Acer C205 projector Exceptionally Lite and Versatile

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Acer C205 projector

Exceptionally Lite and Versatile

The Acer C205 projector is an excellent portability pocket projector with
200 lumens and with native WVGA 854 x 480 resolution. The Acer C205
projector features LED- based DLP projector with ColorSafe II is virtually
immune to color decay and with 4Wx2 built in speakers. MHL™ connectivity
so you can display uncompressed HDMI® audio/video from any smartphone
or mobile device that supports MHL™. Furthermore the C205 offers HDMI port
plus a USB port that enable the Presentation To Go function and whit a lamp life
up to 30,000 hours. The Acer C205 is a small and compact projector with sharp
visuals and sound and ready on the go!

A pocket size for business meeting and personal viewing

The Acer C205 is a pocket size LED-based DLP projector with a brightness of 200 lumens and native WVGA 854 x 480 resolution. The small C205 pocket projector gives you a great mobility with sharp visuals and sound. With quick response with Instant On that allows you to power up the projector fast and show your content. And with Instant Off that allows you to pack the projector right after it has been turned off. The Acer projector also comes with ColorSafe II that take advantage of DLP® technology and Acer's unique optics-based color-compensation technology to guarantee picture integrity even after prolonged use. Plus the LED lamp allows the projector’s brightness in a long-run, steady performance and the Acer C205 projector has a lamp life up to 20,000 hours in Standard mode and 30,000 hours in Eco mode, the Acer C205 delivers great mobility and sharp visuals.

Act as a portable power bank with Smartphone

    The Acer C205 projector supports MHL connectivity (via an MHL/HDMI® port),
    which means it can display uncompressed HDMI® audio/video from any smartphone
    or mobile device that supports MHL. This projector will also charge the battery of
    the connected mobile device. Or use the wireless connection only by inserting Acer's
    unique MHL wireless adapter into the projector's MHL/HDMI® port. This way, you
    can project wirelessly with audio/video content of any device that supports Miracast
    Wi-Fi Display, WiDi Wireless Display or DLNA. The C205 offers USB multimedia readers
    that enable the Presentation To Go function: Full access to photos, videos, music and
    Office documents (PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF), directly from the projector — no
    need for a laptop PC or video player!

Enhanced audio performance

The Acer C205 projector has built-in powerful 4W stereo speakers. Not only can you enjoy the visual experience on the Acer C205 LED projectors is also featured with built-in speakers to provide audio enjoyment. To enhance home entertainment experience, C205 is integrated with powerful 4Wx2 stereo, SRS sound effect speakers, so you can fully enjoy the cinema-like performance at home.

Reliable Display

The Acer C205 projector have a reliable display with Acer EcoProjection a
complete environment-friendly power management solution that reduces
standby power consumption by up to 70%. Also featured in the Acer
EcoProjection suite is Acer ePower Management for customized power-saving
configurations. And giving you a lamp life up to 30.000 hours in Eco mode, and
in normal up to 20.000 hours, to save lamp replacement costs and ensures long
term, dependable projector use.

Acer Color Technologies - ColorBoost3D & ColorSafe
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