Agile internet projects manager with features

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Aleksey Kolupaev

agile internet projects manager with features

(last version of this CV could be found at


+49 176 36–255–848

I live in Berlin, Germany.

7 good reasons to hire Aleksey Kolupaev

  1. Smart

  2. Startup-hardened

  3. Agile development process warrior

  4. LAMP development expert

  5. Hacker, as mentioned in NY Times

  6. Meditating in UX design

  7. Keen on internet projects

  8. Determined Product babysitter

areas of expertise and interest

Project Management. Agile approach adept, Scrum practitioner, CSM. Active community and conferences member.

Product design. In application for web-projects: practical usability research (hallway testing, A/B testing), wireframe prototyping, product management.

LAMP stack web development. Expert knowledge (10+ years experience) in LAMP development (PHP, MySQL) with different platforms (Symfony, Magento), including high loaded projects.

Team building. 100+ developers interviewed, 100+ lessons learned.

2010 Certified Scrum Master (

2009 Startup co-founding mind shift

2006 MS on: Project Management (National Technical University (NTU "KhPI"), UA)

2004 Spec. on: System analysis (National Technical University (NTU "KhPI"), UA)

2002 Bachelor on: Computer science (National Technical University (NTU "KhPI"), UA)

employment history

2011–2011 Rebate Networks GmbH (, Scrum Master

2010–2011 tausendkind GmbH (, CTO

2010–2010 (, via Lohika, consultant on technologies

2009–2010 Skype, via Lohika (outsourced project), senior PHP developer

2008–2009 Maanimo Ukraine ( – startup co-founder, CTO, UX engineer

2007–2008 eBay, via Lohika (outsourced project team lead

2005–2007 Bigmir-Internet ( product manager, UX designer. Also worked as project manager and web programmer.

2004–now OCR Research Team (, founder, project manager, programmer. This is my pet research project about creating better CAPTCHA.

2003–2005 Program - Ace (, system analyst. Also worked as: web-programmer, QA engineer, tech support engineer.

2001–2002 Khartron-Alpha (research company), junior system analyst (student practice).


English – fluent.

German – intermediate (in progress).

Ukrainian – free.

Russian – native.

Currently I have a permit to work and live in Germany and Ukraine.

main projects

  • Rebate Networks services

I was a Scrum Master in a team of devs, QAs, POs (~12 together) developing a daily deal playtform for 12 countries, based on Magento platform.


I was CTO, leading development during launch phase of the e-shop based on Magento platform.


I was invited to take part in discovery phase as a consultant for young and promising Russian e-commerce project. During several weeks I was responsible for defining current situation, finding weak places and building a development plan.

  • Skype web project (social network application)

I was invited to take part in a new Skype project as a senior PHP developer and joined international development team. Due to NDA project can’t be described here until release.

  • – Ukrainian financial comparison portal / insurance lead generation project

Co-founder and CTO of young UA startup. Project is a financial comparison and information portal. It also includes several less known services for insurance, training and travel agencies offering new marketing way of customer acquisition.

  • – biggest NL classifieds site (owned by eBay)

Team lead in one of Ukrainian teams, making parts of the project in outsourcing way. I was responsible for hiring (interviewing) programmers for my team, and for leading teamwork matching project infrastructure.

  • - biggest Ukrainian portal (parts)

Worked as product manager, project manager, web programmer. Started from a web-developer I became a project manager, and then was working as a product manager for new services.

  • - founder of a OCR Research team
    Founded and performed as a project manager, researcher, programmer, designer. Project intended for researching OCR for CAPTCHA antibot protection and developing unbreakable one.
    Working on generating 3D-graphics with PHP+GD and on researching and analysis of CAPTCHA weakness. My CAPTCHA was implemented in large projects, like,,, and others.

contacts again

+49 176 36–255–848
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