Abba approved Show Judge Evaluation Questionnaire

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ABBA Approved Show Judge Evaluation Questionnaire

Judges Name:________________________________ Show Judged:_______________________________

Year of Show:________

I was a: Exhibitor_______ Spectator________

If you exhibited cattle how many head? _____ How did you place overall? High Middle Bottom

How would you rate the judges overall professionalism in the following areas? (1= Poor, 10= Excellent)

Dress ______

Demeanor _______

Ethics _______

Ability to work with exhibitors _________

How would you rate the judge’s evaluation of the cattle in the following areas? (1= Poor, 10= Excellent)

Consideration of breed character ________

Placed emphasis on important traits ________

Consistent in type selected ________

Evaluated each animal fairly ________

Saw the strengths and weaknesses of entries ________

What do you think about the judge’s ability to accurately explain his/her placings? (1= Poor, 10= Excellent)
Accuracy – (did explanations match animals) _______

Presentation of Reasons (clarity, speaking ability) ________

Does this judge evaluate cattle using the ABBA Standard of Excellence as the ideal? Yes No

Do you think this judge should be considered to judge additional ABBA Approved Shows? Yes No

Please rate this judge’s performance on a scale of 1-10. (1= Poor, 10=Excellent)
Red Cattle: ______ Gray Cattle: _______

Please list any additional comments about this judge:

What do you like about this judge?

What do you dislike about this judge?

The following information must be completed for the evaluation to be valid. The information provided from this point down will be removed before the evaluation form is reviewed by the Show Committee. Forms will be presented anonymously.

Ranch Name: ______________________________________________

Printed Name:______________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________

Please return your completed form to:

American Brahman Breeders Association

c/o ABBA Show Committee

3003 South Loop West, Suite 520

Houston, TX 77054
Fax: 713-349-9795

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