Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona (aarta) Akita Adoption/Foster Application & Contract

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Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona (AARTA)

Akita Adoption/Foster Application & Contract

602-88-AKITA (602-882-5482)

P.O. Box 12016, Glendale, Arizona 85318-2016


Thank you for your interest in adopting an orphaned Akita! Adopting from AARTA allows us to save another Akita from the county’s euthanasia list – thank you for helping us do this important work! Please complete this form in full, read the "fine print", sign, then send it to the address above, or by email to AkitaAdvocates@cox.net, along with a cover letter if needed dealing with any extra details, preferences, special circumstances, and travel plans to meet the dogs and us. All animals we place are spayed or neutered. This application is intended to determine the best fit for your family and the Akita you are hoping to adopt. It is of utmost importance that everyone in the household to be ready and willing to accept a new canine member of the family. This breed is not for everyone. Final decisions are made in the best interest of each DOG. Our adoption process includes a home visit, and is designed to help determine if you and/or your family are prepared to assume the type of responsible ownership required for this breed.

Today’s date: _________ Dog(s) you are interested in:___________________________ to Foster or Adopt (circle one)

Your name(s)________________________________________________________________________________
    adopter AND spouse or roommate  (both adopters' names please)

Email Address _________________________ Street Address _________________________________________

City ________________________________________ State _____________________ Zip _______________

Phone (home) ___________________ (work) _______________________ (Cell) _________________________

Are all adults in household aware you will be adopting an Akita? Yes No (circle one)
If you were no longer able to care for this Akita, due to death, illness, accident, or any other reason, who would care for,
or adopt him or her?

Caretaker’s Name _____________________________________ Email Address ___________________________


City ________________________________________ State _____________________ Zip _______________

Phone (home) ___________________ (work) _______________________ (Cell) _______________________

Large breeds have higher food and veterinary costs. How much do you expect to spend on this Akita annually for food & veterinary care (shots, annual checkups, etc.)? $600 _____ $1200 _____ $1800 or more _____

Applicant’s Occupation ___________________________________________________________

Co-Applicant’s Occupation ________________________________________________________

Applicant’s Employer & phone #_____________________________________________________________________

Co-Applicant’s Employer & phone #__________________________________________________________________

Reference (preferably a dog owner) & phone #___________________________________________________

Veterinarian__________________________________________________ Phone _______________________

Veterinarian’s address_______________________________________________________________________

May we call the above references? Yes no (circle one)

Why do you want to adopt an Akita? (check all that apply)

____ companion for you ____ companion for another pet, if so what type?

____ companion for spouse ____ a companion for child – child’s age _____

____ gift ____ for whom (relationship) ______________________

____ guard dog for home ____ guard dog for business

How many in your family? ______ Number of children _______ Childrens’ names and ages: __________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Are children dog-trained? Yes no (circle one)

(do you allow your kids to do whatever they like with dogs, or are they properly trained and supervised with animals?)

Will the Akita have contact with other children? Yes no (circle one)

How often, and under what circumstances?___________________________________________________________

Do you have other pets now? Yes no (circle one) Type of pets: Dogs cats birds other (circle all that apply).

Are other pets spayed/neutered__________________ If no, why not ____________________________________

Please list the breed, age, sex, and name of each current pet: _______________________________________________


Are they healthy? _______________________ Are they vaccinated? _____________ Licensed? ________________

Are your current pets willing to their share home with an Akita? Yes no (circle one)

List all previous dogs within the past 10 years. Provide names, breeds, and ages: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


Why did they leave? _____________________________________________________________________________

How much time do your pets spend inside of your home? __________________________________________________

Why do you want an Akita? ______________________________________________________________________


What are your expectations of and for your new family member? ________________________________________


Under what circumstances would you not keep your newly adopted Akita? _________________________________


What do you know about the Akita breed? __________________________________________________________


How did you learn about the Akita breed? ____________________________________________________________

Are you familiar with breed traits including dominance, particularly toward same gender dogs, and high prey drive? _____________________________________________________________________________________________

How can you prevent dominance toward other dogs by your Akita? ______________________________________


Can you handle the fact that Akitas shed heavily twice a year? Yes no maybe (circle one)

What will you do to help deal with shedding? _________________________________________________________

How much time will you spend with Akita daily?_______________________________________________________

Where in your home will Akita stay when you work?____________________________________________________

Where in your home will Akita sleep at night?__________________________________________________________

Hours Akita will be alone daily: ____ 1-2 hrs ___ 2-4 hrs ___ 4-8 hrs ____ more

Do you live in a(n) ____ apartment _____ house ____ condo

If you rent or have an H.O.A., please provide a copy of your lease showing dogs of this size are allowed.

Circle one: Own home rent home For how long? ______ landlord name & phone ________________________

Do you plan to move? Yes no (circle one) when____________ where___________________________________

Length of residency at this address ____ years ____ months

Do you have fenced yard? Yes no (circle one) how high? ________ Type____________________

If you don't currently have a fence, or have an inadequate one, are you willing to build one? Yes no (circle one)

When will the Akita be outside unattended?_____________________________________

Will the Akita be tied on cable at anytime? Yes no (circle one) Why, and how often? _______________________

Will the Akita be taken for walks? Yes no (circle one) How often? ______________________________

Who will walk the Akita? __________________________________________________

Will the Akita go for car rides? Yes no (circle one) How often?_________________________

If you own a pickup, will your Akita ride in the back? Yes no (circle one)

Are you willing to take this Akita to Obedience classes? Yes no (circle one)

If no, why not?_______________________________________________________________________________

Contractual Agreement For Both ADOPTERS & FOSTERS

___ I understand that this breed is very dominant and has a very high prey drive.  I realize that it may be very aggressive toward other dogs, particularly those of the same sex.  I further understand that the Akita may react to some animals as though it were a hunter finding its next meal!  For these reasons, as well as the general health and welfare of the Akita, I promise to never let it off lead in an unenclosed area, and/or around other animals it does not know and like.  I will work with this Akita to achieve basic obedience as needed.

___ I promise never to hit or otherwise abuse, terrorize or neglect this animal, and that AARTA may check with me at any time to verify the Akita is happy and well cared for.   AARTA reserves the right to remove an Akita that is being abused or neglected at any time.  The Akita's welfare is of the utmost importance at all times. 

___ I agree that the Akita will NEVER be used for any fighting, scientific experimentation or laboratory work of any kind. I further agree to contact AARTA if the Akita has a behavioral problem, or health problem I cannot solve, so that they may offer educational or consultation help to solve the difficulty and resolve the issue.  AARTA wants to continue to be a resource for both the owner (or foster) and the Akita.

___ I promise I will never let Akita run loose in the neighborhood and that the Akita will wear tags including ID with phone and address on firm (not tight) collar at all times. I understand that I must license the Akita yearly, in accordance with local laws.

Contractual Agreement For ADOPTERS Only


___ I understand that if for any reason the Akita cannot continue to live with me, that I will contact AARTA first before turning it over to a new home or euthanizing it.   AARTA will evaluate the situation and try to determine what is best for the Akita (re-homing or euthanize if severe aggression or bite problems).  When I contact AARTA, I MAY RECOMMEND a new home for the Akita, but AARTA reserves the option to approve of this home or find a new one.  I will not abandon this Akita. 

___ I will take the Akita to my Veterinarian for a check-up within one month of adopting the Akita, to establish a medical record there. I will take the Akita to my Veterinarian yearly for rabies shots, worm check, and basic check-ups.  I understand that HEARTWORMS CAN BE FATAL AND ARE PREVENTABLE. It is a treatable condition, yet highly recommended that you faithfully administer a Veterinarian prescribed heartworm preventive MONTHLY to this Akita, after testing determines heartworms are not present, and have the Akita retested annually.

___ I agree to provide fresh food and water, shelter, brushings and baths as needed to this Akita. I will provide a clean, safe environment where the Akita will not be subjected to teasing or abuse. I agree that this Akita will be a member of my family and I will care for this Akita for its entire lifetime. I take full responsibility for this animal.

___ Adoptions require a home check and home delivery by one of our volunteers. I/We agree to a home check and volunteer delivery of the Akita, and all applicable terms listed above.

Adopting an Akita is a life changing event for everyone in the home. It is important to remember that there will be an adjustment period for both you and the dog. Most of our dogs have been moved around and can be a bit confused by another move. Please be patient as they learn to trust their new home and family.

Akitas are very loyal dogs and it may take time for them to bond and adjust to their new surroundings. Once they do adjust, they will be an unparalleled companion. If you feel that your new family member is not working out, you must consult with AARTA.
Unless the Akita displays dangerous or aggressive behavior toward someone in your home, we request that you allow at least 7-14 days for you and your new Akita to adjust, before deciding to surrender the dog back to AARTA. Surrendering the dog to anyone other than an AARTA representative is not permitted unless agreed upon with an AARTA representative beforehand.


Most of the dogs we adopt out are from animal shelters. We do not have history of temperament of behavior of the dogs, other than our recent experiences with them. While the dogs have had veterinary checks and appear to have good health and temperaments, we cannot assume responsibility in the event of an illness or incident.

Many Akitas come from unknown circumstances. Even if they are normally well-behaved Akitas, they may have a couple of accidents in the house during the adjustment period, and some also might chew furniture or other items left within reach. This is a very important reality with fostering. How do you feel about this?

Are you willing to house train a dog if necessary? yes no

Is everyone in the household in agreement to adopt or foster an Akita? yes no

Many Akitas come from unknown circumstances. Even if they are normally well-behaved Akitas, they may have a couple of accidents in the house during the adjustment period, and some also might chew furniture or other items left within reach due to the stress of moving. This is a very important reality of dog ownership. How do you feel about this?

I/We consider this to be a lifetime commitment made to this AKITA and to AARTA. _______ _______ initial

By signing below, I/We state that I/we have read this contract in full, and agree and promise to faithfully abide with all stipulations and provisions. 
With mine/our signature(s) I certify that all the information provided on this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete. I/we understand that falsifying answers on this application, or at any time during the approval process, disqualifies me/us from adopting or fostering. Should facts emerge at any time, which are contrary to those provided here, or show the information initially provided to be inaccurate or incomplete, ownership of the Akita shall revert to AARTA, who reserves the right to remove the Akita. Exclusions and omissions are considered falsification.

(All Adults Must Sign)

Please return this application by email for fastest review: AkitaAdvocates@cox.net

Copyright 2008, AARTA - Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona; All Rights Reserved.

Adoption Fees Include:

  • spay or neuter surgery

  • microchip implantation

  • all vaccinations current

  • buckle collar for tags only

  • slip collar for leash use only

  • leash

  • county license in some cases

Adoption Fees: 

Purebred dogs

  • 0 to 6 months: $475

  • 7 to 12 months:                   $395

  • 13 months to 4 years:         $325

  • 4 to 8 years:                          $275

  • Over 8 years:                        $225

Mixed breed dogs

  • 0 to 12 months:                    $325

  • 13 months to 4 years:          $250

  • 4 to 8 years:                          $150

  • Over 8 years:                        $100

Cats $85 (no slip collar or leash included)

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