Adel al Jubair (Jubeir)

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Adel al Jubair (Jubeir)

Adel Al Jubair doesn't appear to be a member of the Saudi Royal Family. Basically, he's been a policy adviser for a couple different people in the Saudi gov't. He started out working for the Saudi ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, as a congressional affairs assistant. It looks like he started becoming known during the 90-91 Gulf War. It looks like he moved up the ranks in the embassy, also being identified as the ambassador's special political adviser. About six years ago he went to work as an foreign affairs adviser to Crown Prince Abdullah in Riyadh.

He’s given a few interviews since then and always been referred to as either the crown prince’s foreign affairs adviser or just simply an adviser. We’ve mentioned him in reps from 2005.
The most recent mention of him in the press that I’ve come across is from April 22, 2006, when he received an honorary degree from the University of North Texas.
There is nothing that I’ve come across from more recently than April 2006, so it’s unclear if he still hold his position of foreign affairs adviser or if he’s moved on to something else.

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