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1. Translate the word into Uzbek: castle

a) kalit c) jihat

b) ko’zgu d) qarag’ay

2. Choose right answer

Betty often took Benny to the …

a) garden c) cinema

b) museum d) park

3. Choose the appropriate synonym

They were shown a lot of places of interest during their tour

a) place of beautiful b) sights c) sightseeing

d) to go sightseeing

4. Choose the appropriate synonym

Draw it larger so that everybody can see it.

a) such that c) for

b) that’s d) to

5. Choose the appropriate synonym


a) outdoor c) to be out

b) famous d) outskirts

6. Choose the best answer.

There are many light traffics of the town streets

a) yo’l chiroqlari c) svetafor

b) tungi chiroqlar d) yo’l harakat qoidalari chiroqlari

7. Choose the best answer

I arranged to meet Nina … we could go to cinema together

a) for c) as

b) so that d) that’s why

8. Choose the best answer

The tourists … everyday of their stay in the town

a) went sightseeing c) sightseeing

b) book sightseeing d) sight

9. Choose the best answer

The hostess suggested … that I … another piece of cake, It was delicious

a) to me / took c) -- / taken

b) me / should take d) to me / taking

10. Choose the best answer

My friend … to me that we went to the park by metro.

a) suggested c) offered

b) asked d) says

11. Fill the following sentences.

It happened when Jack was …. To the history lecture.

a) visiting d) coming

b) attending c) going

12. The bus was so … .

a) crowd c) overcrowd

b) crowded d) overcrowded

13. One of them was … woman which wore yellow jacket.

a) unemployed c) the unemployed

b) unemployment d) an unemployed

14. Translate the word “idea” into Uzbek

a) gap c) fikr e) mulohaza

b) so’z d) jumla

15. Translate the word “avenue” into uzbek.

a) xiyobon d) saylov

b) o’ch oluvchi c) shoh ko’cha

16. Translate the word “sighn” into Uzbek

a) shovqin d) yo’l

b) belgi c) xiyobon

17.Translate the following word into English "quloq sol"

a) I am saying b) I speak c) Do you hear d) I say

18. What is mean word V … “impress”

a) ta’sir qilmoq c) tasavvur

b) hayratlanmoq d) taassurot

19. Complete the sentences:

The academic year in Britain’s Universities has … terms.

a) two b) four c) three d) five

20. What runs around a field without moving?

a) lake b) sky c) fence d) river

21. Choose the best answer.

Mother is busy … dinner.

a) cooked c) cooking

b) cook d) is cooking.

22. Choose the verb.

There are a lot of works that need ….

a) to do c) to be do

b) to be done d) was done

23. Choose the best answer.

Each of you … full of imaginative ideas.

a) were c) is b) are d) -

24. Choose the verb.

This book … a good idea of life in England.

a) give c) shall give

b)will give d)gives

25. He works hard, because he is …. to succeed.

a) worried c) anxious

b) troubled d) trebled

26. The play was not very.

a) entertain c) entertained

b) entertainment d) entertaining

27. From the of seven tell seventeen I … school.

a) attend c) attending

b) attended d) attendance

28. We were full of … … and worry.

a) anxious c) anxiously

b) anxiety d) anxious

29. What are you so … about.

a) anxious c) anxiously

b) anxiety d) glad

30. Lanny saw Great Willer …. At the table motionless and impersonal.

a) sit c) sat

b) to sit d) sitting

31. Rose wanted him …. clowning for them.

a) to stop c) stopping

b) stopped d) stop

32. Choose the best answers.

You’d better to go there immediately.

a) Siz u yerga tezda borsangiz ma’qul

b) Siz u yerga tezda borsangiz bo’lardi

c) Siz u yerga tezda borishingiz yaxshi

d) Siz uchun u yerga tezda borish ma’qul

33. You must speak louder …. I can hear you.

a) that’s why c) but

b) so that d) -

34. Bu muzey rasmlari menda yaxshi taassurot qoldirdi.

a) The pictures of this museum made an impression on me.

b) I liked the pictures of museum.

c) the pictures are beautiful

d) I disliked the pictures of the museum.

35. Biz sayohatdan so’ng charchadik

a) We fond of the trip

b) We fired other trip.

c) We went to the travel.

d) We traveled and tired.

36. Can you tell me what time is it now.

a) Siz menga vaqtni ayta olasizmi?

b) Hozir soat nechiligini aytolmaysizmi?

c) Hozir soat necha bo’ldi, bilmaysizmi?

d) Soatingiz bormi?

37. Go to the language laboratory as … as possible.

a) better c) often

b) much d) always

38. Choose the best answer.

They … … a lot of places of interest during their tour.

a) was shown c) were shown

b) shown d) showed

39. He came to the Tashkent the other day

a) returned c) arrived in

b) attended d) going

40. Mustakillik street is one of the … street in Tashkent

a) crowded c) busiest

b) busy d) overcrowd

41. She didn’t prepare for the exam so that she got a … mark at the exam.

a) satisfy b) dissatisfy c) satisfactory d) unsatisfactory

42. Choose the meaning of underlined words

Two months ago he stayed a magnificent hotel.

a) high c) splendid

b) expensive d) marvelous

43. Where are the largest coal and iron fields in Britain located?

a) in Highlands c) in Midlands

b) in Lowlands d) in London

44. What is a short prose composition (5-20) pages on a particular subject Usually it is of explanatory and argumentative nature

a) novel c) essay

b) pamphlet d) satire

45. This good wheat land is quite … from those being cultivated in northern regions

a) different c) varied

b) various d) another

46. Russia has a … climate because of its vast territory

a) differ c) varied

b) various d) different

47. The river formed a … between these rural districts

a) frontier c) border

b) boundary d) channel

48. What is the largest country in the world?

a) Canada c) England

b) Scotland d) Russia

49. What country does the Volga belong to?

a) Russia c) Uzbekistan

b) Caucasus d) the Ukraine

50. Choose the right sentences.

a) He offered helping me.

b) He offered to help me.

c) He offered his help

d) b and c.

51. What is mean word sightseeing?

a) diqqatga sazovor joylarni ko’rish

b) ko’rmoq

c) qiziqmoq

d) diqqatga sazovor joylarni ko’rmoq.

52. Translate in to English.

Yaxshisi ovoz chiqarib o’qing.

a) You’d better read loudly.

b) You should belter read loud.

c) You’d better reading loudly

d) You must reading.

53. Translate into English.

Men bu haqda gapirmaslikni ma’qul ko’raman.

a) I’d better to not tell about it tell.

b) I prefer to tell about it

c) I’d better not to tell about it

d) Do you want to tell about it

54. Translate into English.

Hozir soat nechaligini aytolmaysizmi?

a) Can you tell me what time is it?

b) Can you telling me what time it is now?

c) Could you tell me what time it is now?

d) Could you please, tell me what time is it now?

55. Choose the appropriate word.

Mary was most interested in …. . She was impressed by the beautiful things she saw there.

a) the cinema c) the schools

b) the libraries d) the museums

56 . Choose the appropriate answer.

A: Excuse me can you tell me where the nearest metro station is about here?

B: ……

A: Is there a bus from here to Red Square?

B: …….

a) certainly / oh, no, thank you.

b) of course / sorry, I’m late.

c) certainly / yes, any bus’ / take you.

d) Yes, I can / I’m afraid

57. Choose the proper answer.

Did the Wilsons like the centre of out city?

a) Fine! b) Yes, they did. c) Yes, I do d) I have a good idea.

58. The street in which I lived...

a) is broad and straight. c) was unbearable

b) is ugly, dusty d) was comfortable

59. Hen grades have improved, but only …

a) in a small a mount c) minimum

b) very slightly d) some.

60. … he began to make friends more easily

a) Having entered school in the new city. It was found that

b) After entering the new school

c) When he had been entering the new school

d) Upon entering into the new school.

61. Captain Henry, … crept slowly though the under brush.

a) being remote from the enemy.

b) attempting to not encounter the enemy.

c) trying to avoid the enemy.

d) not involving himself in the enemy.

62. Choose the appropriate answer to the question.

They came to Moscow on a visit, didn’t they?

a) Yes, did they. c) Yes, they did. e) No, they didn’t.

b) No, didn’t they. d) Yes, they do.

63. Choose the best answer

They … to the seaside at the week-end.

a) came c) arrival

b) arrive d) arrived

64. Complete the dialogue

- Will you please tell me how for the nearest metro station is?

- If you walk, it’ll take you about twenty minutes to get there … .

a) If you have much time, you may go walk

b) You’ll go walk

c) You’d better don’t go

d) You’d better take a bus

65. Choose the suitable question to the sentence. History and art Museums are often visited by the students of our group.

a) where often visit the students of our group?

b) where are often visited the students of our group

c) where often visited the students of our group

d) where are often visited by the students of our

66. Choose the suitable question to the sentence.

“Will you drink another cup of tea?”- asked Mary.

a) What did ask Mary.

b) What did offer Mary.

c) What did say Mary.

d) -

67. Translate in to English

Biz yakshanba kuni Sochiga keldik.

  1. We came to Sochi on Monday

  2. We arrived in Sochi on Sunday

  3. We shall arrive in Sochi on Sun cay

  4. We went to Sochi on Saturday

68. Complete the sentence.

We had to stand, because …. .

a) there wasn’t any table

b) the bus was overcrowded

c) we didn’t stop taxi

d) we don’t go anywhere

69. Choose the appropriate word.

…. was impressed by the student’s answer.

a) A worker c) the teacher

b) An engineer d) A student

70. Choose the appropriate word.

… is used for taking photographs.

a) A brief-case c) A camera

b) A cassette d) A horn

71. Choose the appropriate word to complete the sentence.

A refrigerator is used for ….

a) boiling water c) keeping salt

b) cooling food d) cooking meals

72. Complete the sentence.

It was their first visit to Russia and they wanted …

a) to see as much as possible

b) to the meeting in time

c) to see our friends

d) to go the shop

73 . Translate into English the word “taassurot”

a) suggestion c) mind

b) impression d) admiration

74. Translate into Uzbek the ward “immense”.

a) xunuk c) chiroyli, latofatli

b) kichkina d) bepoyon, keng

75. Translate into Uzbek the ward “castle”.

a) eshik c) qal’a

b) devor d) qulf

76. Choose the best answer


a) bosib chiqarmoq c) muhr

b) taassurot qoldirmoq d) katta taassurot qoldirmoq

77. Complete the dialogue

- Excuse me

- Yes?

-I was wondering if you could help me.

- …

a) No, I can help you c) Well, I certainly help you

b) Well, I’ll try d) Yes.

78. Choose the best answer

Be … when you cross the street

a) as possible as c) as much as possible

b) as quite possible so d) as careful as possible

79. Complete the proverb.

Actions speak …

a) half the bottle

b) the devil’s workshop

c) louder than words

d) man’s poison

e) till tomorrow

80. What is your brother like?

a) He likes football

b) He is fond of swimming

c) He is tall

d) We like him very much

81. Complete the proverb:

Better short of pence …

a) So the fruit

b) Above wealth

c) No gains

d) To learn

e) Than short of sense.

82. To kill two birds …

a) better than one

b) do it yourself

c) with one stone

d) he is painted

83. Complete the dialogue.

- Excuse me

- ….

- I was wondering if you could help me

- ….

a) Good/Bad I can’t try.

b) Yes/Well I shall try

c) Bad/Good I will try

d) Not well/I shall try

84. Fill in words.

Right, will, I expect we’ll …., to find one of those.

a) sing c) manage

b) attraction d) castle

85. Now I see there is a …. up there that points to the text.

a) manage c) castle

b) direction d) sign

86. I think it’s one of the tourist …. of the town.

a) at tractions c) directions

b) tourists d) signs.

87. Choose the best answer.

They offer …. him.

  1. helping c) to help

  2. help d) helped

88. ….go out at once yourself

a) you should better c) I should better

b) you would rather d) I should rather

89. Put the best answer.

The girl looked us in …

a) surprised c) surprising e) would surprise

b) surprise d) surprisingly

90. Put the necessary sentence.

There is a bridge …. the river.

a) across c) crossing e) through

b) cross d) subway

1. Choose the pronoun.

… guide showed … …. places of interest so that …. could get a good idea of the Russian capital.

a) Theirs / them / any / we c) Their / she / a few / they

b) Them / their / any / they d) Their / them / a lot of / they

2. Choose the pronoun.

The Wilsons went sightseeing every day of … stay in Moscow.

a) her b) his c) Them e) Their

3. Choose the appropriate pronouns.

Last summer Mr. Wilson, …. Wife and …. daughter Mary - tourists from England arrived in Moscow. It was … first visit to Russia and … wanted to see as much as possible.

a) his / their / their / they d) his / - / - / his

b) their / - their / he c) he / them / their / them

4. Choose the appropriate pronouns.

Little John, in a crowded bus, is sitting on ….. father’s lap. An elderly lady enters the bus and Johnny at once jumps down, politely takes off ….. hat and says: “May I after … … scat?”

a) his / his / you / mine

b) his / him / you / my

c) his / his / you / my

d) his / her / - / mine

5. Choose the best answer.

…. has opened the door.

a) some one c) any

b) some d) anyone

6. Choose the best appropriate pronoun.

Have … ironed your dress yet?

a) I c) he b) you d) she

7. Choose the best appropriate pronoun.

The students finished … translation in time.

a) us c) mine

b) their d) his

1. They didn’t invite me to the birth day party because of.


They didn’t know. I was in Moscow


2. Do you happen to know how. I can got to there from here.


It’s very simple


3.Our new friend took as sightseeing around the town. It was empressly


4. My brother lives in one of a new districts in Kiev.


5. The lived in Kiev since 1960 to 1975 but he is now living in Minsk.


6. The tourists are shown many places of interest in about our town.


7. Excuse one is there the bus from to Red Square, I-‘m terribly sorry ,


I’ve no idea, I’m afraid.

8. All the students are looking forward spending their tree time relaxing


in the Vorobyev Hills.


9. Some of us have to study their lessons more carefully if. We expect


to pass this examination.


10. David stopped to write his letter bee use he had to leave for the hospital.


11. A lunch of soup and sandwiches do not appeal to all of the tourists.


12. Dresses, shirts, shoes and children’s clothing are advertised at great


reduced prices this weekend.

13. They are going to have to leave soon and so do we.

14. It is nit my business to look after your school that’s is all I’ve to say It


was a month before the school mater learned.


Nazorat uchun savollar
Card № 1
1. Read the passage.

The National Health Service in England was inaugurated [i’no:gjureit] on July 5, 1948 by the Minister for Health under the National Health Service Act of 1946. The number of doctors in England is not quite enough to serve 56 million potentional patients, who are treated at the expense of the National Health Service. Hospitals are always crowded and the number of doctors working there is not sufficient. Nurses are also in short supply.

2. Translate these sentences.

a) Any minute virulent microorganisms may invade the human body.

b) Traxeya ikki shoxaga ajralgan.

Трахея разделена на две ветви.

3. Make up 3 questions to the following sentence.

4. Grammar rule: Infinitive

5. Retell the topic: Robert Koch
Card № 2
1. Read the passage.

Robert Koch is a prominent German bacteriologist, the founder of modern microbiology. He was born in 1843, died in 1910. When Koch became a doctor he carried on many experiments on mice (sichqonlar) in a small laboratory. In 1882 Koch discovered tuberculosis bacilli.

2. Translate these sentences.

a) Neither the blood pressure nor the heart sounds were abnormal.

b) O’pka ko’krak qafasida joylashgan bir juft organlardan iborat.

Легкие формируют пару органов, лежащих в груди.

3. Make up 3 questions to the following sentence.

4. Grammar rule: Infinitiv shakllari va uning vazifalari.

5. Retell the topic: My future profession.
Card № 3
1. Read the passage.

Great Britain consists of England, Wales and Scotland. Great Britain is a densely populated country. It’s population is more than 58 ml. people (in1985). More than half of the people of Great Britain live in large cities. Eighty per cent of British population is urban and twenty per cent is rural. The capital of Great Britain is London. It is a large city.

2. Translate these sentences.

a) The climate of Great Britain is typical with frequent rains, cloud-covered skies and strong winds.

b) Буюк Британияда кўплаб кўллар, дарёлар тепаликлар ва тоғлар бор.

В Великобритании много озёр, рек, равнин и гор.

3. Make up 3 questions to the following sentence.

4. Grammar rule: Modal verbs

5. Retell the topic: “The USA”
Card № 4

  1. Read the passage.

The United States of America lies in the central part of the North American continent. It is one of the biggest countries in the world. The population of the USA is over 240 mln. The cities of America are very beautiful. If you travel to San Francisco, California, Chicago and New York you will find many interesting and beautiful things and get a good impression. The south part of Americans was agricultural region for many years.

2. Translate these sentences.

a) If a person falls ill he will ring up his local polyclinic and call in a doctor.

b) Буюк Британияда куплаб машхур тарихий бинолар бор.

В Великобритании много исторических зданий.

3. Make up 3 questions to the following sentence.

4. Grammar rule: Modal fe’llarning o’rindoshlari.

5. Retell the topic: Policlinics.
Card № 5
1. Read the passage.

Uzbekistan has established a wide network of medical institutions to protect the health of people. One of such medical institutions is the polyclinic. If a person falls ill he will ring up his local polyclinic and call in a doctor. When his condition isn’t very poor and he has no high temperature, he will go to the local polyclinic and a physician will exam in him there.

2. Translate these sentences.

a) On the basis of all findings the physician made the diagnosis of acute bronchitis in a mild form.

b) Мен узбек, тожик, рус ва инглиз тилларини биламан.

Я знаю узбекиский, таджикиский, русский и английский языки.

3. Make up 3 questions to the following sentence.

Many specialists including therapeutists, neurologists, surgeons and others work at the polyclinic.

4. Grammar rule: Gumon olmoshlari: some, any, no, every.

5. Retell the topic: “National health servise in England”.

Card № 6

  1. Read the passage.

All the microorganisms that exist can be divided into two main groups- aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic microorganisms must have atmospheric free oxygen for their life and growth. However it is known that free oxygen is not favourable for the development of anaerobic microorganisms. Bacteria vary in shape and according to this feature they are divided into some groups.

2. Translate these sentences.

a) If you travel to San Francisco, California, Chicago and New York you will find many interesting and beautiful things and get a good impression.

b) Хар йили куплаб талабалар анча кийин булган кириш имтихонларини топшириш максадида институтимизга келадилар.

Каждый год очень много абитуриентов приходят в наш институт чтобы сдать вступительные экзамены, которые бывают очень трудными.

3. Make up 3 questions to the following sentence.

Health Service doctors are paid by the Government every month.

4. Grammar rule: “to be” fe’lining ishlatilishi.

5. Retell the topic: „Well known doctors of the East”
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