Aesculus glabra

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Aesculus glabra
Native to Midwestern United States. Now ranging in areas from southern Michigan to central Texas [1]. Grown in woodland areas as well as ornamental specimens, yet a poor street tree. Distinguishing Characteristics: Non-Resinous buds. Large, showy, greenish-yellow fowers in spring. Polygamomonoecious: flowers either hermaphroditic or male. Produce very large seeds in a prickly capsule. smell Major uses: ornamental. Rough lumber with small commercial importance; yet valuable, easily worked wood used for some furniture production. Roasted seeds once used for medicinal purposes. Seeds, leaves, and inner bark, containing saponins, are toxic to many vertebrates including humans when taken internally. Native Americans used buckeyes as fish poison as well as charms against arthritis. Ohio state tree Information provided by Kristin Bush, 2002.

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