Acquisition of tangible and intangible property; users in district dealing directly with suppliers

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48174848-1748.  Acquisition of tangible and intangible property; users in district dealing directly with suppliers

A.  The board of directors may acquire for the benefit of the district personal and real property, rights of way, within or without the district, franchises, patents, licenses, easements, privileges, exemptions, donations, contracts, leases of power or property, contracts or other useful property, right or thing whatever necessary or useful in the conduct of the business of the district.

B.  The district may, by original construction, lease or other method, hold, own or operate hydraulic, electric, gas or other generating agencies or plants, together with all other equipment, construction or necessary instrumentality, right or things deemed necessary or useful for the purpose of purchasing, leasing, generating or in any manner rendering the power service contemplated in organizing the district as provided or implied by this chapter, including the leasing or purchasing of power within or without the district and making it available for use in the district.

C.  The district may accomplish such purposes by purchase or lease for distribution to users or it may make any reasonable arrangement by which the users may procure power directly from the lessors or generators thereof.  If such users deal directly with the persons supplying power, the board may levy and collect a reasonable surcharge for the district to cover operating expenses or other general expenses of the district, as defined in this chapter. 481748

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