Alaska State Library Historical Collections Vinokouroff, Michael Z., 1894-1983

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Box 11 Correspondence of George Vinokouroff (Son) and Lena Vinokouroff (Daughter)
In English and Russian.
Folder 1. Correspondence of George Vinokouroff with Michael Z. Vinokouroff and Anastasia S. Vinokouroff.

2. Correspondence of Lena Vinokouroff with Michael Z. Vinokouroff and Anastasia S. Vinokouroff.

Box 12 Diaries (1911-1968)
In Russian. Dated items (in chronological order) are listed ahead of undated.
Folder 1. Diary, May 1912. In ink in notebook.

2. Diaries, November 1912. In ink and pencil in 2 notebooks.

Regarding journey to Charg River. Includes loose notes and maps drawn in pencil.

3. Diary (as "Taezhnik"), Mar. 1913. In ink in school notebook.

Includes excerpts copied from various publications (subjects: life in Yakutia, L. Tolstoi).

4. Diary, November-December 1913. In pencil in notebook.

5. Prison diary in pencil in notebook. 1918.
Many pencil sketches by fellow inmates R. Prostakov and Nikolai Bol'shakov, and several others, of inmates, guards, and parts of prison. Texts of decrees of prison administration. Texts of 27 letters from wife A. Vinokouroff. Handcopied articles and selections from printed works on Yakutsk region. Diary entry from 21 June 1918 in back of book. Poem draft, formerly on loose sheets folded into diary, has been moved to Box 14, Folder 6.
6. "Okhotskie materialy" (Okhotsk Materials). Bound volume.
Decrees issued in East Siberia 1917-1921, copied in pencil. Extracts from books on East Siberia, copied in ink. Two letters regarding effort to emigrate from Japan to the U.S., July 1920 (copies). Poem by Vinokouroff, "Na more" (On the Sea), written en route to the U.S. Diary for 28 Jan. to 31 July 1921, covering voyage to U.S. and temporary establishment at Pittsburgh (PA), described as "Moia Golgofa" (My Golgotha); copies of letters to Aleksei Ivanovich Chernov (New York). Diary entry dated 24 December 1926.
7 Diary in ink and pencil in School notebook. 1923. 14 p. filled.

Description of daughter Zhenia's death.

8. "Daily Reminder, 1928," bound. In ink. 1928. Notations 3-15 January only.

9. Diary fragments. 12 Aug. 1911, 1 Jan. 1912-2 Feb. 1913, Mar.-July 1913, 5 Mar. 1914, Nov. 1915, 25 April-2 May 1917.

10. "Okhotskii period . . . " (Okhotsk Period. Trip to Okhotsk; dealings with I.G. Sivtsov; Tsutsumi and Co.). Unbound.

Includes published reference of Aug. 25, 1911, to discovery of gold near Okhotsk and copy of document (Dec. 1917) on education in Kamchatka district.

11. Diary fragments, n.d. 7 items.

12. Financial accounts, n.d. 3 items.

Box 13 Family documents
In Russian. See oversize folder 11 for photostats of Vinokurov family data from Yakutsk registers.
Folder 1. Michael Z. Vinokouroff.

Includes, in part: Copy of birth certificate. Tape of voice. Yakutsk Seminary vacation pass, 23 Feb. 1912, signed by Seminary Inspector. Autobiographical chronological list, 6 p., n.d.


Reproduced documents arranged by Michael Z. Vinokouroff. Bound volume.

3. Texts handcopied by Egor (George) Vinokurov.

Latin hymns, with M.Z. Vinokouroff's inserted extract from Barsukov's life of Innokentii mentioning Egor Vinokurov. Bound volume. File includes handcopied Russian-language religious texts, unbound.

4. Innokentii Z. Vinokurov (brother).

Stationery sample with portrait. Program of concert conducted by him at Yakutsk, 14 Mar. 1910. Authorization as psalm-reader, Feb. 26, 1915. Consistory order concerning duties as psalm-reader. Two written messages from superiors.

5. Tikhon Z. Vinokurov (brother).

Travel permit, Irkutsk to Petrograd, 1915.

6. Daughter Eugenia (1921-1923).

Birth and death records. Incl. sympathy cards.

7. M.Z. Vinokouroff's notes on family history and deceased family members.

8. George Vinokouroff (son).

School record, notification of release from army.

9. Prayers for dead and living, made by clergy at M.Z. Vinokouroff's request.

10. Newspaper articles about M.Z. Vinokouroff.

Includes "Library Given Alaska Data by Siberian." THE WASHINGTON TIMES. 7 Dec. 1934.

11. Plans for home and house design data.
Box 14 Writings by M.Z. Vinokouroff (1911-1959)
Russian-language poetry (pseud. "Taezhnik") and nonfiction; English translations of others' writings.
Folder 1. ETO NUZHNO ZDELAT'! (It Must Be Done!)
Pamphlet announcing a project to list and describe writings of Russians in U.S. (See Appendix for translation.) See Boxes 48-52 (RUSSIAN EMIGRES AND WRITERS) for writing samples accompanied by correspondence.
Folder contains drafts; copies of pamphlet; library catalog cards listing pamphlet; and review in Russian by A. Fovitskii, NOVOE RUSSKOE SLOVO, 3 May 1931.
2. Poetry notebook, 1911-1920. Bound .

Includes handcopies in ink, clippings, and inserted loose copies of later works.

3. Poetry album of clippings from publications.

From IAKUTSKAIA OKRAINA, 1911-1912 and n.d. Unbound.

4. Poetry (manuscripts and drafts). Some include sketches in pencil.

5. "Iz neokonchennoi poemy" (From an unfinished poem). Manuscript in ink. 3 1.

Originally was folded into diary of Box 12, Folder 5.

6. Poetry (photocopies and clippings from publications).

Includes first published poem, "Taiga," IAKUTSKAIA OKRAINA, #37, 14 Sept. 1912. Poems from Alaskan cycle, incl. "Humble [St.] Herman." Poems (some by M. Z. Vinokouroff) copied in pencil out of RUSSKOE SLOVO, 1917-1920, loose in red notebook. Letter to a Mr. Sukhov regarding Vinokouroff's poem, "From the Alaska Rus' Cycle," NOVAYA ZARYA, 221 Feb. 1959, p. 6.
7. "'Mesiatsoslov' s zapisami . . . " ("Monthly Journal" with notes on the Decembrist Iakubovich), DNI, Paris #900, 10 Jan. 1926, p. 3.

Notes, drafts, and clipping of article.

8. "In memory of Prof. Baron S.A. Korff." Typescript with picture. 3 p.

Includes articles by Korff, obituaries, and bibliography.

9. "The Yudin Collection in the Library of Congress, 1907 1927." Typescript. 5 p.

Includes notes and excerpts on the Yudin Collection.

10. Nonfiction (unpublished), drafts.

Includes typescript article on bibliography in Bulgaria, two handwritten drafts about family history, notebook with notes for sketch on shamanism, typed English/Russian draft "Toward a History of the [Alaska Church] Archives," and three other drafts.

11. Nonfiction (published), photocopies and clippings.
Box 15 Chernykh, Petr (Yakutsk poet). Poetry, papers
In Russian. Includes published and copied materials relating to other Yakutsk poets of the period 1909-1918. Available on microfiche (in Box 107).
Petr Nikodimovich Chernykh was born 26 March 1882 to a native Yakut mother. His father, a priest, was of Georgian-Russian-Tatar heritage. Petr was educated in Yakutsk at a church school and then at the seminary. He became active in the revolutionary movement and published poems in leftist periodicals. Imprisoned during World War I for his political associations, he was released in February 1917. In the Soviet period he became known for poems extolling the Revolution and the Civil War. The close ties of his works with his native area led him to be identified as a prominent Yakut figure in Soviet literary history, where he is known as "Chernykh-Iakutskii." In 1926, Chernykh lost his eyesight and moved to the Moscow area for treatment. He continued to work, translating Yakut songs into Russian verse. Chernykh died 22 Dec. 1933 in Yakutsk.

Box 15 includes letters from Chernykh to Vinokouroff and articles and books signed by Chernykh. Subjects of his letters include the life of a poet, his own health, and his political views.

Copies of IAKUTSKIE ZARNITSY in Box 100, Folder 15, contain poems published by Chernykh in 1925-1926.
Folder 1. Compilation in bound volume.

Contents include:

P. Chernykh, TIKHIIA STRUNY (Quiet Strings), V.V. Zharov, Yakutsk, 1909, 100 p. Inscribed on p. 1-3 and signed by P. Chernykh (file includes photocopies): poems "Na pamiat' Mishie Vinokurovu" (Dedicated to Misha Vinokouroff, 25 Nov. 1911) and "Bratu po lir" (To my brother bard, 15 Feb. 1912).
N. Usol'tsev, biographical sketch of P.N. Chernykh.
"The verse of Petr Chernykh, Yakutsk, 1912" (verses handcopied by M.Z. Vinokouroff or clipped from newspapers. Includes: P. Chernykh, "On the Song of Z[innaida?] Gippius, 'Zelenoe kol'tso' [The Green Ring]," Iakutskoe obozrenie, no. 30, 8 Feb. 1918 (article clipping signed by P. Chernykh); Iurii Fioletov, "In the Storm [poem]," Petrograd, 16 May 1915, handcopied by M.Z. Vinokouroff; and P. Chernykh, "RODOSLOVNAIA STEFI . . . [A tribute in verse to a deceased coworker on the newspaper IAKUTSKAIA OKRAINAI," Oblast Press, Yakutsk, 1915.
Card, pasted on another card, with P. Chernykh's signature above "The future belongs to Socialism, 23 Sept. 1917, Yakutsk."
2. Poems by P. Chernykh and other poets and some essays handcopied by M.Z. Vinokouroff. 1 vol., manuscript.
Inscribed on inside front cover: "This book with my verses belongs to Mikh. Zin. Vinokurov (the poet Taezhnik) and after my death no one has the right to lay claim to, this collection. All these verses of mine are copied here with my permission by Taezhnik himself. Concerning which I testify 14 November 1918 with sound mind and firm memory. P. Chernykh."
Contents include poems numbered from 1 to 109, not in consecutive order. Tipped-in postcard portrait of P. Chernykh. Inscription (on two pages) titled "My testament 20/IX 1914 . . . " (English translation by R.A. Pierce is in file.) Leonid Utesov, "On the Threshold of Madness: Psychological Sketch" (several chapters). Note in M.Z. Vinokouroff's hand. Luka Khrustal', "Yet Another Book of Love" (signed by author). "A Poem of Cherskii and Co.," with signed commentaries by Luka Khrustal' and M.Z. Vinokouroff. Artem Verba, "Svirel' zimy" (The Winter Raged) [poem], signed by the author. Short note by "Taezhnik."
3. Letters of P. Chernykh to M.Z. Vinokouroff. From Yakutsk area unless noted otherwise.
N.d. In pencil. 6 p.

"My dear, glorious Misha!"

N.d. In ink. 4 p.

Penciled date of receipt: 19 June 1914. "Hail to my glorious Taezhnik, nice Misha!" Signed "Thy Petr."

N.d. Postcard.

"To local second class school. To Priest Innokentii Zinovevich Vinokurov for transmittal to poet Taezhnik. Come at once . . . "

17 June 1913. In pen. 2 p.

23 August 1913. In pen. 6 p.

"My glorious Misha."' Complains of illness: heart problems, weakness, hallucinations. "The road winds further toward the grave."

29 Apr. 1915. In ink. 1 p. Copied by M.Z. Vinokouroff.

24 Feb. 1926. Handprinted in red ink. 9 p.

With decorated first page. "Mikhail, Mikhail!" Analyzes a letter from M.Z. Vinokouroff, taking him to task politically.

5 January 1929. In ink. 2 p. From Moscow area.

Says that since 1926 has lived two hours from Moscow. "I receive a pension from the Yakutsk Republic, as a Yakutsk writer-invalid. I work at translating Yakut songs in verse into Russian verses." Has visited Maxim Gorky. Will send his translations when the volume is published. Lives well in a four-room house with his wife's brother. Works and reads a lot. Often goes to Moscow.

4. Materials relating to P. Chernykh.

Includes: Two postcard photographs of P. Chernykh. Photographic portrait of P. Chernykh, multiple copies in various sizes. Receipt for letter sent by M.Z. Vinokouroff to P. Chernykh in Moscow 23 Feb. 1929, returned to M.Z. Vinokouroff. Draft of note to Post Office regarding refused order. [Biographical sketch] P. Chernykh, by M.G. Kirillova, from BOL'SHAIA SOVETSKAIA ENTSIKLOPEDIIA (2nd ed.), with bibliography (English translation is in file). Grigorii Tarskii, P. CHERNYKH-IAKUTSKII . . . (P. Chernykh-Iakutskii: Sketch of Life and Work), Yakutsk Book Publishing, 1964 (64 p., ill., bibliog.); inscribed "To a distant countryman, M.Z. Vinokurov, in memory, with esteem S. Shelstdou?" [surname only partially legible]. 23 April 1966.

Box 16 Documents and writings by various authors
In Russian unless otherwise indicated. Folder 17 contains scarce or unique Yakutsk political publications of the revolutionary period available on microfiche (in Box 107).
Folder 1. Membership certificate with church seal in wax, signed by G. Winter, pastor, Lutheran Church (Sitka). In German. 23 Jan. 1860.

Prepared for Carl Johan Hellman.

2. Letters.

Senders include:

"Mr. Bryan" (Port Tobacco, MD) to "Mr. Stone" regarding litigation with John H. Downing. 12 March 1838. 1 p. In English.
Iosif Martin (Moscow). To the Yakut Nikolai Grieshnukin (Verkhnyi-Char, Olekminsk system), 30 February 1888. To "Dear Boris," the Yakut Boris Grieshnukin (Verhknyi-Char, Olekminsk system).
Isabel F. Hapgood (Jamestown, RI). To Nikolai, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska, Nov. 1896-Jan. 1898. 20 12 letters.
3. "Names of the Saintly Fathers of Pechersk reposing without corruption in the Farthest Cave." June and July 1853. Manuscript.

Inscribed "This manuscript of my youth accompanied me [always] and now, at my life's end, I give it to the priest Benedikt A. Turkevich. Priest Agapii Goncharenko [Honcharenko] November 15, 1919. In America, California." Incl. two additional excerpts on lives of saints and priests.

4. Speech of A. Gatsuk delivered at banquet at the Imperial Moscow University. 1867. Pamphlet in Old Church Slavonic with Russian translation.

Inscribed by the speaker to Mikhail P. Pogodin.

5. Untitled humorous stories. N.a., n.d.

In ink. Handcopied volume illustrated with line drawings.

6. Album of journal sketches by R. Nosov and others.

Collected by Tikhon Z. Vinokouroff. Depicts Russian life, battle scenes, and scenes from the Russo-Japanese War. 67 p.

7. HISTOIRE DE SAINTE MONIQUE, by Bougand, bishop of Laval. 12th ed. Paris, 1901. P. 332-1866. Manuscript translation into Russian.
8. "Be noble in your journeys, strong in wishes, and great in [illegible word]" (novel). N.a. 1906. Manuscript.

Describes Russo-Japanese War. With 1922 note.

9. Verse. Handcopied, small bound notebook. In French, Russian, and German.

Inscribed "From Misha. 11 Mar. 1910. Novgorod."

10. Diary of Olga Slunin (New York City). 1911-1912. In Russian and English.
11. Verse compilations. Handcopied, unbound notebook sheets.

Three sections:

Pages 107-122: poetry by Artem Verba and Iv. Kremnistyi, essay by Luka Khrustal'.
Pages 69-100: essay by Leonid Utesov and poem "Lapping and rustle of the night), struck out (author name illegible).
Pages 99-112: essay by Luka Khrustal'.
12. Poems dedicated to Michael Z. Vinokouroff by I. Maksimov, 1914-1915. 6 p + 1 small sheet. In Russian.
13. "On reign of Mikhail Feodorovich Romanov" (play in 8 scenes on occasion of 300th anniversary of beginning of Romanov dynasty). 1913. Typescript.

Belonged to A. Rudakova.

14. "With the Czar in Tobolsk. Reminiscences." In English. 2 p. N.a., n.d. Incomplete typescript.
15. Untitled novel, n.d. In Russian.
16. "Razskaz starogo inzhenera" (Story of an old engineer). Manuscript in pencil.
17. Fliers, appeals, and broadsides, Yakutsk region. 1917-1922 and n.d.
More than 120, including in part:
Yakut post-revolutionary political statement by Vasilii Nikolaevich Soloviev. Flier. Excerpt.
Prikaz No. 83. Pri-Amur government (Siberia) 1 June 1922. Flier. Signed by S. and N. Merkulov.
Proclamation of abdication of Nicholas II. 1917. In Yakut.
Program of Yakutsk Federalist Workers' Union. Flier. 2 c.
"To liberated men and women of the Yakut people." Flier in Russian and Yakut.
Appeal to people of Yakutsk to organize. Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party. N.d. Flier.
Appeal by representatives of Yakuts (men and women) in Committee of Public Safety. Flier. Fragment.
Appeal of Provisional Committee for preservation of order in Yakutsk. 24 July 1918. Typescript. By local organizations of party of Socialist Revolutionaries. Signed by Committee Chairman (name illeg.) and 4 Committee members.
Prikaz No. 28. Government Agronomist (Yakutsk Oblast). Flier. States that M.Z. Vinokurov has been hired from 20 November 1917 as bookkeeper.
Appeal to citizens of free Russia. Flier. Faded hectograph.
Report from Assistant Commandant of Yakutsk uezd militia to Commandant of same. Flier.
Regarding investigation of population's refusal to obey law of Provisional All-Russian Govt. introducing zemstvo in Yakutsk oblast.
Money account. Printed by Roditel 'skii committee in Yakutsk real school (Yakutsk). 16 Jan. 1917. Receipts and expenditures, 1915-1916 school year.
Appeal by Yakutsk Committee for supplying army with warm clothing. Flier. N.d.
"To Brother Soldiers in Trenches." Group of Socialist Revolutionaries and workers of city print shops for aid of army (Yakutsk). 30 Oct. 1917. Flier.
"In memory of A.D. Dobrosmyslov." Party of Socialist-Revolutionaries, 16 May 1917. Flier. About party member who committed suicide 16 May 1908 after harassment by authorities.
Speech of V.N. Pripuzov (delegate of settlement of Ulakh-Anskii, Pokrovskii rural commune) at session of K.O.B. 20 March (1917). Flier.
Pass (red card) to RSDRP general meeting. Yakutsk Committee of RSDRP. 22 March.
Appeal from Yakutsk mayor P. Iushmanov. 2 March 1917. Flier.
Bulletin "I. Iak. S. R. i K.-Ar. D."
Appeal "To Yakutsk population, brother Yakuts!" Central Executive Committee of Councils of Workers, Soldiers, Peasants, and Cossack Deputies of Siberia. Flier. Regarding attempt to change composition of Soviet.
"Telegrams." Siberian and Petrograd news agencies. No. 1, 25, 12 March.
Resolution of Strike Committee of Yakutsk. 20 March 1918. Flier.
Box 17 Employment/work files
Primarily in English.
Folder 1. Letters sent by Vinokouroff regarding Library of Congress acquisition needs and cataloguing procedures. 1928.

2. Research inquiries received by M.Z. Vinokouroff at Library of Congress. 1924-1941.

3. Soviet responses received to botanical garden questionnaire. 1936.

4. Letters of Russian Orthodox Church officials concerning transfer of Alaska records, Russian Orthodox Church. 1927

5. Alaska Russian Orthodox Church project. Requests for Alaska trips. 1925-1941.

6. Library of Congress personnel correspondence regarding Alaska records. 1942-1943.

7. Alaska Russian Orthodox Church project. Planning, authorizations. 1937-1940.

8. Alaska Russian Orthodox Church project. Alaska trip of M.Z. Vinokouroff. 1940.

9. Correspondence received/sent concerning Michael Z. Vinokouroff.

10. Letters of Library of Congress personnel concerning transfer of Russian Orthodox Church Alaska records. 1927-1941.

11. Letters sent (copies primarily from Slavic Section). 1922-1925.

12. Letters received. Transfer of Alaska Russian Church archives. 1927.

13. Correspondence. Martel, Charles.

14. Correspondence. Shiels, Archie W.

15. Correspondence. Speek, P.A.

16. Letters sent. Macleish, Archibald.

16-D. Letters sent. Macleish, Archibald. Drafts.

17. Correspondence regarding a proposed microfilm project for Mt. Athos monastery records. 1952.

18. "History of the Slavic Division" (notes).

19. Staff memoranda, orders, and miscellaneous.

Includes work procedures for Slavic Cataloguing Project and notes from co-workers.

20. Library of Congress procedures and instructions received, including replies. 1928-1945.

21. Michael Z. Vinokouroff's job description and records.

22. Michael Z. Vinokouroff's work log.

23. Reprints and publications compiled by Library of Congress and coworkers.

24. Yudin Collection memorabilia (bookplates, slips, and photos).

Most are duplicated in scrapbook (Box 20). For Michael Z. Vinokouroff's drafts and notes on the Yudin Collection, see Box 14, Folder 10.
Box 18 Alaska projects files
In Russian and English.
Folder 1. Archives transfers. Drafts for final inventory.

Includes listings of some archives collected.

2. Alaska Russian Church Archives inventory, history, and genealogies. Research notes.

3. Alaska trip field notes (1940).

4. Alaska trip travel logs (1940).

5. "Alaska. About my trip there" (letter file).

Box 19 Album (letters, inventory of records)
In Russian. Includes lists, photos, clippings, and copies of records associated with the transfer of the Russian Orthodox Church Alaska records from St. Nicholas Cathedral (New York, NY) to tile Library of Congress in 1927. Bound.
Box 20 Scrapbook (Located in large, flat box at the end of MS 81 collection)
In English and Russian. Includes, in part, sample Yudin Collection slips and

signed photographs of Library of Congress personnel.

Contents of Box 21a and Box 21b are located in large, flat box at the end of MS 81collection
Box 21a Gideon, "Puteshestvie vokrug sveta iieromonakha Gedeona v 1803, 4, 5, 6 i 7-go godakh" (VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD BY HIEROMONK GIDEON IN 1803-1807) Photostats. Please use fiche located in Box 107.
Box 21b An English-language translation prepared by Lydia Black for publication.
Box 22 Administrative records (instructions, records, inventories, and registers, Eastern Siberia and North America, 1764-1972)
In Russian. Primary emphasis is on Yakutia and Alaska. Available on microfiche (in Box 107). See folders for descriptions.
Administrative changes in the church structure over time affected geographical designation, status, and formal name of administrative units. As a result records relating to Alaska fall under various headings. The following is a chronological list of the changing administrative categories.
1794-1840 The American Mission was within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Irkutsk, Nerchinsk, and Yakutsk. Siberia, including the Okhotsk Deanery and the Kamchatka Deanery and Consistory, was within the same jurisdiction. At a date not yet determined, the Diocese became the Archbishopric of Irkutsk, Nerchinsk, and Yakutsk. The Diocese of Yakutsk became separate from the latter about 1838-1839.
1840-1852 The Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutian Islands was created in 1840, with the Episcopal See at Novoarkhangel'sk (Sitka). The Novoarkhangel'sk Deanery was established 1841. The diocese became a subordinate unit of the Archdiocese of Yakutsk in 1852.
1852 The Auxiliary Bishopric of Novoarkhangel'sk was created as the Vicariate of the Diocese of Kamchatka, etc., in 1852, with the Auxiliary Episcopal See at Novoarkhangel'sk. It existed until the transfer of Alaska to U.S. sovereignty.
1867-1868 The Diocese of Novoarkhangel'sk, subordinate directly to the Ruling Synod, was the official designation for the Alaska church administration.
1869 The Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska, subordinate to the ruling Synod, was created in 1869. The Episcopal See was moved to San Francisco, then to Sitka, and once again to San Francisco.
1900 The name of the diocese was changed to "Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and North America" in 1900.
1903- The Auxiliary Bishopric of Alaska was created in 1903 within the Diocese.

present The latter status changed to Archbishopric of the Aleutian Islands and North America. In 1905 the Consistory and Archbishop's See moved from San Francisco to New York. In 1923 the status of the Diocese changed to the Metropoly of North America and Canada. The Auxiliary Bishopric of Alaska continues to the present, as does the Diocese of Sitka and Alaska established in 1923.

Instructions to missionaries (Siberia and North America, 1764-1905 and n.d.)
Folder 1. Diocese of Irkutsk, Nerchinsk, and Yakutsk. Order (ukaz) in the name of the Empress and the Holy Synod to Bishop -Safronii. February 1764.
A handwritten contemporary copy. Concerns appointment of young Kamchadals to local cossack units and as clerics.
2. Instructions to missionaries. 1824, 1905, and n.d.
Guidelines to priests and new converts in Russian America, n.d. (probably a pre-1824 prototype for later instructions). Handwritten, with penciled changes. 12 folios, 11 versos.
Instruction to Ioann Veniaminov (Unalaska) by Bishop Michael of Irkutsk, Nerchinsk. and Yakutsk, 1824. Certified copy by Veniaminov. Bound in paper cover. 7 pages, 6 versos, the last page of text on the inside of back cover.
Instructions to missionaries. Printed booklet, published in Peking, China, 1905. 15 p. Damaged. Text states that it was "composed in 1840 . . . [by Veniaminov]," with corrections by Metropolitan Filaret.
Administrative records for Eastern Siberia (Yakutsk, Okhotsk Deanery, and Kamchatka Consistory, 1838-1917)
3. Diocese of Irkutsk, Nerchinsk, and Yakutsk. Report of Dean of Clergy Prokopii Gromov to Nil, Bishop of Irkutsk, etc. 1838-1839.
A standard cover page, "The case for an award for the Priest Vasilii Sizov [elsewhere "Sizoi"], of the Kamchatka Cathedral, for organizing the archives of the local Spiritual Consistory. Begun 4 June 1839; completed [n.d.]."
First part (folio 1 and verso) describes the archives project and recommends rewarding Sizov. Second part (folio 2 and verso), titled "Statement," gives Sizov's service record.
4. Diocese of Yakutsk, Kamchatka Consistory. Inventory of Kamchatka Consistory archives. 1838.
Covers 1722-1838 inclusive. Signed by Dean of Clergy Prokopii Gromov, Protohierei Ioann Durunov [?], Secretary Ponomarev, and Priest Vasilii Sizoi (compiler).
5. Diocese of Yakutsk, Okhotsk Deanery. Documents relating to Late Deacon Ioann Vinokurov and his son Egor (Georgei) Vinokurov. 1838-1841. 12 documents (20 pages). All except one badly faded, several so damaged as to be unreadable.
Include 5 reports by Ioann Prelovskii, Okhotsk Dean of Clergy, and petitions by Ioann Vinokurov's widow for support and education of her son Egor.
6. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutians. Three additional documents regarding support for the dependents of the late Deacon Vinokurov. 1847.
7. Yakutsk Diocese. DIRECTORY OF THE YAKUTSK DIOCESE FOR THE YEAR 1889. 71 p. Printed booklet. P. 59-62 missing.
Lists churches, parishes, and clergy.
8. Yakutsk Diocese. Student handbook for Yakutsk seminary and associated school. 1889. Printed booklet.
9. Yakutsk Diocese. Parish records. Kynglakh [?]. Birth certificate for Paraskeva Kornilov (b. 12 Oct. 1898).
10. Yakutsk Diocese. Annual report of Head of Yakutsk Parish Missionary School for schoolyear 1898-1899, 3 Sept. 1899. 2 folios and 1 verso of 4 folios and versos. Handwritten. Signed by Protohierei Zinovii Vinokurov.
11. Yakutsk Diocese. Makarii, Bishop of Yakutsk, on proposed Church reform. 1905-1906. Printed sheets.
12. Yakutsk Diocese. Report to Governor of Yakutsk regarding service of Innokentii Vinokurov. November 1908.
Discusses compensation for his temporary work as prison chaplain.
13. Yakutsk Diocese. Documents relating to Michael Z. Vinokouroff's service as reader (psalomshchik). 8 documents. 1912-1917.
14. Yakutsk Diocese. "To the clergy of the Church of St. Nicholas at Koglakh from Dean of Clergy Protohierei L. Popov." 28 October 1914. 1 page and verso, torn in two.
On division of income received for performance of various services on demand.
15. Yakutsk Diocese. Priest Aleksei Popov to Michael Z. Vinokouroff, 2 memos. 1915 and n.d.
16. Yakutsk Diocese. Documents recording pastoral visits by Innokentii Vinokurov and reader Michael Z. Vinokouroff to village churches in 1917. 13 documents.
17. Yakutsk Diocese. Decision of Yakutsk Consistory to permit Christian burial of an unbeliever. 28 May 1917. Handwritten copy.
18. Yakutsk Diocese. 2 printed fliers, 1917-1918.
Episcopal records (North America, primarily Alaska, 1846-1972)
19. Ioann [Metropolskii], Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Drafts of reports to the Holy Ruling Synod. San Francisco. 2 drafts. 1873, 1875.
20. Holy Ruling Synod, St. Petersburg, Russia. Order (ukaz) to Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska. 19 March 1881.
Rejects Nestor's petition to be permitted to become a hermit monk and settle on an Aleutian island.
21. Vladimir (Sokolovskii), Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Instruction to Hegumen Georgii. San Francisco. Penciled date: 21 May/ 2 June, 1888. Handwritten, signed by Vladimir in ink.
Full title: "Brief instruction for a good life by the celebrants and servitors of the Church assigned to the Episcopal See in San Francisco, United States of America."
22. Vladimir (Sokolovskii), Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Documents dealing with discord in San Francisco caused by Russel (formerly Sudzilowskii). 1890 and n.d.
Draft (handwritten in pencil) by Bishop Vladimir and his report (handwritten in ink) to the Holy Synod, San Francisco, 20 Jan. 1890. Single-page English-language statement (printed, 3 c.) of Russian Imperial Consul and officers and directors of Greek-Russian-Slavonia-Eastern Church Benevolent Society.
23. Nikolai, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Instructions to Alaska Consistory. 2 handwritten documents and 1 copy of archival document. 1895, 1898.
Subjects: Removal and appointment of clergy. Forwarding to Alaska Consistory of 4 boxes of papers accumulated during Bishops Nikolai's tenure; he describes boxes and provides instructions on access, etc. Revitalization of Alaska and American Mission. See also letters of Isabel F. Hapgood dated 1896-1898 to Bishop Nikolai in Box 16, Folder 2.
24. Alexander Hotovitzky (protohierei and editor of AMERICAN ORTHODOX MESSENGER). 3 reports and letter, 1897-1906.
Report to Tikhon, Archbishop of Aleutians and North America, 24 May 1906. Two reports to unidentified archbishop, 13 Dec. 1897 and 26 Feb. 1898. Letter to American Orthodox Spiritual Administration, 13 May 1902.
25. Diocese of the Aleutians and North America. Ioann Kedrovskii. 1900-1904.
Seven petitions to Bishop Tikhon regarding reappointments. One communication from Bishop Tikhon (18 Jan. 1904).
26. Metropoly of North America. Metropolitan Platon. Printed statement, 20 May/ 2 June 1904.
27. Amfilokhi, Bishop of Sitka. Printed proclamation by Archdiocese of America (New York, NY) announcing appointment. 1923.
28. North America and Canada. Statement by Efimii, Archbishop of Brooklyn on legal Church authority and name. 4 Oct. 1929. Typewritten copy.
29. Metropoly of North America and Canada. Leontii, Bishop of Chicago [later Metropolitan]. Letter forwarding materials of the 1935-1936 San Francisco Council to Alaska clergy. 1936.
30. Metropoly of North America and Canada. Address by Archbishop Amvrosii [Bishop of Alaska]. 13 March 1972. Printed statement.
Declares his reasons for leaving the jurisdiction of the Metropoly of North America and Canada.
Diocesan, consistory, and deanery records (Alaska, 1846-1940)
31. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutians. Adjudiction re. Anton Netsvetov. Sitka Consistory. 1846. 8 documents.
Concern the case brought by Russian navigator Netsvetov against Mikhail Tebenkov, Gov. of Alaska.
32. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutians. Hieromonk Gavrill, Kvikhpak [Yukon] Mission. 1859. 2 documents.
Letter to Bishop Petr, Vicar of Novoarkhagel'sk, 2 pages, text covers front page and verso 21 June 1859. Inventory (with valuation) of Gavrill's worldly goods left at his death. 2 folios, 1 verso. St. Michael, 1860.
33. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles and the Aleutians. Novoarkhangel'sk Vicariate. Priest Georgii Vinokurov, 1851-1863.
Two administrative "cases" [delo]. His assignment to the Diocese (20 documents) and the issuance of baptismal certificates for his children born in Alaska.
34. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutians. Alaska (Sitka) Vicariate. Transfer of Novoarkhangel'sk consistory archives. 1863-1865.
Six documents.
35. Diocese of Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and the Aleutians. Novoarkhangel'sk Vicariate. Order issued by Bishop Petr. 31 May 1863.
Regarding Hieromonk Feoktist, Moisei Salamatov, and Shishkin.
36. Diocese of Novoarkhangel'sk. Order (ukaz) from the Ruling Synod addressed to Pavel, Bishop of Novoarkhangel'sk, Vicar of the Diocese of Kamchatka. 3 Jan. 1868. 2 folios and versos.
To bring celebration of Sundays into conformity with the American calendar.
37. Diocese of the Aleutians and Alaska. Order (ukaz) of the Holy Ruling Synod addressed to Bishop Ioann. 3 July 1870.
Removes Alaskan churches from the Diocese of Kamchatka etc. and creates Alaskan Bishopric under the name "Diocese of Aleutian Islands and Alaska," with accordant changes in Bishops' titles.
38. Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. Order addressed by the Sitka Consistory to the clergy of Unalaska Parish to observe Sundays in accordance with the calendar followed by the Americans. 1 May 1871.
Certified copy signed by Priest Innokentii Shaiashnikov.
39. Diocese of the Aleutians and Alaska. Memorandum to Nikolai, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska. N.d., damaged.
Subject: role of certain clergymen in the matter concerning Bishop Vladimir. Proposal of various reforms in the Diocesan administration. Ca. 1892.
40. Alaska. Order of ceremonies at the Aleutian Bishopric centennial celebration to be held 25 Sept. 1894. Printed sheet, 2 c.
41. Alaska. Alexy, Bishop of Alaska, "Income and Expense for the Erection of a Monastery in Alaska, To January lst, 1940." Printed sheet.
42. Alaska. Reports and drafts of reports to the ruling Bishops of Alaska by the Dean of Clergy, Priest Dimitrii Hotovitzky. 16 reports or drafts of reports. 1915-1922 and n.d.
Parish records (1810-1915 and n.d.). Alphabetical by parish.
43. Cleveland Parish. Nikita Stepanov (teacher of Cleveland Parish School) to Ruling Bishop (Evdokim). 23 July 1915.
On education in church school.
44. Kenai Mission. Accounts. 1860-1867.
Eight documents: expenditures, income, disbursements, and receipts.
45. Kenai Mission. Hegumen Nikolai (2 documents). 1867.
Certified copy of last will and testament, 13 Feb. 1867. Report serving as cover letter for testament and for writings (Box 23, Folder 20).
46. Kenai Mission. 16 documents. 1849-1867 and n.d.
Includes reports and letters from Hieromonk Nikolai to Bishop Innokentii and others. Report by subdeacon Makarii Ivanov of the Kenai Mission, 10 August 1867, on the last illness and death of Hegumen Nikolai.
47. Killisnoo, Church of St. Andrew. Reports and letters. 1890-1895 and n.d. Handwritten.
Three letters from Iosif Lubov on parish affairs, 1889[?1-1893.
Declaration to the ruling Bishop on behalf of the Tlingit people for return of Hegumen Georgii Chudnovskii, n.d. Includes names of four village chiefs and of four individuals described as shamans.
Report to Dean of Clergy of the Sitka Region by Vladimir Donskoi. 9 December 1895. Detailed description of the location, environment, and condition of the church and parish.
48. Kodiak Parish. Letter of Russian American Company official Kuglinov (Sitka) to Father Herman. 12 September 1810.
Asks Fr. Herman to supply vegetable seeds.
49. Minneapolis Parish. Guidelines for readers and others, by Priest Leonid Turkevich [later Metropolitan Leontii]. 26 March 1908.
Subjects: services, training of readers.
50. St. Michael Parish, Church of Protection of the All-Holy Theotokos. Letter of Priest Petr Orlov. 25 Feb. 1904.
Alleges that Alaska Commercial Company has unlawfully seized Church lands. Appendix (signed testimony dated 17/29 July 1895 regarding survey of Church lands) and hand-drawn map on silk.
51. Unalaska Parish. Priest Dimitrii Hotovitzky, letter to Makarii Laochnyi (Atka, AK) and two unfinished draft reports. N.d.
Letter asks for economic aid in the form of five or six breeding pairs of foxes.
Church inventories (Kodiak, 1864-1880).
52. Kodiak Parish, Church of the Holy Resurrection. Two inventories. 1864, 1877.
Including item details and valuation in rubles. Folder contains Michael Z. Vinokouroff's notes, copied from an archival source, regarding "items donated . . . by the Tlingit woman Ekaterina Sakikan," 7 handwritten pages.
53. Kodiak Parish, Spruce Island Chapel. Two inventories. 1878, 1880.
Church registers (North America, 1907-1929 and n.d.). The standard annual report (Vedomost' o tserkvi) on the parish, deanery, or diocese. May include clergy service records.
54. NORTH AMERICAN ORTHODOX DIOCESE FOR THE YEAR 1915. 16 p. Printed document.
Annual church register.
55. San Francisco. 1906[?], 1915.
Register for 1915 includes data on Orthodox parishioners in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico as well as San Francisco.
56. Alaska Vicariate. Summary for the Vicariate, 1907.
This document constitutes an appendix to the substantive report for that year by Bishop Innokentii of Alaska. Lists all churches, chapels, and Orthodox cemeteries in Alaska. Folder includes English-language list.
57. Hoonah. 1929.
58. Unalaska Parish. 1911.
59. Unalaska Parish. N.d. (after 1918).
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