Aladdin sound effects

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SCENE 1 – page 1 (bottom) sound effect as the Sorcerer holds up his hand to hypnotise people at the Bazaar – the music (The Old Bazaar in Cairo) needs to stop here just before the end, after the line ‘…. the censor cut it here’. The music re-starts to finish the number (page 2) after the Sorcerer has interacted with the Bookseller and turns as he exits to lift his hand (same sound effect again) and return everything to normal. I think you said you’d do that stopping and starting of the music manually?
On page 2 the Sorcerer also clicks his fingers twice to wake up and then put back to sleep the Bookseller – is a finger click viable?
SCENE 2 – page 3, I’ve put a sound and visual effect as Isis appears. We could have the Sorcerer putting up his hand as he did in the last scene every time he does a bit of magic and use the same sound effect each time?
SCENE 3 – none
SCENE 4 – from page 9 to the end of the scene Aladdin is in the cave and the Sorcerer is outside the cave (off stage). Can we have an echo type effect for either those in the cave (Aladdin and Slave of the Ring) or for the voice of the Sorcerer from outside?

Page 10 – landslide effect (crashes and rumbles).

Page 11 – sound effect for the appearance of the Slave of the Ring.
SCENE 5 – none
SCENE 6 – page 14 - The Sorcerer magics up Prismatica – hand up and same effect as in Scenes 1 and 2? There is then a tinkling sound effect and coloured lights swirling around as she enters.
SCENE 7 – page 16 the palace gong sounds (2 strokes maybe) – it comes as Patrick’s number has finished and just before the Advisor announces the entry of the Peasants.

Page 17 – This is where the petitioner’s mime comes, you were going to put some background in to highlight the fact that something important was going on.

Page 19/20 – Near the end of scene 7 and going over into the beginning of scene 8 a faint background of ‘Money, money, money would be appropriate (track 21)
SCENE 8 – page 21 – We need a sound/visual effect as the Genie appears.
SCENE 9 – page 24 – Entry of the Slave of the Ring (same effect as in scene 4, page 11)

Page 25 – sound/lighting effect for the entry of the Magic Carpet

Page 25 - sound effect for exit of the Slave of the Ring (or shall she just exit and only be ‘announced’ with a sound effect when she appears?)

Page 25 – sound effect for the exit of the Magic Carpet carrying Aladdin to Cairo
SCENE 10 – page 27 – a clock in the Sorcerer’s palace strikes 6

Page 27a key grates in a lock

Page 28 – entry of the Slave of the Ring

Page 28entry of the Genie

Page 29 – sound and lighting effects as the Genie shrinks and is sucked into the lamp

Page 30 – Sorcerer’s voice from inside the lamp

Page 30 – sound effect for the exit of the Magic Carpet taking Aladdin, Yasmina, the Genie and the Slave of the Ring back to China – the carpet enters while the four of them are doing the number ‘Light your lamp’ so will come on silently.

On pages 30 and 31 there are three announcements by the narrator, do we want to highlight these with a bang from the Palace gong first (as in scene 7)?

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