Alaska State Library Historical Collections Vinokouroff, Michael Z., 1894-1983

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SIBERIAN SERIALS (1906-1919 and n.d.)

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RUSSIAN-LANGUAGE SERIALS (1894-1979 and n.d.)

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Letters received
Primarily in Russian. Alphabetical by surname of correspondent. Names capitalized in full have individual folder; others are grouped by letter of alphabet. In addition to letters received in the amount given, folders may contain copies of responses sent by M.Z. Vinokouroff (MZV), as indicated. Brief comment is provided identifying correspondent or subject matter of non-routine letters. Letters received lacking full name, letters not addressed to M.Z. Vinokouroff, and letters sent by M.Z. Vinokouroff follow letters sent. NOTE: Additional correspondence is located in Boxes 4 through 11 (extended correspondence with family and friends), Box 18 (job-related correspondence at the Library of Congress), Box 24 (correspondence with Russian Orthodox Church clergy), and Boxes 48 through 52 (Russian Writers Project--letters accompanying sample publications).

Box 1 A - L
AGRICOLA, Raymond A. Washington, DC 1943-45 8 Library of Congress coworker.

Ald, Margaret Washington, DC 1977 1

Ahlborn, Richard E. Washington, DC 1973 2 Curator, Div. of Ethnic and Western Cultural Hist., Smithsonian Inst. Seeks MZV's aid in collection building.

ANDREEV, Ivan M. Jordanville, NY 1962-64 4 Incl. 3 letters from MZV.

ANTSYFEROV, Nikolai P. n.p. 1930 1 Asks for aid for family of G.V. Yudin, in Krasnoyarsk, USSR. Includes Eng. transl. and MZV's letter to superior at Library of Congress. (Cf. letter from Iudin, Leonid G., below.)

Arbuzov, Pavel P. n.p. 1918

ARONSBERG, E. New York, NY 1924 6 Gives information on emigre literature.

BELIAVSKY, Catherine S. RI, DC, NJ 1959-82 20 Poet. Discusses literary matters.

BENSIN, Basil M. Farmingdale, NJ 1938, 1963 3 Dept. of Agric. employee. incl. 1 letter from MZV.

BENTON, Beth DC, NY 1921-24 6 Library of Congress co-worker. Incl. letter to A. Vinokouroff.

Benson, Jack Kodiak, AK 1940 1 Fed. Wildlife agent. On export from AK of 2 bear skins.

Blake, Irma I. 1933 1

Blandford, J.H. Washington, DC 1958 1 On material sent to MZV seized as foreign propaganda by U.S. Postal Dept.

Bliumental', L.F. Forest Glen, MD 1951 1 On apartmental rental inquiry.

Bobov, Andrew Leningrad, USSR 1925 1 On new regime in Yakutia.

Boodberg, Baron A.P. San Francisco, CA 1931 1 On his writings.

Borisova, Elena Hyattsville, MD 1959 1

BUSH, Av. Helsinki, Finland 1931 8 On situation of Yakuts under Bolsheviks and in Finland.

Bramlovei, Aleksandr New York, NY 1921 1 On paid translation by MZV.

Chernov, Boris 1921 1

Chernykh, Aleksandr A. Yakutsk 1913 1 Marked "Received 14 Sept. 1913. Taezhnik." With 2 penciled notes by MZV.

CHERNOV, Victor Prague; Phila., PA 1929 2 Russian Social Rev. Party leader

Clapp, Vernon Washington, DC 1947 1 Library of Congress coworker.

Clymer, H.M. New York, NY 1927 1 On visit to Dr. N. Rubakin in Switzerland.

Cummings, L.L.

DANILUCK, N. Pittsburgh, PA 1921 5

DAVIS, Mary Lee 1931 3 Seeks information on AK for book.

DAVYDOV, Boris I. 1963 4 On emigre publications.

Deich, Lev Moscow, USSR 1929 1

DENIS, Mrs., George T. 1925-26 10

Dimond, Anthony W. Washington, DC 1944 1 AK U.S. Representative. Inquiry about Orthodox parishioners in AK.

DOBROVOL'SKII, Mikhail St. Louis, MO 1924 2 On historical background for writings.

DOLL (DOLGOPOLOY). S. Laguna Beach, 1948, 1965 2 Inquiry about research materials on

Alexander Russian America.

Duncan, Eleanor New York, NY 1928 2 Managing Ed., LIBRARY JOURNAL. Incl. letter from MZV.

Emel'ianov, I. 1

Engelfeld, V. Harbin, China 1923 1

EVARTS, Anna New York, NY; 1927, 1952 2 Inquiry about Yudin Collection.

Cambridge, MA

FAITZER, Alexandra A. Hollywood, CA 1940-1948 14 Cousin of MZV.

Fedan, Sid La Canada, CA 1

von FELD, Elena V. Bronx, NY 1937 2

Fellows, Dorcas Lake Placid, NY 1924 1 On Dr. N. Rubakin (Lausanne, Switzerland). In simplified spelling.

FON-DER-GUVEN, Kl. Yokohama, Japan 1921 4

Ford, Gerald R. Washington, DC 1975 1 President of U.S. Card congratulating MZV on birthday.

Gagen, Wilhelmina 1

George, Dimitry J. New York, NY 1929 1

Gladkii, Serge V. New York, NY 1945 1

GORBATSEVICH, Deans, W 1929-1968 10 On emigre affairs and MZV's list of emigre

Dionisii M. authors. Incl. 8 letter drafts from MZV.

Gorokhov, Boris. I. Washington, DC 1964

GRIBANOVSKII, N. Yakutsk and 1917-1927 6 Siberian poet, novelist. Incl. letter

Nikolai Leningrad, USSR from MZV.

Grinioff, O.V. Falls Church, VA 1925 1

Grinioff, Vladimir B. E. Falls Church, VA 1

GROT, Elena Petrovna Berkeley, CA 1929 2

Gruening, Ernest Juneau, AK 1941 1 Governor of AK. Thanks MZV for volume.

Grushukewicz, Mike S. Island, NY 1924 1 Incl. 2 letters from MZV with thanks for helping Library of Congress assemble files of SVET and ORTH. RUSS.-AMER. CALENDAR.

Gunin, Sergei T. Washington, DC 1959 1

Hall, Thomas R. Chicago, IL 1937 1 Asst. Sup., WPA For. Lang. Project. Inquiry.

HEIFETZ, Anna 1927-42 11 NY Pub. Lib. employee. Incl. 4 letters from MZV.

Hildebrand, John R. Washington, DC 1946 On MZV's proposed article on Spruce Island, AK.

Homjakow, G. Bayville, W 1981 1 Ed. of RUSSKOE VOZROZHENIE, Paris. On ms. submission by MZV. Incl. MZV's reply.

Hopay, Albert I. Falls Church, VA 1965

Howlett, Emily J. Washington, DC 1922 1

Iakutkov, A.J. Yakutsk, USSR

IASTREMSKII, Sergei V. Odessa, USSR 2 Writer. Incl. 1 letter from MZV and biog.

(Bukovintsy) sketch.

IGELSTROM, A.W. Helsingfors, Finland 1924 3 Univ. librarian. Incl. letter from MZV.

IUDIN, Leonid G. Krasnoyarsk, USSR 1927 1 Son of G. Yudin. Reply to MZV 2 April 1926 letter inquiring about Yudin library; includes text of N.P. Rezanov epitaph. Cf. letter of N.P. Antsyferov, above.

IVANSON (Dziomenko), New York, NY; 1925-64 33 Former ed. of emigre newspaper

John and Alice Midlington, NJ ZARNITSA, later builder, cabinetmaker. Incl. 23 letters from MZV with clipping of MZV's verse lament about life abroad, "'Chuzhimi' umrem" (We Die As "Foreigners"), dedicated to "Uncle Vania." Incl. photocopy of V. Grishehenko's 30 Dec. 1973 letter to I. Dziomenko, with Dziomenko's manuscript "My personal acquaintance with N.A. Rubakin" and Dziomenko's undated letter to Elena Evgenievna --, widow of Ivan Ivanovich -- (surname unknown).

JASENECK, Theresa Pittsburgh, PA 1922-24 3

JOUKOWSKY, Wsevolod L. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1961-65 7 Library of Congress coworker.

Karpovich, Rika Upper Marlboro, MD 1982 1

KARPOVICH, Mikhail M. New York, NY, and 1922-30 27 Book dealer and historian. Subjects

Cambridge, MA include book purchases.

KASARINOFF, Valerian V. New York, NY 1931, 1934 2 Inventor.

KNAPP, Marilyn Sitka, AK 1979 3 Pres., Sitka Hist. Soc. On possible bequest of Vinokouroff Collection. See also "Miller, Isabel," below.

Kolosovskii, Sergei New York, NY 1939 1

KORFF, Oscar A. New York, NY 1929 3 Writer. Exchange of information.

Kornilov, Georgii M. Irkutsk, USSR 1926 1

KOROLKEVICH, S. Slaterville, RI 1951 4 Supplies recipe for kvass.

Konstantinov, Petr F. San Francisco, CA 1949 1 Describes holdings at local Museum of Russian Culture.

KOSOLAPOFF, Mikhail P. New York, NY 1932-1940 10 Yakut emigre resisting deportation. Inquiry about possible 1879 Sitka birth record in AK church records. Incl. MZV reply that unable to find.

KRASNOW, Henry R. DC; Chicago, IL 1930-1937 32 Doctor, collector of Russ. emigre materials. Incl. approx. 15 letter drafts from MZV and 9 Jan. 1929 letter to Krasnow from V. Rev. V.N. Ryvlov (Norwich, CT).

KRENOV, Julia A. Tyonek, AK 1932 3 Widow of D.A. Krenov, translator/historian.

Krinitskaia, E.I. 1933 1

Kronhaus, S. New York, NY 1932 1 Associate of Maccabees (NY). Recounts war experiences.

Kryzhanovskii, N.N. New York, NY 1927 1 Inquiry about Yakutia.

Kushnareff, Tatiana V. Washington, DC 1959 1

Kuvshivskii, N. Detroit, MI 1931 1

Labach, I. Cicero, IL 1923 1

Lagoda, Mikhail New York, NY 1929 1

Lambrin, Tatiana S. Monterey, CA 1959 1

Lebedev, Vladimir Paris, France 1936 1

Leszuk, Grigory New York, NY 1922 1

Litovniks, Antonio Buenos Aires 1935 1

LIUBANKO, Diomid V. Baltimore, MD 1922-23 11 In Russian and Ukrainian.

Box 2 M - Z
"M., C." Washington, DC 1 On $30 loan to MZV.

McKIBBAN, Olga P. Los Angeles, CA 1937 5 Daughter of I. Petrov, AK authority of 1880s. On her father's life.

MAKSIMOV, Ivan 1913-17 2

Maksimova, Nataliia V. 1977 1

Maloff, Pete Thrums, BC 1941 1

MALONE, Dumas Washington, DC 1931-33 12 Ed., DICT. OF AMER. BIOG. Incl. 7 letters from MZV.

Mansvetov, Fedor S. New York, NY 1931 1

Marr, N. Leningrad, USSR 1926 1 On book exchange with Library of Congress.

MARTIANOFF, Nicholas N. New York, NY 1966-76 30 Emigre publisher. On books and MZV's orders of books, calendars, and lottery tickets. Incl. 50 letters from MZV.

Martin, Belle Washington, DC 1948 1 Of Amer. Council of Learned Socs. Sends MZV $20 for typing Russian booklist.

Matsuba, S. Tokyo, Japan 1923 1 Prof. at College of Agric. Describes earthquake and fire.

Melgunov, S. Parc St. Maur, France 1925 1

Menselintseff, N. New York, NY 1953 1

MESHKOFF, John Pittsburgh, PA 1921-23 8

Milam, Carl H. Chicago, IL 1923 1 Sec. of Amer. Lib. Assoc. Sends publication lists.

Miller, Isabel Sitka, AK 1979 1 Inquiry about possible bequest of MZV Collection to Sitka Hist. Soc.

Morlander, George A. Juneau, AK 1943 1 Inquiry about genealogy of Alice Kong.

Morrison, Hugh A. Washington, DC 1930 1

MOSTIKO, Nikolai and Millville, W 1972-82 54 Incl. 3 letters from MZV.


NEKLIUDOVA, E. Zelienople, PA 1935 6

NEKRASSOFF, Vladimir A. New York, NY; 1929-1946 3 Incl. 1963 letter from MZV.

NICHOLS, Jeannette P. New York, NY 1924 1 Historian of AK. Incl. MZV's inquiry to her.

Novitskii, D.V. Antibes, France 1931 1

Oleinikov, Nikolai E. 1914 1

Orr, Robert New York, NY 1

Palko, Ivan NJ 1924 1

Pavlenkov, Vladlen Jersey City, W 1982 1

PEKARSKII, Eduard K. Leningrad, USSR 1925 2 Author of book on Yakut traditions. About Jochelson and MZV's brother Tikhon. Incl. 2 letters from MZV.

PERCHUK, Stepan A. Miami Beach, FL; 1962 13 About mutual interest in emigre org.

Jackson, W ROOVA. Incl. 7 letters from MZV.

PERFILIEFF, Vladimir V. Philadelphia, PA 1929-30 3 Arctic trader, explorer, lecturer, painter. Incl. fliers of lectures.

Pokrovsky-White, Washington, DC 1940 1

(Pokrovskii), Aleksandr

POLYNOV, Konstantin B. Yokohama, Japan 1 Incl. 1 letter from MZV.

POPOV, Vasilii I. Yakutsk 1912-13 7

Prishukevich, M.I. 1924 1

RASTOVTSEV, Mikhail I. Madison, WI 1922 1 Historian. Incl. 1 letter from MZV inquiring about fate of Petrograd Pub. Lib.

ROGOSIN, Vera Tiburon, CA 1982 4

ROUBAKINE, N. Lausanne, 1923-29 14 Founder of Russ. library at Lausanne. Incl. 2 letters from Roubakine to K.N. Rosen and materials (booklists, newspaper articles) relating to bibliology. Incl. from MZV: 1 letter, drafts.

ROWNEY, Harry J. Rutherford, W 1927 4

RUDAKOV, L. New York, NY 1921, 1923 2

Rysev, M. Petrograd 1915 1

Schapiro, Israel Tel Aviv, Israel 1950 1

SERGIEVSKY, N.N. Bronx, NY 1921 2 Ed., NASHA STARINA. Incl. 1 letter from MZV.

SHALKOP, Antoinette Anchorage, AK 1981 5 On MZV's proposed bequest to AK State Library.

SHCHUSEV, Petr V. New York, NY 1929 28 Explorer of Alaska, lecturer, writer.

Shkurkin, P.V. Seattle, WA 1940 1 On interest in AK history.

Simmons (Semenov), A.V. Seattle, WA 1932 1

SIVERS, 1929 2

Snegireff, L.S. Trenton, NJ 1941 1 Doctor requesting list of items obtained by MZV on recent AK trip.

Somburov, N. 1934 1

Stepanenco, Leonid Bucharest, Romania 1932 1 Offers to sell Lomonosov manuscript.

Steshenko, Iaroslav I. Kharkov, USSR 1932 1 For own work on Ukrainian press in W. Hemisphere, requests information and sourcelists.

SWATIKOFF, Serge G. Paris, France 1932-38 4 On publications. Incl. 1 letter from MZV.

"T." Washington, DC 1 Library of Congress coworkers

Tamartsev, Mikhail A. Argentina 1958 1 Incl. letter from MZV.

Tanenfeld, M.D. 1925 1

Tchirin, D. H. Chicago, IL 1930 1

Trutueff, A. New York, NY 1940 1

TSAPOFF, Dimitrii T. Paris, France 1931-50 63 Purveyor of lottery tickets. Incl. 56 letters from MZV.

TSUBINA, E. Moscow, USSR 1926 2 On planned exchange of periodicals between the Ukrainian Acad. of Sciences and the Library of Congress.

Tuliutseff, G.N. Juneau, AK 1940 1 Comments about local church administration.

Vitiazev, Ferapont 1. Moscow, USSR 1935 1

Vinokurov, Alexander G. 1 Informs MZV of death of MZV's mother, Feb. 3, 1920.

Vinsk, G.L. Paris, France 1938 1

Vlahovic, Vlaho S. New York, NY 1938 1 Ed. of SLAV LIFE. Requests list of distinguished professional Slavs.

Volkov, Boris San Francisco, CA 1934 1 Russ. writer.

Woogman, E.S. Odessa, USSR 1925 1 Librarian, Pub. Library. in English. Requests books on librarianship.

Worobieff, Michael Chicago, IL 1922 1

Williamson, Clara R. Brookline, MA 1933 1 Library of Congress co-worker.

YARMOLINSKY, Avram New York, NY 1928-46 7 Head of Slavonic Div., New York Pub. Lib. On MZV's wish to sell own book collection. Incl. 5 letters from MZV.

Zhukovskii, S. and V. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1960 1

Box 3 Letters received/sent
Folder 1. Letters received (lack surname).

Some incomplete.

2. Letters sent. 1922-1954.

3. Letters sent (incomplete). 1928-1971.

4. Letters sent: B.I. Davidoff. 1963.

5. Letters sent: D.D. Dragomanov. 1928.

6. Letters sent: Doris Duke. 1934.

7. Letters sent: A.A. Maisanov. 1941.

8. Letters sent: Mariia A. Uspenskaia.,1940s.

9. Correspondence. 1912.

10. Correspondence. 1919-1921 (from Japan).
Box 4 Correspondence with Waldemar Jochelson (1855-1937) and family
In Russian.
Folder 1. Waldemar Jochelson (American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY) and Michael Z. Vinokouroff. 22 December 1923-19 Nov. 1929 and n.d. 36 letters from Jochelson to Vinokouroff. 3 letters from Vinokouroff to Jochelson.

Letters include autobiographical comment from Jochelson and information on his publications and the works of other ethnographers.

2. Dina Lazarevna Jochelson (New York, NY) and Michael Z. Vinokouroff. 25 May 1938-18 April 1941. 3 letters from Jochelson to Vinokouroff. 7 letters from Vinokouroff to Jochelson.

D. Jochelson writes of her husband's death, past activities

in the Aleutians, books.
3 . Lidiia Leopoldovna Domherr (New York, NY; niece of Waldemar Jochelson) and Michael Z. Vinokouroff. 27 letters from Domherr to Vinokouroff, 5 October 1927-14 September 1966. 7 from Vinokouroff to Domherr, 1930, 1966.

Topics: books, Michael Z. Vinokouroff's interest in getting books from Yakutia.

4 . Biographical data on W. Jochelson from the Jewish Encyclopedia and bibliographical references of Michael Z. Vinokouroff.
5. Publications and some references to other Jochelson works.
Contents: 1. "Brodiachie rody tundry mezhdu rekami Indigirkoi i Kolymoi. . . " (Nomadic tribes of the tundra between the Indigirka and Kolyma Rivers. Their ethnic composition, dialects, mode of life, marriage and other customs, and the interrelationship of various tribal elements). ZHIVAIA STARINA. No. 1-2. 1900. P. 151-193. 2. "Aleutskii iazik v osvieshchinii grammatiki Veniaminova" (The Aleut language and the elucidation of Veniaminov's grammar). BULLETIN OF THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. 1919. Part 1, p. 133-142 (incomplete). Part 2, p. 287-314.
Incl. photocopies of title pages, with dedications to Michael Z. Vinokouroff, of the following Jochelson publications moved to Alaska Historical Library: ARCHAEOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS IN KAMCHATKA, Carnegie Inst., Washington (DC), 1928. PEOPLES OF ASIATIC RUSSIA, American Museum of Natural History, 1928. HISTORY, ETHNOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY OF THE ALEUT, Carnegie Inst., Washington (DC), 1933.
Box 5 Correspondence with K.N. Rosen (Ekaterina Nikanorovna Rozen, Bookdealer, New York, NY). 1922-1956
In Russian. Arranged by date. This correspondence, business and personal, indicates the source of much of Michael Z. Vinokouroff's library. Mrs. K.N. Rosen was responsible for building up many of the major American collections of Russian material. The many postcards sent by Mrs. Rosen offer examples of Russian popular illustration.
Approximately 55 letters (drafts and carbon copies) from Vinokouroff

and 125 from Rosen.

Folder 1. 1922-1929.

Letter from K.N. Rosen 17-18 April 1924 has information, obtained on a trip to the U.S.S.R., concerning friends and relatives of Vinokouroff, including his brothers Innokentii and Tikhon.

2. 1930-1956.

3. Undated.

Box 6 Correspondence with Irina L. Tsolle (Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR)
In Russian. Irina L. Tsolle's father, Leopold Petrovich Tsolle, came to the United States in 1916 while serving as a colonel in the Imperial Russian Army. As a Russian emigre living in Washington, D.C., L.P. Tsolle met and came to be friends with Michael Z. Vinokouroff. Upon L.P. Tsolle's death more than four hundred letters written to him by his daughter in the Soviet Union came to Vinokouroff. Irina L. Tsolle's frequent correspondence with her father for two years relates her daily activities and her concern for the health of her father, whom she had not seen since childhood. The letters are of a general personal nature. Irina L. Tsolle's letters to Michael Z. Vinokouroff are of a general nature, including discussion of her problems encountered in trying to collect an inheritance left by her father.
Folder 1. Letters of Irina Leopoldovna Tsolle to father, L.P. Tsolle (Washington, DC), 1934-1962

Total in Folders 1 and 2: over 400 letters.

2. 1962-1963.

3. Papers relating to L.P. Tsolle at death, 14 August 1963.

4. Correspondence, Michael Z. Vinokouroff and Irina L. Tsolle, 1963-1970.

Total in Folders 4 and 5: approx. 41 (including approx. 35 from I.L. Tsolle to Michael Z. Vinokouroff).

5. 1971-1975.

6. Notes by Michael Z. Vinokouroff regarding letters of I.L. Tsolle, including two lists of excerpts: "Wishes, desires, and laments" and salutations/closings.

Correspondence (family)
Primarily in Russian. Two boxes of correspondence between Michael Z. Vinokouroff and members of his family from his youth. Letters written and shared by various family members show a close-knit family. As a whole they reflect the life of a Russian family of more than average education in a Siberian town of the period 1901-1929.

Correspondents include Michael Z. Vinokouroff, his mother Paraskeva, his brothers Tikhon and Innokentii, and Innokentii's daughter Liudmila. Tikhon, an ichthyologist whose career did not advance under the Bolshevik regime, is represented by a considerable correspondence; after a restoration of contact with Michael from 1925 to 1929, Tikhon's letters cease. Innokentii, a priest, also stopped writing. Michael Z. Vinokouroff believed that both had become victims of political persecution.

Since many letters include appended letters from Paraskeva, not all the following categories are exclusive.

Box 7 Letters received
In Russian.
Folder 1. Letters received by family from Tikhon Z. Vinokurov, numbered sequence p. 1-130, 1910-1911. Includes prospectus of Psycho-Neurological Institute he attended.

2. Numbered sequence p. 131-279, 1911-1913

3. Numbered sequence p. 280-351, 1913-1916

4. Unnumbered file, 1910-1917 and undated. Includes fragments.

5. Telegrams received by family from Tikhon Z. Vinokurov (Yakutsk, St. Petersburg, and elsewhere), 1910-1919.

Includes telegram receipts.

6. Letters received by Michael Z. Vinokouroff from Tikhon Z. Vinokurov, 1925-1929.

7. Letters received by family from Innokentii Z. Vinokouroff.

Includes: notebook with copies of letters Innokentii wrote to his parents while away at school, 1901-1902.

8. Letters received by family from Paraskeva Vinokurova, 1911-1917 and undated.

9. Letters received by family from Liudmila Vinokurova.

10. Letters received by Tikhon Z. Vinokurov and Innokentii Z. Vinkurov from various correspondents.

Box 8 Letters sent
In Russian.
Folder 1. Letters sent by family to Tikhon Z. Vinokurov (Yakutsk), 1911-1913. Approximately 80 letters.

2. Letters sent by Michael Z. Vinokouroff to Tikhon Z. Vinokurov, 1910-1913. Approximately 100 letters.

3. Letters sent by Michael Z. Vinokouroff to Tikhon Z. Vinokurov, 1925 and undated.

4. Letters sent by Michael Z. Vinokouroff to Paraskeva (Okhlopkova) Vinokurova, to Innokentii Z. Vinokurov, and to Liudmila Vinokurova, 1911-1917.

5. Letters sent by Tikhon Z. Vinokurov to niece Liudmila, 1915-1917.
Box 9 Correspondence of Anastasia Semenovna Vinokouroff (Wife, 1895-1983)
In Russian.
Folder 1. Letters sent, 1910-1919.

To friends, father, family (mostly in Siberia), and Michael Z. Vinokouroff. Includes letter to Yakutsk Oblast Commissar, 16 Dec. 1918, with her proposal to publish nonparty sociopolitical paper GOLOS.

2. Letters received from a friend, Tatiana Popova. 1912, 1917.

3. Letter received from Michael Z. Vinokouroff while in Japan. In Yakut, with song in Yakut. Also 5 other communications.

4. Correspondence, 1921.

Primarily with Michael Z. Vinokouroff while at various locations in the U.S.

5. 1922-1927.

1927 correspondence includes Michael Z. Vinokouroff's letters from New York, where he secured the Church Collection.

6. 1928-1930.

7. 1931-1939.

8. Letters received from Michael Z. Vinokouroff in Alaska, May-August 1940.

9. 1940-1943.

10. 1944.

11. 1945-1948.

12. 1949-1971 and undated.
Box 10 Correspondence and papers of Anastasia Semenovna Vinokouroff (Wife, 1895-1983)
In Russian.
Folder 1. Correspondence, n.d.

Notes and letters, some from and to Michael Z. Vinokouroff, starting about 1910. Some incomplete.

2. Notebook, n.d. Bound.

Contains poems by A.S. Vinokouroff copied by M.Z. Vinokouroff, with his notes on Alaska and the Russian Orthodox Church, 1918-1927.

3. "A.S.Ia.," "Bessonnoi noch'iu" (On a Sleepless Night [short story]). N.d. Typescript.

Includes copies of articles published in NOVOE RUSSKOE SLOVO and associated letters sent to editor.

4. Diary with notes (ca. 1920-1921 and n.d.)

5. Diary of studies, with biographical sketches of literary figures, Yakutsk, 1914. Includes school writings.

6. Notebook containing chronology of main events of her life and that of Michael Z. Vinokouroff.

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