930-1974

Antonin, Bishop-Vicar Sitka, AK 1933 (Pokrovskii, Aleksei.)

Baranov, Fr. Makarii 1941

Buketov, Feofan, Archpriest New York 1930-1964

Feofil, Bishop and Metropolitan 1928-1940 (Pashkovskii, Fedor.)

(Gleb Podmoshenskii.)

Herman, Abbot Platina, CA, 1944-1951

Ouzinkie, AK

Hotovitzky (Khotovitskii), Dimitri 1958-1962

Ilian, Hegumen Mt. Athos, Greece 1945 (Zlobin.) Bishop of Alaska.

Ioann, Archimandrite Sitka, AK 1962-1964 6 items.

Iosif, Fr. 1924-1939

Kashevarov, Andrew P. Juneau, AK 1922-1939

Kedrov (Kedrovskii), Nikolai 1. New York, NY n.d. [Kokhanik.]

Kohanik, Fr. Peter Wilkes-Barre, PA 1930

Krashkevich, Ioann, Archpriest Wilkes-Barre, PA n.d.

Lavr, Bishop Jordanville, NY

Leontii, Metropolitan (Turkevich, Leonid.)

Nikon, Archbishop of Florida Jackson, W 1975

Orlov, John 1924-1945 [Ioann Grigor'evich.]

Polikarp, Archimandrite Jordanville, NY 1961-1962

Shchookin, Rev. Elias S. Canaan, PA 1941

Shadura, Pavel A. Kenai, AK 1924

Sil'vestr, Bishop

Vitaly, Archbishop 1937 Metropoly.

Vladimir, Father 1925 [Averkii Voskhodov.]

Vosjodoff, Averkio Buenos Aires,


Williams, Innokentii, Protodeacon Sitka, AK 1970-1975

Unidentified clerics (Folder 72)

Box 25 Clergy correspondence: Gerasim Schmaltz (monk, Ouzinkie and Kodiak, 1940-1969)
In Russian. Includes detailed English-language notes (general overview, summary of each letter) prepared by Abbot Herman of New Valaam Monastery (Ouzinkie) in collaboration with R. Monk Gerasim E. One undated letter of Fr. Andrew Kashevarov (Folder 1). Copy of pamphlet FATHER GERASIM, GUARDIAN OF ST. HERMAN OF ALASKA, by Fr. Seraphim Rose. In the listing below, undated letters are listed by the date of receipt (or by the postmark date if they are lacking both the date of composition and the date of receipt).
Born in 1888 in Alexin (Tula Province), south of Moscow, Fr. Gerasim Schmaltz entered the Hermitage of St. Tikhon in Kaluga Province, central Russia, in 1906. ordained hieromonk in 1915, he was assigned to Alaska the following year. He went to Sitka and Kodiak before becoming village priest in Afognak, where he stayed for 18 years. After the Russian Revolution, Fr. Gerasim was the only clergyman in Alaska to reject the authority of the re-established patriarchate of Moscow and to recognize instead the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. In 1935 Fr. Gerasim left his parish and withdrew to Spruce Island, site of St. Herman's hermitage and burial. Fr. Gerasim died in Kodiak, 2 October 1969.

In this correspondence Fr. Gerasim and Michael Z. Vinokouroff share personal and ecclesiastical views and sorrows.

Folder 0. Calendar/Commentary by Abbot Herman and R. Gerasim E., Ouzinkie.

1. Undated (1 postcard, 1 letter)

The undated letter (to Fr. Andrei Kashevarov) discusses the spirit of Valaam monasticism.

2. 6 June 1942

5 November 1945

Spruce Island Hermitage is being repaired, the foundations improved, the buildings painted--a good place, Gerasim declares, for those wishing to flee the world into seclusion.

24 November 1946

22 May 1947

Gerasim censures Saturday-night dancing in church halls and drunkenness among the population.

25 January 1952

5 December 1952

3. 10 August 1954

2 April 1955

6 June 1955

2 March 1956

Gerasim expresses sadness that no progress is being made toward the canonization of Fr. Herman. Should canonization occur, he would rather die than see Herman's relics removed from Spruce Island.

12 July 1956

21 November 1956

From Kodiak. Gerasim thirsts for the seclusion of his cell in the wilderness of Spruce Island, but he is unable to prepare the firewood needed for the long winter.

4. 2 February 1957

Regarding unsupportive clerical brethren, Gerasim exclaims,

"Oh, how I want to flee to Mt. Athos, but there too the

Russian monks are dying off; oh, how sad, how sad!"

14 July 1957

Gerasim's sister has been asking him to return to Russia, but monasteries there have been shut down. Gerasim has learned of a huge forest fire near Anchorage after noticing smoke in his clearing.

28 August 1957

13 February 1958

10 July 1958

7 September 1958

Gerasim relates how in 1935 he settled in this island wilderness and built the chapel, located on the site of St. Herman's cell, with money earned from working in a store and from selling his own embroidery. He considers funding mismanaged and Herman's memory neglected.

22 September 1958

Discussing a frequent concern, Gerasim describes post-Revolutionary Athonian monasticism as persecuted.

23 September 1958

5. 25 April 1959

1 May 1959

4 May 1959

Gerasim describes his life since his arrival in New York City on this date in 1915, including experiences in Chicago, St. Paul, Seattle, Sitka, Juneau, and Kodiak.

15 August 1959

A characteristic mix of themes: Warm regards to Vinokouroff. Gerasim's current devotional practice. His childhood in Russia. The Church's current division. His family's history. Monastic history, scenes, and anecdotes. Daily events on Spruce Island. The continuing discussion about whether to canonize Herman. A cited poem. Finally, the news that he has caught a fish and found a few mushrooms--to a wilderness-dweller, a boon.

26 August 1959 (date of receipt)

1 October 1959 (date of receipt)

11 November 1959

30 December 1959

6. 24 January 1960

20 April 1960 28

July 1960

2 August 1960

An unfavorable comparison of today's missionaries, who fly in planes, with those of the past, who made do with rowboats or, if necessary, with schooners that stank. Gerasim worries about what will happen to the Spruce Island hermitage when he no longer is alive to keep it neat and clean: would any monk of today be willing to live here?

6 August 1960

7. 6 June 1961

Gerasim describes his first visit to Spruce Island in 1926. He deplores changes in liturgical practice and asserts that few in the village take care of him; that church readers and others are dying without replacements; that poor attendance at Easter services has moved him to tears of despair.

1 November 1961

Why the Orthodox Church in Alaska is called the "Russian" Church.

10 November 1961

Written while a storm rages over Gerasim's cell, making it impossible for him to sleep: a description of his earlier near-drowning in Alaskan waters.

8. 21 February 1962

21 March 1962

17 May 1962

29 May 1962

13 September 1962 (date of postmark)

9 October 1962

25 October 1962

19 November 1962

10 December 1962

Gerasim laments that in Sitka everything old and Russian is falling apart.

9. 21 January 1963 7 March 1963

Gerasim describes his dream in which Tsar Nicholas II consoled him, saying that he too had suffered. 9 April 1963 (date of postmark; enclosure only

14 April 1963 (date of postmark)

Gerasim thanks Vinokouroff for sending incense; he had had only a small amount left.

23 May 1963

8 October 1963

This summer was very dry, Gerasim notes; he had to walk a great distance for water.

18 October 1963 (date of postmark)

14 November 1963

10. 18 February 1964 7 April 1964

A detailed description of the earthquake which took place a few days earlier. Gerasim observes that he was the only person to remain here throughout.

7 June 1964

7 October 1964

23 November 1964

Gerasim describes the aftermath of the earthquake and tidal wave. Afognak, where he served for 18 years, is being moved.

11. 9 March 1965

"I do not like electricity in churches; it is the same light which illuminates saloons and unclean places. Devout Moscow merchants were against having electricity in our ancient cathedrals and churches."

8 June 1965 (date of postmark)

The fiftieth anniversary of Gerasim's 4 May arrival in New York has been marked by a group in Vancouver (BC) and by an American here; Gerasim wishes that at least one Russian had been here that day.

8 September 1965

4 November 1965

12 December 1965

12. 22 February 1966

With enclosure: a newspaper photograph from 2 January showing St. Michael's Cathedral (Sitka) in flames.

30 April 1966 (date of postmark)

Gerasim's fiftieth Easter in a foreign land. Having tidied the church and trimmed the lamps: "How good it is, how joyful to serve in a clean church!"
Box 26 Clergy correspondence. Valaam Monastery (1930-1941)
In Russian.
This file contains some of Vinokouroff's correspondence with the Fathers Superior of the Valaam Monastery in Finland. There are several letters to Hegumen Pavlin dated 1930 and 1931 and one reply from Pavlin. The balance of the correspondence is with Pavlin's successor, Hegumen Khariton, from 1933-1941 .

The letters cover a range of topics: Vinokouroff's search for Hieromonk Gideon's original manuscript concerning his voyage to Alaska from 1803 to 1809, his project to collect Alaska Church archives, his search for materials about Father Herman (St. Herman of Alaska), and the fabricated manuscript known as THE JOURNAL OF HIEROMONK IUVENALII. The correspondence ends in 1941 (Folder 24) with news that the Valaam brethren have fled Soviet-occupied territory and that the monastery (Old Valaam) on Valaam Island has been destroyed. The letters include Vinokouroff's proposal that the Valaam monks resettle on Spruce Island in Alaska.

The file includes "Letters sent" by Vinokouroff and "Letters received" by him in chronological order.
Letters sent (Folders 1-14)
Folder 1. Hegumen Pavlin 20 Nov. 1930

2. Hegumen Khariton 8 Aug. 1933

3. 3 Feb. 1937

4. 9 Apr. 1937

5. 17 Aug. 1937

6. 10 Oct. 1937

7. 17 Dec. 1937

8. 27 Dec. 1937

9. 27 March - 17 May 1938

10. 31 May 1937

11. 17 Dec. 1938

12. 2 June 1939

13. 5 Oct. 1939

14. 4 Apr. 1940

Letters sent (Folders 15-24)
15. 16 Jan. 1931

16. 27 July 1933

17. 22 Aug. 1933

18. 10 Mar. 1937

19. 6 July 1937

20. 25 October 1937

21. 8 July 1938

22. 14 July 1938

23. 7 July 1939

24. 24 February 1941

Miscellaneous: Folder 25
Box 27 Religious texts. Handcopied
In Russian and Yakut.
Folder 1. Untitled compilation of religious texts. N.a. In ink in various hands. Two bound volumes.

In Russian. One volume includes a "history of the Church". The inside front cover bears an unsigned inscription from 1860 expressing disappointment with the contents.

2. "Michael D-n," RUSSIA IN THE PROPHECY OF THE APOCALYPSE, Sept. 19/Oct. 2, 1925. Hectograph of manuscript. Bound in paper.

In Russian.

3. Untitled work on history of Church and life and work of St. Paul. N.a., n.d. In ink. Bound in cardboard, missing front cover and pages at front.

In Russian.

4. JOB[, Biblical book of]. N.d. In ink. Bound.

In Russian.

5. Untitled history of Christianity (Part 1) and of Russian Orthodox Church (Part 2). N.a., n.d. In ink. Bound.

In Russian.

6. Teachings on the text of Matthew 1:21. In ink. Unbound.

In Yakut. Copied by Innokentii Vinokurov in 1906.

7. Canon of St. Andrew of Crete. In ink. Unbound.

In Yakut. Copied by Innokentii Vinokurov.

Box 28 Miscellaneous
In Russian. This box contains printed materials pertaining to North America and Canada (exclusive of Alaska) dating after 1917, for the most part.
Episcopal addresses, appeals, and pastoral letters
Folder 1. Bishop Aleksander. 1917-1922 and n.d. 11 items.

2. Archbishop Apollinarii, Bishop of San Francisco. 1927-1923 and n.d.

The undated item is from approximately 1920-1922.

3. Antonii, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia. 22 June (Julian) 1928. Single sheet broadside.

General address, with ukaz of Metropolitan Sergei and epistle of Bishop Evlogii (Paris).

4. Evdokim. 1916[?]. 8 p.

Address to the Russian folk in America.

5. Metropolitan Feofil. Ca. 1943-1944. 1 p. 3 cc.

Appeal to the Russian people to assist in creation of a national cathedral in the capital.

6. Gregory, Bishop of Sitka and Alaska. N.d.

(After 1966.) Appeal for contributions for restoration of the Cathedral of St. Michael in Sitka.

7. Nikon, Archbishop of Washington and Florida. 1976-1976.

Christmas address.

8. Platon, Metropolitan of North America and Canada. 1925, 1930.

Address, 12 April 1925, on the death of Patriarch Tikhon. General address to the American Orthodox, 10 November 1930, 3 p.

9. Theodosius (Feodosii), Metropolitan of North America and Canada. 3 items.

Christmas addresses for 1979, 1981, and 1982.

10. Vitalii, Archbishop. 5 items.

Various appeals to the faithful, no dates.
Appeals, broadsides by Sobors (Councils) and Synod
11. First Orthodox Sobor (took place in Cleveland, 25-28 Feb. 1919).

Address to all Orthodox in America about results.

12. Synod of Bishops in Exile (Karlovtsy, Serbia).

Address to all the Orthodox in the U.S. and Canada. Signed by Antonii, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia, as chairman. 6 c. Ca. 1921-1922.

Parishes and churches, by name of church
13. Cathedral of Christ the Savior, NY. Schedule of services.

14. Parish of St. Cyrill and Methodius, Milwaukee, WI. 2 items.

15. Church of the Holy Trinity, Baltimore, MD. 2 items.

16. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Chicago, IL. 2 items.

17. Parish of St. John the Baptist, Warren, OH. History of the parish. n.d. Brochure.

18. Parish of St. Michael the Archangel, Detroit, MI. 1 item.

19. St. Michael Parish, Pittsburgh, PA. I item.

20. St. Nicholas Cathedral, New York, NY. 9 items.

21. St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Washington, DC. 10 items.

22. Parish of St. Nicholas Church, Wilkes-Barre, PA. 2 items.

23. Cathedral of the Protection of the All-Holy Theotokos (Pokrova), New York, NY. 7 items.

24. Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul, Meriden, CT. 3 items.

Monasteries, nunneries, seminaries, and theological institutions
25. 5 items.
Missions and Orthodox Communities in Other Countries
26. Mission in Japan. 2 items.

27. Russian Orthodox community in Rome. Appeal to Orthodox in America. Ca. 1945.

28. Orthodox community of Lithuania. Request for aid in rebuilding the Church of St. Alexander Nevskii in Verzhbolovo, near Kibartakh, destroyed in 1924.

29. Imperial Orthodox Society. Appeal for aid for Arabic Orthodox in Palestine. 1903.

30. In defense of the Orthodox community in Poland. 2 items.
Brotherhoods, sisterhoods, affiliated organizations, mutual aid

societies, and other organizations

31. North America and Canada. 8 items.

32. Patriarch Tikhon Fund, Chicago, IL. 4 items.

33. Adherents of orthodoxy Society. 3 items.

34. Russian St. John the Baptist Society, New Britain, CT. 1931.

35. Russian Orthodox Society of St. Prince Vladimir, Bronx, NY. 1942.

36. Russian Youth Committee. 2 items.

37. Mutual Aid Society. 3 items. 1915-1927.

Includes twenty-fifth anniversary volume (New York, 1915).

38. Russian Church Assistance Fund. 5 items, 1926-1927. Some incomplete.

39. Russian Emigres House, New York, NY. Brochure describing history, mission, and activities. New York, 1909. 46 p. In Russian.

40. Union of Orthodox priests in America. Application form.
Serbian Church
41. 2 items.
Jurisdictional and dogmatic disputes within the North American Church
42. T. Peshkov, St. George "Independent" ("People's") Church, Chicago, IL.
Includes, in part: Official public statements on T. Peshkov, 1915. Five addresses by the Committee of St. George Church, 1915-1917. Broadsides of St. George Church.
43. Ivan Kedrovskii, The Living Church (Zhivaia Tserkov'). 1924-1934.
Includes, in part: Instructions from the Synod of the Living Church in the U.S.S.R. to Nikolai I. Kedrov (Kedrovskii), 1934. Extract from minutes of meeting of Diocesan Council, 14/27 Feb. 1924. Copy of Supreme Court (State of New York) decision., 1925.
44. Metropolitan Platon. 1917-1930.
Printed and mimeographed materials, mostly statements and appeals by members of the Episcopate. The folder contains an English-language description of these documents, which include episcopal epistles and appeals, anonymous anti-Platon broadsides, decrees of Synod of Russian Orthodox Church in Exile, pamphlets, and proclamations.
Records of North American Archbishopric [Diocese], Consistory, and Diocesan Council, including by-laws

46. North America. Diocesan Commission on Reorganization of Administrative Structure of the Diocese and Education. 1930. 2 items.

47. North America. Diocesan Council. Instructions to the parishes on keeping records and preparing annual reports. 1930. 2 c.

48. Blank sample administrative forms.

49. North American Consistory, New York, NY. Various circulars. 1916.

50. North America. Archdiocesan Council, New York, NY. Circulars. 1925-1931.

51. North America. Diocesan Council. Financial report for the year 1926.

52. North America. Diocesan Council. Repentance [Raskaianie] of Adam Filippovskii [Bishop]. N.d.

After 1922.
North American Diocese/Metropoly: Education
53. Regulations for training deacons/teachers. N.d.

54. Reorganization of Orthodox education [by Archimandrite Filipp]. 1916. 2 c.

55. Information on Church supplies.

56. Miscellaneous.

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