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2014 “Expansion as Revolution Renewed: An Approach to Soviet Poetry of 1939-1941" – “Occupations and liberations in World War II: a workshop on new research on the Soviet experience”. Washington, DC, Georgetown University, October 31—November 1.

2014 “‘Long-Legged Time is Fording a War’: The Postcolonial Condition of the Russian Poetry in Ukraine.” -- International Conference "Postcolonial Slavic Literatures after Communism". University of Greifswald, Germany, September 16—18.

2014 “Generation Change in Russian Social Journalism of the 1990s—2010s”, “Poetic Collections Illustrated with Photographs, Visual Imagination and Postmemory of the 20th Century Traumas in Contemporary Russian literature.” -- 7th International Baikal School of Social Research, “Research and Constructing of Generations in Documentary Cinema, Non-Fiction and Academic Texts.” Irkutsk and village of Khuzhir, Center of Independent Social Research and Education, September 8—13.
2014 “Bakhtin and Postwar Memory of Violence: Towards the Genesis of Late Soviet Concept of the “School for the Dialogue of Cultures”.” -- 15th International Bakhtin Conference. “Bakhtin as Praxis: Academic Production, Artistic Practice, Political Activism”. Royal Art Academy, Stockholm, July 22—27.  
2013 “The Representations of Holocaust in Contemporary Russian Literature.” -- “The Holocaust and the Jews in the Second World War in the Soviet Literature and Film.” February 19—20. Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
2013 “Ezra Pound and Mikhail Eremin: the Superposition of the Contexts as a Basis of the Revisiting of the Poetic Canon.” -- “The history of Russian Uncensored Literature: Isolated Authors, Literary Communities, Shaping of the New Forms and Canons.” Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute, March 16. –
2013 “The Methodological Problems of the Applicability of the Term “Elaboration of the Past” (Vergangenheitsbewältigung) in the Discussions on the Soviet History.” -- “The Problem of an Elaboration of the Soviet Past.” 24—25 March, Center of the Political Conceptology, Southern Federal University, Rostov on Don, Russia.
2013 “Autobiographical Elements in Pavel Ulitin’s Prose and Its European and American Parallels.” -- “Space of Memory. The autobiographical genres in Russian culture and the European context”. Universita degli studi di Padova, Padua, Italy, May 7—9.

2013 “Regeneration of the method: the Leader of the Literary Center of Constructivists and His Pupils in 1938—1944.” -- Princeton Conjunction – 2013. An Annual Interdisciplinary Conference “Illusions killed by life”: Afterlives of (Soviet) Constructivism. May 10--12, The Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

2013 “Pourquoi la Shoah n’est pas devenue un évènement à part entière dans l’histoire de la Russie?” (“Why the Holocaust did not become a full-fledged event in the social history of Russia?”). -- “To Testify about the Holocaust in the USSR.” May 16—17, University Paris VIII, Paris, France.

2013 “On the Cultural Non-Simultaneity of the Contemporary Russian poetry.” -- “Writing poetry in the Times of Upheaval.” May 26—30, Russian State University for the Humanities.

2013 “The Influence of Alexander Bogdanov-Malinovskii’s Social and Philosophical Ideas on the Forming of the Soviet Intelligentsia.” -- “The Projects of Modernity: Constructing the “Soviet” in European Perspective.” June 24—26, Perm State National Research University, Perm, Russia.
2013 “The periodicals for the Professionals: Soviet Popular Science Magazines and the Modeling of the Life-Worlds of the Late-Soviet Scientific and Technical Intellectuals.” -- International Conference “Local Politics of the Big Science: a Person and the Social Orders of the Production of Knowledge in the late period of the Soviet History.” July 4—6, Centre for Humanitarian Studies in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

2013 Participation in the roundtable “Collectivity Revisited: Dilemmas of Mass Education under Socialism (1945—1989).” -- Annual European Conference of Educational Research (ECER). 2013 Conference Theme:Creativity and Innovation in Educational Research. September 9—13, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, Turkey.

2013 “Two types of mediation in the Soviet culture.” -- International workshop “Media, Memory & Empire.” September 25—27, University of Amsterdam (in collaboration with Ab Imperio journal).

2013 “’Willpower education’ in the Soviet psychology and children’s fiction of the early 1950s.” -- International workshop “Utopia and Project: Soviet Educational System of the 1960—1980s in Comparative Perspective.” Moscow, October 21—22, School for the Advanced Humanitarian Studies in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. –
2012 “The Politics of Forgetting in Soviet Literary Works on World War II as the Result of Interaction between Author and Censorship.” -- "World War II, Nazi Crimes and the Holocaust in the USSR". December 7–9. National Research University -- Higher School of Economics.
2012 “Dmitrii Prigov and Eduard Limonov: two types of life-creation, two versions of poetics.” -- IV Dmitrii Prigov Readings. State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia, November 6—8.

2012 “The Concept of Liberal Arts Education and the Choice of Career as Presented to High-School Students and Parents in Contemporary Russia” (joint paper with M. Mayofis). – “Liberal Education in Russia and the World.” The Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia. October 4—5.
2012 “Two births of the Uncensored Poetry in USSR.” -- ХI Annual Inter-University Scientific and Didactic Conference “Philological Traditions in the Contemporary Literature and Linguistics Education,” Moscow, Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute. March 13—14.
2012 “The Cultural and Psychological Impedimenta for the Representations of Gulag in Contemporary Russian Literature.” -- “(Hi-)stories of GULAG: fiction and reality”. Heidelberg Academy of Sciences, Heidelberg, Germany. March 20—23.
2012 “’The epoch of flourishing, Soviet antiquity…’: the transformations of language of Russian left radicals in 2000s—2010s.” -- “Paths of Russia New Languages to Describe Social Issues.” Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, March 23—24.
2012 “The Representations of the (Quasi)Sacral Spaces in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema: From Stalker to The Target.” -- "Vladimir Sorokin’s Languages: Mediality, Interculturality, Translation.” University of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark, March 29—April 1.
2012 Discussant of the panel “Culture, Consumption and Culture Policy.” -- XIII April international Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development. National Research University – Higher School of Economics, April 3—5.
2012 “Aesthetic Sublime (‘Popular’ and ‘Art-House’ Versions) and Its Forms in Post-Imperial Culture and Collective Traumatic Memory.” -- “Making Sense of Exceptionalism and Diversity in Composite Polities and Societies: Past and Present.” Annual seminar of the Ab Imperio journal. Kazan, Center for the Study of Nationalism and Empire. May 18—21.
2012 “The troubled equality: the transformations of racial discourse in Soviet and post-Soviet sci-fi literature, 1929—2005.” -- Russian—French Conference “Racial Concepts in France and Russia in 19th—20th Centuries (Literature, Ideology, and the Social Sciences).” May 25—27.
2012 Discussant and keynote speaker. Keynote speech: “The Internet, the social media and transformation of the image of the literary authorship in Russia of 2000s.” -- Final Conference of the International Project “The Future of Russian”, held by University of Bergen in 2010—2012. University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.
2012 “An Approach to Metaphoric Processes in Contemporary Russian poetry.” -- “Decadence or Renaissance? Russian Literature since 1991». University of Oxford, Oxford, Great Britain. September 24—26.
2012 “The Orthodox Church, Believers, Society and State in Contemporary Russia.” -- “Many faces of Russia: Analyzing the representations and political practices”. The Institute of the International Relations, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania. September 28.
2011 “The Historical Dynamics of the Reception of the ‘Returned Literature’ during the Perestroika and in the Post-Soviet Period: 1985—2010” (joint paper with Maria Mayofis) -- “The Paths of Russia” annual conference. Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Moscow, February 4—5.
2011 “Alexander Galich and the Development of Russian Uncensored Poetry of 1960s—2000s”. -- X Annual Inter-University Scientific and Didactic Conference “Philological Traditions in the Contemporary Literature and Linguistics Education.” Moscow, Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute. March 12--13.
2011 ““Disappointent in History“ as the Social-Cultural Diagnosis of Soviet 1960s—1970s: Andrei Sinyavsky and Arkadii Belinkov.” -- International historical and literary readings “Andrei Sinyavsky in the Context of his Epoch.” All-Russian Library of the Foreign Literature, Moscow. March 21.
2011 Plenary speech: “The Change of the Semantics of the Religious Metaphors and Images in Contemporary Russian Poetry.” -- “The Literature Today: Emblematic Figures, Genres, Symbolic Images.” International Conference dedicated to the memory of Naum Leiderman. Ural State Pedagogical University. Ekaterinburg, March 30—31.

2011 “Socio-Cultural Types of the ‘Rewriting of History’ in Contemporary Russia: Theories of Conspiracy vs. Normalizing Epic” -- “The representation of History and the Rewriting of the Part in the Post-Soviet Russia.” Institute of Europe and the Philological Faculty of the University of Geneva. Geneva, Switzerland, May 12--14.

2010 “’Let Me Go Apart From My People’: The Creation of New Ways in Russian Women’s Poetry of the Post-Soviet Period.” -- “Feminist Literary Criticism -- Historical and Transnational Perspectives”. University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland. October 29.
2010 Moderator of the discussion “Lessons of Freedom and Non-Freedom: Late Soviet Intellectual as Exemplary Reader.” -- XIII Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities “History of Reading and Future of the Readers”. Moscow State University. June 21—26.
2010 “Images of traumatic history as the beautiful and the sublime in the imagination of political and cultural elites of the contemporary Russia.” -- “Paths of Russia” annual conference. Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Moscow. January 29—30.
2010 “The Pendulum of Loneliness: The Preliminary Notes on the Construction of the Term “Russian Uncensored Poetry.” -- IX Annual Inter-University Scientific and Didactic Conference “Philological Traditions in the Contemporary Literature and Linguistics Education.” Moscow, Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute, 13—14th of March.
2010 “Twenty years of the singing without an accompaniment: A rise and a crisis of Russian feminist poetry in the 1990—2000s.” -- International conference «Image—Dialog—Experiment: Felder der Russischen Gegenwartsdichtung.” Küs Akademie, Bernkastel-Küs und Trier Universität, Germany. March 17—20.

2010 “’The internal postcolonization’: The Shaping of the Postcolonial Conscience in Russian Literature of 1970s—2000s.” -- International conference “Internal Colonisation of Russia.” Universiät Passau, Passau, Germany. March 23—25.

2010 “Has Russian poetic avant-garde finished in 1930s?” -- International Conference “100 years of the Russian Avant-Garde.” Moscow Petr Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow. 12—16th of April.
2009 “Outlaw, émigré, Jew: the transformation of the Soviet cinema style in Gleb Panfilov' film Theme (1979).” -- “Kinojudaica/Jewish cinema”. La Cinémathèque de Toulouse, Toulouse, France. March 14—15.
2009 “The typology of the interpretation of “the Soviet” in contemporary Russian culture” (joint paper with Maria Mayofis). -- “The Paths of Russia” annual conference. Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Moscow, January 23--24.
2008 “An authorship as the existential performance: Elizaveta Mnatsakanova between the late futurism and contemporary actionist art.” -- International seminar on the works of a poet Elizaveta Mnatsakanova, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow – University of Vienna, Vienna. December 16.
2008 Participation in the roundtable “Anthropology of Soviet Childhood: Little Heroes as Cultural Archetypes.” -- Annual Convention of The American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), Philadelphia, Penn., USA. November 20—23.
2008 “Appearance of the Russian Modernism Before the Contemporary Writer: Four Novels by Dmitri A. Prigov.” -- International Prigov readings, New Literary Observer (Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie) journal, Era Gallery. Moscow. July.

2008 “The culture of the right populism and author-as-a-difference in contemporary Russia.” -- International conference “Fascism: a familiar enemy or a new threat?” Institute of globalisation and social movements, Moscow, February 9—10.

2008 “Angel of History and the Accompanying Persons: On the Generational and “Nongenerational” Types of Social Consolidation in Contemporary Russian Literature.” -- “Paths of Russia” annual conference. Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Moscow. January 25—26.
2007 Participation in the roundtable “Contemporary Russian Literature: Beyond the Limits of a Scholarship?” -- Annual Convention of The American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), New Orleans, November 15—18.
2007 “The Locking of Skyline: An Expectation of Social Catastrophes in Contemporary Russian Literature.” -- “Paths of Russia” annual conference. Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Moscow. January.
2005 “The Strategies of Legitimizing of the Extreme Right Discourse in Contemporary Russian Literature.” – Conference “Russian nationalism within official Russian state structures”. The French-Russian Centre of Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities (Centre Franco-Russe de recherche en sciences humaines et sociales de Moscou), Moscow, October.
2005 “The experiment in a shaping of a ‘game canon’ in contemporary Russian poetry: literary criticism of the poetic community Kamera Khraneniia” -- Interdisciplinary “Opus # 4” conference. Vilnius University, Vilnius, October 20.
2005 “Mikhail Gasparov as a heretic academian” (joint paper with Maria Mayofis and Alexander Dmitriev). -- Annual Conference of the “New Literary Observer” journal (“Big Bathhouse Readings”). Moscow, March 31—April 2.
2004 “Alternative Social Blueprinting in Soviet Society of the 1960s and the 1970s, or Why Left-Wing Political Practices Have Not Caught on in Contemporary Russia.” -- Annual Conference of the “New Literary Observer” journal (“Big Bathhouse Readings”). Moscow. April 1—3.
2004 “Transformations of the traumatic experience of WWII/Great Patriotic War in Russian literature from the 1940s to the 1970s.” -- Annual Conference of the Neprikosnovennyi Zapas (“Reserve Stock”) journal (“Small Bathhouse Readings”). Moscow. October 14—16.
2003 “The Typology of the ‘Actuality’ in the Contemporary Russian Prose: Style, Project, Fashion, the Claims to Authority.” -- Annual Conference of the New Literary Observer journal (“Big Bathhouse Readings”). Moscow. April 3—5.

2003 “Mikhail Eremin’s Poetry as an Epic of the Internal Journey.” -- “50 years of ‘the Philological school’ in Russian poetry.” St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg. November.

2002 “Alexander Herzen and Lidiia Ginzburg as the revolutionaries in literary genres.” -- Annual Conference of the New Literary Observer journal (“Big Bathhouse Readings”). Moscow, Alexander Herzen Museum, April 4—5.
2002 Participation in the roundtable “The New Humanitarian in Search of the Identity” held by Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, March 16.
2000 “The autobiographical narration as a context and a basis for the aesthetic experiments in Russian prose of 1990s and the early 2000s.” -- Conference “Contemporary Russian Literature.” University of Udine, Udine, Italy. November 9—10.
1998 “On the Subtexts and a Plot of Boris Pasternak’s Poetic Cycle The Wind (Four fragments on Blok).” -- Annual Marina Tsvetaeva Readings. Marina Tsvetaeva Museum, Moscow. October 9—11.
1996 “On Marina Tsvetaeva’s Poem Scourge of gendarmes, god of students…” -- The Fifth International Ivan Shmelyov Readings. Ivan Shmelyov Museum, Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine. September 20—25.
1993 “Mythology of the capitalism in Daniil Kharms’s short story Money.” – Conference “Myth and Literature”. Alexei M. Gorky Institute of the World Literature, Moscow.


  1. Beidewind (Sailing by the Wind): Collection of Poems. Moscow, 2009.

Reviewed by Elena Mikhailik in: Novy Mir. 2010. No. 9 []).

Poems by Ilya Kukulin are published in Albanian, English, Georgian, Italian and Serbian languages.
In English: St. Petersburg Review (USA). Vol. 3, 2009.

2008 – Participant of the CEC Art Link Fund’s Program “Open World.” Poetic presentations in Chapel Hill, NC, Greensboro, NC, and Washington, DC.
2000—2002 – Journalist at Nezavisimaya Gazeta (The Independent Newspaper), Moscow.
2000—2001 – Host and scriptwriter of the radio program “Our Literature Museum”. Radio Rossii (Radio of Russia, state radio broadcasting company).
1993—1995 – Scriptwriter and reporter of Radio Echo Moskvy (Echo of Moscow radio broadcasting company)

1 Best translated as “WWWord”.

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