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Directed Research / 440 Course Application

This application form must be completed by the student and approved by the faculty member supervising the directed research course. Once completed and signed, it must be submitted to the assistant dean of the college for final approval. Applications are due by the end of the semester preceding the directed reading. If approved, the 440 course will be added to your schedule by the Office of the Registrar. Directed research courses are not open to unclassified students (i.e. exchange or Year Five students)

Name: ASC ID # Date:

Class: ASC Box: Telephone:


Proposal Attach a description of your proposed research course to the application (include responses to the questions listed on the reverse side of this form).




Semester: Credit Hours:

NOTE: A 440 course carries one to four semester hour credits.

Departmental Approval

440 Director: Date:

Department Chair: Date:

Office of Academic Advising

104B BUTTRICK hALL (FAX – 404-471-6083)



Assistant Dean of the College Date


Procedure for Directed Research/440 Course Application

Directed Research courses (numbered 440s) allow students to work with a faculty member on a project related to a particular field of intellectual or artistic interest. These supervised research experiences are open to junior and senior in their major discipline. Non-majors who demonstrate sufficient preparation in the discipline may also take 440 courses. Directed Research courses differ from Senior Thesis (490s), which allows students to explore some field of intellectual or artistic interest and to produce a related piece of independent work and from Directed Reading courses (410s) which allow students to pursue work in areas outside a program’s listed courses. Please note that ordinarily a student will take no more than two semester courses of Directed Research and these courses are not open to unclassified students (such as exchange or Year Five students).

  1. Consult with faculty director and formulate the project.

  2. Attach a description of your proposed course to the application (the description should include responses to the following questions)

  1. Describe your intended course of study, be as specific as possible. Include a general outline, preliminary reading list, and the method of evaluation that will be used in the course.

  2. How often will you meet with your instructor? What will be the course requirements?

  3. Explain why you would like to take this course and note why this course is more appropriate than regular courses offered. Include a discussion of previous courses which you believe have prepared you for this study. Any other relevant information will be welcome.

  4. If this is a request for a Directed Research course outside your major discipline, indicate your preparation in the program offering the 440.

  1. The assistant dean of the college will review the proposal and may suggest revisions.

  2. The faculty director will complete the rubric for the QEP at the completion of the course and submits this electronically to Drew Homa at

Original to OAA
1 copy to Registrar

1 copy to Student

1 copy to 440 Director


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