Achievement Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee

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P2SHB 1371 by Representative Darneille
The Proposed Second Substitute Bill makes the following changes as compared to the

Substitute Bill:

Achievement Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee

  • Changes the name to Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee (instead of the Achievement Gap Oversight and Accountability Advisory Committee) and restores the Governor as the appointing authority.

Arts Commission (SHB 1371 creates the Arts Commission within the Department of Commerce

and changes the appointment authority)

  • Deletes provisions specifically addressing the Arts Commission.

Executive Ethics Board (not in SHB 1371)

  • Eliminates the Executive Ethics Board and transfers its responsibilities and authority to enforce the ethics laws to the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). Renames the PDC the Public Disclosure and Ethics Commission.

Home Care Quality Authority (Authority)

  • Restores the authority of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to provide individual provider referrals to consumers authorized to receive long-term in-home care through an individual provider.

  • Restores the requirement that the DSHS place home care information on its website and provides that the information is provided by DSHS rather than the Authority.

Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board (Board)

  • Provides for the transfer of the Board and its records, personnel, and appropriations to the Department of Corrections (DOC), and provides that classified employees of the Board assigned to the DOC whose positions are within an existing bargaining unit at the DOC become a part of that bargaining unit.

  • Requires the members of the Board to exercise independent judgment when making decisions including decisions concerning offenders' release, revocation, reinstatement, or the imposition of conditions of supervision.

  • Provides that only employees assigned to the Board (and not Board members) are employees of the DOC.

  • Restores the Governor as the appointing authority for the Board.

Motion Picture Competiveness Board

  • Restores the Governor as the appointing authority.

Sentencing Guidelines Commission (Commission) (SHB 1371 changes appointment authority


  • Transfers most functions of the Commission to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and the Department of Corrections (DOC). Provides for the Commission to serve as an advisory body answerable only to the Governor and the Legislature.

  • AOC - Provides for the AOC to:

    • serve as a sentencing clearinghouse and information center for the collection, preparation, analysis, and dissemination of information on state and local adult and juvenile sentencing practices; maintain a computerized adult and juvenile sentencing information system by individual superior court judge consisting of offender, offense, history, and sentence information entered from judgment and sentence forms for all adult felons; and annually publish an adult sentencing manual, a juvenile disposition manual, and statistical summaries of adult felony sentencing and juvenile disposition data;

    • receive juvenile court and juvenile detention facility records collected for research and data gathering functions; and

    • appoint the staff for conducting criminal-justice related research and request that the DOC and the Department of Social and Health Services provide administrative support for its data collection functions.

  • DOC - Provides for the DOC to:

    • serve as the State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision (Council), and provide staffing and support services for the Council.

  • Allows the Governor's designee, in addition to the Governor, to appoint the Commission's voting members.

  • Eliminates the Sex Offender Policy Board and the advisory panel for the Corrections Mental Health Center at McNeil Island.

  • Makes cross-reference changes consistent with the transfers.

Private Facilities

  • Eliminates restrictions on the use of private facilities by boards and commissions.

Makes housekeeping changes.

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